Ultimate Guide to Worqor Lar Dor Extreme Trial

Ultimate Guide to Worqor Lar Dor Extreme Trial | Simple Carry

 Get ready for the ultimate challenge with our comprehensive "Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme)" trial guide! This preview offers an in-depth look at the fight's mechanics and provides proven strategies to help you master the encounter and optimize your farming efficiency. For those looking to gain an edge and ensure success, check out our Dawntrail Extreme Trials Boost product page in FFXIV for top-tier assistance and efficient farming strategies.

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Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme)

Ultimate Guide to Worqor Lar Dor Extreme Trial | Simple Carry

Amidst the unfamiliar vistas of a new land, the wandering minstrel remains a comforting constant, his thirst for thrilling and epic stories never waning. Upon sharing your encounter with the fearsome Valigarmanda, his creativity sparks, each strike of your battle becoming a note in a song of high adventure destined to be told for generations.

The minstrel, ever fond of embellishing his tales, imagines a Valigarmanda freed from the shackles of imprisonment, able to wield its full power. Would the Third Promise and her allies have prevailed against such an unrestrained adversary? This question haunts you as the minstrel's melodies reignite your memories, setting the stage for another confrontation with the mighty serpent.

Unlock Requirements

To unlock Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme), you must reach level 100 and complete the main scenario quest "Dawntrail." Speak with the Wandering Minstrel in Tuliyollal to access the trial. While a minimum item level of 690 is required to queue, you can bypass this requirement by entering with a full party.

Guide for Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme)

For a visual overview of the fight, check out Hope Productions' detailed video guide.

Raid Preparation

To start, split the raid into two light parties, each consisting of one tank, one healer, and two DPS. Pair each DPS with a support partner: tanks with melee DPS and healers with ranged or caster DPS. Assign each partner stack a numbered waymark for easy identification.

Valigarmanda's Main Mechanics

The primary mechanic in this fight is Skyruin. Valigarmanda will cast Skyruin three times, each with different elemental effects: flame, lightning, and ice. Each cast deals significant raid-wide magical damage, applies a potent damage-over-time effect, and transforms the arena into the corresponding elemental area.

During each Skyruin phase, Valigarmanda will also use Triscourge, which inflicts elemental debuffs on all players based on their roles. Strategies for managing these debuffs will be detailed in the fight guide.

Valigarmanda employs several key attacks throughout the battle, all of which are telegraphed by the boss's animations rather than cast bars. These attacks inflict a potent DoT and the Trauma debuff, which stuns players if they are hit multiple times. These attacks are also accompanied by Cataclysm attacks, specific to each elemental phase.

  1. Strangling Coil: Triggered by the message "A tempestuous wind surrounds Valigarmanda...". Valigarmanda coils around the arena, creating a donut AoE in the center.
  2. Susurrant Breath: Indicated by "Blinding energies build within Valigarmanda's wide-open beak...". Valigarmanda opens its beak, releasing a wide conal AoE.
  3. Slithering Strike: Although there is no message for this in Extreme mode, it is akin to "Valigarmanda gathers its strength..." from normal mode. Valigarmanda raises its claws and arches back, unleashing a point-blank AoE that is slightly larger than the hitbox.

Phase One: Skyruin of Flame

The fight begins with Valigarmanda on a standard raised platform. Be mindful that players can fall off the arena if they are knocked back or move too close to the edge. Valigarmanda remains stationary at the front of the arena and does not require positional adjustments.

During this phase, Valigarmanda will unleash a series of fiery attacks:

  1. Skyruin of Flame: Valigarmanda’s initial Skyruin cast inflicts heavy raid-wide magical damage and applies a damage-over-time effect. The arena transforms into a fire-themed area.

  2. Triscourge of Flame: This attack applies flame debuffs to all players. Strategies to handle these debuffs will be crucial for survival.

  3. Strangling Coil: The message "A tempestuous wind surrounds Valigarmanda..." indicates this donut AoE attack, which targets the center of the arena. Move to the outer edges to avoid damage.

  4. Susurrant Breath: When you see "Blinding energies build within Valigarmanda's wide-open beak...", prepare for a wide conal AoE emanating from Valigarmanda. Position yourself to the sides or behind the boss to avoid this attack.

  5. Slithering Strike: Valigarmanda raises its claws and arches back before unleashing a point-blank AoE slightly larger than its hitbox. Stay at a safe distance to avoid this attack.

Maintain awareness of your positioning to prevent being knocked off the platform and to effectively manage the incoming damage and debuffs during this fiery phase.

Valigarmanda's Abilities

During the Skyruin of Flame phase, Valigarmanda employs a variety of devastating abilities:

  1. Spikesicle: Valigarmanda shoots icicles in a curved line AoE, creating ice blocks on impact. These blocks then explode in succession, dealing circular AoE damage. Players must avoid both the initial icicles and the subsequent explosions.

  2. Volcanic Drop: This ability is signaled by the message "A volcanic eruption is imminent...". One of the volcanoes to the east or west of the arena will bubble and trigger a large AoE on that side. Additionally, small ground AoEs will target random players. Move away from the bubbling volcano and avoid the ground AoEs.

  3. Triscourge: This ability deals moderate raid-wide magical damage and applies the following debuffs:

    • Calamity's Bolt: All players receive this unmarked AoE debuff.
    • Calamity's Chill: Players must move for about two seconds after the debuff expires to avoid being frozen. DPS and supports have different timers for this debuff.
    • Calamity's Inferno: Healers receive this debuff, which requires them to stack three times in succession, leaving a fire puddle on the ground.
  4. Charring Cataclysm: This is an unmarked two-player stack mechanic that inflicts Fire Resistance Down II. DPS or supports must stack with their partners to mitigate the damage.

  5. Mountain Fire: Valigarmanda summons a Mountain Fire tower at the front of the arena. This tower deals massive magical damage, inflicts a Fire Resistance Down debuff, and applies a potent damage-over-time effect. A tank with mitigation must soak the tower. Six towers spawn in succession. When the tank soaks a tower, Valigarmanda bathes the arena in fire, leaving only a small safe cone behind the tower relative to Valigarmanda's position.

  6. Disaster Zone: This ability deals heavy raid-wide magical damage and reverts the arena to its normal state.

  7. Ruin Foretold: Valigarmanda uses this ability to deal heavy raid-wide magical damage, transitioning the encounter into the adds phase.

Understanding and responding appropriately to these abilities is crucial for surviving the Skyruin of Flame phase and progressing through the trial. Prepare for the intense challenges ahead with our comprehensive guide to Valigarmanda's abilities in the Skyruin of Flame phase. For those looking to enhance their performance and ensure victory, visit our FFXIV Futures Rewritten Ultimate Boost product page for top-tier assistance and optimized strategies.

Valigarmanda Phase One Strategy

The first mechanic you will encounter is Spikesicle. Valigarmanda will create multiple curved line AoEs in succession, with the first two always targeting the middle of the arena. These curved lines will continue to spawn from Valigarmanda, moving either east to west or west to east. The lines indicate where the AoEs will land, creating ice blocks at the end which subsequently explode in larger circular AoEs.


  1. Positioning: Begin near the edge of the arena where the AoEs originate.
  2. Dodging AoEs: Move inwards along with the curved line AoEs to avoid getting hit.
  3. Managing Ice Blocks: Additional curved line AoEs will appear while the initial ice blocks are exploding. To dodge the ice block explosions at the edge of the arena, either return to your starting position or move forwards and back accordingly.
  4. Mitigation: Be ready to mitigate the damage from Skyruin and prepare for the transition into the fire phase.
  5. Healing: Heal the party up before Triscourge is cast, and be aware of your role’s timer for Calamity's Chill.

Key Mechanics:

  • Volcanic Drop: When the message appears, look to the east and west sides of the arena for the bubbling volcano. Move to the side where the volcano isn't active and avoid the ensuing AoEs.

  • First Cataclysm: Pay attention to the message or animation to determine the safe spots. This mechanic is accompanied by Charring Cataclysm, requiring players to stack with their partners:

    • Strangling Coil: Stack with your partner on the numbered waymarks.
    • Susurrant Breath: Stack with your partner in the corners.
    • Slithering Strike: Stack with your partner in a line outside the boss's hitbox.
  • Calamity's Chill: Keep moving while the debuff expires if it’s your role’s turn.

  • Mountain Fire: Tanks alternate soaking the tower with mitigation, or use invulns to soak three hits each. The party must stand behind the tower relative to Valigarmanda's position.

  • Calamity's Inferno: Players need to split into light parties at the south edge of the boss's hitbox, then move forward out of the fire puddle after each stack. Mitigate and heal between each stack.

  • Volcanic Eruption and Cataclysm: Handle another sequence of volcanic eruption and Cataclysm. Spread for Calamity's Bolt to resolve.

Final Preparation:

  • Disaster Zone and Ruin Foretold: Heal up for both of these heavy raid-wide magical damage abilities.
  • Adds Phase: Get ready for the transition into the adds phase following Ruin Foretold.

Phase Two: Beacon Adds

In this phase, Valigarmanda becomes invulnerable and untargetable, summoning three Beacon adds that must be defeated before its Ruinous Power bar reaches 100.

Valigarmanda's Abilities

During this phase, Valigarmanda uses the following attacks:

  1. Calamitous Cry: This attack places two line AoE stack markers that alternate between tanks and healers. It deals extra damage to the player closest to Valigarmanda and applies a magic vulnerability up debuff. Each cast also grants Valigarmanda a damage up buff and spawns alternating conal AoEs.
  2. Tulidisaster: Valigarmanda's ultimate attack deals three instances of heavy raid-wide magical damage, each stronger than the last. It also inflicts all players with Perpetual Conflagration, a light damage-over-time debuff for the rest of the fight.

Valigarmanda Phase Two Strategy

  1. Splitting into Light Parties: Players should split into their two light parties.
  2. Positioning: Focus on killing the adds on the sides first. Stay on the inside of the adds, between the middle and the side of the arena.
  3. Tanks' Role: Tanks must stand in front of the line stack markers and use light mitigation to absorb the damage.
  4. Avoiding Conal AoEs: There is sufficient time to move across the conal AoEs. Prioritize positioning in safe spots where melee DPS can hit one of the adds.

After all the adds are defeated, Valigarmanda becomes targetable again and starts casting Tulidisaster. Use mitigation abilities to survive this attack and prepare for the transition into either the lightning or ice phase.

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Phase Three: Skyruin of Ice

The third phase of the encounter can be either the ice phase or the lightning phase, with the remaining one occurring fourth. During the ice phase, players hit by specific mechanics will be frozen, spawning an ice block add that must be killed to free them.

Valigarmanda's Abilities

  1. Triscourge: Deals moderate raid-wide magical damage and applies the following debuffs:

    • Calamity's Bolt: An unmarked AoE that inflicts heavy damage-over-time. DPS and supports will have different timers.
    • Calamity's Bite: A large AoE magical tank buster.
    • Calamity's Flames: An unmarked stack marker that deals magical damage to healers.
  2. Northern Cross: Signaled by "A rumbling avalanche approaches from the southeast...". A large line AoE comes from the indicated direction at the back of the arena.

  3. Chilling Cataclysm: Arcane Spheres spawn and perform a line AoE. The safe spot is at the A or B waymark.

  4. Freezing Dust: Requires players to move for about two seconds after the cast ends or be frozen.

  5. Ice Talon: An AoE magical tank buster that inflicts a potent damage-over-time effect.

Valigarmanda Phase Three Strategy

Players will continually take damage-over-time, so maintaining high health is crucial. The phase begins with another Triscourge, where:

  1. Calamity's Bite: Tanks should immediately move to the top corners of the room and mitigate.
  2. Calamity's Flames: Healers will need to stack and handle the incoming damage.

Next, dodge Northern Cross and Valigarmanda Cataclysm simultaneously by moving to the correct side of the arena and positioning inside, outside, or in the corner.

  • Arcane Spheres: Identify the safe spot between the A or B waymark. The waymark without a sphere pointing at it is unsafe. The other one is safe.
  • Calamity's Bolt: When the debuff expires, players should spread out.

Spikesicle returns, combined with Northern Cross. Dodge into the icicle curved AoEs and then move to avoid the exploding ice blocks while staying safe from the large line AoE.

  • After this, dodge another sequence of Valigarmanda Cataclysm, Arcane Sphere, and Northern Cross.
  • Freezing Dust: Ensure all players are moving after the cast bar ends to avoid being frozen.
  • Calamity's Bolt: Spread out as the final set of debuffs expire.

Heal up and mitigate for Disaster Zone. Tanks should mitigate Ice Talon and prepare for the final phase.

Phase Four: Skyruin of Lightning

During the lightning phase, six panels on the arena will cause players to Levitate. This mechanic is crucial for dodging certain attacks, but being levitated during most direct damage attacks will be lethal.

Valigarmanda's Abilities

  1. Triscourge: Moderate raid-wide magical damage. In the lightning phase, players receive the following debuffs:

    • Calamity's Fulgur: An unmarked AoE with different timers for DPS and supports. Players must not be levitated to avoid it.
    • Calamity's Frost: An ice boulder attack with different timers for DPS and supports. Players must be levitated to dodge the ice boulder.
    • Calamity's Embers: An unmarked stack marker for healers. Players must not be levitated during this.
  2. Hail of Feathers: Summons six feathers that cause proximity AoEs around the arena. These feathers will eventually explode, and at least one must be destroyed.

  3. Blighted Bolt: Destroys all feathers in an AoE.

  4. Crackling Cataclysm: An AoE under all players after the initial attack.

  5. Thunderous Breath: A map-wide conal AoE that requires players to be levitating to dodge. Arcane Spheres spawn and perform line AoEs across the arena.

  6. Ruinfall: Summons a tower in the middle of the arena that must be soaked and mitigated by both tanks. This is followed by a knockback from the front of the arena, with AoEs appearing at the back.

Valigarmanda Phase Four Strategy

  1. Initial Positioning: Stack with your healer while not levitated for Calamity's Embers.
  2. Handling Hail of Feathers: Start opposite the first Hail of Feather spawn and rotate around the arena. Destroy the first feather that spawned and stay in that area.
  3. Managing Debuffs: Check which role’s debuffs are expiring first.
    • For Calamity's Fulgur: Spread on non-levitating tiles.
    • For Calamity's Frost: Spread on levitating tiles.
    • Tanks and melee should spread on the front tiles, while healers and ranged DPS spread on the back tiles.
  4. Cataclysm Combination:
    • Crackling Cataclysm: Places an unmarked ground AoE underneath all players. After dodging the initial AoE, move out of where anyone else was standing.
    • Thunderous Breath: Stand on a levitating panel in a row without an Arcane Sphere. Only five out of six possible rows will have Arcane Spheres.
  5. Final Set of Debuffs: Repeat the debuff management as before, but do the opposite of the initial debuff handling. Dodge another Cataclysm attack by moving out of the invisible ground AoE.
  6. Disaster Zone: This will revert the arena back to normal.
  7. Ruinfall: Tanks need to mitigate the tower. Players should prepare for the knockback by positioning in a safe spot or using knockback prevention abilities.

Final Sequence

  1. Wrath Unfurled: Valigarmanda casts this, granting it a buff that increases its damage dealt.
  2. Mountain Fire: Prepare to handle this attack before the enrage mechanic, Tulidisaster, is cast.

Defeat Valigarmanda before it can unleash Tulidisaster to avoid a wipe and secure victory!

Rewards for Defeating Valigarmanda

Ultimate Guide to Worqor Lar Dor Extreme Trial | Simple Carry

Upon defeating Valigarmanda, the treasure coffer will contain the following rewards:

  • Skyruin Weapon Coffer (IL 710): This coffer includes a weapon with an item level of 710.
  • Random IL 710 Skyruin Weapon: In addition to the coffer, one random item level 710 Skyruin weapon will also be included.

There is also a chance to obtain special items:

  • Ruinous Plume
  • Faded Copy of The Skyruin (Orchestrion Roll)

Additionally, there is a rare chance for the mount, Wings of Ruin, to appear.

Moreover, each party member will receive one Skyruin Totem. Collect ten Skyruin Totems to exchange for any Skyruin weapon of your choice.


In conclusion, the Ultimate Guide to Worqor Lar Dor (Extreme) Trial provides you with comprehensive strategies and detailed insights to master this challenging encounter. By following this guide, you can effectively navigate each phase and handle Valigarmanda's formidable abilities, ensuring a successful run and the rewarding loot that follows.

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