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Valtan Raid Boost

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By buying this service you will get the Valtan raid completed on your account by one of our professional in house boosters. Valtan has 2 different phases and you can select which ones you would like us to complete. Valtan is a very difficult boss with a lot of mechanics making it very difficult to defeat with a group of random players. Fortunately Simple Carry is an easy solution to that!

ETA: 1-2 Days

Options: Purchase the desired phase: Phase 1 / Phase 2 / Phase 1+2 and the desired difficulty: Normal or Hard.


  • Chance to get Materials for gear honing
  • Chance to get relic type accessories
  • Chance to get Valtan bones
  • Chance to get legendary ability stone
  • Chance to get legendary gear
  • Gold


    • Account-sharing
    • 1415+ gear score for normal
    • 1445+ gear score for hard