Dragonflight Frost Mage DPS Guide

Frost Mage Overview

The Frost Mage is a ranged damage dealer who wears Cloth armor and excels at providing sustained damage to several stacked targets. It is built around using  Shatter to frequently deal brief bursts of damage; because of this, the specialization ends up dealing very sustained damage compared to most casters. With mobility spells like  Blink and defensive cooldowns like  Ice Block, the Mage class also has some of the most personal utility in the game, which enables them an exceptional capacity to survive risky situations that would kill other classes.

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Frost Mage Talent Builds

For a more raid oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Raid talent build with the following loadout code: BAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJEhWikIJFQSTiIiQCAAASSSkDIRSSIpkkkUCAAAAAAAAAgA

For a more Mythic+ oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.  

You can import the Mythic+ talent build with the following loadout code: BAEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJEhWiESSBItkIiISCAAAJJJRIRSSikSSSCAAAAAAAAAAJ


Frost Mage Stats

Intellect is our primary stat, found on cloth gear. Intellect increases our spell power, and damage done by our abilities.

For secondary stats, the Frost Mage has the following:

  • Intellect > Mastery > Critical Strike (to 30%) > Haste > Critical Strike (to 33%) > Versatility > Critical Strike (Over 33%)
  • Critical Strike: Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals.
  • Haste: Increases attack speed and spell casting speed.
  • Mastery: Increases the effectiveness of  Mastery: Icicles.
  • Versatility: Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken.


Best Frost Mage Consumables

Best Frost Mage Enchants

Below is a list of the recommended enchants to use on your Frost Mage gear in Dragonflight.

Slot Best Enchant Cheaper Version
Weapon  Sophic Devotion  Sophic Writ
Cloak  Homebound Speed  Writ of Speed
Chest  Waking Stats  Waking Stats
Bracers  Devotion of Speed  Writ of Speed
Legs  Frozen Spellthread  Frozen Spellthread
Boots  Plainsrunner's Breeze  Plainsrunner's Breeze
Ring  Devotion of Mastery  Writ of Mastery


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Frost Mage Phials

Overall the best phial for Frost Mages is  Phial of Elemental Chaos. However,  Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage can provide more damage if you're willing to deal with the downside.

Frost Mage Combat Potions

The best potion for Frost Mages is  Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power, but the cheaper and weaker  Elemental Potion of Power is also an option.

Frost Mage Weapon Buff 

For their weapons, Frost Mages will usually use  Buzzing Rune, but  Howling Rune may be better if you already have enough Critical Strike rating on your gear.

Best Frost Mage Food

Best Frost Mage Gems

Frost Mages will typically want to use  Skillful Illimited Diamond in the first gem slot and  Sensei's Neltharite or  Keen Neltharite in the other slots.


Frost Mage Rotation and Priority

Frost Mage Opener

  1. Pre-cast  Frostbolt
  2. Boss is pulled
  3. Fill with  Frostbolt. Cast  Ice Lance with  Fingers of Frost procs or when  Winter's Chill is active and cast  Flurry after  Frostbolt as long as  Winter's Chill is not already active.
  4.  Rune of Power when Rune of Power (from Icy Veins) fades
  5. Continue filling with  Frostbolt

Frost Mage Single Target and Cleave Rotation and Priority

  1.  Rune of Power if more than 10 seconds until  Icy Veins and  Rune of Power is not up
  2.  Icy Veins if  Rune of Power is not up
  3.  Flurry if  Winter's Chill is not already on the target and the previous cast was  Frostbolt,  Ebonbolt, or  Glacial Spike*

*The first bolt of  Flurry will hit the target before  Frostbolt Ebonbolt, or  Glacial Spike. This will apply  Winter's Chill and give that previous cast the benefit from  Shatter.

Frost Mage Multitarget Rotation and Priority

  1.  Rune of Power if more than 10 seconds until  Icy Veins and  Rune of Power is not up
  2.  Icy Veins if  Rune of Power is not up
  3.  Flurry (if  Winter's Chill is not already on the target)
  4.  Arcane Explosion if mana >30%

*If the mobs you are fighting can be Frozen (for instance, dungeon trash), you can increase the damage of  Cone of Cold with  Snowstorm or  Comet Storm by casting  Freeze before the spell hits to get benefit from  Shatter.

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