FFXIV: Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide

FFXIV: Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide | Simple Carry

Comprehensive Guide to FFXIV's Fall Guys Blunderville Event

The highly anticipated Fall Guys collaboration event has made its debut in Final Fantasy 14. Are you ready to take on the challenges and reap the rewards? This event offers an array of fantastic prizes, including new glamour outfits, minions, a mount, and more.

The event is currently scheduled to run from today until Sunday, December 31st, at 6:59 am (PST)/14:59 (GMT). After the initial collaboration event concludes, it will make periodic returns as a special event. In this guide, we'll provide you with all the essential information you need to make the most of this exciting event.

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How To Unlock The Fall Guys Event

FFXIV: Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide | Simple Carry

  1. Go to the Gold Saucer and locate Lewena at coordinates (X: 4.8, Y: 6.1). Initiate the quest titled 'Just Clowning Around' by speaking to her.

  2. Proceed to the lower level, specifically at coordinates (X: 6.1, Y: 7.4). Here, you'll find Wy, the Blunderville Gatekeeper. Talk to Wy to gain access to Blunderville Square.

  3. Once inside Blunderville Square, locate the Blunderville Beankeep at coordinates (X: 3.2, Y: 3.2) and interact with them to complete the quest.

  4. Congratulations! You have now unlocked access to Blunderville activities.

Bonus Tip: Even if you happen to be eliminated in the first round, you'll still receive 50 MGF (MGP) for participating, although the amount may vary if there are fewer players.

How To Take Part In Blunderville

FFXIV: Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide | Simple Carry

  1. Approach the Blunderville Registrar, located at coordinates (X: 3.3, Y: 3.1), and speak to them to register for the duty.

  2. Each duty consists of three rounds, and the stages in each round can vary.

  3. Blunderville can accommodate up to 24 players simultaneously, but it's possible to find yourself in a solo situation, so be prepared for that possibility. Rewards and qualification criteria are adjusted for groups with fewer than 24 participants.

  4. In the first two rounds, the round concludes either when the time limit is reached or when a sufficient number of players qualify. The number of qualifying players decreases with each round.

  5. The final round comes to an end when a player successfully claims the crown.

Get ready to take on the challenge and aim for victory in the exciting Blunderville event!

Blunderville Prize List

FFXIV: Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide | Simple Carry

Participating in and achieving victory in Blunderville duties earns you both MGF (Moogle Gold Fever) and MGP (Manderville Gold Saucer Points). You can subsequently utilize your MGF by visiting the MGF Trader located at coordinates (X: 3.8, Y: 3.1) in Blunderville. Below, you'll find a list of the prizes available for purchase:

Item Price (MGF)
Matte Winner's Crown (Armor) 410
Glossy Winner's Crown (Armor) 410
Gentlebean Knit Cap (Armor) 410
Gentlebean Parka (Armor) 410
Gentlebean Bottoms (Armor) 410
Gentlebean Shoes (Armor) 410
Ballroom Etiquette - Embracing Blunders (Emote) 410
Rhiyes Identification Key (Mount) 410
Pink Bean (Minion) 350
Pegwin (Minion) 350
Everybody Falls (Fall Guys Theme) Orchestrion Roll 220
Blunderful Framer's Kit 200
Blunderous Framer's Kit 200
Blunder-villed Framer's Kit 200
Blunderville Donut Bumper (Furnishing) 220
Blunderville Padded Wall (Furnishing) 220
Blunderville Rainbow (Furnishing) 220
Blunderville Hammer (Furnishing) 220
Blunderville Crown (Furnishing) 220
Blunderville Flag (Furnishing) 220
Gold Saucer Aetheryte Ticket 200
Standard Rationing Manual 200
Ruby Red Dye 150
Cherry Pink Dye 150
Canary Yellow Dye 150
Vanilla Yellow Dye 150
Dragoon Blue Dye 150
Turquoise Blue Dye 150
Gunmetal Black Dye 750
Pearl White Dye 750
Metallic Brass Dye 750


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FFXIV Fall Guys Event

In conclusion, the Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) Fall Guys Collaboration Event Guide provides invaluable information on how to navigate and make the most of this exciting crossover event within the game. With a wide range of prizes to be earned, including unique cosmetics, mounts, and emotes, the event promises to be a thrilling experience for players.

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