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Powerleveling Boost - WoW: WOTLK

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With our WOTLK Classic WoW Powerleveling boosting service we will log into your account and boost your character to the desired level. We use VPN technology to ensure that your account is safe. All items/gold received along the way will be left in your bags. We can also stream the service for you privately so that you can see how it's done.

Leveling can take thousands of quests and a lot of your time in WOTLK Classic. The main thing to do in WOTLK Classic is to raid the 10 and 25 man raids or do Arena/BGs, however to start enjoying these different elements of the game you must reach level 80. 

With our WOTLK Powerleveling service we will boost you as fast as possible to level 80 so you can jump into the game and enjoy it for what it truly is. You won't even have to lift a finger! Our boosters will take care of all of the boring chores to reach the level cap so that you can simply enjoy the game.


  • Select your current level. ETA will be displayed in the option.
  • You can select Express completion for 30% increased completion speed.


  • Level 80 Character and Achievement
  • Some reputation towards Northrend Factions
  • All the Gold, Loot and other currencies earned along the way.


  • Account-Sharing