Guide for Renown & Reputation In World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The Renown system in World of Warcraft has undergone numerous expansions over the years, including the Friends system in Mists of Pandaria, Bodyguards in Warlords of Draenor, and the initial iteration in Shadowlands. Dragonflight is currently experimenting with a new iteration of the Renown system.

This Dragonflight tutorial explains the distinctions between Shadowlands Renown and Dragonflight Renown as well as how to get Dragonflight Renown.

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TL;DR How Can I Build Reputation?

The following activities will help you gain renown for the four main Dragonflight factions:

  • Finishing the weekly reputation quest;
  • Complete the several World Quests dispersed throughout the Dragon Isles;
  • Fill out Community Events as you come across them;
  • as you gain Renown, complete one-time tasks from the zones;
  • By accomplishing certain chores, you can farm Renown tokens, which you can then turn in to the appropriate quartermasters.

It is reasonable to predict that by completing them, you will acquire at least 3 renown with each side each week with no effort. As you farm more activities, such as community events and farming renown tokens, you will gain more renown.

Factions of Renown in Dragonflight

The Dragonflight launch includes 4 Renown factions. As you advance through the Dragon Isles, you will encounter them:

  • Expedition Dragonscale: This daring team of explorers, researchers, and artisans is an initiative of the Explorer's League and Reliquary, and they set out to solve the various puzzles of the Dragon Isles.
  • Maruuk Centaur: Centaur tribes can be found wandering the Ohn'ahran Plains, responding to the wind's whims and looking for the thrill of the hunt.
  • Iskaara Tuskarr: The Iskaara Tuskarr have lived peacefully and shared stories about their environment for many centuries in the Dragon Isles.
  • The Valdrakken Accord is the collective power of all dragonkind, centered in their oldest city, and it aims to defend not only their island home but also the entirety of Azeroth.

On each of the four Dragonflight Renown factions, we offer comprehensive guides! These guides include a thorough list of Renown prizes, instructions on how to earn those rewards, and images of the cosmetics provided by the relevant factions:

By performing missions that granted Renown levels, you might advance only a few levels every week in the Covenant-specific Renown progression in Shadowlands. The Renown system has undergone considerable alterations as a result of Dragonflight, which are detailed below:

You can earn reputation in a variety of ways to gain more respect from the various Dragonflight Renown factions:

Weekly Dragonflight Quests

Here are presently a couple weekly quests in Dragonflight that reward reputation for your Renown factions:

  • Supporting the Accord Therazal in Valdrakken assigns this weekly mission, which serves as the main weekly quest for the Dragon Isles (think Shaping Fate and Patterns Within Patterns in Shadowlands). You must have 4000 reputation with each of the four Dragonflight Renown factions in order to complete this task. As long as you gain reputation with each of the groups, it doesn't matter in what sequence you perform it; it will still contribute towards this goal. A collection of Valdrakken Treasures and 500 Renown with each of the four Dragonflight factions are awarded for completing this quest.
  • There are a few variations of this weekly quest that call for you to earn 3000 reputation across all four major Dragon Isles reputations as well as to perform a Community activity (like taking part in Community Feasts, a Grand Hunt, or taking control of the Siege on Dragonbane Keep).
  • Weekly Dungeon Quests: This is a revival of the Shadowlands Dungeon missions, given by Kemora and Theldren at the Azure Archives Annex in Valdrakken's northwest. You receive a dungeon quest from each NPC each week (for a total of two dungeon quests each week) requesting you to find a relic in a Dragonflight dungeon. With one Dragonflight Renown faction, completing these missions grants 250 reputation; with the Valdrakken Accord, it grants 50 reputation.

World Quests for Dragonflight

Reputation with Dragonflight's four primary reputations is granted through world quests. Using a filter on your map menu, you may keep track of which World Quests grant reputation with which group.

World Quests are initially accessible after finishing Thaldraszus' main quest and earning the achievement. For new characters (you don't need to be level 70 for this) and when starting Adventure Mode on alts, just don't ask me to spell it.
Fame Tokens

Renown Tokens are one of the primary sources of renown in the Dragon Isles. These goods can be acquired at any moment through a variety of various means and can be given in to certain quartermasters for a modest amount of reputation with the four main Dragon Isles factions. They are unlocked very early on in your quest to build renown with these factions.

  • The Dragonscale Expedition will accept Dragon Isles Artifact, items discovered in Expedition Scout Packs, Disturbed Dirts, and several other Dragon Isles treasures. At the Dragonscale Basecamp, Cataloger Jakes will accept them for 25 Reputation each.
  • The Maruuk Centaur will take the Centaur Hunting Trophy, which can be obtained in the Dragon Isles as a drop from rare monsters, as well as other varying treasures. These can be purchased in Maruukai from Hunt Instructor Basku for 25 Reputation each.
  • The Sacred Tuskarr Totem, acquired from various Dragon Isles treasures, is accepted by the Iskaara Tuskarr. In Iskaara, Elder Poa will accept these for 15 Reputation each.
  • The Titan Relic, discovered among Titan, Dragon, and Primalist artifacts in the Dragon Isles, is accepted by the Valdrakken Accord. These may be purchased from Sorotis in Valdrakken for 15 Reputation each.
  • Quests and Events Specific to Each Faction

As you gain Renown with each distinct Dragonflight Major Faction, new sources of Renown become available.

Quests and Events for Dragonscale Expeditions

  • unlocks Renown 6 Climbing World Quests are brand-new World Quests that ask you to traverse mountains in order to collect artifacts.
  • Renown 8 releases new World Quests that require you to ride a raft and take pictures of the local fauna are cataloging and new World Quests.
  • A Mystery, Sealed, a brand-new story with quests that boost your reputation with the Dragonscale Expedition, is unlocked by Renown 14.
  • Access to Magic-Bound Chests, new puzzle chests that contain Renown tokens for all reputations when unlocked, is granted at reaching Renown Level 16.
  • You can start the In the Halls of Titans questline and gain more reputation with the Dragonscale Expedition if you reach reputation level 24

Events and Maruuk Centaur Quests

  • Access to the Maruuk Clan encampment is enabled by Renown 4. The Maruuk Clan is a nomadic centaur clan that relocates every three days. Each time they do so, they give fresh tasks that boost Maruuk Centaur reputation.
  • Grand Hunts, where you can hunt alongside centaurs throughout the Dragon Isles zones, are unlocked with Renown 5. You can go on a hunt with them to gain the respect of the Maruuk Centaur and a large number of Centaur Hunting Trophies.

Events and Iskaara Tuskarr Quests

  • Community Feasts, an occasion where you assist the Tuskarr in preparing a wonderful soup every couple of hours, are made available by Renown 3. Tasks through the Feast events must be completed to get Iskaara Tuskarr reputation.
  • Fish are flourishing throughout the Dragon Isles in the Fishing Holes that Renown 4 unlocks. This is in addition to World Quests that involve fishing!
  • Once a week, you can loot a Story of a Memorable Victory from challenging mobs in the Dragon Isles and trade it in for reputation. Renown 5 enables access to Story Scrolls.
  • The Chieftain's Duty questline, a new tale with quests that boost your reputation with the Iskaara Tuskarr, is unlocked by Renown 11.
  • You can loot a Story of a Spectacular Victory from dungeon mobs in the Dragon Isles once a week and trade it in for reputation. Renown 15 opens access to more Story Scrolls.

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Accord of Valdrakken Quests and Events

  • When you reach level 5, you can participate in the Siege on Dragonbane Keep, a regular event where you aid the Black Dragonflight in taking back territory in the Waking Shores. Giving full participation to the event earns Valdrakken Accord reputation.
  • Dragonriding World Quests, fresh World Quests with activities requiring
  • Dragonriding to complete, are made available by Renown 7.
  • The Silver Purpose questline, a new plot containing quests that boost your Valdrakken Accord reputation, is unlocked with reputation 12 in the game.
  • The Garden of Secrets questline, a new tale with quests that boost your Valdrakken Accord reputation, is unlocked with reputation 19 in the game.

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