Final Fantasy XIV Class(JOB) Rankings

Final Fantasy XIV Class(JOB) Rankings | Simple Carry

Optimal Class and Job Guide for Final Fantasy XIV: Comprehensive Tier List and Insights


Searching for the optimal classes and jobs to explore in Final Fantasy XIV? Our comprehensive FFXIV Jobs Guide and Class Tier List is here to assist you in selecting the most suitable job tailored to your preferences. We have meticulously ranked each job with respect to their efficacy in a myriad of activities such as dungeons, raids, PvP battles, and solo content.

This detailed guide provides insights into the distinctive attributes and capabilities of each job, enabling you to make an informed decision about which would align best with your gaming style. Whether you’re a veteran looking to try something new or a newcomer eager to dive into the vast world of Final Fantasy XIV, this tier list will provide valuable information on the pros and cons of each job and their respective roles in various gameplay scenarios.

Discover the distinctive features, combat styles, and gameplay mechanics of each job, and find out which ones excel in dealing damage, providing support, or mitigating damage. Additionally, this guide will offer insights into the adaptability and learning curve of each job, aiding you in finding the perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment.

This enhanced Final Fantasy XIV Jobs Guide and Class Tier List aims to enhance your gaming experience by helping you discover the job that resonates most with your personal playstyle and preferences, ensuring an enriching and engaging journey through the enchanting realms of Eorzea. Whether you seek the thrill of battle, the joy of exploration, or the satisfaction of mastering a job, delve deeper to unearth the hidden gems and find the class that will make your experience truly unforgettable.

By tailoring your choice to your individual playstyle and preferences, you can optimize your gameplay experience, fully immerse yourself in the expansive and vibrant world of Final Fantasy XIV, and possibly even make new friends along the way. So, explore our definitive class rankings and delve into the fascinating world of Final Fantasy XIV with newfound knowledge and confidence.

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Elite Class Rankings: S-Tier Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV

S-Tier classes represent the pinnacle of Final Fantasy XIV’s intricate job system. These jobs are the most coveted and excel remarkably well in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Within PvE environments, these classes shine through their high damage output and versatile utility skills. Meanwhile, in the competitive landscapes of PvP, they boast potent crowd control capabilities that have the potential to dictate the outcomes of encounters.

Listed S-Tier Jobs

  • Gunbreaker
  • Warrior
  • Dark Knight
  • Samurai
  • Ninja
  • Dragoon
  • Monk
  • Dancer
  • Bard
  • Summoner
  • Scholar
  • Astrologian

Each of these jobs brings its unique flair and set of abilities to the table, contributing to a diverse and dynamic gameplay experience. Whether you wish to lead the charge as a fearless Warrior, orchestrate the battle from the shadows as a cunning Ninja, or weave the arcane arts as a wise Scholar, S-Tier jobs allow you to explore the rich tapestry of roles available in Final Fantasy XIV.

Excelling in Various Content

In the vast landscapes of PvE, S-Tier jobs offer unparalleled damage and invaluable utility that can pave the way for smooth and efficient progression. They are the linchpins in raid groups, bringing the necessary tools and firepower to overcome the most daunting challenges.

In the thrilling arenas of PvP, mastering the advanced crowd control options of S-Tier jobs can be the difference between victory and defeat. Their ability to disrupt and control the enemy provides strategic advantages, allowing for tactical plays and game-changing moments.

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Exploring the S-Tier jobs is a journey into the finest aspects of Final Fantasy XIV’s gameplay mechanics. By choosing to walk the paths of these elite classes, you unlock the potential to experience the game at its zenith, immerse yourself in diverse playstyles, and truly make your mark in the vibrant worlds of Eorzea. Whether your passion lies in engaging combats, strategic plays, or versatile approaches, the S-Tier jobs offer a gateway to the epitome of gaming experiences in Final Fantasy XIV.

Gunbreaker Class Spotlight: The S-Tier Hybrid Warrior of Final Fantasy XIV

GUNBREAKER | Simple Carry

The Gunbreaker is revered as one of the most formidable and versatile classes in Final Fantasy XIV, meriting its distinguished S-Tier status due to its exceptional blend of high DPS and robust tanking capabilities. With the fusion of swift, powerful strikes, and arcane spells unleashed from its signature weapon, the gunblade, Gunbreaker dominates the battlefield, making it a favorite among players who desire a balanced mix of offense and defense.

Pinnacle of Power and Defense:

Gunbreaker exemplifies a balanced harmony between dealing immense damage and enduring incoming assaults, making it the optimal choice for players aspiring to master both offensive and defensive facets of combat. Its repertoire of attacks includes devastating physical blows and potent magical spells, enabling it to adapt and excel in various combat scenarios.

Versatility and Adaptability:

The versatility of the Gunbreaker makes it a valuable asset to any party composition, whether it is dishing out high damage against formidable bosses or shielding allies as a steadfast tank. This adaptability is further enhanced by its array of utility spells, offering additional layers of crowd control and support, ensuring the team's stability and success in diverse gameplay situations.

Defensive Prodigy:

The defensive prowess of the Gunbreaker allows it to stand as a bulwark, absorbing substantial amounts of damage and safeguarding its teammates from harm. It can effectively mitigate the onslaught of enemies, rendering it a crucial component in maintaining the team's defensive integrity during intense battles.

Utility and Support:

Beyond its offensive and defensive capabilities, Gunbreaker is equipped with a selection of utilitarian spells, granting it the ability to manipulate the battlefield through crowd control and providing vital support to its allies. This utility makes it an indispensable part of the team, contributing significantly to the overall team dynamic and strategic approach.

Ideal for Balanced Playstyles:

For players seeking a class that can gracefully dance between dealing damage and withstanding hits, the Gunbreaker stands out as a prime choice. It's ideal for those who crave a role where they can be the linchpin in both offensive onslaughts and defensive stands, ensuring the balance and efficacy of the party in every encounter.

Gunbreaker’s unmatched blend of power, defense, versatility, and utility cements its place as an elite choice in the diverse job landscape of Final Fantasy XIV. It is a beacon for players who wish to experience the game's content from a position of strength and resilience, making it a must-try for those aiming to delve into both the sharp edge and the sturdy shield of battle dynamics in the realm of Eorzea. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a budding adventurer, embracing the Gunbreaker lets you wield the combined might of sword and sorcery, promising a fulfilling and dynamic gaming experience.

Warrior Class Overview: The Versatile Melee Powerhouse of Final Fantasy XIV

Warrior | Simple Carry

The Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV stands out as a formidable melee DPS job, renowned for its capability to unleash substantial damage coupled with robust defensive skills. This class masters the art of combat by wielding a diverse arsenal of weapons like swords and axes to deliver impactful physical assaults to adversaries. Embracing a harmonious blend of aggressive maneuvers and protective enhancements, Warrior emerges as an ideal choice for players seeking a well-rounded DPS role.

Balanced Offensive and Defensive Dynamics:

Warrior’s dynamic interplay between offensive capabilities and defensive fortifications offers players a unique opportunity to experience combat from a position of strength and resilience. This balance renders it a versatile contender, adept at both dealing damage and mitigating incoming attacks, making it suitable for enthusiasts who desire a multifaceted approach to battles.

Adaptable and Multifaceted:

Warrior's adaptability allows it to seamlessly integrate into any party configuration. It showcases high burst damage, essential for conquering formidable foes, and fortified defenses, invaluable for tanking responsibilities. Such versatility is crucial for maintaining equilibrium within diverse party compositions, ensuring optimal performance in various gameplay contexts.

Utility and Strategic Support:

Beyond its core combat functions, Warrior is equipped with an array of utility skills, offering strategic crowd control and pivotal support to allies. These utility skills are instrumental in dictating the flow of battle, enhancing the overall strategic framework, and contributing to the synergy and success of the group.

Ideal for Comprehensive Playstyles:

For those aspiring to master a class with extensive combat proficiency, Warrior is the quintessential choice. It’s tailor-made for players who prefer a balanced, comprehensive playstyle, enabling them to be the linchpin in both attacking and defending, thus maximizing the efficiency and harmony of the team in every encounter.

Warrior's distinctive amalgamation of power, defense, versatility, and strategic utility solidifies its status as a premier melee DPS job in the varied landscape of Final Fantasy XIV. It stands as a beacon for players wishing to immerse themselves in a role that offers both the thrill of the offense and the security of defense. Whether you're a battle-hardened veteran or a newcomer eager to explore the myriad of combat possibilities, the Warrior provides a rich, fulfilling, and dynamic journey through the enchanting realms of Eorzea. By choosing Warrior, you are opting for a gameplay experience steeped in versatility, balance, and multifaceted combat prowess, enhancing your journey through the lands of Final Fantasy XIV.

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Dark Knight Class Spotlight: The Enigmatic Protector of Final Fantasy XIV

Dark Knight | Simple Carry

In the intricate tapestry of jobs within Final Fantasy XIV, the Dark Knight emerges as a specialist in melee-based tanking, wielding its formidable greatsword and harnessing the obscure arts of dark magic. This job intricately balances heavy offensive strikes with stalwart defensive capabilities to shield allies, earning its esteemed position as an A-Tier class in the realm of Eorzea.

Symbol of Strength and Protection:

With its formidable defenses and potent damage dealing, the Dark Knight stands as a beacon of resilience and power. It harmoniously melds offensive and defensive tactics to create a balanced and formidable combatant, making it a quintessential choice for those who desire to be the protectors of their allies while dismantling foes with precision and strength.

Adaptable and Strategic:

The versatility of the Dark Knight allows it to mold its combat style to meet the varying demands of any party composition. It is a master of adaptation, its robust defensive skills making it an optimal choice for tanking responsibilities, and its high damage output ensuring it can stand toe-to-toe with the most formidable adversaries.

Utility and Crowd Control:

Beyond its primary roles, the Dark Knight is endowed with a suite of utility spells, providing essential crowd control and strategic support to its comrades. These abilities allow it to manipulate the battlefield to the party’s advantage, ensuring the cohesion and effectiveness of the team in diverse combat scenarios.

Optimal Choice for Balanced Gameplay:

The Dark Knight is ideal for players who seek a harmonious blend of offense and defense in their gameplay. Its multifaceted abilities enable it to respond efficiently to the dynamic challenges of battle, making it a preferred choice for those looking to experience the full spectrum of combat roles within Final Fantasy XIV.

The Dark Knight, with its enigmatic blend of dark magic, melee prowess, and protective skills, offers a unique and balanced combat experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Its adaptability, strategic utility, and balanced combat capabilities make it a prime choice for players seeking to explore the rich complexities of melee-based tanking in the enchanting world of Eorzea. Whether you're a seasoned warrior or a curious newcomer, embracing the Dark Knight will lead you on a journey through the shadows, where strength and protection coalesce into a thrilling and rewarding gameplay experience.

Samurai Class Spotlight: The Elegant Blademaster of Final Fantasy XIV

Samurai | Simple Carry

Within the diverse array of jobs in Final Fantasy XIV, the Samurai stands out as a distinguished melee DPS job, offering a distinctive and dynamic playstyle. The class embraces the finesse of the revered katana and wakizashi to deliver rapid and lethal strikes to its adversaries. The Samurai boasts potent offensive capabilities, allowing it to unleash formidable damage, complemented by defensive enhancements to shield its comrades.

Harbinger of Swift Destruction:

The Samurai excels in unleashing swift and decisive blows, making it a symbol of aggressive combat prowess. It is particularly suitable for players who lean towards an assertive playstyle, with a rich potential for burst damage, ensuring that enemies are overwhelmed by its precise and relentless assault.

Defensive and Supportive Bilities:

While renowned for its offensive mastery, the Samurai also brings valuable defensive buffs to the battlefield, fortifying its allies against enemy onslaughts. Alongside its core combat skills, it offers utility abilities that aid in crowd control and support, enhancing the strategic diversity and adaptability of the class.

Versatile and Compatible:

The Samurai's versatility ensures its seamless integration into any party composition. Whether the situation demands aggressive damage output or nuanced support and control, the Samurai’s multifaceted skillset makes it an exemplary all-round DPS job, adapting and excelling in varied combat scenarios.

Ideal for Aggressive Playstyles:

For enthusiasts who are inclined towards an intense, attack-oriented playstyle, the Samurai emerges as an optimal choice. Its comprehensive arsenal of attacks and support abilities make it a balanced and compelling option for those eager to explore the aggressive dimensions of combat in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Samurai, with its unique fusion of speed, precision, and versatility, provides a captivating combat experience in Final Fantasy XIV. Its combination of high damage output, defensive buffs, and utility skills make it a well-rounded and exciting choice for those desiring to master the art of the blade within the magical realms of Eorzea. Whether you are a veteran or a novice adventurer, embarking on the path of the Samurai will immerse you in a world where elegance and power coexist, promising a thrilling and rewarding journey through the exquisite artistry of melee combat.

Ninja Class Spotlight: The Agile Shadow Warrior of Final Fantasy XIV

Ninja | Simple Carry

The Ninja, within the vibrant and extensive job system of Final Fantasy XIV, brings forth a singular and engaging playstyle, specializing in speedy, close-quarters combat. This class employs dual katanas and an array of ninja tools, allowing for nimble attacks and swift evasion of enemy blows. The Ninja manifests high damage capabilities, essential for conquering formidable bosses, along with versatile utility spells for effective crowd control and support.

Master of Swift Assault:

For those who have a penchant for aggressive, high-paced combat, the Ninja stands out as a superior choice. It excels in delivering rapid and potent bursts of damage, plunging into the heart of battle with unmatched speed and precision. This unique combat style makes it a favorite among players who seek to dominate the battlefield with agile and decisive moves.

Defensive and Supportive Prowess:

Beyond its offensive capabilities, the Ninja also brings to the table valuable defensive support, enhancing the resilience of its allies amidst the chaos of battle. This dual role as an attacker and protector makes it a well-rounded DPS job, capable of adapting to the fluid and dynamic demands of combat situations.

Versatility and Adaptation:

The Ninja's multifaceted skillset allows for seamless integration into diverse party compositions, balancing offensive onslaughts with strategic control and support. Whether the scenario calls for relentless aggression or meticulous support, the Ninja’s adaptability ensures optimal performance in various combat environments.

Ideal for Dynamic Combatants:

The Ninja is the embodiment of balance and agility, making it an ideal pick for those who desire a harmonious blend of offense and defense in their gameplay. Its dynamic combat mechanics and versatile abilities provide a rich and exhilarating experience for players eager to explore the myriad of combat possibilities in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Ninja in Final Fantasy XIV offers a refreshing and exhilarating journey for those who wish to master the art of stealth, speed, and precision. With its balanced and versatile approach to combat, it stands as a compelling choice for adventurers seeking to experience the thrill of fast-paced melee combat within the enchanting realms of Eorzea. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the lands of Final Fantasy, embracing the path of the Ninja promises a captivating and rewarding exploration of shadow and blade, where agility and strategy converge to create a uniquely thrilling combat adventure.

Dragoon Class Spotlight: The Aerial Spearman of Final Fantasy XIV

Dragoon | Simple Carry

Within the multi-faceted job spectrum of Final Fantasy XIV, the Dragoon emerges as a specialist, renowned for inflicting colossal amounts of physical damage. The class wields spears and lances with mastery, unleashing formidable attacks from afar. The Dragoon possesses robust offensive abilities, enabling it to mete out intense damage, complemented by defensive enhancements to guard its comrades.

Majestic Aerial Assailant:

The Dragoon is the epitome of ranged combat prowess, soaring through the air to strike with precision and power. It’s a supreme pick for those who favor maintaining distance in combat, with the capacity for explosive burst damage. This aerial command makes the Dragoon an exhilarating choice for players who wish to experience the thrill of attacking from the skies with grandiosity and finesse.

Defensive and Supportive Brilliance:

Aside from its spectacular offensive capabilities, the Dragoon provides invaluable defensive buffs, shielding allies from the relentless assaults of foes. It’s equipped with a versatile array of utility skills that grant crowd control and defensive support, enhancing the strategic versatility and resilience of the party.

Unique Combat Dynamics:

The Dragoon offers a distinctive combat style and high damage output, allowing players to experience a unique approach to battles in the world of Eorzea. Its nuanced playstyle involves calculated movements and attacks, providing a rich and rewarding combat experience for those looking to master the art of the lance.

Versatile and Strategic:

The Dragoon's adaptability and array of abilities make it a versatile contributor to any party composition, harmonizing offensive onslaughts with strategic support and control. Whether the battlefield demands aggressive spear thrusts or meticulous support maneuvers, the Dragoon excels, adapting seamlessly to the evolving tides of battle.

The Dragoon class in Final Fantasy XIV offers adventurers a chance to explore a distinctive and exciting playstyle, specializing in aerial attacks and ranged combat. It stands as a compelling choice for those who seek to experience intense and strategic battles in the enchanted lands of Eorzea. Whether you're a veteran warrior or a budding adventurer, embarking on the Dragoon’s journey promises a voyage through the skies, where power, strategy, and elegance intertwine to forge a uniquely thrilling combat narrative.

Monk Class Spotlight: The Unrelenting Martial Artist of Final Fantasy XIV

Monk | Simple Carry

In the diversified job landscape of Final Fantasy XIV, the Monk stands out with its focus on hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, deploying fists and feet to deliver potent blows to adversaries. Specializing in raw physical power, the Monk excels in confrontations with formidable bosses and extends defensive enhancements to shield its companions.

Embodiment of Martial Prowess:

The Monk is designed for players with a preference for close-quarters, aggressive combat, offering a versatile DPS role that melds high burst damage with crowd control and supportive capabilities. The unique interplay of speed and strength characterizes the Monk’s combat style, making it a thrilling choice for those who desire to experience the essence of martial arts in battle.

Swift and Powerful Assaults:

Monks are known for their rapid and substantial damage output, navigating the battlefield with precision and agility to strike down foes with unrelenting force. Their mastery in martial arts translates into a fluid and dynamic combat experience, enabling players to unleash a relentless barrage of attacks with seamless transitions.

Versatile and Balanced:

The Monk’s multifaceted skillset allows it to adapt and excel in various combat situations, harmonizing aggressive assaults with strategic crowd control and support. Whether the scenario requires dominating offensive maneuvers or tactical ally support, the Monk's versatility makes it a valuable asset to any party composition.

Ideal for Melee Combat Enthusiasts:

For those who relish the thrill of melee combat and seek to explore the depths of martial arts within the magical realms of Eorzea, the Monk is an optimal choice. Its combination of speed, power, and versatility promises a fulfilling and engaging combat journey for players eager to immerse themselves in the art of unarmed combat.

The Monk job in Final Fantasy XIV invites adventurers to explore the dynamic and powerful world of martial arts, offering a balanced and exhilarating melee combat experience. With its swift and potent attacks, strategic versatility, and supportive capabilities, the Monk stands as a compelling choice for those eager to delve into the fast-paced and impactful combat of Eorzea. Whether you are a seasoned martial artist or a newcomer to the hand-to-hand combat realm, embracing the Monk's path promises a journey of intensity, precision, and martial elegance, unveiling the true essence of combat artistry in the enchanting universe of Final Fantasy XIV.

Dancer Class Spotlight: The Rhythmic Battlemage of Final Fantasy XIV

Dancer | Simple Carry

In the intricate job environment of Final Fantasy XIV, the Dancer brings a unique flavor, utilizing graceful dance moves to administer potent magical damage to foes. This job employs wands and fans as its weapons of choice, granting players enhanced mobility to navigate the battlefield with ease and flair. The Dancer boasts considerable offensive prowess, delivering colossal damage to multiple adversaries simultaneously, complemented by defensive enhancements to safeguard its comrades.

Master of Rhythmic Combat:

The Dancer is a perfect fit for players who have an affinity for mobility and rhythm in combat, offering a balanced role with extensive burst damage potential. This class stands out with its elegant and dynamic combat style, blending the beauty of dance with the precision of magical assaults, creating a harmonious and thrilling battlefield experience.

Elegant and Powerful Attacks:

With the power to inflict extensive damage across multiple targets, the Dancer moves through the battlefield with a mix of elegance and devastation, wielding its magical abilities with unmatched grace. Its combat style offers a blend of agility and power, allowing players to immerse themselves in a dance of destruction amidst the chaos of battle.

Strategic Versatility:

The Dancer’s wide range of abilities ensures adaptability in various combat scenarios, aligning powerful offensive moves with strategic crowd control and support. Whether the situation demands rhythmic offensive onslaughts or meticulous support dances, the Dancer’s versatility and unique approach make it a crucial component in any team composition.

Ideal for Agile Combatants:

For those drawn to a swift and unique playstyle within the immersive realms of Eorzea, the Dancer promises an unparalleled combat experience, weaving magical damage with the beauty of dance. It’s a class that invites players to explore a different dimension of combat, where rhythm, mobility, and magical prowess converge to craft a uniquely enriching battlefield dance.

The Dancer class in Final Fantasy XIV opens a gateway to a distinctive and engaging combat experience, intertwining the elegance of dance with the ferocity of magical attacks. With its high mobility, substantial damage output, and array of supportive capabilities, the Dancer is a compelling option for adventurers seeking a harmonious and dynamic combat journey. Whether a veteran of the rhythmic battle or a newcomer eager to explore, stepping into the shoes of a Dancer offers a harmonious blend of elegance and destruction, painting the battlefield with graceful moves and powerful spells in the enchanted world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Bard Class Spotlight: The Melodic Controller of Final Fantasy XIV

Bard | Simple Carry

In the multiverse of jobs available in Final Fantasy XIV, the Bard holds a special place with its focus on support and crowd control, employing an array of musical instruments to orchestrate powerful and enchanting effects on the battlefield. It is the maestro of crowd control, proficient in debilitating foes and enhancing allies through its harmonious tunes, whilst also possessing the capability to unleash offensive symphonies, hitting multiple enemies in rhythmic succession.

Maestro of Support:

The Bard is tailored for enthusiasts of a more supportive and strategic playstyle, providing extensive crowd control and buffing potentials. It is the symphonic warrior that blends melody with strategy, offering a unique combat experience where every note can tip the balance of battle, making it an essential addition to any party seeking harmonious tactical advantages.

Harmonious Crowd Control and Buffs:

Bard excels in manipulating the battlefield dynamics, using its musical prowess to orchestrate a variety of effects, from weakening adversaries to enhancing the abilities of its comrades. It’s a role that transforms the combat dance into a harmonious performance, allowing players to experience the essence of musical strategy amidst the battlefield’s chaos.

Balanced Utility and Offense:

Although primarily a support class, Bard does not shy away from the offensive, capable of dealing damage to multiple foes with a symphony of attacks. Its diverse skillset enables it to contribute significantly to the team's defensive and supportive needs, making it a versatile choice for varied combat scenarios.

Ideal for Supportive Strategists:

For those who find fulfillment in a supportive and thoughtful combat role within the wondrous land of Eorzea, Bard offers a symphonic journey through the battles of Final Fantasy XIV. It’s a unique exploration into the strategic applications of music in combat, inviting players to command the battlefield with the power of melody and harmony.

The Bard job in Final Fantasy XIV unveils a unique battlefield experience, intertwining the elegance of music with the precision of strategy. It’s a job that beckons those seeking a supportive yet dynamic role, where every melody and rhythm can craft a different combat narrative. Whether a seasoned strategist or a budding musician, embarking on the Bard’s journey promises a harmonious adventure through the realms of musical combat, unraveling the intricate dance between melody, strategy, and power in the enchanting landscapes of Final Fantasy XIV.

Summoner Class Spotlight: The Egi Commander of Final Fantasy XIV

Summoner | Simple Carry

In the diverse job spectrum of Final Fantasy XIV, the Summoner emerges with a specialization in invoking and commanding formidable entities known as “Egi.” The Egi serve as versatile companions, capable of unleashing destructive force upon foes or bestowing support and enhancements to allies. In addition to the might of the Egi, Summoners wield a repertoire of spells designed for crowd control and damage infliction, making them a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Master of Arcane Command:

Summoner holds a prominent position in FFXIV’s job hierarchy due to its unrivaled damage output and unique playstyle. It is a master of the arcane, channeling the powers of the Egi to dominate battles, making it a prime choice for those seeking a combat role that blends strategy, command, and raw power.

Versatile Damage Dealer:

In the domain of damage potential, Summoner stands as one of the titans within FFXIV, delivering colossal damage to both individual targets and swathes of enemies. This class excels in situations where high damage output and strategic deployment of Egi are crucial, allowing it to adapt and conquer varied combat scenarios.

Utility and Support Skills:

Beyond its offensive capabilities, Summoner offers a range of utility skills, including crowd control and potent buffs, to reinforce allies during combat. It’s a class that doesn’t just bring firepower but also strategic advantages, making it a well-rounded choice for any party composition.

Ideal for Strategic Combatants:

For those who relish a role that combines strategic command and formidable power within the enchanted lands of Eorzea, the Summoner presents a unique and rewarding battlefield journey. It’s a gateway to exploring the synergies between arcane power, creature command, and battlefield strategy, allowing players to shape the tides of battle with the aid of their Egi companions.

The Summoner job in Final Fantasy XIV offers a distinct and powerful combat experience, weaving the command of Egi with a vast array of arcane abilities. It’s a pinnacle choice for those who desire to experience the intricacies of strategic command and unrivaled power, unfolding a unique dance of destruction and support across the landscapes of Final Fantasy XIV. Whether you are a seasoned arcane strategist or a newcomer eager to harness the power of the Egi, the Summoner’s path promises an extraordinary adventure through the realms of magical command and battlefield domination.

Scholar Class Overview: The Dual Mage of Healing and Destruction in Final Fantasy XIV

Scholar | Simple Carry

The Scholar in Final Fantasy XIV stands out as a unique amalgamation of healing and destruction, offering players an avenue to both sustain allies with restorative spells and unleash damage. It is the ideal pick for those who aspire to back up their comrades with curative magic while maintaining the ability to inflict substantial damage. Scholars command the lore of books and grimoires, intertwining with astral fire to weave a tapestry of potent spells that can rejuvenate allies and ravage foes.

Harbinger of Restoration and Damage:

Scholar carves its niche in FFXIV through its multifaceted utility and adaptability, brandishing strong defensive spells that shield allies and offensive ones that corrode enemies. This job aligns well with players who yearn for a dual role, allowing them to pivot between healing and damage seamlessly, thus qualifying it as an A-Tier job in FFXIV's dynamic environment.

Versatile Battlefield Maestro:

With a rich array of supportive and destructive skills, Scholar is the epitome of versatility in FFXIV, capable of acclimating to any role within a party. It’s not just a healer or a damage-dealer but a symphony conductor of magical harmonies and destructive crescendos, altering the battlefield's rhythm to its tune.

Powerful Ally in Combat:

Scholar emerges as a formidable job in FFXIV, with its varied utility rendering it a resilient and effective companion in combat. Whether it’s shielding allies with revitalizing magics or engulfing enemies in a blaze of destruction, the Scholar stands as a beacon of balanced power and support.

The Scholar job in Final Fantasy XIV opens the doors to a balanced combat style, intertwining healing prowess with destructive capabilities. It is the ultimate choice for adventurers seeking to explore the harmonious dance between restoration and obliteration within the magical realms of Eorzea. Those who walk the Scholar's path will find themselves orchestrating the delicate balance of life and death, healing and harm, making it a fulfilling journey for those eager to master the dual arts of magical sustenance and annihilation.

Astrologian Class Overview: The Celestial Healer and Guardian in Final Fantasy XIV

Astrologian | Simple Carry

Astrologian operates as a monumental support job within Final Fantasy XIV, holding specialization in the restoration and enhancement of allies through its magical prowess. This class draws its essence from the celestial bodies, channeling the energies of the stars to deliver recuperative aid and potent enhancements to comrades, bolstering their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Celestial Support Maestro:

Astrologian is renowned for its eminent placement within the tier lists of support jobs in FFXIV, revered as one of the paramount choices for those inclined towards supportive roles. The class can unravel a myriad of healing enchantments and robust singular target recoveries, making it an indispensable ally during grueling encounters.

Bearer of Stellar Blessings:

Astrologian comes equipped with an expansive arsenal of healing spells and substantial single-target restorative abilities, ensuring the survival of the party during the most demanding of battles. The blessings conferred by this class are significant, bestowing additional attributes and damage resilience upon allies. The class also harbors utility spells that provide crowd control and supplementary support, rendering it a versatile entity on the battlefield.

Guardian of Vitality and Enhancement:

Astrologian stands out as a potent support class in FFXIV, contributing exceptional healing and beneficial augmentations to the party. The class's adaptability and proficiency in singular target healing make it a prime selection for any group composition, enhancing their resilience and sustaining them through intense combat situations.

Astrologian in Final Fantasy XIV emerges as a celestial guardian and healer, intertwining celestial magic with profound supportive capabilities, making it an invaluable asset to any party. It is a beacon of hope and enhancement, projecting the harmonious dance of celestial energies to mend and fortify. Those who embark on the path of the Astrologian will find themselves weaving the fabrics of the cosmos to bestow blessings and restoration, becoming the eternal guardians of celestial balance and well-being within the magical realms of Eorzea.

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Final Fantasy XIV A-Tier Job Rankings: Stellar Utility & Damage Dealers

A-Tier jobs in Final Fantasy XIV are eminent choices for those striving to maximize their experience within the expansive realms of Eorzea. Although they may not ascend to the formidable prowess found within S-Tier jobs, A-Tier jobs resonate with substantial utility and damage output, ensuring prominence in both PvE and PvP landscapes. Included in the distinguished A-Tier category are Black Mage, Red Mage, Reaper, Sage, and White Mage.

Pinnacle of Versatility:

A-Tier jobs are revered for their balanced amalgamation of power and functionality, providing seasoned players with the versatility to adapt to myriad combat scenarios and team compositions. They strike a harmonious chord between impactful damage delivery and invaluable support, making them integral components in any advanced player's repertoire.

Comprehensive Utility & Damaging Arsenal:

Jobs under the A-Tier umbrella radiate excellence in delivering consistent damage, while their comprehensive utility toolkit makes them versatile assets in group scenarios, dungeons, raids, and competitive battlegrounds. Whether you are navigating through intricate boss mechanics or engaging in the fierce, strategic dance of player versus player combat, A-Tier jobs ensure a rewarding and impactful gameplay experience.

Distinguished Combatants of Eorzea:

  • Black Mage: Masters of destructive magic, manipulating arcane energies to unleash devastating spells.
  • Red Mage: Wielders of both white and black magic, synthesizing their powers for balanced combat efficiency.
  • Reaper: Enigmatic warriors channeling the abyssal energies of the void, executing swift and relentless assaults.
  • Sage: Innovators of healing and protection, utilizing groundbreaking technomagic to shield and revitalize.
  • White Mage: Prophets of life and purity, invoking the ancient magics of Aether to mend and sustain.

A-Tier jobs in Final Fantasy XIV are symbolic of refined balance and versatile mastery, promising both enriching utility and commendable damage output. They are the harmonious blend of efficiency and power, enabling players to explore the diverse landscapes and challenges of Eorzea with confidence and style. Whether you're seeking the profound wisdom of ancient magics or the enigmatic shadows of the void, the A-Tier jobs offer a gateway to the sublime dance of battle and support within the ever-evolving tapestry of Final Fantasy XIV.

Black Mage: Conduit of Elemental Furies in FFXIV

Black Mage | Simple Carry

In the diverse job system of Final Fantasy XIV, the Black Mage stands out as a herald of destructive arcane powers, wielding the ferocity of the elements to cast spells of devastating proportions. This job is recognized for its commanding presence in battles, dictating the rhythms of engagement with its colossal magical damage output and meticulous control over the elemental spectrum.

Harmonizing Destructive Elements:

The Black Mage operates as the master of elemental convergence, invoking the primal forces of nature to unleash potent spells upon adversaries. This job’s prowess is not solely centered around delivering damage; it orchestrates a symphony of elemental energies to weave various spells, providing a spectrum of crowd control capabilities and utility options, enriching the strategic depth of any combat scenario.

Strategic Arcane Arsenal:

The extensive repertoire of the Black Mage goes beyond mere offensive spells. It encompasses a diverse array of utility and crowd control abilities, offering strategic advantages and support to allies in the thick of combat. The adaptability of their arcane arsenal allows them to control the battlefield's tempo, immobilizing foes and creating opportunities for decisive, coordinated strikes.

Pinnacle of Magical Damage:

Within the ranks of FFXIV jobs, the Black Mage is renowned for its monumental damage capabilities. Its intrinsic connection with the elemental realms empowers it to channel raw energies, translating into high-impact spells that can swiftly tilt the balance of any confrontation in favor of its allies. The formidable damage output of the Black Mage makes it an indispensable asset in parties, specializing in swift enemy annihilation and battlefield manipulation.

The Black Mage in Final Fantasy XIV symbolizes the epitome of elemental mastery and destructive power. Its unparalleled ability to harness and command the elemental forces places it among the game’s most powerful and sought-after jobs, ensuring its status as a prime choice for those who seek to explore the depths of arcane knowledge and wield the untamed forces of the universe. Whether it's contributing to the swift defeat of formidable foes or augmenting the strategic options of a party with its diverse spellbook, the Black Mage remains a beacon of unparalleled magical prowess and versatility in the expansive world of Eorzea.

Red Mage: The Elegant Hybrid Maestro in FFXIV

Red Mage | Simple Carry

Red Mage in Final Fantasy XIV encapsulates the finesse of a duelist and the mystical prowess of a spellcaster, presenting a unique amalgamation of melee and magical capabilities. This job embodies the equilibrium between the light of white magic and the shadows of black magic, maneuvering through battles with rapier in hand and a symphony of spells at its fingertips.

Wielding Duality:

The Red Mage wields the intricate dance of contrasting energies with grace, interweaving spells of varied natures to create a harmonious combat style. This dualistic approach enables the Red Mage to invoke potent spells, delivering waves of damage or weaving defensive enchantments, while also engaging in swift, precise melee combat.

Versatile Combatant:

This job stands as a beacon of versatility in the vast landscape of FFXIV, owing to its balanced combination of physical and magical proficiencies. The Red Mage’s ability to seamlessly integrate melee strikes and magic allows it to adapt and respond to the shifting tides of battle, dealing devastating blows and providing pivotal support when the situation demands.

Spectacle of Power and Grace:

The Red Mage’s renowned strength lies in its ability to deliver substantial damage through a harmonious blend of its diverse skills. Its quick and elegant rapier slashes can vanquish foes with decisive agility, and its spectrum of spells can manipulate the battlefield, controlling enemies and bolstering allies.

In the tapestry of jobs within Final Fantasy XIV, the Red Mage emerges as a symbol of harmonious duality and versatile mastery. Its unique convergence of melee and magical elements makes it an invaluable asset in any party, offering a range of solutions to combat challenges. The Red Mage’s equilibrium between swift, graceful melee attacks and a vast array of powerful, versatile magic epitomizes the fusion of elegance and power, making it an exquisite choice for those seeking to experience the rich, multifaceted combat system of FFXIV.

Reaper: The Shadowed Harbinger in FFXIV

Reaper | Simple Carry

Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV unfolds as a symphony of destruction, blending the somber echo of dark elemental magic and the swift elegance of scythe strikes to bring enemies to their demise. This job shadows the battlefield, masterfully wielding its unique abilities to deal substantial damage while orchestrating a range of utility spells to support allies amidst the tumult of combat.

Dance of Darkness:

The Reaper executes a ballet of death, intertwining dark magics and sharp melee maneuvers to deliver relentless assaults to their foes. It traverses the battlefield with a mysterious grace, unveiling powerful spells and scythe techniques to dismantle groups of enemies with lethal precision and efficiency.

Solo Shadow and Team Guardian:

The Reaper is not only a sovereign entity capable of standalone combat mastery, swiftly neutralizing opponents with its array of abilities, but it also blooms in the collective symphony of team play. It weaves intricate spells to shower allies with potent enhancements and cripple foes with debilitating afflictions, rendering it an essential component in raids and large-scale confrontations.

Spectacle of Power and Strategy:

The Reaper operates as a maestro of combat, fusing devastating spells and melee strikes to orchestrate the downfall of enemies. Its balanced arsenal allows it to cater to the demands of the battlefield, projecting immense damage while also sculpting the combat environment through its strategic utility spells.

The Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV stands as a symbol of dark elegance and formidable power, dominating the battlefield with a balanced fusion of magic and melee. Its capacity to adapt to solitary or group dynamics, coupled with its ability to significantly impact the flow of battle, elevates the Reaper to a revered position in the job hierarchy, making it an exciting choice for players desiring a blend of strategy, support, and strength in their combat experience.'

White Mage: The Beacon of Salvation in FFXIV

White Mage | Simple Carry

The White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV is a symbol of nurturing and restoration, specializing in weaving spells of recuperation and shelter to revive allies and fortify them against onslaughts. It employs a plethora of potent spells, casting waves of healing to rejuvenate individuals or groups and enshrouding them with protective magics, paving the path to victory in the harshest of battles.

Healing Maestro:

White Mage masters the art of restoration, harnessing the pure essence of magic to breathe life into allies, mitigating their suffering with precision and compassion. The sanctity of their magic offers a refuge, granting powerful single-target and area-of-effect healing, accompanied by defensive spells to ward off harm.

Guardian of Life:

Recognized as one of the paramount jobs in FFXIV, the White Mage holds the fabric of life in their hands, providing unparalleled healing and defense, safeguarding the light of their companions even amidst the raging storms of battle. Their extensive repertoire of support spells empowers them to navigate through the toughest of encounters, solidifying their position as a cornerstone in any group endeavor.

Versatile Savior:

White Mage stands out as a multifaceted healer, capable of adapting to any scenario where the sanctity of life is threatened. Their unique skillset, filled with a diverse array of healing and support spells, designates them as an indispensable component in any team composition, reflecting their elevated status in FFXIV job tier lists, where they frequently reside amongst the elite roles.

The White Mage in Final Fantasy XIV emerges as an oasis of hope, embodying the essence of healing and protection. With a diverse and powerful toolkit, it offers a sanctuary to allies, leading the journey through the most treacherous landscapes of the game. The role’s unmatched versatility and healing prowess make it a crucial asset in any group, highlighting its significance and acclaim in the realm of Eorzea.

Sage: The Astral Conjurer in FFXIV

Sage | Simple Carry

In the intricate tapestry of Final Fantasy XIV jobs, the Sage emerges as a master of celestial symbology, wielding the arcane to summon astral entities and bestow blessings upon their comrades. This profession excels in calling forth a myriad of astral beings, each adorned with a unique array of capabilities designed to support and elevate their companions. The Sage, with their profound knowledge, invokes a series of utility spells, introducing crowd control, enhancements, and weakening hexes, sculpting the battlefield to their advantage.

Mystical Ally:

Sage is recognized for their adept ability to beckon formidable astral companions. Each summoned entity harbors its distinct arsenal of abilities, offering versatile support tailored to the diverse needs of the party. Whether it's manipulating the flow of battle with crowd control, fortifying allies with potent buffs, or crippling foes with devastating debuffs, the Sage’s astral allies are multifaceted entities that adapt and overcome.

High-Tier Strategist:

The Sage stands tall as a premium job in FFXIV, revered for its unparalleled proficiency in altering the battle dynamics through powerful enhancements and debilitating curses, harmonizing the combat rhythm to the party's favor. The diverse suite of utility spells at their disposal makes them a sought-after companion in challenging confrontations, tipping the scales towards victory.

Battlefield Maestro:

Each astral entity summoned by a Sage introduces a new layer of strategic depth, acting as a resilient shield against the enemy onslaught or a beacon of supplemental damage, depending on the requirements of the battlefield. Their ability to summon and command these entities amplifies the strategic options available to the party, allowing for intricate battle plans and dynamic combat adaptations.

The Sage in Final Fantasy XIV is a harmonious blend of mystical summoning and strategic augmentation, providing a holistic approach to battlefield control and party enhancement. The celestial entities and varied spells in their repertoire make them an invaluable asset in any party, strategically influencing the battlefield and enabling their allies to thrive even in the most demanding environments. Sage is not just a high-tier job; it’s a testament to the multifaceted and strategic gameplay that FFXIV offers, allowing players to experience combat from a dynamic and enriched perspective.

B-Tier Class Tier List Overview

In the broad spectrum of jobs within Final Fantasy XIV, B-Tier classes represent a balanced medium, neither dominating the scene like S and A-tier jobs nor falling into obscurity. These classes still hold significant value in both PvE and PvP scenarios, providing substantial damage and utility.

While B-Tier jobs may not exhibit the versatility or sheer power inherent to higher-tier counterparts, they shine in their ability to fulfill distinct roles and specialize in particular facets of gameplay, allowing players to carve out their niche and excel within it. Within this balanced tier, Paladin and Machinist stand out as noteworthy representatives, catering to those who seek a harmonious blend of strength, strategy, and support.

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paladin ffxiv | Simple Carry

Paladin, in Final Fantasy XIV, emerges as a beacon of defense and strategic play, taking the role of a protective guardian within the game's diverse job classes. With a focus primarily on defensive capabilities, Paladin wields spells aimed at reducing incoming damage and executes melee techniques capable of debilitating enemies through stuns and slowing effects.

Positioned in the balanced B-Tier, Paladin holds its ground through its inherent ability to endure and deflect enemy onslaughts and contribute beneficial utility to the team dynamics. The defensive capabilities of Paladin become instrumental in shielding allies from impending threats, offering a layer of security and resilience in the face of adversity. Additionally, the utility it brings, encompassing crowd control and various buffs, renders it an essential asset in navigating through challenging confrontations.

Paladin's diverse suite of abilities, merging both defensive spells and supportive utilities, creates a synergy that adds a layer of tactical depth to party compositions, optimizing team performance in content where robust tanking and meticulous support are crucial. The balanced and supportive nature of Paladin grants it favorable recognition in job tier lists, marking it as a preferred choice for those seeking a harmonious blend of protection and utility in their gaming experience.


Machinist ffxiv | Simple Carry

Machinist in Final Fantasy XIV brings a dynamic blend of ranged physical prowess and potent magical output to the battlefield. Specializing in the mastery of firearms and artillery, Machinist orchestrates assaults from a distance, discharging precise and powerful attacks against foes. Beyond its ranged capabilities, it taps into devastating spells like Ruin IV, unleashing a storm of magical destruction on adversaries. Its arsenal is also complemented by an array of utility skills, offering crowd control and various buffs.

Stationed in the balanced B-Tier category, the Machinist role carves its niche through the adept fusion of ranged and magical attacks, delivering high damage and contributing valuable utility. The rapid-fire assault of its firearms allows for swift enemy elimination, while its versatile spells grant control and supportive enhancements to the party. This diverse skill set proves essential in arduous encounters, bolstering the party's resilience and combat effectiveness.

The Machinist role, although laden with formidable power and utility, demands a keen understanding of positioning and timing, with mastery involving a steep learning curve. The variability in damage output, contingent on the flow of battle, poses an additional layer of complexity. Despite these challenges, a well-honed Machinist can be a linchpin in any composition, providing substantial, far-reaching damage and pivotal support, augmenting the team’s strategic options and overall combat capability.

The Class Tier List in Final Fantasy XIV serves as a comprehensive guide, providing insights into the varied job classes available within the game. It ranges from S-tier jobs, renowned for their formidable power and adaptability, to B-tier jobs that, while capable of delivering respectable damage, may lack in utility and resilience. This tier list presents a broad spectrum of options, ensuring that every player can find a class that resonates with their playstyle, whether they seek dominance in combat or a balanced role with specific utilities.

Final Fantasy XIV offers a myriad of classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles, ranked meticulously to guide players in choosing a class that best suits their gaming preferences. The class/job rankings range from the versatile and powerful S-tier to the more balanced B-tiers, ensuring that every player can find something that resonates with their desired experience. For those who wish to bypass the grind and enhance their gaming experience, Simple Carry's boosting services are an excellent choice. By opting for these services, players can save invaluable time and avoid the hassle associated with leveling and acquiring gear, allowing them to delve straight into the enjoyable aspects of their chosen class/job. Whether you are a seasoned player or a novice, Simple Carry ensures a smooth, expedited, and pleasurable journey through the realms of Final Fantasy XIV.

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