How To Get The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails Mount

How To Get The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails Mount | Simple Carry

Acquiring the Prestigious Kamuy of the Nine Tails Mount in Final Fantasy 14's Stormblood Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 boasts an extensive array of content, even in its older expansions like Stormblood. Within this realm of possibilities, collecting mounts, minions, and weapons remains an appealing endeavor. Among these, the Kamuy of the Nine Tails mount stands out as one of Stormblood's most coveted achievements.

The Kamuy of the Nine Tails is the pinnacle mount of the Stormblood expansion. Its acquisition necessitates the collection of all Extreme Trial mounts available in Stormblood. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the specifics of which Extreme Trials yield these mounts, where to find the corresponding quest for each trial, and provide valuable tips for amassing your Kamuy mounts.

Despite the ever-evolving world of Final Fantasy XIV, the Kamuy of the Nine Tails continues to hold its reputation as one of the most prestigious and impressive mounts. Therefore, we have meticulously updated this guide to offer clearer and more precise instructions on obtaining this coveted mount.

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How To Unlock The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails

How To Get The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails Mount | Simple Carry

To unlock the quest leading to the coveted Kamuy of the Nine Tails mount in Final Fantasy 14's Stormblood expansion, you must first acquire seven specific mounts obtained from the Extreme versions of the Stormblood Trials. These Trials and their corresponding mounts are as follows:

  • Emanation (Extreme) - Lakshmi: Blissful Kamuy
  • The Pool of Tribute (Extreme) - Susano: Reveling Kamuy
  • The Minstrel's Ballad: Shinryu's Domain - Shinryu: Legendary Kamuy
  • The Jade Stoa (Extreme) - Byakko: Auspicious Kamuy
  • The Minstrel's Ballad: Tsukuyomi's Pain - Tsukuyomi: Lunar Kamuy
  • Hell's Kier (Extreme) - Suzaku: Euphonious Kamuy
  • The Wreath of Snakes (Extreme) - Seiryu: Hallowed Kamuy

These quests are unlocked through the 'Songs in the Key of Kugane' questline, initiated by the Wandering Minstrel located in Kugane (X:11.6, Y:12.6). You'll gain access to these quests after completing the main scenario quest 'Stormblood' and clearing the normal version of each Trial. To participate in these Trials, you must be at least level 70. Fortunately, the undersized party system allows you to enter the Trials at your maximum level, equipped with your best gear. This approach significantly eases the battles, enabling you to bypass challenging phases and ultimately achieve faster clear times. Collaborating with a dedicated farming group of players can further expedite the mount drop acquisition.

While soloing these Trials is not currently feasible, a group of four or five players should encounter no issues when tackling them unsynced.

In the event of unlucky drops, you have the option to trade 99 of the Trial's unique totems for the mount you seek. For instance, if you collect 99 Bliss Totems and still do not possess the mount, you can exchange them for the mount directly.

Totems drop after each successful instance clear of a specific Trial, and you can exchange them at the NPC Eschina in Rhalgar's Reach (X:13.8, Y:11.7).

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An Alternate Route: The Itinerant Moogle

How To Get The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails Mount | Simple Carry

An alternative method of acquiring these sought-after mounts is through the enigmatic figure known as the Itinerant Moogle. This peculiar NPC periodically materializes, offering a rotating selection of goods at various points throughout an expansion's update cycle. There is no fixed schedule governing the appearances of the Itinerant Moogle, but you can anticipate their presence during intervals of lull in new content releases, typically near the culmination of an expansion's narrative.

Upon each arrival of the Itinerant Moogle, they unveil a distinct inventory of items available for exchange. While Extreme Trial mounts will always be among their offerings, the specific assortment of mounts from a given expansion remains shrouded in secrecy until the Moogle's arrival.

To conduct these exchanges, the Moogle accepts seasonal Tomestones as the currency of choice. These Tomestones can be acquired by completing various duties, with the selection of duties changing each time the Itinerant Moogle reappears. It's crucial to note that seasonal Tomestones can only be utilized during their respective seasons, preventing stockpiling between cycles. Therefore, it is advisable to spend them promptly before the Moogle departs.

The Itinerant Moogle takes residence in key locations such as Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania, and Ul'Dah. It is imperative to revisit these locales whenever the Itinerant Moogle returns, as the availability of coveted mounts may differ with each appearance.

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Becoming a True Kamuy Master: 'A Lone Wolf No More' Quest

How To Get The Kamuy Of The Nine Tails Mount | Simple Carry

Once you have successfully acquired all seven Kamuy mounts, you become eligible to embark on the momentous quest known as 'A Lone Wolf No More.' This pivotal quest is entrusted to you by none other than the News Hawker, whose location can be found in Kugane at coordinates (X:11.6, Y:10).

The task at hand is straightforward: engage in a brief conversation with the News Hawker, who will then direct you to seek out the Wandering Minstrel in Namai. Following this initial interaction, your next objective will involve traveling to a designated location, where you must sound the summoning whistle to call forth the illustrious Kamuy of the Nine Tails. Upon successful completion of this task, the Kamuy mount will be yours to proudly display and ride throughout your adventures in Eorzea.

In conclusion, obtaining the Kamuy of the Nine Tails Mount in Final Fantasy 14 is a prestigious achievement, requiring dedicated effort and skill to conquer the Extreme Trials of the Stormblood expansion. However, for those seeking a more efficient and convenient path to this impressive mount, Simple Carry's boosting services offer a compelling solution.

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