How it Works

Step One

Once you've decided on a run and ordered it, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. This will contain an order number, make sure to write this down for later.

Step Two

To schedule your service. You can add Simple-Carry#1458 (case sensitive) to Discord, or you speak with one of our representatives in live chat. We highly recommend you create a Discord account as it will make contacting you much easier for us. You will just need to make sure to have your order number available, so we can easily find your order.

Step Three

Once the scheduled time arrives, you'll be invited to a group by one of carriers, and your service will be provided to you in an quick and clean manner. If you have any questions, please contact our representatives on Discord, as questions in game are commonly missed.

Step Four

Sit back and enjoy the show! Once your run is completed, please feel free to leave a review about your experience. Reviews are handled by a third party source. If you do wish to leave a review, please look for an email from "Trustpilot".