Guide: Dragonflight Alchemy Leveling

This Dragonflight Alchemy leveling guide will show you the fastest way how to level your Dragonflight Alchemy skill up from 1 to 100 as inexpensively as possible.

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Shopping List

This is the list of materials needed to get to 30. There are just too many variables for the 30-100 part.

Levels 1-7

2x Refreshing Healing Potion - 4x Rousing Frost, 16x Hochenblume

Levels 7-11

2x Aerated Mana Potion - 2x Rousing Air, 16x Hochenblume

Levels 11-15

Use Reclaim Concoctions on the 10x Refreshing Healing Potions and 10x Aerated Mana Potions you just made.

Levels 15-16

1x Transmute: Awakened Air - 1 Awakened Frost, 1 Awakened Fire

Levels 16-25

12x Omnium Draconis - 12x Writhebark, 12x Saxifrage, 60x Hochenblume, 12x Bubble Poppy

You can also use Reclaim Concoctions on Potions or Flasks until you reach 20.

It doesn't really matter which one you make. Both of them will be used to level Alchemy to 100, so you will have to make a bunch of them anyway.

Alchemy Specializations

When you hit 25, you will unlock Specializations. I would suggest having a little bit of a look through the specializations. Spend some time reading through them, then choose which direction you might want to go.

But don't be too hasty with spending points just at this time unless you have a clear goal of which direction you want to go. The Knowledge points are going to be the limited commodity that you will never be able to get enough of, and you will always want more of. You can continue leveling Alchemy and return to choosing a specialization and spending knowledge points a bit later.

You will need 50 skill points to unlock the second specialization and 75 for the third. 50 is not that hard to reach, but it may take you a little while to level all the way to 75. So, be aware that you will have to choose which one you feel you can do without for the longest.

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Levels 25-26

1x Primal Convergent - 1x Awakened Earth, 1x Awakened Fire, 1x Awakened Air, 1x Awakened Frost, 1x Awakened Order

This is for the First Craft bonus, but you will also use this in many recipes. This recipe is a lot more expensive than the others, so you can skip this, but I think it's just better to get your first craft bonus while it still gives skill points.

Levels 26-27

1x Phial of Tepid Versatility - 2x Awakened Frost, 16x Hochenblume

Craft one Phial of Tepid Versatility to get your "First craft" bonus.

Levels 27-29

Basic Phial Experimentation and Basic Potion Experimentation is the source of almost every new potion and flask.

Unfortunately, while doing experiments, you will often get a debuff that will prevent you from doing more experiments for 4 hours. If you got any Liquid Courage from experimentations, you could use it to remove the 4-hour CD.

Make one from each to get your First Craft Bonuses:

To make 1x Experimentation, you will need 5x Artisan's Mettle, 2x Dragon's Alchemical Solution, 1x Omnium Draconis

The Dragon's Alchemical Solution for the experimentations comes from destroying potions with Reclaim Concoctions.

Refreshing Healing Potions and Aerated Mana Potions will probably be the cheapest, but they will give fewer Dragon's Alchemical Solution than Flasks or Higher level potions.

Discovering Potions and Phials

Discovering Potions and Phials is not that rare. You will usually get at least 1 Discovery if you do 10 Experimentations, but it will get harder to discover potions/flasks once you only have 1 or 2 undiscovered ones left.

Levels 29-50

Make more experimentations until you discover something that can be used to level up to 50. So, any potions or flask that's orange. 

You can also make Phial of Tepid Versatility up to around 35.

Levels 50-56

2x Elemental Potion of Power - 6x Omnium Draconis, 2x Primal Convergent

Levels 56-65

If at this point, you discovered any potion or flask that you can sell at the Auction House in large quantities, I recommend making that until it turns grey. Otherwise, your only option is to make more experimentations or more Elemental Potion of Power.

Basically, every Potion and Flasks that you can discover will stop giving skill points at 65. (a few at 70).

Levels 65-100

Your only option to level to 100 will be making Basic Phial Experimentation and Basic Potion Experimentation. Both of these spells give you skill point up to 100, but you will get skill points much less frequently between 90-100 because both will be green.


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