Dragonflight Enhancement Shaman DPS Guide

Enhancement Shaman Overview

Enhancement is a high-intensity melee spec that requires juggling a variety of skills and effects in order to do damage quickly. Its main goal is to produce  Maelstrom Weapon  stacks, which are utilized to unleash potent spells, by using elemental-infused melee attacks like  Stormstrike Lava Lash, and  Ice Strike. It's ideal for players who prefer a close-quarters battlemage playstyle with a focus on in-the-moment decision-making based on procs combined with resource and cooldown management

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Enhancement Shaman Talent Builds

For a more raid oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Raid talent build with the following loadout code: BcQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIJJpEJgkEikkQJhAAAAAAAAAAAAAQJCRIBFBkUSSSJAEJJA

For a more Mythic+ oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Mythic+ talent build with the following loadout code: BcQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIRSKRCSSSISCUSkAAAAAAAAAAAAAQJJkES0CRBIJJFAlEJBA


Enhancement Shaman Stats

Agility is your primary stat, found on mail gear. This increases your Attack/Spell Power and damage/healing done with abilities.

For secondary stats, the Enhancement Shaman has the following:

  • Agility >>> Mastery >> Haste > Critical Strike = Versatility
  • Critical Strike: Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals.
  • Haste: Increases attack speed, reduces the Global Cooldown and the cooldown of most of your rotational abilities.
  • Mastery: Increases the effectiveness of  Mastery: Enhanced Elements.
  • Versatility: Increases damage and healing, and reduces damage taken.

Best Enhancement Shaman Consumables

Best Enhancement Shaman Enchants

Below is a list of the recommended enchants to use on your Enhancement Shaman gear in Dragonflight.

Slot Best Enchant Cheaper Version
Main Hand  Sophic Devotion  Sophic Writ
Off Hand  Sophic Devotion  Sophic Writ
Cloak  Graceful Avoidance  Writ of Avoidance
Chest  Waking Stats
Bracers  Devotion of Avoidance  Writ of Avoidance
Legs  Fierce Armor Kit  Reinforced Armor Kit
Boots  Plainsrunner's Breeze
Ring  Devotion of Mastery  Writ of Mastery


Enhancement Shaman Phials in Dragonflight

Replacing Flasks in Dragonflight, there's a number of different Phials depending on the situation that are worth considering for Enhancement Shaman in Dragonflight, depending on the content:

  •  Phial of Elemental Chaos: Generally the most consistent option without many downsides. While not the highest ceiling, will rarely let you down so is usually the best option.
  •  Phial of Tepid Versatility: More consistent (though slightly worse) version of the above with the added benefit of being much cheaper and adding a bit of damage reduction via the Versatility. Good for Mythic+.
  •  Phial of Glacial Fury: For situations where there are constantly spawning enemies or chain pulling such as Mythic+, provides a respectable amount of extra damage.
  •  Phial of Static Empowerment: Extremely niche, but in situations where you can actually stand still this is technically the best option, but those situations are relatively unrealistic.

Best Enhancement Shaman Combat Potions

There are a couple different potions that have different useful scenarios for Enhancement Shaman:

Enhancement Shaman Weapon Buffs

Unfortunately, due to the Weapon Imbues ( Flametongue Weapon and  Windfury Weapon) that Enhancement uses, it CANNOT use weapon enhancements such as runes at the same time in Dragonflight.

Best Enhancement Shaman Food in Dragonflight

Pros and Cons

 Strengths Weaknesses
  • Extremely flexible damage profile with different Talent builds allowing you to customize your playstyle and cooldown loadout.
  • Excel at Single target, while also being able to specialize in 2-6 target Cleave or Funnel playstyles.
  • Access to a variety of AoE crowd control tools and a low cooldown ranged interrupt.
  • Talents provide a suite of niche tools and offensive and defensive dispelling options.
  • Good passive durability and mobility.
  • Good off-healing tools and a powerful cooldown in  Ancestral Guidance.
  •  Windfury Totem provides bonus damage to other melee players in your party.
  • Limited AoE scaling potential past 6 targets.
  • No naturally regenerating resource means uptime is extremely important to maintain the rotational flow and cooldown reduction.
  • No "immunity" defensive abilities in PvE and a long cooldown death-save effect means proactive cooldown use and self-healing is needed to survive.
  • A lot of utility tools are more niche for raids, and don't define strategies.
  • Most AoE tools are point blank and frontal, meaning you have to get up close and personal with enemies and position correctly.
  • Requires a lot of keybinds and mistakes are punishing.



Enhancement Shaman Rotations Priority

Enhancement Shaman Opener

While a lot of Enhancement's gameplay loop relies on momentum to keep itself going during combat, many of our tools are excellent to kickstart things so we can begin combat in an explosive fashion. Some talents and choices do alter the order we use things slightly though, so you can use the rotation tool here to suit your build:

  1. Pre-cast  Windfury Totem as close to the boss as possible before the pull.
  2.  Lava Lash to spread  Flame Shock if multiple targets are present.
  3.  Stormstrike to generate  Maelstrom Weapon and get it on cooldown.
  4.  Elemental Blast as soon as you reach 8+  Maelstrom Weapon.
  5. Proceed onto the normal priority list.

Master the art of rotation priority as an Enhancement Shaman, delving into the strategic sequence of spells and abilities that maximize your impact on the battlefield.

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Enhancement Shaman Rotation Priority

  1. Cast  Lava Lash if  Hot Hand is active or  Ashen Catalyst has 7 or more stacks
  2. Cast  Windfury Totem if it's not currently active
  3. Cast  Flame Shock if it's not active on your target
  4. Cast  Lightning Bolt if at 8+  Maelstrom Weapon stacks and  Primordial Wave is active
  5. Cast  Stormstrike to trigger the  Maelstrom of Elements 2-piece if the buff is not active, and have 5 or less stacks of  Maelstrom Weapon
  6. Cast  Frost Shock if  Hailstorm is active
  7. Cast  Lava Lash if  Flame Shock has 5 or less seconds remaining
  8. Cast  Elemental Blast if at 5+  Maelstrom Weapon stacks
  9. Cast  Lightning Bolt if at 10  Maelstrom Weapon stacks
  10. Refresh  Windfury Totem if it has 10 or less seconds remaining
  11. Cast  Lightning Bolt if at 5+  Maelstrom Weapon stacks
  12. Refresh  Flame Shock

Enhancement Shaman Multi Target Rotation Priority

  1. Cast  Lightning Bolt with the  Primordial Wave buff, 10  Maelstrom Weapon stacks and you have the maximum possible  Flame Shocks active
  2. Cast  Crash Lightning if the buff is not active (or with  Doom Winds active if taken)
  3. Cast  Sundering if  Doom Winds is active
  4. Cast  Fire Nova with 6 active  Flame Shocks
  5. Cast  Lava Lash, cycling between targets without the  Lashing Flames debuff but with  Flame Shock active
  6. Cast  Flame Shock if you have no targets with it active
  7. Cast  Lava Lash on a target affected by  Flame Shock to spread it
  8. Cast  Ice Strike with  Hailstorm taken
  9. Cast  Frost Shock with  Hailstorm active
  10. Cast  Chain Lightning with 8+ stacks of  Maelstrom Weapon
  11. Cast  Crash Lightning with the  Chain Lightning buff active
  12. Cast  Lava Lash if the  Crash Lightning buff is active and at 8 stacks of  Ashen Catalyst
  13. Cast  Stormstrike with the  Crash Lightning buff active to trigger the Maelstrom of Elements 2-pc
  14. Cast  Lava Lash with the  Crash Lightning buff active
  15. Cast  Ice Strike with the  Crash Lightning buff active
  16. Cast  Stormstrike with the  Crash Lightning buff active
  17. Cast  Chain Lightning if at 5 or more stacks of  Maelstrom Weapon

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