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Valorant Placement Matches Boost

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Experience the unrivaled expertise of Simple Carry as you embark on your Valorant Placement boost journey. Our team of skilled PRO players is dedicated to delivering exceptional performance, ensuring your matches are completed with precision and efficiency. With our expert assistance, you can enjoy effective calibration, safeguarding your rank from any potential setbacks in the upcoming season. Reach the pinnacle of success with Ascendant I, the highest initial placement rank, or benefit from professional calibration for first-time placements, elevating your rank up to Ascendant I.

Unlock the most competitive prices for Valorant Placement Matches with Simple Carry, liberating yourself from the clutches of ELO hell and embracing a more enjoyable gameplay experience. It is important to note that Ascendant I represents the highest initial placement rank. In Act 2 or 3, a single placement match is all you need to determine your rank. Your Act Rank will dynamically adjust based on your wins and losses, reflecting your progress throughout the season.

Choose Simple Carry for a seamless and rewarding Valorant Placement boost, where excellence meets convenience. Let our experts guide you towards success as you embark on a journey filled with triumph and achievements.

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What You'll Get

  • Сhosen number of Placement matches;
  • The selected number of Placement matches completed;
  • High initial placement rank - up to Ascendant I.
  • Winrate between 60% and 80%, depending on the current rating.


  • Valorant account with unlocked ranked matches.
  • Please choose the correct starting rank or we can't do this service for you.

How It Works

  1. Begin by selecting any additional options that suit your preferences and proceed to place your order seamlessly.
  2. Rest assured, we will promptly reach out to you through our live chat or via email, ensuring effective communication throughout the process.
  3. The commencement of order completion is guaranteed to initiate within a maximum of 30 minutes or as per the agreed-upon timeframe.
  4. Our booster will assume control of your character, utilizing a secure VPN connection, and embark on the Valorant rank placement boost. Should you choose the "Play with a booster" option, you will have the privilege of playing alongside a professional Valorant player as a party.
  5. Your account's security is our utmost priority, and we utilize only the safest methods. You can have complete confidence that your account will never be stolen or deleted.
  6. Once your order is completed, we will promptly notify you of the accomplishment. Alternatively, you can personally monitor the progress to witness the completion firsthand.
  7. Enjoy the satisfaction of your completed Valorant Placement Matches boost. We encourage you to kindly rate our services on Trustpilot, as your feedback is highly valued and helps us enhance our offerings.

Valorant Placement Matches Boost FAQ

Q: What are Valorant Placement Games?

A: Valorant's ranked system allows players to compete against others with similar skill levels. To enter this system, players must complete five Placement matches, which determine their initial rank and tier within the game.

Q: How do placement matches work in Valorant?

A: Valorant's placement matches function similarly to those in other competitive games. Once the ranked mode is unlocked at account level 20, players must complete five matches to establish their starting rank and skill level. Valorant utilizes a matchmaking rating system (MMR) to assess players in ranked matches. We highly recommend considering a Valorant placement games boost to enhance your experience.

Q: How many placement matches are there in Valorant?

A: There are a total of five placement matches in Valorant.

About Valorant Placement Matches Boost: Price & Delivery At Simple Carry

We take pride in offering the best service in the market, providing fair prices without additional costs, and ensuring safe delivery with or without account sharing. Additionally, we offer the option of live streaming during the boost.

Valorant Placement Matches are of great importance as they determine your future in ranked games for an extended period. These five matches serve as an evaluation of your skill in Valorant and can impact the rewards you can expect in the near future. Simple Carry is here to assist you in achieving a higher rank through our Valorant Placement Matches boost, specifically designed for Episode 5.

We look forward to assisting you in reaching your desired rank and maximizing your enjoyment of Valorant's ranked gameplay.