WoW Boosting Services

Simple Carry's WoW Boost Services

Our WoW boosting services guarantee your character will be capable of completing the most challenging mythic plus dungeons (m+), raids, and PVP end-game content in the game. We offer multiple wow boosting services for both regions and factions that are designed to save you as much time as possible so you can still have all of the nice things in WoW without sacrificing too much real life.

Dungeon Boosting Services

When you buy our WoW boosting service for Dungeons, we will ensure that you can complete any mythic dungeon in the game. Whether you’ve got little to no experience with a dungeon or your equipment is just not up to the gear requirement, our professional team of WoW professionals will carry you through any Mythic + Dungeon in the game.

Raiding is the bread and butter of end-game content in WoW and is what most players who are PvE oriented are trying to complete in order to gear up their characters, get those sexy titles and beautiful mounts. Raiding is not for the faint of heart though and requires a roster of highly-skilled individuals to work together as a team to defeat those bosses. Simple Carry's Raid boosting service is perfect for just that, as we supply you with a team of highly trained professional boosters to run you through the raid without any issues and give you all the loot along the way so you can catch up and raise your characters power so that you can go play with your friends or just show off your leet armor in Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Shadowlands Fated Raid Boosting Service

With the introduction of Patch 9.2 there will be some big changes to how raiding works in WoW Shadowlands. Now there is what is referred to as Fated raids and they are available on both Normal and Heroic difficulty. The Fated raid's that will be available for playing in Season 4 are the 3 raids that were released in the Shadowlands expansion; Castle Nathria, Sanctum of Domination and Sepulcher of the First ones. These raids will be on a weekly rotation meaning that every weekly reset a different raid will be available. Fated Raids will drop the highest ilvl gear and make all of the loot from the previous raids relevant again. If you complete all of the Fated Raids completely you will get an achievement that comes with a cool slime cat mount! 

With our Fated Raid boost service you will be grouped up with one of our raid teams and they will help you complete the Fated Raids in WoW Shadowlands earning you Fated Gear and the Achievement for the mount.

PvP Boosting Services

End-game PvP in WoW is divided into two types of gameplay, Arena and Rated Battlegrounds. The arena has 2 brackets, 2v2 and 3v3 while Rated Battlegrounds are 10v10 matchups. Our PvP WoW boosting service will provide you with the utmost professional and skilled players to complete 2v2, 3v3 Arena, and Rated Battlegrounds. Our teams are made up of multiple rank 1 gladiator players who have been doing Arena since it was released in The Burning Crusade. Our players would be happy to assist you in getting your Arena Rating Boost.