Final Fantasy XIV PvP Roles Ranking - Top DPS, Healers, and Tanks for Crystalline Conflict

FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Explore the Dynamic World of Final Fantasy XIV PvP with Our Comprehensive Tier List

The realm of competitive multiplayer in Final Fantasy XIV has undergone a dramatic transformation with the release of Patch 6.1, introducing an exhilarating PvP experience like never before. The culmination of this evolution is the exciting Crystalline Conflict, a 5-on-5 payload-style game mode that has added a new layer of excitement to FFXIV PvP. In this ever-evolving landscape, each Job has been meticulously reimagined, embracing unique strengths and playstyles. To navigate this dynamic arena effectively, we present our detailed FFXIV PvP tier list.

Unlocking the Potential of FFXIV PvP Jobs

Our comprehensive FFXIV PvP tier list categorizes Jobs into tiers, shedding light on their viability and potency in player versus player combat. Unlike the core FFXIV gameplay, PvP brings an added layer of competitiveness, making tier rankings even more relevant. Jobs in PvP have been specially tuned to cater to this environment, making it crucial to understand which Jobs to utilize or watch out for in PvP encounters.

Patch 6.11: A Balancing Act

With the recent launch of Patch 6.11, significant adjustments were made to nearly every Job in PvP to enhance balance. While certain Jobs like Samurai, Red Mage, and White Mage received minor nerfs, they still maintain their prominent positions in the current meta. On the flip side, underperforming Jobs such as Dancer, Gunbreaker, and Black Mage received buffs to boost their viability. Despite these changes, the core characteristics and effectiveness of each Job largely remain intact since the Patch 6.1 overhaul.

The Art of PvP Team Composition

In the realm of PvP, team composition and synergy play pivotal roles in determining a Job's effectiveness. With a total of 19 Jobs available, there are intricate nuances that require time and experience to master, especially for seasoned teams. It's important to note that there are no role restrictions for PvP teams, although teams cannot have two players with the same Job. While every PvP Job holds the potential to excel in skilled hands, our tier list reflects the collective experience of our team and the broader PvP player community.

Embrace Your Playstyle

If you find joy and success with a particular Job, even if it falls into a lower tier on our list, we encourage you to continue pursuing your preferred playstyle. Our tier placement should not discourage you from enjoying your time in PvP. Moreover, the world of PvP is dynamic and ever-changing, especially with the recent introduction of FFXIV 6.1. As the PvP landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to regularly updating and revising this tier list to provide you with the most accurate and relevant insights.

Join us as we delve deep into the world of FFXIV PvP, where strategy, skill, and teamwork intersect to create unforgettable battles. Discover the Job that resonates with your playstyle, adapt to the shifting meta, and make your mark in the realm of Crystalline Conflict and beyond.

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S Tier FFXIV PVP Jobs:


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

In the adrenaline-fueled battles of Crystalline Conflict, one can't help but marvel at the sheer destructive power of a skilled Samurai. With their arsenal of devastating abilities like Midare Setsugakke, Namikiri strikes, crowd control tools, and a gap-closing maneuver that deals significant damage, Samurai stands as a fearsome force on the battlefield. This deadly combination of tools, high burst damage, exceptional area-of-effect capabilities, and swift mobility makes the Samurai a true powerhouse in PvP encounters.

Facing off against a Samurai head-on often proves unwise, as their prowess can quickly turn the tide of a match. Consequently, teams often prioritize focusing down the opposing Samurai to mitigate their impact on the game. Samurai's Chiten ability adds another layer of complexity to the equation, functioning as an automatic counterattack. Should you find yourself attacking a Samurai protected by Chiten, beware of their Limit Break, Zantetsuken, which has the potential to instantly slay its victims. Given that Zantetsuken is an area-of-effect skill, it can potentially eliminate multiple adversaries simultaneously, further emphasizing the Samurai's battlefield dominance.

However, mastering the Samurai in Crystalline Conflict requires more than just a deadly skillset; it demands discipline. The pace and chaos of battle may tempt you to constantly stay on the move, but strategic use of cast timers for essential abilities is crucial. Samurai players must strike a balance between relentless aggression and precise timing, adding an extra layer of complexity to their gameplay.

In summary, the Samurai's complexity in Crystalline Conflict is moderately high. To harness the full potential of this formidable Job, players must not only excel in combat but also display strategic discipline and adaptability in the heat of battle. A skilled Samurai can be the difference-maker in a match, turning the tide of war with every well-timed strike and precise execution of their abilities.

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Red Mage

FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Mastery of the Red Mage's intricate skillset can turn your foes' vision crimson as they struggle to keep up with your devastating onslaught. The essence of the Red Mage lies in seamlessly blending melee and magic attacks to unleash relentless damage-over-time effects. While the learning curve for this Job may be a tad steeper than others, it's a matter of practice and time to become proficient at deftly switching between Black Shift and White Shift, adapting to the demands of the situation.

In the world of the Red Mage, White Shift bestows the power to weave protective barriers and deliver healing effects through your abilities, whereas Black Shift amplifies your damage-dealing potential. The linchpin of your utility toolkit is Resolution, a versatile skill that can either silence or stun foes in a linear area of effect, depending on your active Shift. The ability to silence opponents, in particular, can be a game-changer, effectively tipping the balance of a match in your favor.

Adding to the Red Mage's complexity are abilities like Corps-a-corps and Displacement, which provide remarkable mobility while also bestowing valuable buffs and debuffs. However, the pièce de résistance in the Red Mage's arsenal is their Limit Break, Southern Cross. Executing this devastating attack is most effective under Black Shift, unleashing substantial area-of-effect damage that strikes twice for those unfortunate enough to be caught in the center. In the hands of a skilled Red Mage, enemies are systematically worn down, leaving unprepared teams vulnerable and exposed. It's as if every facet of the Red Mage's skillset has been honed to perfection, with no wasted potential.

To summarize, the Red Mage's complexity in Crystalline Conflict is moderately high. Embracing this Job requires more than just mastering its formidable abilities; it necessitates an understanding of when and how to employ them for maximum impact. A skilled Red Mage excels at disrupting the enemy's plans, applying pressure with relentless damage, and creating openings for their team. With practice and dedication, a Red Mage can become a formidable force on the battlefield, leaving their adversaries seeing nothing but red.

White Mage

FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

In the realm of Crystalline Conflict, the White Mage stands as a true powerhouse, bordering on the line of being overpowered for those who have mastered its capabilities. This Job boasts the highest utility potential in the game, thanks to its awe-inspiring Limit Break, Afflatus Purgation. This single ability has the capacity to disrupt the most critical functions of an opposing team while simultaneously unleashing a deluge of area-of-effect damage, stunning adversaries, bestowing Regen healing upon allies, and supercharging their HP recovery potential. The impact of a well-timed Limit Break from a White Mage can be nothing short of game-changing, often serving as the linchpin for victory. It's a sight to behold.

The White Mage's utility toolkit doesn't stop at its Limit Break, though. Abilities like Aquaveil prove invaluable for dispelling status effects, while Seraph Strike offers a charming dose of close-range damage. However, the crown jewel of utility lies in the form of Miracle of Nature, a transformative ability that can instantly render targets utterly ineffective, turning the tide of battle with remarkable ease.

Furthermore, as a healing-focused Job, the White Mage excels in preserving the vitality of their team, making them a formidable challenge to overcome if not dealt with promptly. While the White Mage's skillset is undeniably potent, it is also relatively straightforward to wield, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a simpler approach to their role in Crystalline Conflict.

In terms of complexity, the White Mage falls into the moderate category. The true mastery of this Job lies in strategic decision-making and timing, rather than intricate mechanics. A White Mage who knows when to unleash their Limit Break, dispel debilitating status effects, and utilize their transformative abilities can be the cornerstone of their team's success. If your goal is to keep things straightforward while maintaining a powerful presence on the battlefield, the White Mage is an excellent choice.

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FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

When it comes to tanking in Crystalline Conflict, the Warrior reigns supreme, and it's not difficult to see why. This stalwart Job wields a formidable array of crowd control and utility skills that make it the go-to choice for those who seek to command the battlefield.

Primal Rend, one of the Warrior's standout abilities, delivers both damage and disruption in the form of an area-of-effect stun. When used strategically, it has the potential to put bunched-up enemy teams in grave danger. Combine Primal Rend with the devastating Limit Breaks of White Mage, Dragoon, or Samurai, and your foes will find themselves on the brink of defeat.

Blota, another key skill in the Warrior's arsenal, inflicts the Heavy status on the target while drawing them closer. This maneuver not only controls enemy positioning but also disrupts their plans, making it a versatile tool for both offense and defense. Additionally, Bloodwhetting, a multifaceted ability, serves as a shield, a source of healing, and a means to deal damage. Its flexibility ensures that the Warrior remains an adaptable force on the battlefield.

However, the true game-changer for the Warrior comes in the form of its Limit Break, Primal Scream. This ability grants the effects of Inner Release, amplifying the power of both Bloodwhetting and Primal Rend. Moreover, it renders the Warrior immune to all status effects, disables Guard on enemies, and bolsters their HP pool. With access to devastating skills like Fell Cleave and Chaotic Cyclone, the Warrior becomes an unstoppable force, capable of turning the tide of battle with absolute authority.

In terms of complexity, the Warrior falls within the moderate range. While its core mechanics are straightforward, mastering the timing and positioning of crowd control abilities like Primal Rend and Blota, as well as leveraging the full potential of Primal Scream, requires skill and strategy. A skilled Warrior, when utilized effectively, can be the linchpin of a successful team, turning the tide of battle with crowd control, utility, and relentless damage output.



FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Among the PvP aficionados, Dragoon stands as a strong contender, often earning its place in the coveted S-tier Job category. Its well-rounded nature, boasting remarkable damage output, exceptional mobility, and respectable utility, makes it a top choice for those seeking a straightforward yet effective playstyle. While some may argue that it falls just short of the game-breaking potential required for S-tier status, Dragoon remains an excellent pick for anyone looking to make a significant impact on the battlefield.

What sets Dragoon apart is its exceptional agility and capacity to elude crowds and shrug off status debuffs with the Elusive Jump ability. This maneuver seamlessly transitions into Wyrmwind Thrust, a potent ranged attack that can catch opponents off guard. High Jump serves as a swift gap-closer, which perfectly complements Heavensent, another high-damage attack in the Dragoon's arsenal. The Dragoon's skillset flows seamlessly, allowing players to maintain a relentless offensive rhythm.

Geirskogul introduces an interesting dynamic by trading HP for a damage buff, ultimately leading to the powerful Nastrond ability. However, to balance the scales, Chaotic Spring enables the Dragoon to recover some lost HP, creating a tactical trade-off that adds depth to the Job's gameplay.

The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the Dragoon's Limit Break, Sky Shatter. This game-changing ability allows the Dragoon to temporarily disappear from the battlefield, selecting a location for devastating area-of-effect damage. When faced with a situation where enemies bunch up on an objective, Sky Shatter serves as the ultimate tool for clearing the field and creating opportunities for your team.

In terms of complexity, Dragoon falls into the moderate category. While it does not possess the intricacies of some other Jobs, mastering its mobility, combo rotations, and efficient use of its Limit Break requires skill and practice. A Dragoon who knows how to leverage its strengths effectively can be a versatile asset to any PvP team, striking fear into opponents and ensuring their place as a well-rounded champion of the battlefield.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Within the realm of PvP, the Ninja emerges as a potentially deadly force, but harnessing its true potential demands a considerable amount of effort and unwavering situational awareness. Even for those who are well-versed in the ways of Ninja in regular FFXIV gameplay, it can still take some time to grasp the intricacies of this agile Job in the PvP arena. However, once the pieces fall into place, it becomes abundantly clear how the Ninja can evolve into a relentless, high-DPS nuisance.

The foundation of Ninja's prowess lies in the strategic use of Kassatsu charges, which effectively transform its abilities. Among these, two are of paramount importance: Huton, which provides both a protective barrier and a speed boost, and Hyosho Ranryu, a devastating single-target attack that can quickly turn the tide of battle. While Doton and Goka Mekkyaku may not always be worth the trouble for their area-of-effect damage, Huton and Hyosho Ranryu form the core of the Ninja's offensive arsenal.

The Ninja's repertoire extends further with Bunshin, an ability that multiplies damage output on select attacks, and Shukuchi, which enables the execution of a stealthy Assassinate maneuver. It's worth noting that Shukuchi, though potent, can be somewhat unwieldy in the heat of battle, given its reliance on ground targeting.

However, the true terror that the Ninja brings to the battlefield lies in its Limit Break, Seiton Tenchu. This ability possesses the capacity to instantly eliminate any target with health at or below 50%, and the Ninja can chain this up to three times if successive insta-kills are achieved. In essence, the Ninja lives up to its name by becoming an elusive and deadly shadow, eliminating foes with precision and speed.

In terms of complexity, the Ninja ranks among the highest. To unlock its full potential, players must master the art of precise timing, ability management, and situational awareness. A skilled Ninja can be a game-changer in PvP, inflicting bursts of unparalleled damage and disrupting enemy strategies with unrivaled efficiency. With dedication and practice, the Ninja can truly become a master of precision and lethality in the PvP arena.

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FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

As a dedicated Machinist main in PvP, you might be biased, but your claim holds weight—Machinist indeed stands as a formidable contender among ranged DPS Jobs, offering a straightforward and accessible playstyle while delivering a devastating punch. While it may not have the same momentum-shifting potential as higher-tier Jobs, Machinist excels in dealing single-target damage and securing swift eliminations, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

At the heart of the Machinist's gameplay lie two core components: Wildfire detonations and a carefully orchestrated cycle of special abilities. To maximize their potential, Machinists must navigate a sequence that includes Drill, Bioblaster, Air Anchor, Chain Saw, and Drill again, all while considering the benefits provided by Analysis. Each ability within this sequence boasts unique effects and potency, making it essential for players to be aware of their position within the cycle, align cooldown timers, and understand the optimal use cases for each skill. The occasional inconvenience of being locked into a specific ability within the sequence based on the current position is outweighed by the utility and potential each skill brings to the table.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Machinist gameplay is the ability to unleash the Marksman's Spite Limit Break from a considerable distance, dealing a staggering 36,000 damage potency. This long-range attack is a true spectacle, often resulting in the instant demise of enemies hovering around or slightly above the halfway HP mark.

In terms of complexity, the Machinist falls into the moderate category. Its mechanics, while not overly intricate, require precise timing, awareness of ability sequences, and a keen understanding of when to deploy Wildfire detonations for maximum impact. A skilled Machinist can excel in PvP by delivering precise and devastating ranged attacks, offering a reliable source of ranged DPS, and making their mark on the battlefield with explosive precision.

A- / B+ Tier FFXIV PVP Jobs


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Summoner in PvP offers a unique blend of both melee and magic DPS, unleashing significant damage potential that can leave its mark on the battlefield. While its Crimson Cyclone/Strike combo is indeed satisfying and relatively easy to grasp, the true strength of Summoner lies in its diverse elemental abilities.

Slipstream, when used strategically, serves as a vital tool for creating areas of denial around objectives, obstructing enemy movements and control over key points. Mountain Buster, with its stun effect on the target and heavy effect on those nearby, brings valuable crowd control capabilities that few other Jobs can match. These abilities enhance the Summoner's utility, contributing to team success by disrupting enemy plans and creating opportunities for allies.

Additionally, Summoner boasts the potential for devastating area-of-effect damage with its Limit Break, especially when Summon Bahamut is summoned into the fray. While Summon Phoenix may not always be as useful unless team survivability is a primary concern, Summoner's versatility in choosing between these summon options adds an extra layer of strategy to its gameplay.

The argument for Summoner's placement in the A-tier is valid, as it does have its vulnerabilities. A well-coordinated team with a strong focus on positioning can limit its effectiveness, making it one of the easier Jobs to counter. Nevertheless, a skilled Summoner who keeps a watchful eye on crowd dynamics and seizes opportunities can wreak havoc on the battlefield.

In terms of complexity, Summoner falls within the moderate category. While its core mechanics are accessible, the true mastery of this Job lies in strategic ability usage, positioning, and situational awareness. A proficient Summoner can make significant contributions to their team's success by leveraging their versatility and damage potential, making them a formidable presence in the PvP arena.

Dark Knight

FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

While Dark Knight may not be as disruptive as some other Jobs, it brings its own set of quirks to the table, often leaving enemy teams vulnerable and frustrated. Dark Knight's toolkit includes abilities that can exert control over the battlefield and create openings for its team, making it a formidable presence in PvP.

Salted Earth, a key ability in the Dark Knight's arsenal, serves as an effective tool for pulling enemies away from objectives. Its true potential shines when strategically combined with teammates who possess devastating area-of-effect potential, such as Dragoon, White Mage, or Summoner. The ability to disrupt enemy positioning can turn the tide of a match in your team's favor.

The Blackest Night, another core ability, grants valuable protection, bolstering the Dark Knight's resilience. Shadowbringer and Bloodspiller round out the offensive aspect of the Job, offering solid damage potential. Managing these aspects, particularly considering how Dark Knight balances its HP, is crucial for success in PvP.

The centerpiece of Dark Knight's effectiveness lies in its Limit Break, Eventide. This daring move lowers the Dark Knight's HP to a mere 1 point but renders them invincible for 10 seconds. Combined with the damage potency and the granting of Bloodspiller, this Limit Break allows Dark Knights to assert control and hold their ground with remarkable effectiveness. While experienced players may adapt to the Limit Break's invulnerability, Dark Knight remains a formidable force when it comes to playing the objective.

In terms of complexity, Dark Knight falls within the moderately high category. Effectively wielding its toolkit requires a deep understanding of ability usage, HP management, and situational awareness. A proficient Dark Knight can excel in PvP by disrupting enemy strategies, providing resilience to their team, and asserting dominance over objectives, making them a master of disruption and resilience on the battlefield.

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FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Mastering the Bard in PvP revolves around harnessing its utility skills and providing unwavering support to your team. Above all else, speed is the name of the game, especially when it comes to unleashing the Bard's Limit Break, Final Fantasia. Nearly every crucial skill at your disposal helps reduce recast timers, granting your team a significant edge in the heat of battle.

Apex Arrow and Blast Arrow, in addition to trimming down cooldowns, bestow valuable buffs upon party members within a wide radius. The Bard's unique ability to inflict Silence and Bind on a single target with two separate skills simplifies the process of securing focus-fire kills for your team. While this requires a heightened level of situational awareness compared to some other Jobs, the payoff is substantial when your teammates capitalize on these opportunities.

However, the Bard's Achilles' heel lies in its damage potential, which often falls short of being a major factor on the battlefield. Despite the potential for rapid-fire attacks, the Bard frequently struggles to compensate for its lower damage output. In your experience, self-sufficiency emerges as a significant asset for consistently climbing the ranks in PvP, as well-coordinated teams can ascend to godly status when benefiting from the support of a skilled Bard. Otherwise, the Bard's greatest strengths may not hold as much weight.

In terms of complexity, the Bard falls into the moderately high category. Its gameplay requires a deep understanding of ability management, situational awareness, and the ability to capitalize on opportunities for support and control. A proficient Bard can make a world of difference in PvP by empowering their team with utility, making them the maestro of utility and team support on the battlefield.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

In the realm of PvP, the Paladin emerges as the epitome of a tank for the people. This noble Job boasts some of the most exceptional survivability skills in the game, often accompanied by healing effects woven seamlessly into its attacks. While it may lack the diversity in utility and disruptive damage seen in other Jobs, the Paladin shines as a selfless protector and team support specialist.

Key among the Paladin's abilities is Holy Sheltron, a cornerstone skill that grants significant protection. The added buffs and debuffs when the barrier expires make it a multi-faceted asset for both defense and control. Guardian stands as a prime example of the Paladin's commitment to safeguarding its comrades, embodying the philosophy of taking one for the team.

The Paladin's Limit Break, along with the Sacred Claim effect of Confiteor, solidify its role as an almost indestructible force on the battlefield. This combination not only makes the Paladin nearly impervious to harm but also halves the damage inflicted by enemies on any nearby teammates. It embodies the essence of a selfless Job, committed to elevating the team to victory rather than focusing on personal glory.

However, the effectiveness of a Paladin hinges heavily on the team it is a part of. Unlike Jobs in higher tiers, the Paladin lacks standalone tide-turning abilities. While it can unleash decent damage with its Limit Break Blade combo, its primary function is to stand its ground and provide vital support to teammates, ensuring their survival and success.

In terms of complexity, the Paladin falls into the moderate category. Mastering the intricacies of its abilities requires a deep understanding of timing, positioning, and the ability to anticipate and respond to threats. A skilled Paladin can make all the difference in PvP by serving as a stalwart guardian of survival and an unwavering source of team support, making them an invaluable asset on the battlefield.


FFXIV Pvp Tier List | Simple Carry

With the advent of Patch 6.11, Scholar's core utility skills have received some much-needed buffs, solidifying its position as a tactical healer with enhanced utility. The improvements to Adloquium and Biolysis, both in terms of duration and effectiveness, grant you and your party greater damage potential and protection. However, it's when these skills are combined with Deployment Tactics that they transcend their simple healing and damage mitigation functions. Adloquium, in particular, becomes a powerful tool for extending its effects to other players, depending on whether you target a teammate or an enemy.

Similar to its Summoner counterpart, Scholar possesses the ability to call upon one of two summons for its Limit Break, each offering unique advantages in frustrating enemy teams and bolstering your team's resilience. Seraph enhances your core abilities while automatically casting Seraphic Veil, providing an additional layer of protection. On the other hand, Flight introduces auto-healing when HP is low and negates status afflictions, ensuring that your team remains in fighting condition.

As a healer, Scholar boasts a wide range of solid tools to work with. However, it's worth noting that White Mage, with its exceptional potential and utility, often overshadows other healers and can single-handedly sway matches in its favor. This leaves Scholar and other healers in a challenging position, as their capabilities may not match those of the White Mage. Moreover, Crystalline Conflict typically requires only one healer per team, further limiting the opportunities for Scholar and other healers to shine.

In terms of complexity, Scholar falls into the moderately high category. Mastering the intricacies of healing, timing, and situational awareness is essential for effective gameplay. While Scholar may face stiff competition from White Mage, it still offers valuable utility and support to its team, making it a formidable presence in PvP for those who are skilled at wielding its abilities.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

While Sage is designated as a healer, its gameplay often defies traditional healing roles, offering a unique blend of support and damage capabilities that make it feel more like a support-style DPS. Despite the absence of direct healing spells, Sage more than compensates with its diverse toolkit.

You won't find the conventional direct healing spells that are typical of traditional healers in Sage's repertoire. Instead, Sage shines in other areas, particularly in dealing noteworthy damage through abilities like Pneuma, Phlegma (which boasts two charges), and Toxikon (which applies damage over time). Among these, Pneuma stands out as a key ability, capable of applying five stacks of Haima barriers to nearby teammates. In the chaotic world of PvP, these barriers can often prove to be more valuable than direct heals. Moreover, Sage's Eukrasian Dosis allows for the continuous application of barriers to your designated Kardion partner, significantly enhancing their survivability.

Sage's Limit Break, Mesotes, adds another layer of utility to its arsenal. It provides conditional invulnerability for teammates caught within its range while simultaneously inflicting damage over time on enemies. Under the right circumstances, Mesotes can indeed become a game-changing ability, capable of swinging the momentum of a match in your team's favor.

In essence, Sage is a force to be reckoned with, offering formidable support and damage capabilities. However, it often seems to operate as a healer in name only, as its primary focus lies in offering unconventional healing through barriers, support, and damage mitigation. The versatility and unique gameplay style of Sage make it a dynamic addition to any PvP team.

In terms of complexity, Sage falls into the moderately high category. Effectively utilizing its abilities, especially those related to barrier management and situational awareness, requires a deep understanding of its mechanics and a keen sense of timing. A skilled Sage can make a significant impact on the battlefield, providing both support and damage capabilities that can catch opponents off guard and lead to victory in PvP matches.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Among all the healers, Astrologian stands out as one of the most enjoyable to play, but it also presents a significant amount of complexity, staying true to its main game counterpart. While the Draw and Play mechanics for cards have been sensibly simplified in PvP, they introduce an element of unpredictability that adds a layer of challenge to Astrologian's gameplay. Each card provides a valuable buff, but in PvP, you'll want to maintain control over as many aspects as possible.

Astrologian's standout ability, Double Cast, adds a satisfying dimension to its gameplay. This skill allows you to execute back-to-back casts of the same spell, augmented with additional effects. For instance, when Double Cast is applied to Gravity II, it deals decent damage and inflicts both Heavy and Bind on those caught within the area of effect. Macrocosmos, particularly with the Patch 6.11 buff, becomes a formidable asset in Astrologian's toolkit. Additionally, the Limit Break, Celestial River, plays a crucial role in helping the team overcome obstacles and break stalemates.

Astrologian's various features combine to create a unique identity within the healer class. However, the reliance on Double Cast cooldowns can occasionally make it feel a bit slow to play, especially when compared to other healers that might offer more immediate and effective support. It's important to note that Astrologian is by no means a weak healer; it's simply that other healer classes may excel more consistently in PvP.

In terms of complexity, Astrologian falls into the moderately high category. Effectively managing its card mechanics, timing Double Cast, and making strategic decisions about when and how to use its powerful abilities require a deep understanding of the Job's mechanics. A skilled Astrologian can provide invaluable support to the team, but it may require a higher level of expertise to consistently perform at its best in PvP.

B- / C+ Tier FFXIV PVP Jobs

Black Mage

FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Black Mage in PvP is an enigma—capable of both devastating performances and being a non-factor. Its unique mechanics, including building stacks of Astral Warmth and Umbral Freeze, are target-specific and often feel challenging to manage amid the chaos of a PvP match. While Black Mage harbors incredible damage potential, unlocking that potential demands significant effort and focus.

Black Mage possesses some essential tools that can make it a formidable contender in PvP. Burst not only offers solid DPS but also enhances survivability. Night Wing, with its Sleep-inducing effect, introduces valuable utility by disrupting enemy movements. The Limit Break, Soul Resonance, adds an exciting dimension to Black Mage's gameplay. It creates a daunting burst window, transforming Fire and Blizzard spells into instant-cast Flare and Freeze, while also granting Polyglot for the use of Foul, all of which unleash potent area-of-effect damage.

The introduction of meaningful buffs in Patch 6.11 has improved Black Mage's viability in PvP, yet it remains vulnerable due to its low HP and limited survivability. Being positioned in a lower tier doesn't necessarily imply ineffectiveness; indeed, an unchecked and skilled Black Mage can wreak havoc on the battlefield. However, Black Mage's design doesn't align perfectly with the dynamic nature of PvP, requiring players to exercise caution and strategy to maximize its potential.

In terms of complexity, Black Mage falls into the high category. Mastering its gameplay demands a deep understanding of its unique mechanics, precise timing, and the ability to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances of PvP battles. A skilled Black Mage can be a wildcard in PvP, capable of delivering unpredictable bursts of power that can turn the tide of a match when handled with expertise.

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FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Prior to Patch 6.11, Gunbreaker was often considered one of the less effective PvP Jobs in FFXIV. Its potential was hindered by the lack of certain perks in its skillset. However, with the buffs introduced in the patch, Gunbreaker has become a more viable and competitive option in PvP. These changes include a new speed boost and enhancements to Rough Divide's effects. Additionally, the Draw and Junction mechanic has been streamlined, no longer dispelling upon the player's death. Gunbreaker's Limit Break, combining Relentless Rush and Terminal Trigger, now delivers potent area-of-effect damage while afflicting targets with debuffs and Stun.

Despite these improvements, the Draw and Junction mechanic can still feel somewhat cumbersome to use effectively. It essentially mirrors the target's role, providing additional effects to combo finishers and a specific Junctioned Cast based on that role. While the concept appears straightforward on paper, optimizing Gunbreaker's effectiveness in practice requires a fair amount of effort. Ultimately, Gunbreaker can be seen as a "jack of all trades and master of none" in the PvP landscape.

Even with the buffs and streamlining, Gunbreaker retains an element of complexity and ambition in its design. Its unique mechanics and style draw inspiration from its Final Fantasy VIII origins, making it a cool and distinctive addition to the game's roster of Jobs. However, its execution in PvP gameplay might not fully live up to its potential, leaving it in a somewhat unwieldy position compared to other Jobs.

In terms of complexity, Gunbreaker falls into the high category. To excel with this Job in PvP, players need to invest time in mastering its unique mechanics and understanding the nuances of its skillset. While Gunbreaker might not be the most straightforward option, skilled players can still make it work effectively and enjoy its distinctive playstyle.




FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

As previously mentioned, every Job in Final Fantasy XIV has the potential to shine in PvP when in the right hands, and this certainly holds true for Monk. Monk possesses the capability to single out, harass, and effectively eliminate specific enemies on the battlefield. However, it grapples with a particularly challenging aspect: a seven-part combo as its main source of damage. The lengthy wind-up and complexity of managing this combo amidst the fast-paced and chaotic nature of PvP can be overwhelming for most players.

In an ideal scenario, Monk can utilize Enlightenment to initiate and isolate a target, followed by a rapid assault with Thunderclap and the Fire Resonance from Rising Phoenix. The finishing blow can come in the form of either Phantom Rush or a Meteodrive Limit Break, provided they are ready. This combination can deliver devastating results. Additionally, Monk possesses Earth's Reply for added survivability and a single-target stun in the form of Six-Sided Star. However, Monk struggles to excel in broader aspects of PvP.

In terms of complexity, Monk falls into the moderately high category. Effectively managing its intricate combo system, timing abilities, and adapting to the fast-paced dynamics of PvP requires significant skill and practice. While the seven-part combo may pose a challenge, skilled Monk players can leverage the Job's potential to isolate and eliminate key targets, making them a formidable force in PvP under the right circumstances.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

Reaper, with its unique design inspired by the main game Final Fantasy XIV, introduces some intriguing abilities into PvP gameplay. However, the translation of its mechanics into the PvP arena has resulted in a system that can be convoluted and challenging to navigate effectively. To achieve effectiveness, players must juggle stacks of Soul Reaver and Immortal Sacrifice, with the latter taking precedence and leading to a more potent Plentiful Harvest capable of wreaking havoc on enemies in a line area of effect. Reaper's Death Warrant and Harvest Moon abilities play with relative HP and damage dealt, while Arcane Crest provides some much-needed utility.

The Limit Break for Reaper grants access to Void Reaping and Cross Reaping, with Communio as the concluding spell. While the rotation between these abilities can feel satisfying, the process is somewhat lengthy, particularly with Communio being a casted spell. In the fast-paced environment of PvP, the extended duration of this Limit Break can be a drawback.

Keeping track of Reaper's extensive skillset to maximize effectiveness within the context of PvP, combined with the inherent chaos of battles, demands a considerable amount of effort. The tooltips themselves can be overwhelming, and translating this knowledge into effective action can be even more challenging. Ultimately, the payoff for mastering Reaper's intricacies may not always align with the effort required. It's essential to acknowledge that in the hands of an exceptionally skilled Reaper player, the results can be devastating. However, Reaper, as a Job, often appears to make things more complicated than its DPS counterparts in PvP.

In terms of complexity, Reaper falls into the high category. To excel with this Job in PvP, players need to invest significant time in understanding its unique mechanics and mastering the ability to adapt to different situations. While Reaper can potentially deliver outstanding results, it is a challenging choice that may not be the most accessible for all players.


FFXIV PvP Tier List | Simple Carry

In PvP, Dancer distinguishes itself by not relying on procs, which simplifies its gameplay compared to its PvE counterpart. However, it maintains the branching nature of its weaponskills, offering a unique set of abilities tailored for the battlefield. Notable among these is Honing Dance, which combines a counter-like attack with a protective barrier. Saber Dance and Starfall Dance deliver respectable area-of-effect damage, enhancing Dancer's versatility.

The inclusion of Dance Partner is a valuable asset, allowing Dancer to share buffs with a teammate, boosting their effectiveness without any additional cost. This synergy complements abilities like Curing Waltz and Fan Dance, making Dancer a supportive presence on the battlefield.

Contradance, with its super-wide area-of-effect charm, presents an intriguing potential use case that can sway the match when coordinated with teammates making a play for the objective. However, as a Limit Break, it may feel somewhat underwhelming in comparison to other Jobs.

While Dancer's skillset appears well-designed, it may come across as somewhat incomplete in the context of PvP. It lacks the damage output, utility, or support capabilities to match other Jobs in the arena. Consequently, Dancer often finds itself overshadowed by more well-rounded choices.

In terms of complexity, Dancer falls into the moderately high category. Mastery of its branching weaponskills and the coordination of abilities like Dance Partner and Contradance require skill and practice. While Dancer can contribute positively to a team in PvP, it may require particularly skilled players to maximize its potential and overcome its limitations compared to other Jobs.

In conclusion, mastering the art of PvP in Final Fantasy XIV, particularly in the Crystalline Conflict mode, demands an in-depth understanding of each role—DPS, healers, and tanks. Finding the right balance between effectiveness and playstyle can be a challenge, as every Job brings its unique strengths and complexities to the battlefield. Whether you favor unleashing devastating DPS rotations, providing crucial healing support, or taking on the role of a resilient tank, your choice of Job will significantly impact your success in PvP.

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