Q: What is Simple Carry?

A: Simple Carry is a group of players that have been playing WoW for over ten years, and have been in multiple top 25 US/EU or higher raiding guilds, and achieved rank 1 gladiator multiple times. We're very skilled players who offer a range of services, from carrying you through the most current raids, helping you complete your weekly Mythic+, or even finishing things such as the Mage Tower for you.

Q: Why is this other site cheaper than yours?

A: The answer is quite simple. Speed, Quality and Professionalism. At Simple Carry we take pride in the fact that we're the fastest PvE/PvP service on the market. Nearly every service you purchase from us will be completed either on the spot, or within the same day of your purchase, whereas other websites will make you wait up to weeks to get your service completed. We ensure that our runs are carried out in a quick and friendly manner and answer all questions you may have and will do our best to comply with any request. You will get what you paid for inside and outside of the runs with us here at Simple Carry!

Q: Do you boost US and EU?

A: Simple Carry has boosters in both respective regions ready to boost you on all WoW US and EU realms. To view prices in another currency you can change this in the top right-hand corner of the website.

Q: What is a pilot?

A: A pilot is when we have someone from our team log into your account and finish service for you. We here at Simple-Carry only perform Self-Played services for our customers, meaning you play your own account. We avoid account-sharing or piloting as that is considered "cheating".

Q: How do I organize my run?

A: Once you purchase a run, we have a team of people who will communicate with you via email or Discord to help find a run that works for both schedules. We have multiple teams that can handle Mythic raids, and a very flexible schedule for most other products.

Q: What separates you from other boosting services?

A: The group at Simple Carry has been working together since the beginning of Mists of Pandaria and have completed well over 10,000 5-man dungeon boosts, as well as countless amounts of raids. We pride ourselves in our customer service, trying to ensure that every customer is getting what they paid for and also have an enjoyable experience throughout the process and additionally we have one of the shortest wait times on the market compared to other services usually diving straight into your service. One thing that is unique to Simple-Carry is that we actually consider and care why you're purchasing a carry from us, whether it be a time constraint due to your job or personal life, or maybe you just don't want to deal with pugs and you want to jump straight in with the pros. Regardless of why you're purchasing with us, we value you as a person and a customer and will do whatever it takes to make your day a little better whether it be in-game or out of game. 

Q: I purchased a service now that service is cheaper and my order hasn't been completed. Do I get a discount?

A: No, we do apologize if this happens to you, however prices can/will change at any time unexpectedly based on the market. When you purchase your service, you will get what you purchased and for that price point.

Q: What is the refund policy?

A: You are purchasing a virtual service in a videogame. All virtual services are delivered "as-is" meaning you get what you get. You will not be refunded for dissatisfaction with a completed order or an order already in progress and all disputes will result in instant forfeiture of all payments and incompleted services. With all that said if you change your mind before the service starts or we have to reschedule your order due to a timing conflict, you are eligible for a refund.