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Honor & Bloody Token Farm

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To get started in PvP in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight you are going to want some "PvP Gear". PvP gear is similar to gear from any other source of content in WoW except for one major difference. PvP gear has a dramatically increased ilvl in PvP content. The best way to get some PvP gear to get started is from farming Honor Points and from farming Bloody Tokens. 

Honor Points come from completing battlegrounds, killing players inside of battlegrounds and killing players out in the world, whereas Bloody Tokens only come from killing players out in the world and completing World PvP Quests with War Mode enabled. 

Farming Honor and Bloody Coins can be a bit of a dreadful task, especially when you don't have any PvP gear to start off with whereas your opponents have a full set of PvP gear so they are just absolutely destroying you. Instead of wasting your time and mental health on trying to PvP with no gear, you could purchase our Honor Farm boosting service or our Bloody Token boosting service.

With this service, our professional PvP boosters will log into your account and farm these currency's for you so that you can have a full set of PvP gear to get you started. This gear is also quite valuable in PvE in some circumstances too.

  • Honor Farm - Our booster will log into your account and play your character through Battlegrounds earning you the desired amount of Honor Points so that you can buy your PvP gear from the Honor vendor in Valdrakken.
  • Bloody Token FarmOur booster will log into your account and play your character completing World PvP Quests and participating in large-scale World PvP in the Dragonflight zones earning you the desired amount of Bloody Tokens that you can spend on World PvP gear from the vendor in Valdrakken.

Earn conquest points and secure victory in Rated Battlegrounds with our WoW Conquest Point Boost and WoW RBG Boost services. For a detailed overview of these offerings and how they can accelerate your progress in World of Warcraft, explore our World of Warcraft Dragonflight page today.