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Valorant Battle Pass Leveling Boost

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In the competitive landscape of Valorant, the Battle Pass offers an array of captivating cosmetic rewards for both your weapons and account. With our unrivaled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide an extraordinary opportunity to attain any desired battle pass level, ensuring that you can unlock those amazing rewards effortlessly.

To experience the remarkable benefits of our Valorant Battle Pass Boost, simply place an order for any amount of battle pass levels. Witness for yourself the astonishing results that our boosters can achieve, as they navigate through the ranks swiftly and ensure your account ascends to new heights.

Join the ranks of the elite and elevate your Valorant experience with Simple Carry's Valorant Battle Pass Boost. Immerse yourself in the world of astonishing cosmetic rewards, knowing that our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering an exceptional service that goes beyond your expectations. Prepare to embark on an unparalleled journey, where greatness awaits at every level.

Order your desired battle pass levels today and unlock the pinnacle of Valorant's cosmetic treasures. Simple Carry stands ready to accompany you on your path to victory and splendor.

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What You'll Get

  • Chosen Battle Pass Levels;
  • Battle Pass rewards for the chosen range;
  • Valorant Account Leveling rewards.


  • Valorant account with 20 rank.
  • Please choose the correct сurrent rank or we can't do this service for you.

How It Works

  • Begin by selecting any additional options that suit your preferences, and proceed to place your order seamlessly.
  • Rest assured, we will promptly reach out to you for further assistance either through our live chat or via email, ensuring effective communication throughout the process.
  • The Battle Pass Valorant completion process will initiate within a maximum of 30 minutes or as agreed upon within the specified timeframe.
  • Our expert booster will assume control of your character, utilizing a secure VPN connection, and commence the Valorant rank Valorant Account leveling boost. Should you opt for the "Play with a booster" option, you will have the privilege of participating in a party alongside a professional Valorant player.
  • We prioritize the utmost security for your account, employing only the safest and most reliable methods available. You can have complete confidence that your account will never be subjected to theft or deletion.
  • Once your order is completed, we will promptly notify you of the accomplishment. Alternatively, you can personally track the progress to stay informed about the status.
  • Finally, revel in the satisfaction of your newly enhanced Valorant Battle Pass boost. Enjoy the plethora of rewards and benefits it brings to your gaming experience. And if you would be so kind, please take a moment to rate our services on Trustpilot. Your feedback is highly valuable to us as we continuously strive to improve and exceed your expectations.

Valorant Battle Pass Boost FAQ

At Simple Carry, we take immense pride in our team of seasoned professionals who possess an unmatched level of skill and dedication. Our boosters are masters of their craft, and they strive to farm battle pass levels with unparalleled speed and efficiency. They are driven by a passion for excellence, aiming to surpass all expectations and deliver an exceptional service that sets new standards within the gaming industry.

Q: How much does the Battle Pass in Valorant cost?

A: The Battle Pass in Valorant is priced at $10.

Q: How long does the Valorant Battle Pass last?

A: The Battle Pass in Valorant typically lasts for approximately 2 months.

Q: Is it necessary to purchase the Valorant Battle Pass every season?

A: It is not mandatory to buy the Valorant Battle Pass every season. If you opt not to purchase the Premium version of the Battle Pass, you will still earn free rewards as you play, earn XP, and level up the free version of the Battle Pass. However, if you choose to purchase the Premium version, you will receive additional cosmetic rewards. It is important to note that purchasing the Battle Pass does not provide any gameplay advantages.

We hope these answers provide clarity regarding the Valorant Battle Pass. Should you have any further questions or require assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.