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Choosing the Perfect DPS Role in Final Fantasy XIV: An In-depth Guide

In the vast realm of Final Fantasy XIV, selecting your preferred healer or tank role is a relatively straightforward task. However, when it comes to choosing a DPS (Damage Per Second) main, the options can be overwhelming. With a staggering total of 12 damage-oriented jobs available in the game, each with its unique characteristics and playstyles, making an informed decision is crucial to your enjoyment and success in the game.

These DPS jobs are categorized into three main groups: Physical Ranged, Magical Ranged, and Melee DPS. Among them, Melee DPS jobs are renowned for their challenging gameplay. These jobs typically offer less mobility and require players to anticipate enemy attacks in combat. Nonetheless, they often reward dedicated players with the highest DPS outputs, making them a favorite choice for those who seek mastery and precision in their gameplay.

On the other hand, Ranged DPS jobs provide a more flexible and accessible gameplay experience. Their varied playstyles cater to different preferences, allowing players to find a job that aligns with their individual playstyle and preferences. Exploring a job from each category is advisable to discover which one suits you best.

In this article, we will focus on showcasing the best DPS jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV, categorized into a tier list to help you make an informed decision about which role to pursue. Please note that the unique DPS job, the Blue Mage, will not be included in this tier list. Blue Mages possess the unique ability to learn all their abilities from enemy attacks and can only participate in duties with other Blue Mages. While they offer a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience, they are not considered part of the core content of the game.

Without further ado, let's delve into the tier list for the best DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV:

Tier S (Top Picks):

  • Black Mage
  • Summoner

Tier A (Excellent Choices):

  • Samurai
  • Reaper
  • Dancer
  • Monk

Tier B (Solid Options):

  • Red Mage
  • Ninja
  • Bard

Tier C (Considerable Choices):

  • Dragoon

Tier D (Less Preferred):

  • Machinist

This tier list will assist you in identifying the most potent DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, helping you make a well-informed decision based on your playstyle and preferences. Keep in mind that the game's balance may change over time due to updates and patches, so it's essential to stay updated with the latest changes and adjustments to the job classes.

Whether you're drawn to the raw power of Black Mage, the versatility of Summoner, or the elegance of Dancer, Final Fantasy XIV offers a DPS job to suit every player's taste. Choose wisely, and embark on your journey to become a formidable force in the realm of Eorzea!

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S Tier (Top Picks): Black Mage and Summoner

ffxiv black mage | Simple Carry

In the realm of Final Fantasy XIV, the S Tier signifies the zenith of DPS performance, a domain reserved for jobs that consistently outshine others in the art of dealing damage. Black Mage and Summoner, two exceptional DPS jobs, have taken center stage, commanding this top-tier classification with distinction.

Black Mage's Ascendancy:

The Black Mage has reigned supreme on the damage output charts, firmly securing its position since the spring of 2023. Its dominance is particularly evident in the crucible of FFXIV's Savage raids, some of the most demanding encounters the game has to offer. These raids serve as a benchmark for the game's meta, where the outcome of battles can hinge on the most minuscule discrepancies in damage dealt.

The Art of Mastery: The Black Mage, while undeniably challenging to play to its fullest potential, offers a deeply rewarding experience for those who undertake the journey. It is a job that demands precision and mastery of complex spell combos. When executed flawlessly, Black Mage rotations unleash unparalleled devastation, consistently earning it a place among the highest damage-dealing roles.

Empowered by Updates: The Black Mage's stranglehold on its position has been further reinforced by the blessings of game updates, particularly those introduced in early 2023, including the game-changing Patch 6.4, launched in July. These updates have augmented its already formidable capabilities, cementing its status as a powerhouse in the realm of Magical Ranged DPS.

The Resurrection Conundrum: One notable shortcoming of the Black Mage is its lack of a resurrection spell, a capability highly coveted in challenging encounters.

Summoner's Ascent:

On a parallel trajectory, the Summoner has soared to prominence within the S Tier, securing its place among the elite DPS jobs. This versatile role melds potent magical abilities with the art of summoning formidable entities to wreak havoc on the battlefield. The Summoner's adaptability, combined with its formidable damage potential, has endeared it to players seeking consistent excellence in DPS.

Endwalker's Influence: The Summoner underwent a significant rework alongside the launch of Endwalker, which sent its popularity skyrocketing. Despite the changes, it remains a potent force in the current meta. Renowned for its flexibility among the ranged DPS jobs, it boasts a diverse toolkit, encompassing instant spells, longer casting times, and crucially, a valuable resurrection ability.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Final Fantasy XIV, the S Tier embodies the dedication and skill of players who harness the full potential of these jobs. Whether you are drawn to the spellcasting precision of the Black Mage or the versatile summoning prowess of the Summoner, these top-tier DPS options promise a thrilling and rewarding journey through the vibrant world of Eorzea.

A Tier (Excellent Choices): Samurai, Reaper, Dancer, Monk

ffxiv dps tier list | samurai | Simple Carry

Within the realm of Final Fantasy XIV, Melee DPS jobs are known for their potent damage potential, but mastering them entails a unique challenge—positioning. By executing their skills from advantageous angles, such as the rear and flank of their target, these melee warriors unlock precious damage bonuses. Achieving mastery in this art results in the unleashing of tremendous damage, making Melee DPS jobs a formidable choice for those who seek close combat excellence.

  • Samurai's Poise and Precision: Samurai, known for its poise and precision, stands as one of the exemplary Melee DPS jobs. Its exquisite swordplay demands finesse and timing, rewarding those who can master its elegant combos. Samurai's potency in dealing damage is well-established, making it a stalwart choice for those who revel in the art of the blade.

  • Reaper's Unearthly Power: Reaper, on the other hand, wields unearthly power, combining scythe strikes and spectral allies in a deadly dance. This job offers a remarkable blend of utility and damage, making it a compelling choice for any team. The inclusion of Arcane Crest, which bestows a valuable HP regeneration effect when a shield is shattered, further enhances the Reaper's versatility and appeal. Its ease of learning and adaptability have made it a natural selection for newcomers venturing into Endwalker.

  • Monk's Resurgence: The Monk, a job that has experienced a renaissance, has emerged from the shadows to reclaim its standing as a formidable Melee DPS option. Substantial changes implemented over the past year have revitalized this job, rescuing it from the least popular status it held during the Shadowbringers era. With its newfound vitality, the Monk offers both potent damage and a unique support role, exemplified by the Mantra skill, which amplifies healing. This dual-purpose capability has elevated the Monk to a sought-after position within the Melee DPS roster.

  • Dancer's Elegance and Utility: Among the Physical Ranged jobs, the Dancer reigns supreme, boasting an exquisite blend of elegance and utility. Its signature ability, Closed Position, allows it to designate a dancing partner and augment its damage through a repertoire of dance steps, including both Standard and Technical buffs. This unique utility sets the Dancer apart as a valuable asset to any party, enhancing its own damage while providing support to the team. Physical Ranged jobs, in general, offer accessibility and flexibility, making them a compelling choice for those seeking a balanced and versatile gameplay experience.

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Final Fantasy XIV, the A Tier represents a selection of Melee DPS jobs that excel in both damage output and utility. Whether you're drawn to the precision of the Samurai, the spectral might of the Reaper, the resurgence of the Monk, or the elegance of the Dancer, these choices offer an exciting and impactful journey through the diverse challenges of Eorzea.

B Tier (Solid Options): Red Mage, Ninja, Bard

ffxiv dps tier list | Simple Carry

In the diverse world of Final Fantasy XIV, the B Tier encompasses a selection of DPS jobs that offer solid performance and unique attributes, each with its own strengths and challenges. Let's delve into the nuances of these remarkable choices:

  • Red Mage's Magical Mastery: Red Mage finds its place in the B Tier due to its distinctive role as a Magical Ranged DPS. While Red Mage boasts impressive magical abilities, it falls slightly short in terms of flexibility compared to the Summoner. The Summoner's arsenal of instant-cast spells and the ability to operate effectively at range give it a slight edge. Additionally, Red Mage's damage potential, while respectable, doesn't quite match the staggering output of Melee DPS jobs, which is why it occupies this tier.

  • Bard's Melodic Expertise: The Bard assumes a unique position in the B Tier, offering a blend of damage and utility that distinguishes it from other DPS jobs. While the Bard provides similar damage and utility as the Dancer, it places lower in this tier due to the intricacies of its playstyle. Bards weave their magic through Ballads, bestowing temporary bonuses upon themselves and their allies. This dynamic requires players to meticulously manage these effects, alongside monitoring the application of damage-over-time effects like Venomous Bite and Windbite. While this complexity may be initially intimidating, mastering the Bard's unique rhythm can be highly rewarding.

  • Ninja's Mastery of Shadows: The Ninja, while residing in the B Tier, conceals immense potential within its intricate skillset. This Melee DPS job is known for its challenging learning curve, demanding that players memorize and master a multitude of abilities to unlock its full potential. Once the nuances are grasped, the Ninja transforms into a formidable killing machine, capable of delivering devastating damage. While it may not be the easiest job to pick up, those who persevere with the Ninja will discover a high-reward playstyle that can turn the tide of battles.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Final Fantasy XIV, the B Tier offers a compelling array of options for players seeking a balance between damage output and unique gameplay experiences. Whether you're drawn to the magical prowess of the Red Mage, the melodic expertise of the Bard, or the shadowy mastery of the Ninja, these choices promise an engaging and satisfying journey through the diverse challenges of Eorzea.

C Tier (Considerable Choices): Dragoon

ffxiv dps tier list | Simple Carry

In the hierarchy of DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, the Dragoon finds its place in the C Tier—a position characterized by respectable performance and unique attributes. While it may not command the limelight of higher tiers, the Dragoon offers an engaging gameplay experience with its own set of strengths and considerations.

  • Balancing Act in Endwalker: With the arrival of Endwalker and its subsequent patches, the Dragoon underwent adjustments that altered its pace, though not as dramatically as some other Melee DPS jobs. These changes, including quality-of-life adjustments, have brought the Dragoon in line with the evolving meta of the game.

  • A Flavor of Fun: The Dragoon remains an enjoyable job, celebrated for its distinctive style and combat mechanics. The iconic jumps and devastating lance strikes continue to be a source of delight for players who relish dynamic and visually striking gameplay.

  • Utility and Flexibility Considerations: While the Dragoon possesses its own strengths, it falls short in terms of utility when compared to jobs like the Reaper and Monk, which offer robust support capabilities alongside damage output. Additionally, in the realm of flexibility, the Dragoon faces competition from jobs like the Samurai and Ninja, which provide players with more versatile playstyles.

However, it's essential to note that the Dragoon is by no means a lackluster choice. It remains a viable option for players seeking an engaging DPS experience in Final Fantasy XIV. The Dragoon can contribute effectively to a variety of in-game activities without hindering the player's ability to thrive in battles and challenges.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Eorzea, the C Tier signifies a range of DPS jobs that, while not at the top of the tier list, offer a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience. Whether you're drawn to the exhilarating jumps of the Dragoon or seek a dependable and versatile DPS option, the Dragoon holds its ground as a considerable choice for adventurers in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

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D Tier (Less Preferred): Machinist

ffxiv dps tier list | Simple Carry

In the ever-evolving landscape of Final Fantasy XIV, the D Tier represents a category of DPS jobs that, while functional, may face certain challenges or limitations compared to their peers. The Machinist, unfortunately, finds itself in this tier—a position that reflects its standing in the post-Endwalker meta.

  • A Less Fortunate Choice: The Machinist, while not without its merits, has encountered challenges in the post-Endwalker era. Changes introduced to the Dancer and Bard jobs have elevated their appeal as Physical Ranged DPS options, attracting a significant portion of the player base.

  • High Damage, High Complexity: The Machinist possesses a reputation for delivering substantial damage, a trait that has endeared it to some players. However, this potency is accompanied by a high-paced rotation that can become demanding to execute, especially in situations with numerous on-screen activities.

  • Utility vs. Damage: One significant factor contributing to the Machinist's placement in the D Tier is its emphasis on damage output to the detriment of utility. In contrast, jobs like the Bard and Dancer provide valuable utility to their teams in addition to damage, making them more attractive choices in high-level encounters.

While the Machinist may not currently be a top pick in the meta, it remains a valid choice for players who enjoy its high-octane playstyle and are less concerned with utility. It can still contribute effectively to various in-game activities, ensuring that players who favor its unique approach can continue to thrive in the diverse challenges of Eorzea.

In the dynamic world of Final Fantasy XIV, the D Tier signifies a selection of jobs that, while facing certain challenges, offer a niche playstyle and a valid option for those who appreciate their distinct characteristics. Whether you're drawn to the high damage potential of the Machinist or seek a different flavor of gameplay, the Machinist remains a choice worth exploring for adventurers in the realm of Eorzea.

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