Arena and Rated Battleground Boosting Services

PvP is one of the two main formats in WoW end-game. PvP is all about Player Versus Player and consists of Arena and Battlegrounds. Would you like to become the gladiator of the Arena or be the hero of the Rated Battlegrounds?

Simple Carry can help you achieve the highest results, even if you are sorely short of time to play in your team. You can purchase a WoW Arena boost and get access to high-level weapons and equipment. We can upgrade any rating: 2000, 2400 and above – up to the first place in the battle group! You'll obtain a flying mount and become a "Gladiator" at the end of a season.

2v2 and 3v3 Arena Rating Boost

2v2 Arena is arguably the most popular PvP arena format in WoW Dragonflight because it takes only 1 other player to tag along with to get in there and earn some rating. 2v2 Arena Rating Boost service rewards you with a rating, which can be used to purchase higher item level PvP gear with conquest points. Conquest points are earned for every win in ranked PvP and have a cap of 800 a week. There are several cosmetic rewards from 2v2 Arena Rating as well such as the Combatant Title at 1500 rating, the Challenger title at 1600 rating, the Rival title at 1800 rating which also comes with a completed “Elite” set of PvP gear for transmog, the Duelist title at 2100 rating which comes with a shiny PvP weapon illusion and the Elite title of your class at 2400 rating. With our 2v2 Arena Rating Boost Service you will group up with one of our Rank 1 Gladiator’s and they will carry you, mentor you and play with you helping you earn the arena rating in 2v2 that you desire.

3v3 Arena is the more competitive form of PvP arena in WoW as opposed to 2v2 Arena since you can play with 2 DPS and 1 Healer, making the games pacing more stretched out with more decision-making put into a match. 3v3 Arena Rating Boost service rewards you with all of the same titles and rewards that 2v2 Arena Rating Boost does but also allows you to compete for the Gladiator title which requires 2400 rating + 50 wins above 2400 rating and also for the Rank 1 Gladiator title which is a permanent title that is named after the current PvP season in WoW if you manage to rank in the top 0.5% of all players in your faction and region. With our 3v3 Arena Rating boost service you will get invited to a group filled with 2 of our multi-rank 1 gladiator players that will then carry you to your desired rating and coach you along the way helping you earn the arena rating in 3v3 that you desire.

Rated Battlegrounds Boost Services

Rated Battlegrounds are a step-up from the Normal battlegrounds that you might be used to. Rated Battlegrounds is a 10v10 battleground with a rating on the line. The rating works similar to a rating in 2v2 and 3v3 earning you all of the same rewards, minus the Gladiator and Rank 1 Gladiator title. Rated Battlegrounds are hectic, fun and require a skilled group of 10 to coordinate with one another to defeat the other team in glorious combat. With our Rated Battlegrounds boosting service we will group you up with 9 other competent PvP focused players and carry you to victory earning you all of the lucrative rewards along the way.