Guide: Dragonflight Profession Treasures

Open World Knowledge Treasures in Dragonflight

Players with crafting professions can find objects in open world treasures that offer them +3 Knowledge to their profession. These treasures can be found in a variety of places. While some of these are just in plain sight, others are closely guarded or locked behind small puzzles.

There are a few key details to be aware of with regards to them.

  • You must have the profession to see/loot. Sometimes those without the profession (or too low skill level) can see them, but you won't be able to interact with it. These are BoP anyway.

  • Skill level matters. Most of these seem to require a minimum skill level of 25, so make sure to be at or above Skill (25) before you begin hunting these down.

  • They are always available to those with the skill. If it's not showing up, it's not because someone else has picked it. Either your skill is too low or you're not looking in the right place.

  • You can only loot these once per character. If you have more than one character with the same profession, they can all get that, but these are only one per customer.

  • Some of these are heavily guarded by high-level mobs. You may need help to get some of those, or fancy footwork if you're a stealth class.

  • Some are behind mini-puzzles or other obstacles. When these happen, we will provide instructions.

The known treasures for crafting professions are described in the sections that follow. Even though we've discovered every single one we were aware of, some folks are still discovering more! New discoveries will be continuously added to this guide.


Alchemy Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Well Insulated Mug The Waking Shores /way 25.1 73.3 Dragonbane Keep, near the entrance to the event boss. Collectible mug is between a lot of elite trash.
 Frostforged Potion The Waking Shores /way 55 81 Middle of the Icy Crater
 Canteen of Suspicious Water Ohn'ahran Plains /way 79.2 83.8 Deep inside cave SE of Forkriver Crossing. It's in a bottle near a dead Expedition Scout in the water.
 Experimental Decay Sample The Azure Span /way 16.4 38.5 North of Iskaara inside a large green cauldron among a veritable swarm of gnoll trash, with an elite on top of it. Best approach is from the ridge just to the north, behind a couple of tents, around /way 16.3 37.5.
 Firewater Powder Sample The Azure Span /way 67.0 13.2 Outside Timbermaw log house next to vase
 Tasty Candy Thaldraszus /way 55.2 30.5 Under a rock overhang on the lowest ground. Marked as Mysterious Cauldron. There are 3 colored cauldrons; you need to find Discarded Toys around the area and then drop them inside each of these colored cauldrons. These look like tan voodoo dolls. Gives the  Tasty Candy.
 Contraband Concoction Thaldraszus /way 59.5 38.4 Small purple glowing potion, hidden in bushes in Alge'thar Academy. Difficult to see. Right near the flying book; look down to see the purple glow.


Blacksmithing Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Glimmer of Blacksmithing Wisdom The Waking Shores /way 56.4, 19.5 Slim tower in back, not the room without a roof. Craft a Primal Molten Alloy near the Dim Forge and the item becomes lootable in the Slack Tub
 Ancient Monument The Waking Shores /way 22.0 87.0 Apex Canopy; four yellow Enchanted Bulwarks surrounding a sword on a pedestal
 Curious Ingots The Waking Shores /way 65.5 25.7 Scalecracker Keep, ingot on the ground near a big hut next to a forge
 Molten Ingot The Waking Shores /way 35.5 64.3 West of Obsidian Bulwark by a lava river, near a fishing trainer. Kick 3 ingots into the lava to spawn a mob. Chest that spawns afterward contains the item. Just north of  Qalashi Weapon Diagram
 Qalashi Weapon Diagram The Waking Shores /way 34.5 67.1 West of Obsidian Bulwark in an island surrounded by lava, on top of an anvil. Just south of  Molten Ingot
 Ancient Spear Shards Ohn'ahran Plains /way 81.1 37.9 Inside a cave west of Rusza'thar Reach. Cave inhabited by neutral Shale Giants; entrance /way 79.4 36.5
 Falconer Gauntlet Drawings Ohn'ahran Plains /way 50.9 66.5 Island in the sea, inside a hut.
 Spelltouched Tongs The Azure Span /way 53.1 65.3 Azure Archives, inside a small cave. Blocked by a Rock Wall, so you will need to be a miner or get one to help you open the wall.
 Draconic Flux Thaldraszus /way 52.2 80.5 Shifting Sands, west of the Shifting Sands flightpoint. Inside a building, a bit high up.


Enchanting Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Flashfrozen Scroll The Waking Shores /way 57.5 83.6 Flashfrozen Enclave, in frozen cave system. There is a bug where this doesn't appear like you can interact with it. Open Esc >Controls and make sure that "Enable Interact Key" is selected. Then select Keybindings > Targeting, and scroll down to Interact with Target. Use the keystroke assigned with this near the scroll.
 Lava-Infused Seed The Waking Shores /way 68.0 26.8 Scalecracker Keep, next to a lava flower in a flower.
 Enchanted Debris The Waking Shores /way 57.5 58.5 Use Disenchanted Broom and follow Enchanted Broom, then loot the debris at path's end.
 Stormbound Horn Ohn'ahran Plains /way 61.4, 67.6 Windsong Rise, north of Ohn'iri Springs
 Forgotten Arcane Tome The Azure Span /way 38.5 59.2 Azure Archives, in a leveled tomb with a rare mob on the NW side. Tome is lying on the floor to the right of the entrance.
 Faintly Enchanted Remains The Azure Span /way 45.1 61.2 Just east of Azure Archives. Click on Mana-Starved Crystal Cluster to spawn a mob. Kill the mob and click the crystal that spawns.
 Enriched Earthen Shard The Azure Span /way 21 45 Touch the side of the mountain and the node appears
 Fractured Titanic Sphere Thaldraszus /way 59.9 70.4 South of Tyrhold


Engineering Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Boomthyr Rocket The Waking Shores /way 56.0 44.9 Concord Observatory, north of Ruby Life Pools flight point, high up with pillar-like buildings. Need to pick up 4 different items mentioned in the notes in front of the rocket. Ashes are in the same building; other 3 items are in the bigger building across the open area.
 Intact Coil Capacitor The Waking Shores /way 49.09 77.54 On ledge north of the Dragonscale Basecamp flight point. lick on three Exposed Wires to loot the item (Tesla object)


Inscription Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Pulsing Earth Rune The Waking Shores /way 67.87, 57.96 Life Vault Ruins, inside crumbled building, behind a table with a slab of rubble on top. There's usually at least one earth elemental you'll need to take out here.
 Sign Language Reference Sheet Ohn'ahran Plains /way 85.7, 25.2 Timberstep Outpost, hanging on tent entrance
 Dusty Darkmoon Card The Azure Span /way 46.2 23.9 Cobalt Assembly, inside a building on an upper level.
 Frosted Parchment The Azure Span /way 43.7 30.9 Behind an Arcane Commander.
 How to Train Your Whelpling Valdrakken /way 13.2 63.68 Little Scales Day Care area, brown book lying in the sandbox. Don't ask how it got there. Coordinates are for Valdrakken city map. (KNOWN BUG: this may also show the Pulsing Earth Rune in this location. If you loot the Rune from the sandbox, you will be NOT able to loot the book later. Get the Pulsing Earth Rune first).
 Forgetful Apprentice's Tome Thaldraszus /way 56.3 41.2 West of Algeth'ar Academy entrance, on a table near a big telescope. 2 tomes with the same name.
 Forgetful Apprentice's Tome Thaldraszus /way 47.24 40.1 Above Algeth'era FP, just west in a small building. Interactable Curious Glyph inside. Click and phase, cross the bridge with some 70 mobs, and kill the neutral mob inside the house. Deliver its dropped item to the glyph to get the item.
 Counterfeit Darkmoon Deck Thaldraszus /way 56.1 40.9 Speak to purple-framed NPC named "Siennagosa". Offer to help set back her Darkmoon Deck. Scattered at her feet are 8 Darkmoon cards. Click them in the correct order (Ace through 8). Speak to her afterward to get the deck.


Jewelcrafting Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Closely Guarded Shiny The Waking Shores /way 50.4 45.1 Right before a waterfall, look for a beaver's nest. Underneath the tree cover next to the nest is a blue gem.
 Igneous Gem The Waking Shores /way 33.9 63.7 Dragonbane Keep, locked behind a minigame. Click 3 different crystals on small islands inside the magma. Kill the big magma frog jumping around before you do this. After clicking the first one, you only have a limited time to click the other two. Once all 3 are channeling, the item is unlocked.
 Lofty Malygite Ohn'ahran Plains /way 25.2 35.4 Storm Scar, inside a cave, floating in the air.
 Fragmented Key Ohn'ahran Plains /way 61.8 13.0 Neltharan Plains, crumbled building with a tree growing inside. Look for it under the tree's roots. Comes with a bonus treasure.
 Crystalline Overgrowth The Azure Span /way 45.0 61.3 Azure Archives, next to a small pond/starting point of a river.
 Harmonic Crystal Harmonizer The Azure Span /way 44.6 61.2 Azure Archives, locked behind a minigame. There is a chest inside the pond with a large silver key. Click it to receive a buff. While buff is active, click 3 nearby crystals.
 Alexstraszite Cluster Thaldraszus /way 59.8 65.2 Tyrhold, right at the base of the letter "T" on the map.
 Painter's Pretty Jewel Thaldraszus /way 56.91 43.72 Inside a vase under a plant. Turn camera to top-down view to see it. There are reports that this is bugged in War Mode.


Leatherworking Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Poacher's Pack The Waking Shores /way 39 86 Next to a dead Vulpera laying beside the riverbed
 Spare Djaradin Tools The Waking Shores /way 64.3 25.4 Tools lying next to dead red dragon.
 Wind-Blessed Hide Ohn'ahran Plains /way 86.4 53.7 Inside Shikaar Highlands Centaur camp
 Well-Danced Drum The Azure Span /way 12.5 49.4 Iskaara, in an underground building with Elders Nappa and Poa. Activate the treasure by fixing the drum next to Raq. Once he dances on it, you can loot the item.
 Decay-Infused Tanning Oil The Azure Span /way 16.7 38.8 North of Iskaara, in the barrel in a gnoll camp.
 Treated Hides The Azure Span /way 57.5 41.3 Snowhide camp east of Camp Antonidas
 Decayed Scales Thaldraszus /way 56.8 30.5 Inside a basket within the Fetid's camp.


Tailoring Treasures

Item Name Zone Coords Notes
 Mysterious Banner The Waking Shores /way 74.7 37.9 Wingrest Embassy, fluttering on top of one of the buildings a bit to the south.
 Itinerant Singed Fabric The Waking Shores /way 24.9 69.7 Dragonbane Keep. When doing the Siege of Dragonbane Keep, this is just outside the cave where the end boss spawns. It's a piece of fabric hanging on a tree. Requires some precision Dragonriding or a warlock portal to reach.
 Noteworthy Scrap of Carpet Ohn'ahran Plains /way 35.34 40.12 Nokhudon Hold, sitting in a small hut on the floor right before entering the arena for the quest fight. 3 elites in the hut.
 Silky Surprise Ohn'ahran Plains /way 66.1 52.9 Cleverwood Hollow; find the Catnip Frond and collect it.
 Decaying Brackenhide Blanket The Azure Span /way 16.2 38.8 Brackenhide Hollow - Elite mob area. A red carpet hanging on a tree within a makeshift tent.
 Intriguing Bolt of Blue Cloth The Azure Span /way 40.7 54.5 North of Azure Archives, in a small tower-like building full of mirror images of Kalecgos. Blue Cloth lying on the floor when you follow the stairs to the left.
 Miniature Bronze Dragonflight Banner Thaldraszus /way 60.4 79.7 Temporal Conflux, on the northeasteast platform -- small banner inside a pile of sand.
 Ancient Dragonweave Bolt Thaldraszus /way 58.6 45.8 Algeth'ar Academy, south of the dungeon portal, slightly on the left. Ancient Dragonweave Loom is inside and starts a minigame where you connect the spools of thread to the center gem. Completing the game awards the item.

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