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Path of Exile Starter Build Boost

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Buy League Starter Build here! The most effective builds for new players. We'll provide leveling your character up to level 70. Don't waste time learning about meta builds and how to create them. We'll make your character ready for any activity.

Any new player can be overwhelmed with the limitless possibilities in creating builds. You can waste days of your life trying to create your dream build and at the end of the day, it can fail you miserably. Or if you look for guides and find yourself build, that is suitable for your activities, you can waste much of your time grinding the items you need. Stop wasting your time reading endless build guides and get our services now!

  • Eye of Winter Inquisitor Miner: This build is good for boss killing in the early stages of new league;
  • BB/BF Occultist: Universal build for map clears and bosses;
  • Crackling Lance Inquisitor: Great clearing capabilities.

You can read a more detailed description of these builds down below.


  • Any one of our builds: Eye of Winter Inquisitor Miner, BB/BF Occultist, Cracking Lance Inquisitor;
  • Leveling your character up to level 70;
  • Custom-made PoB for your build.


  • Upgraded version - choose this option and we'll upgrade your build and leveling your character up to level 80;
  • Build Coaching - choose this option and our booster will explain how to play your chosen build.