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WoW PvP Elite Transmog

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 World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 4 Elite PvP Gear Transmogrification Boost

Elevate your World of Warcraft experience by acquiring the Dragonflight Season 4 Elite PvP Gear Transmogrification set. With this boost, your character will shine in Battlegrounds, Arenas, and even during Solo Shuffle, standing out as one of Azeroth's finest warriors.

Looking to conquer the Rated Battlegrounds and earn honor with ease in World of Warcraft? Our WoW RBG Boost and WoW Honor Boost services are here to assist you in achieving victory and prestigious rewards. Explore our World of Warcraft Dragonflight page for more details on these offerings, helping you become a formidable force on the battlefield.

What You'll Get

  • Full Elite PvP Gear Transmogrification in Season 4;
  • 1800 rate and Rival I title, or 2100 rate and Duelist title;
  • Conquest and Honor points;
  • PvP awards from the Great Vault.

Additional Options

  • PvP Gear Farm: Need a specific PvP set for an arena rating boost? Check out our requirements section. If you already possess parts of Honor or Conquest gear, reach out through our live chat for a discount.

  • Fast Start & Completion: Commence your order within an hour and see it completed 30% quicker. This is applicable for ranks up to Rival I (Piloted only).


  • Character Level 70.
  • Possess PvP Honor gear for an 1800 rating boost or PvP Conquest gear for up to 2100. If lacking, select from our Additional Options.
  • For ratings beyond 1800 (Duelist), ensure a gear level of 445+ and 25% versatility.

How It Works

  1. Choose your desired options and place your order.
  2. Our team reaches out via live chat or email.
  3. We align the boost to your schedule.
  4. A dedicated team of boosters is assigned to you.
  5. Engage in a Discord chat to monitor progress and liaise with your manager.
  6. At the scheduled time, our pro player either pilots your character or joins your team (Remote Control option available).
  7. We execute multiple Arena fights, enhancing your rating.
  8. Once complete, we'll notify you. Enjoy your boosted character and the new PvP Elite set!

Why Choose Our WoW PvP Elite Gear Transmogrification Carry?

  • Expertise: Our team has over a decade of PvP expertise, ensuring your boost is done by professionals who have consistently played at peak performance levels each season.

  • Optimal Team Setup: We ensure a team with the most effective class composition to maximize the outcome.

  • Complete Package: Our package is comprehensive. Not only do you get the Dragonflight Season 4 Elite PvP set, but you also receive a slew of other benefits as detailed below.

WoW PvP Elite Transmog FAQ

  • How to earn Elite PvP transmog? Each WoW Dragonflight PvP season rewards an elite set for transmog. Achieve a 1800 rating in 2v2/3v3 rated arena or battlegrounds to qualify.

  • Rating requirement for Elite PvP transmog? For the third season of Dragonflight, an 1800+ arena rating is mandatory. Our seasoned PvP boosters are here to assist.

  • Is the Elite PvP transmog account-wide? Yes, this accolade is account-wide.

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