Guide: Dragonflight Hidden Profession Masters

Masters of each profession are dispersed throughout the Dragon Isles, but they aren't so easy to find.  There is one for every profession, and they are scattered over the globe.

While Masters do not have quests, speaking with them will grant you +5 Knowledge for Crafting and +10 Knowledge Points for Gathering professions, as well as +25
 Artisan's Mettle!! When you click on them while you have the profession, a short dialogue choice called "Tell me about Skill" will appear, and you'll receive your one-time, significant reward.

You must have a minimum skill level of 25 in your chosen profession to receive these points.


Profession Master Zone Coordinates Notes
Alchemy Grigori Vialtry Waking Shores /way 60.92 75.84 On ledge overlooking Flashfront Assault
Blacksmithing Grekka Anvilsmash Waking Shores /way 43.32 66.60 Obsidian Bulwark, sitting in grass behind righthand building. This is currently bugged.
Enchanting Shalasar Glimmerdusk Ohn'ahran Plains /way 62.42 18.70 On second floor of broken tower right over Sootscale the Indomitable
Engineering Frizz Buzzcrank Azure Span /way 17.8 21.7 Near a shrine NNW of Three Falls Lookout
Herbalism Hua Greenpaw Ohn'ahran Plains /way 58.42 50.04 Kneeling in middle of Sylvan Glade
Inscription Lydiara Whisperfeather Azure Span /way 40.20 64.3 Azure Archives, on a platform
Jewelcrafting Pluutar Azure Span /way 46.23 40.84 Camp Antonidas, inside a building
Leatherworker Erden Ohn'ahran Plains /way 82.45 50.67 At base of a waterfall near Mountain View Post
Mining Bridgette Holdug Thaldraszus /way 61.42 76.95 On top of grassy rock pillar NW of Temporal Conflux flight point
Skinning Zenzi Waking Shores /way 73.34 69.72 Sitting on the shoreline directly east of Ruby Life Pools
Tailoring Elysa Raywinder Valdrakken /way 27.96 45.79 Straight up from the Rostrum of Transformation, on a ledge halfway up the tower at the pointed tip of the hanging banner


/way Waking Shores 60.92 75.84 Alchemy 
/way Waking Shores 73.34 69.72 Skinning
/way Waking Shores 43.32 66.60 Blacksmithing
/way Ohn'Ahran Plains 82.45 50.67 Leatherworking
/way Ohn'Ahran Plains 62.42 18.70 Enchanting
/way Ohn'Ahran Plains 58.42 50.04 Herbalism
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 17.8 21.7 Engineering
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 46.23 40.84 Jewelcrafting
/way The Azure Span:Dragon Isles 40.20 64.3 Inscription
/way Thaldraszus 61.42 76.95 Mining
/way Valdrakken 27.96 45.79 Tailoring

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