Guide: How to Unlock Dragon Shards of Knowledge

How to Unlock Dragon Shards of Knowledge | Simple Carry

The  Dragon Shard of Knowledge is an item you receive as a quest reward and from open world treasures such as Expedition Scout's Pack.

To receive Dragon Shards, you must complete a a quest line and unlock  Khadin's Wisdom. Until then, you will not be able to collect any Dragon Shards at all.

You first must do the quest line in Ruby Life Pools starting with  To the Azure Span from Haephesta. It's short and easy and available with no quest or level prerequisites beyond being level 60 and having at least one Dragon Isles crafting profession.


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The next quest line begins at level 62 in Forkriver Crossing. You must have completed the intro quest for Azure Span,  To the Azure Span, also picked up in Forkriver Crossing (either upon completing the Ohn'ahran Plains zone line or choosing to open Azure Span from your mission table in Wingrest Assembly). All you have to do is turn it in, and then fly back to Forkriver Crossing.

You'll end up collecting a total of 4x  Dragon Shard of Knowledge this way to turn in at the end.


When you finish this quest line, you will be granted  Khadin's Wisdom, which gives you the ability to gather and turn in  Dragon Shard of Knowledge for +1 Knowledge and +50  Artisan's Mettle. (In some ways, the  Artisan's Mettle is almost more important here than the +1 Knowledge, but both are great to have). You now have four  Dragon Shard of Knowledge turn-ins to do right away!

When you turn in a  Dragon Shard of Knowledge, you will be given a choice where to apply it before you are granted your Knowledge. If you have more than one profession, it will show up here.Looking to enhance your gaming experience and gear up quickly? Look no further than Simple Carry! They're now offering top-notch Heroic Aberrus Boosting, Normal Aberrus Boost and Mythic Aberrus Boost services that cater to gamers who are eager to level up and gear up with ease. With their skilled team of players and proven strategies, Simple Carry ensures a smooth and efficient raiding experience. Whether you're aiming to conquer the toughest challenges or acquire the best gear, Simple Carry's raid boosting services are here to help you achieve your gaming goals. Say goodbye to the grind and embrace a more streamlined path to success with Simple Carry's expert assistance.


This is a repeatable turn-in; you can turn in as many  Dragon Shard of Knowledge as you can at one time. There is no daily or weekly limit.


NOTE: If you have already opened this on one character, there is one early opportunity for your alts skip ahead, which bypasses a line of quests at Ruby Lifepools and a second line at Forkriver Crossing that together open up the ability to turn in  Dragon Shard of Knowledge. When you pick up  Artisan's Courier, the very first Profession quest from Haephesta in Ruby Life Pools, you are given one opportunity to skip ahead. Skipping will award 275 reputation with Artisan's Consortium - Dragon Isles Branch and 3x  Dragon Shard of Knowledge, one shard less than what you would get doing the quest lines.

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