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Mage Tower Boosting Service

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Immerse yourself in the revived world of Mage Tower challenges with Simple Carry. A callback to the intense battles and strategic gameplay of the past, the Mage Tower experience has been reimagined, offering players both nostalgia and fresh excitement. Whether you're a veteran wanting to relive the glory days or a newcomer eager to prove your mettle, this is your chance. Secure elite rewards, from captivating transmog sets to the coveted Mage-Bound Spelltome mount. If you're vying for the mount, gained from conquering all challenges, ensure to opt for the "Spelltome Bundle" under the "Completion Type". Entrust Simple Carry with the intricacies of the Mage Tower Challenges, and bask in the satisfaction of effortlessly achieved accolades. Dive deep into this thrilling experience, and remember, with us by your side, the tower's peak is well within your grasp.

Transform your gameplay and soar through levels in World of Warcraft with our Power Leveling Boost, meticulously crafted to unlock the full spectrum of the game’s vibrant universe and myriad of adventures. For those who revel in the intricacies of dungeons and aspire to confront the formidable Amirdrassil, our Dungeon Leveling Boost stand as gateways to unparalleled rewards and triumphs.

IMPORTANT: For the Spelltome Mount which requires all 7 unique Mage Tower Challenges to be completed, you must have the characters / specs required on your account. You can view the various challenges and the specs associated with them in the FAQ section of this page.

What You'll Get

  • Guaranteed Mage Tower Challenge completion.
  • A unique transmog set for your class — a Tier 20 recolor from Tomb of Sargeras.
  • For Guardian Druids: The Fel Werebear form.
  • “A Towering Success” achievement for completing one challenge.
  • Book-mount Mage-Bound Spelltome and the "A Tour of Towers" achievement for successfully completing all seven diverse class and spec challenges.


      • Level 70 character for one specific challenge, and at least 3 level 70 characters for all 7 challenges;
      • Item Level 120+ gear.

      How It Works

      • Pick your options and finalize your order.
      • Our team connects via live chat or email.
      • Schedule the service according to your availability.
      • Our professional player will play your account Remotely using Remote Desktop (this protects your account from potential risks of account-sharing.)
      • You're updated upon the successful conclusion of the order.
      • Revel in the results! Your feedback on Trustpilot is invaluable.

      Mage Tower Timewalking FAQ

      Q: How does the Mage Tower Boost function in Dragonflight?

      A: Mage Tower has returned without drastic gameplay shifts from its original Legion introduction. It's accessible post-level 50, sans the previous tower-building. Boasting seven formidable challenges, each demands intricate character know-how. Obtain the Mage-Bound Spelltome mount by mastering all seven. Each challenge offers exclusive rewards, ranging from transmog sets to druid forms.

      Q: What can I anticipate from Mage Tower Rewards?

      A: Rewards include the "A Towering Success" achievement, a recolored T20 class set, Guardian Druid Werebear form, "A Tour of Towers" achievement, and the Mage-Bound Spelltome mount.

      WoW Mage Tower Rewards

      • A Towering Success achievement and recolored T20 set of your class for completing at least one challenge;
      • Guardian Druids will get a Werebear appearance for their Bear Form
      • A Tour of Towers achievement and Mage-Bound Spelltome mount for completing every single Challenge Available;
      • Feats of Strength achievement Tower Overwhelming for completing all the available challenges for current classes and specs combinations.

      List of All Challenges & Spec Requirements

      Closing the Eye - Archmage Xylem
      • Frost Death Knight
      • Havoc Demon Hunter
      • Survival Hunter
      • Subtlety Rogue
      • Arms Warrior
      An Impossible Foe - Agatha
      • Unholy Death Knight
      • Feral Druid
      • Fire Mage
      • Outlaw Rogue
      • Elemental Shaman
      • Fury Warrior
      The God-Queen's Fury - Sigryn
      • Arcane Mage
      • Retribution Paladin
      • Assassination Rogue
      • Enhancement Shaman
      • Demonology Warlock
      Feltotem's Fall - Tugar Bloodtotem
      • Beast Mastery Hunter
      • Windwalker Monk
      • Discipline Priest
      • Destruction Warlock
      Thwarting the Twins - Raest Magespear
      • Balance Druid
      • Marksmanship Hunter
      • Frost Mage
      • Shadow Priest
      • Affliction Warlock
      The Highlord's Return - Highlord Kruul
      • Blood Death Knight
      • Vengeance Demon Hunter
      • Guardian Druid
      • Brewmaster Monk
      • Protection Paladin
      • Protection Warrior
      End of the Risen Threat - Lord Erdris Thorn
      • Restoration Druid
      • Mistweaver Monk
      • Holy Paladin
      • Holy Priest
      • Restoration Shaman