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Lost Ark is an MMORPG developed by the publisher Smilegate based on the UR3. It first released in 2014, allowing players to take off in search of the “Lost Ark”, information about which has long been lost. Not only do the players of the game try to obtain “Lost Ark”, but also conquer dark enemy forces that are attempting to start another war. What this item is and what it is for the players is something they will find out during their adventures. 

The combat system in Lost Ark can be described as a classic one, similar to Diablo if you've ever played that. The game offers 18 classes with unique gameplay and skills that can be developed on your own thanks to the TRIPOD system, which allows you to upgrade a skill in a lot of different ways, adjusting its action to the combat style that fits the players playstyle.

Lost Ark offers its players to get immersed in a huge world that consists not only of traditional hunting areas and dungeons but also seas, which you can explore by sailing on your own ship. Marine content is a unique feature of the game. While being in the sea, you can fish, look for some treasures, explore the islands and even fight with bosses!

PVP in the game is is served up in such various formats including arena, battlefield, and open-world battles out in dangerous areas. When it comes to fighting enemies, Lost Ark offers everything an mmo-lover would possibly desire: from dungeons and bosses, to dynamic events and invasions, an arena teeming with monsters, and much more. You will not get bored with the time you spend playing Lost Ark.

In addition to completing some of the usual quests, there are also hidden things to do in the game, which can only be discovered through being very stealthy, for example, by overhearing a conversation. Moreover, some quests and situations will give the player a choice to make.

What Lost Ark Carry services does Simple Carry offer?

We offer a full range of upgrades for your character. This service is provided by professional gamers, who, for a very reasonable price. We guarantee to increase your level, up to the highest one as fast as possible.

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Our website is filled with the best Lost Ark players in the world and they are ready to play your account and provide you the utmost professional and efficient service.

The Lost Ark level boost service is in demand among such players as:

  • Beginners who find it difficult to even reach level 10, which is a difficult but potentially feasible mission. We will help such gamers overcome their temporary difficulties, purchase weapons and other accessories needed to be successful in the game.
  • Ordinary players who are not interested in spending their time completing initial levels of the game and want to try themselves as advanced players.
  • In any case, we are ready to provide you with Lost Ark carry services so that you would achieve the desired level with the direct assistance and participation of our experienced boosters.

How do our Lost Ark boosting services work?

After purchasing the service, our administrator will contact you and offer you all possible options for interacting with the boosters that will be assigned to you or the coach who will boost your account. A professional player will receive the same access as you have to your individual account and will start improving your character in full accordance with the conditions agreed on our website.

Simple Carry - Simply the best

We provide all of the tools needed so that you could control the actions of a hired booster. You can track your Lost Ark leveling through your personal Twitch streaming channel. If you have any questions, please contact us at any convenient time.

We are not interested in your confidential data at all. Any information that you provide about yourself when registering on our website will not be available to any third parties. The game will be played through a VPN service which will make the impression that you are the one playing the Lost Ark game from any region you choose.

You can find out how long the leveling of your Lost Ark character will last and what the expected results should be in the corresponding section of our website. We offer a small Lost Ark boost cost and a 100% result since the service will be performed by an experienced booster. If the result does not meet the set and paid goals, then the booster will work on the bugs in his spare time and for free.

Our support team works around the clock and is always ready to answer any questions promptly. Feel free to reach out with any problems. We will solve everything as part of a paid service.

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