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Cataclysm Classic RBG Boost

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Buy Cataclysm RBG Boost

Looking to improve your RBG progress in Cataclysm Classic? Our RBG Boost service offers the perfect solution. With experienced PvP players at your side, you'll reach your required rating and complete matches with maximum efficiency. Become a champion of Battlegrounds with our Cata Classic RBG Wins boosting.

What You'll Get

  • Reach your selected rating
  • Earn PvP gear, Honor levels, and Conquest points during the boost
  • Access to a wide range of unique PvP rewards

Additional Options:

Choose from different execution speed options to suit your needs:

  • Normal: Basic queue placement
  • Express: Higher priority, 30% faster completion
  • Super Express: Highest priority, quickest completion by our best boosters
  • Rank 1 Team: Play with PvP pros from the top 0.5% of the ladder.
  • Stream: Watch a live stream of the boosting service.


  • Level 85 character in Cataclysm

How it works


  1. Select preferred options and place an order for our Cataclysm Classic RBG boost.
  2. We'll contact you to confirm details and schedule.
  3. Our professional player will take your character and start the RBG carry.
  4. We'll notify you upon completion.


  1. Play alongside our boosters, fighting in one team with professional PvP players.

Why choose our service?

Our RBG Boost service is completed by experienced PvP players who know all the top-tier strategies and tactics. With their skill and power, you'll become a champion of Battlegrounds in no time. Enjoy a hassle-free experience and unlock your full PvP potential in Cataclysm Classic!