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In Season 3, the Preservation Evoker specialization underwent significant class adjustments. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a comprehensive guide that delves into the intricacies of this specialization. Within this guide, you will acquire valuable insights on how to effectively master the Preservation Evoker, including strategies for optimal gameplay, gear selection recommendations, and actionable tips to enhance your performance in this role. All the information you seek to excel as a Preservation Evoker can be found within the pages of this guide. Unlock the full potential of your character in World of Warcraft Dragonflight with our WoW Boost service. Whether you're looking to conquer challenging raids, dominate in mythic+ dungeons, or excel in PvP battles, our boosters are here to help. Explore the possibilities on our WoW Boost product page and elevate your gaming experience today.

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Preservation Evoker Overview

Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

The Preservation Evoker represents an extraordinary healing specialization within the game, distinguished by its abundant resource pool, encompassing both mana and essence, and a novel spell category known as Empowered Casts, which gain potency as their charging duration extends. This specialization stands out as a deliberate, albeit measured, approach to healing, with each spell yielding a profound impact. Notably, Preservation Evokers occupy a unique niche as the sole mid-range class, affording them a spell range extending to a remarkable 25 yards.

In addition to their healing prowess, Preservation Evokers exhibit remarkable mobility, possess formidable offensive capabilities, and offer a wide spectrum of spell combinations that can be customized to meet a wide array of healing requirements. Further fortifying their resilience, Preservation Evokers boast impressive defensive capabilities by virtue of Obsidian Scales and the capacity to accumulate two charges through Obsidian Bulwark.

It is worth noting that novice players who embark on the Evoker class journey commence their adventure at level 58, an attribute that distinguishes them as the final Hero class. Moreover, regardless of whether one aligns with the Horde or the Alliance, Preservation Evokers are inexorably bound to the Dracthyr race, a unique and integral facet of their identity.

  • Can use: Daggers, Fist Weapons, Maces, Axes, Swords and Staves.
  • Mastery: Life-Binder increases healing done while you have more health than your target. It’s a very unique mechanic among the healers.
  • Lore: An ancient race created by Neltharion himself. You’ll use the power of all five dragonflights to burn enemies, heal allies and dash around the battlefield.
  • Resources: Mana and Essence (you get 5 of them, which recharge every 5 seconds).
  • Damage Reduction:Obsidian Scales is a very decent personal save for 30% DR.
  • Mobility:Hover,Verdant Embrace,Rescue,Deep Breath.
  • Armor: Intellect Mail
  • Flavor:
    • Dracthyr gets two special types of dragon themed CC as racial abilities:Tail Swipe andWing Buffet.
    • Dracthyr has both a “dragon” and “human” form. You get to customize both when creating your character. When in Human Form you’ll get theVisage buff.
    • Dracthyr are the only race / class combo in the game that are completely unique to each other.


Strengths Weaknesses
Good amount of decent raid savers Quite short range for a healer
Strong and frequent Empowered Spells Demands good positioning to implement spec pros
Good amount of damage output as a healer Demands stacked groups of players
Outstanding Mobility Empowered Spells have long cast time, so it’s hard to do it safely



In this section, we will keep you informed about the most recent class updates.

At first sight, class changes look pretty decent. But although AoE heal potential is nerfed, these changes barely touched Preservation Evoker. Patch 10.2 is a good time to play this specialization.


Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

Preservation Evoker is a bit slow to level up. If you don’t mind a slower pace, we’ll take advantage of our strong self-healing ability and decent area of effect damage, pulling in multiple mobs at once and destroying them with Fire Breath and Living Flame. Strong mobility talents such as Exuberance, Tailwind and Extended Flight will allow us to quickly switch between mobs and quests. Looking to level up your character quickly and efficiently in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Our WoW Leveling Boost service is your key to rapid progression. Explore our WoW Leveling Boost product page to discover how you can ascend the ranks and unlock new adventures in the world of Amirdrassil.

Here are some interesting details about the Evoker experience:

  • Only one Evoker can be created per realm
  • Evokers are the Hero Class. And starts its journey from level 58 in its own starting area, Forbidden Reach
  • Proceeding through the Forbidden Reach awards you with uncommon gear of item level of 206
  • You will start with general Evoker abilities and will choose your specialization towards the campaign

List of the general Evoker abilities, includes racial abilities:

  • Hover — allows character casts non-Empowered Spells while moving
  • Tail Swipe — knock out enemies in an 8-yard radius
  • Wing Buffet — knock out enemies in front of you
  • Azure Strike — deal damage to 2 enemies
  • Living Flame — deal damage to enemies, or heal allies.


  • Evoker brings a ton of Crowd Control abilities. Make sure they are assigned to keys and used regularly. Tail Swipe, Wing Buffet, Quell, and even Azure Strike to slow down are key abilities that will greatly help you when leveling up.
  • Try to spend most of your global cooldowns on DPS. You can drop a Reversion or two, using Echo, between presses, and super-effective buttons like Verdant Embrace are great if you’ve been pulling a lot and running a little low. We also use Ancient Flame, so if you get into a really tough situation, you can spam cast Living Flame on yourself if your main buttons are on cooldown.
  • Be careful with elite mobs. We have a good chance of defeating them, you might want to take them one at a time rather than in large packs. Remember your powerful protective buttons if you need them like Obsidian Scales.
  • Enabling War Mode will give you an experience bonus. It can be risky and it’s easy to lose the experience gained by dying in PVP, but if you’re playing in a small group, it’s worth it. Completely optional.

And don’t forget about the consumables. Correctly chosen consumables will fasten your leveling:

Foundations of Preservation Evoker Gameplay

The fundamental mechanics of the Preservation Evoker align with traditional healer specializations, emphasizing the importance of judicious resource management and strategic ability employment. Unlike damage-dealing (DPS) classes, Preservation Evokers do not adhere to a rigid rotation. Instead, they draw upon a versatile array of abilities within their talent tree, allowing them to dynamically respond to and triumph over a wide spectrum of in-game scenarios.

For a comprehensive understanding of Preservation Evoker abilities and talents, please refer to the accompanying Preservation Tree image and the detailed explanations provided below. Gear up for epic adventures in World of Warcraft Dragonflight with our Heroic Amirdrassil boost service. Whether you're aiming to reach new gear tiers or conquer challenging content, our boosters are ready to assist you. Discover the benefits of our Heroic Amirdrassil boost on our product page and elevate your gaming experience today.

Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

Preservation Evoker has two main types of abilities. First type is your Empowered Spells, as long you channel them, the more they empower. Second time is your Essence Spenders, a unique resource like Rogues’ combo points.

Dream Breath Your single target heal ability. Empowered Level do not increase heal amount, but increase the HoT effect heal value.
Spiritbloom Another single target heal ability. Unlike Dream Breath, Empowered Level above 2 increases target counts up to 3.
Fire Breath Your damage ability. Use this one when you have nothing else to do, and there is no need to spend essence.
Emerald Blossom Your multi-target Essence delayed healing. Keep in mind it heals injured allies in a 10 yards radius. There is no need to extraposition this spell.
Echo Another Essence spender healing. Also, have a useful unique effect, which allows the next non-Echo spell to cast one more time for 70% value.
Disintegrate Essence spender damage ability. 3 second DoT with a slow effect.  Use it to prevent overcapping Essence, and only in cases you don’t need to heal your teammates.
Living Flame Your hybrid ability to deal damage to enemies or heal allies. Can be very helpful, don’t be shy to use it in difficult situations.

These are the list of your basic set of abilities. But you should keep in mind that depending on talents ability can be slightly different.

Stat Prioritization for Preservation Evoker

The Preservation Evoker's approach to stat prioritization is characterized by a straightforward hierarchy, ensuring optimal performance:

  1. Intellect: At the pinnacle of importance, Intellect reigns supreme, bestowing the most significant enhancement to your overall power. The acquisition of gear with higher item levels is paramount to amplify this vital attribute.

  2. Mastery: Following closely, Mastery stands as a key secondary stat, bolstering your capabilities as a Preservation Evoker. Mastery augments the potency of your healing abilities, warranting keen attention in your gear selection.

  3. Critical Strike: While slightly lower in priority than Intellect and Mastery, Critical Strike remains a valuable asset. Critical strikes offer a chance to enhance the effectiveness of your spells, warranting consideration in your gear choices.

  4. Haste: Haste, though important, holds a position slightly further down the hierarchy. It contributes to the acceleration of your spellcasting, enhancing your overall efficiency.

  5. Versatility: Versatility, while still beneficial, is assigned the lowest priority among these stats. It offers a modest increase in both damage dealt and damage mitigated, making it a viable but less critical choice.

For optimal gear optimization, it is advisable to utilize simcraft to assess the performance impact of new items. Simcraft provides detailed insights into the percentage upgrades that specific items confer, allowing for informed decisions regarding gear selection.


  • Reversion — pretty interesting HoT ability. Every time it crits it’ll prolong its duration for 2 seconds. Try to use it on mates who will likely get damage soon.
  • Verdant Embrace — another unique spell in your arsenal. Fly to a target within a 25 yard range and heal it. Also, can heal yourself, and can be used to emergency escape from a dangerous location.
  • Call of Ysera — passive talents that gives you more synergy between the spells. Improves your opportunity to heal your teammates.
  • Dream Flight — Your first strong cooldown. This ability will cause you to fly into the air and heal each of your allies in the lane in front of you. This heals a lot, but you need to line up the ability to hit everyone. While it can be difficult to position, the more allies you can hit, the more powerful it will be.
  • Rewind — Your second strong cooldown. This ability allows your allies to be healed for 50% of the damage they took in the last 5 seconds. You can use this ability as soon as your party encounters heavy mechanics or something goes wrong in the dungeon that you weren’t prepared for. Making the most of this ability during difficult moments will greatly reduce the overall amount of healing you need to do during the dungeon.
  • Tip the Scales — allows you to cast your Spiritbloom and Dream Breath instantly and at maximum Empowered Level. This can be used in a similar way to Rewind. If you don’t expect damage or error, using this method to instantly cast one of your extremely powerful channel abilities can help you recover in very difficult situations.
  • Zephyr — will allow you to reduce damage taken from AoE effects by 20% for your entire group. While not every mechanic can benefit from this damage reduction, using it in difficult AoE moments will make tough situations much more manageable. Even if you’re not sure what the AoE damage will do, tap this ability and leave it on cooldown to reduce the damage your party takes.
  • Time Dilation — can be used on yourself to reduce the damage you take and keep you alive in moments that would otherwise kill you. While you shouldn’t use this ability solely on yourself, as it’s equally useful for keeping your party and tank alive, it’s an option worth considering when times get tough and you’re running out of defensive cooldowns.


Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

In this guide we highlight BiS items and Embellishments for Devastation Evoker. First of all, you should focus on getting your Werynkeeper's Timeless Vigil set bonus.

  • Empowered spells cast up to 5 Living Flames at enemies or allies struck at 40% effectiveness.
  • Living Flames has a chance to apply Echo at 50% effectiveness on allies healed, or a nearby ally who doesn’t already have Echo.

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As long as the best boost stat for Preservation Evoker is intellect, we will choose from trinkets with flat intellect stat.


Before you get your legendary Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy, the first item you should upgrade is your weapon. Eternal Kindler's Greatstaff or Staff of Incandescent Torment looks like your best weapon options. Don’t be shy to upgrade them as fast as you can. After you get your legendary you should upgrade your intellect trinkets.


Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

Like spells with a short cooldown, it’s equally important to use large healing cooldowns like Tip the Scales as often as possible while you can heal. Healers regularly make the mistake of “saving” their cooldowns for when they are needed, a time that often never comes. It’s much better to get some benefit from using them than to have your cooldowns sit unused for a few minutes while you wait for the perfect opportunity. If you know you’ll need one or more cooldowns for a specific event before they become available again, then saving them is acceptable. However, you should determine when this happens, before or during combat, so you don’t leave these powerful abilities unused for too long. This also includes intermediate cooldowns for Spiritbloom, Verdant Embrace, and Dream Breath. These abilities are common enough that if you cycle through them, you’ll almost always have one available and no cooldown for any real damage event. Don’t sit on any of them hoping for a bigger event; use them as needed to make healing more manageable.


Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

When playing a build that focuses on Emerald Blossom, players often make two mistakes. First, they don’t spend enough Essence, which means they are limiting the amount of Essence or not generating enough Essence. These builds are aimed at maximizing the total number of Emerald Blossom castings, and you want to do everything possible to achieve this. You need to spend all your Essence and also use the Living Flame to generate more Essence Burst. The second mistake is that players are not careful when choosing a target. Choosing a ranged heal that is far away means that your Emerald Blossom will not heal the maximum number of targets. You want to specifically focus your actions on groups of players. The best way to do this in spread out situations is to position yourself in a good spot and then push yourself away or just choose to melee.


Preservation Evoker has its unique cast range of 25 yard range on most of your arsenal. It means you should position yourself closer to the melee group than other healers. Playing Preservation Evoker demands players extra environment awareness skills. Always look around and try to find a way to position yourself better. In many situations lots of encounters will force you to constantly move to heal other players. But don’t panic. Try to do your best as hard as you can. There is always room to improve by gaining more and more experience during completing these encounters.


Preservation Evoker Guide | Simple Carry

Although Living Flame can be very useful in tough situations, you should minimize usage of this ability. It can lead to underutilizing your other abilities. Try to predict when your teammates might get damaged. Also, it shouldn’t be blindfolded predictions. They should be based on encounter mechanics and current situations.

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In conclusion, the Preservation Evoker Guide serves as an invaluable resource for players seeking to master the intricacies of this unique healing specialization. From its distinctive mechanics to stat prioritization and talent choices, this guide equips you with the knowledge needed to excel as a Preservation Evoker.

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