Season 1 Dragonflight Overview

Welcome to Simple Carry's guide to Dragonflight Season 1! In this guide you will find loads of information about everything there is to do and obtain in the first season of Dragonflight. 

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Season 1 Dragonflight Guide

Season 1 of Dragonflight has officially begun, and now is the perfect moment to share the most exciting features of the season, as well as the best ways for players to earn rewards. Everything you need to know about the first season of Dragonflight, including information about the new raid, Mythic+ adjustments, and PvP modes, can be found in our comprehensive overview.

Dragonflight Gearing

Primal Invasions Overview

Dragonflight now features content like primal invasions. Approximately once every six hours, a Primalist force invades two separate zones on Dragon Isles. A large red cross indicates these locations on the Dragon Isles map. Two plus six is eight hours of invasion. It takes place every eight hours on the hour.

The four different kinds of invasions are named after the four classical elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Invasion after invasion has its own element-based hordes. The area has also been given a "element of attack" motif.

The point of the invasion is to level up your character and farm NPCs for Elemental Overflow and Storm Sigil, which you can then use to buy new gear. Different pieces of equipment are priced in distinct money types. Not all currencies are subject to the same time limit on grinding; some can be ground for as little as a week.

  • The most common currency is Elemental Overflow. It drops from Primal Invasion mobs all over the location that is being invaded. Elemental Overflow is used For buying gear that is ilvl 359, you can also buy mounts and pets; 
  • Storm Sigil is a currency that can be received once per type of invasion per week. You loot one item for each type of invasion and change it for a Storm Sigil currency. The currency can be changed for ilvl 385 gear (but you should have ilvl359 items for the exchange).

Primal Invasion Rewards

Primal Invasion offers a wide variety of benefits to World of Warcraft players, including mounts, pets, and achievements.

The Unsteady Merging of the Elements Precious relic The item that could be obtained before the patch went live. If you weren't able to deal with it the first time around, you can do so now.

Two companion pets and a mount are available for purchase with Elemental surplus. The list and associated costs follows:

Primary Invasion Gear

In Valdrakken, you can find two varieties of equipment for each rarity of cash. You may use it to purchase gear at 359 ilvl, and it's not nearly as scarce. The alternative is extremely rare and can yield things of 385 ilvl. Rings, trinkets, and necklaces are not for sale. Bonuses to the set are included with these goods as well.

Elemental Overflow Gear (ilvl 359)

Elemental Overflow, the cash that can be found in all mobs from the invasion, may be used to purchase this original gear from Primal Invasions. These items of equipment are sold by Mythressa, an NPC, in Valdrakken.

Gear Slot Cost
Belts, Bracers, Cloaks 200 Elemental Overflow
Off-Hands, Shields 300 Elemental Overflow
Boots, Gloves, Shoulders 350 Elemental Overflow
Strength/Agility 1H Weapons 400 Elemental Overflow
Chests, Helms, Pants, Intellect 1H Weapons 500 Elemental Overflow
All 2H Weapons, Ranged Weapons 800 Elemental Overflow

Storm Sigil Gear (Ilvl 385)

With Storm Sigil, one can purchase the most expensive equipment from Primal Invasions. One Storms Sigil per invasion can be obtained per week. when you discover a rare item that the NPC dropped. This means that you can earn a total of 4 Storm Sigils each week because there are four different invasion kinds that can happen each week.


You should send all Storm Sigil things to Rethelshi in Valdrakken, who is also the merchant that sells you Storm Sigil equipment. By just speaking with Rethelshi, you can find out how many and what kind of Storm Sigils are still available for this week.

You must give a vendor the same slot as Overflow Gear in order to purchase a Storm Sigil item. In essence, it's more of an improvement. The charges to upgrade your equipment to 385 ilvl are as follows:

Gear Slot Cost
Cloaks, Off-Hands, Shields, Belts, Bracers 5 Storm Sigil
Boots, Gloves, Agility/Strength 1H Weapons, Shoulders 7 Storm Sigil
Intellect 1H Weapons 9 Storm Sigil
Chests, Helms, Pants 10 Storm Sigil
All 2H Weapons, Ranged Weapons 14 Storm Sigil

Primal Invasion Gear Set Bonuses

Primal invasions have set bonuses for 2, 4, and 6 pieces of the set. You can have a set bonus from any piece except for the Cloak.

  • 2-Set: Increase your best secondary stat by 226;
  • 4-Set: When you kill an enemy that yields experience or honor, gain a Spark of the Primals. With five stacks, you receive an increase of your next offensive ability damage;
  • 6-Set: Killing a mob causes immunity to all damage and harmful effects for 8 sec. It can only be used outdoors in the Dragon Isles.

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Primal Invasion Achievements

Primal Invasions allows you to get a ton of achievements. Additionally, there is a meta-achievement called Into the Storm that calls for you to complete objectives related to Primal Invasions. The full list of invasion achievements is provided below:


Weekly Goals and Great Vault Objectives

It seems like the Great Vault was an excellent alternative for the weekly chest. That's why the concept of Shadowlands is being carried on in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion. Obtaining a new item for your Great Vault is as simple as completing a weekly set of Raid, Mythic+, or PvP objectives. The item you get to pick from once the Vault resets every week is determined by how far you've come in that time.

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The following objectives will increase the number of options available in your Vault:

 Raids Mythic + Dungeons Rated PVP
Defeat 2 Raid Bosses Complete 1 Mythic + Dungeon Earn 1250 Honor from Rated PvP
Defeat 4 Raid Bosses Complete 4 Mythic + Dungeon Earn 2500 Honor from Rated PvP
Defeat 8 Raid Bosses Complete 8 Mythic + Dungeon Earn 5000 Honor from Rated PvP


Mythic + Great Vault Item Levels

The Great Vault's Mythic+ item levels are higher than the treasure that lands at the end of a dungeon run, in contrast to Raid weekly loot.

Keystone Level End of Dungeon Weekly Great Vault
Mythic +2 376 382
Mythic +3 376 385
Mythic +4 379 385
Mythic +5 379 389
Mythic +6 382 389
Mythic +7 385 392
Mythic +8 385 395
Mythic +9 389 395
Mythic +10 392 398
Mythic +11 392 402
Mythic +12 392 405
Mythic +13 392 408
Mythic +14 395 408
Mythic +15 398 411
Mythic +16 398 415
Mythic +17 402 415
Mythic +18 402 418
Mythic +19 405 418
Mythic +20 405 421

The Great Vault PvP Objectives

Again, each stage increases the number of PvP gear options available at the end of the week. Your weekly maximum PvP rating determines your level.

  • To add one item of loot to your Great Vault, you must earn 1250 Honor Points from Rated PvP; t
  • to add two items, you must earn 2500 Honor Points;
  • to add three items, you must earn 5000 Honor Points from Rated

The Great Vault: Alternative Rewards

You can select Aspects' Token of Merit in place of any loot that the Great Vault suggests you take if you really don't need any of it.

The items can be purchased from Evantkis, who is located exactly adjacent to the Great Vault, with Aspects' Token of Merit:

Item Cost Notes
Storm-Charged Manipulator 6 Attendant's Token of Merit Add a socket to a Dragonflight Season 1 item that does not already have one. Can be used on Helms, Necks, Bracers, Belts, or Rings.
Primal Chaos Cluster 3 Attendant's Token of Merit Contains 10 Primal Chaos


Note that you can only have 12 Aspects' Token of Merit in your bag at a time, so you will need to make sure that you have space before you can claim this reward.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Here are four world bosses that start spawning with the launch of Season 1 in Dragonflight:


Strunraan can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.


Basrikron can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.



Liskanoth can drop a piece of armor of any type and a trinket at item level 389.

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Overview of Vault of the Incarnates

The Raszageth and Primalists will confront you in the first Dragonflight raid.

Normal, Heroic and Mythic

Schedule for the raid release of the Incarnates' vault. On December 12, the Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties will be available. There is also the cross-faction accessible. You must have at least 16 members of the same guild and faction to join Mythic.

Looking For Raid

Three wings for Looking for Raid Vault of the Incarnates will be available in three weeks:

  • December 19: LFR Wing 1
  • Jan 2: LFR Wing 2
  • Jan 3: LFR Wing 3

Vault of the Incarnates Loot / Item Level

The two last bosses in the raid drop the best ilvl gear, whilst the first four bosses drop the least potent loot.

 Boss Normal Heroic Mythic
Eranog 389 402 415
Terros 389 402 415
The Primal Council 389 402 415
Sennarth 395 408 421
Dathea, Ascended 395 408 421
Kurog Grimtotem 398 411 424
Raszageth 398 411 424


Vault of the Incarnates Achievements

You can earn a variety of achievements by defeating each boss, but the last one is the most intriguing.

Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge (Feat of Strength):

By killing Raszageth the Storm-Eater, you will get the following achievements:

Also, defeating Raszageth allows you to loot unique Dragonriding skin Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater.

Glory of the Vault Raider:

Another cool achievement is Glory of the Vault Raider. The requirement for the achievement is to complete the following tasks in the Vault of the Incarnates:

The reward is the Raging Magmammoth which is an eye-drawing lava mammoth.

Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Overview

There are 8 new dungeons in Dragonflight, however only 4 of them will be playable under Mythic+ difficulty.

For Mythic+ content in season one, Dragonflight has brought back four previous dungeons. Only 4 dungeons were offered for Season 1 as a result. In the upcoming season, four additional brand-new dungeons are likely to appear. Two dungeons from Legion, one from Warlords of Draenor, and one from Mists of Pandaria are included in the Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ pool.

The dungeons that may be found in Dragonflight Season 1's Mythic+ difficulty are listed below:

  • Ruby Life Pools (Dragonflight)
  • Algeth’ar Academy (Dragonflight)
  • The Azure Vault (Dragonflight)
  • The Nokhud Offensive (Dragonflight)
  • Halls of Valor (Legion)
  • Court of Stars (Legion)
  • Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (Warlords of Draenor)
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent (Mists of Pandaria)

Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Seasonal Rewards

Seasonal rewards for Dragonflight Season 1 follow a similar format to rewards from past Mythic+ Seasons in the form of achievements.

The following accomplishments can be obtained by completing a Mythic Keystone level 20 or higher within the allotted time restriction for each dungeon in Dragonflight Season One:

Dragonflight Season 1 Affix Rotation

Dragonflight Season One affix rotation has been changed.

Week # Affix 1

(Level 2+)

Affix 2

(Level 4+)

Affix 3

(Level 7+)

Seasonal Affix

(Level 10+)

1 Fortified Raging Quaking Thundering
2 Tyrannical Bursting Grievous Thundering
3 Fortified Sanguine Volcanic Thundering
4 Tyrannical Raging Storming Thundering
5 Fortified Spiteful Grievous Thundering
6 Tyrannical Sanguine Explosive Thundering
7 Fortified Bolstering Storming Thundering
8 Tyrannical Spiteful Quaking Thundering
9 Fortified Bursting Explosive Thundering
10 Tyrannical Bolstering Volcanic Thundering


Discover the dynamic Affix Rotation for Season 1 of Dragonflight in World of Warcraft. As dungeons become more challenging with different modifiers, it's essential to stay prepared. If you're looking to level up swiftly to tackle these ever-changing challenges, consider our specialized WoW Leveling Boost services. With our assistance, you can quickly reach the level you need to face the varying affixes and thrive in Dragonflight Season 1 dungeons.

Thundering Seasonal Affix

The new seasonal affix known as thundering will remain constant throughout the season and appear on dungeons that have more than 10 keys. This affix grants 2 or 3 members of the dungeon the Mark of Lightning debuff while the remaining members receive the Mark of Wind debuff during combat.

This attachment is extremely hazardous. However, while attached to the player, it deals 30% greater damage. If a person with the opposite debuff is within 100 yards of the debuffed person after the debuff has vanished, the debuffed person is shocked. You must come into contact with the individual who is under the opposing debuff in order to remove it. There won't be anyone around who has the opposite debuff, therefore the final man with the debuff won't be stunned.

The key is to identify the player among the three debuffed players who is dealing the most damage and allow him to continue doing so, while the other four players should remove the debuff right away or shortly thereafter if they are confident that nothing will prevent them from doing so within the next 15 seconds.

Valor Rewards in Season 1 Dragonflight

Let's concentrate on the Valor upgrade you can obtain rather than the Great Vaults and end-of-dungeon goodies that were already discussed. You can use the Valor cash to enhance your Mythic+ gear. In Mythic+ dungeons, the greatest upgrade levels demand a specific rating.

Upgrade Level Item Level Rating Requirement
1 376 None
2 379 None
3 382 None
4 385 None
5 389 None
6 392 None
7 395 600
8 398 1000
9 402 1000
10 405 1400
11 408 1700
12 411 2000
13 415 2400

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Overview

Let's discuss about the new world PvP gear and solo-shuffle in PvP that were added to Dragonflight.

Dragonflight PvP Gear

Dragonflights offers a variety of ways to gear up for PvP, which are detailed below.

Source PvP Item Level
Crafted Gear 398
War Mode Gear 408
Unrated PvP Gear 411
Trophy of Strife Gear 421
Unique Crafted Gear 424
Rated PvP Gear 424


Trophy of Strife Gear

Trophy of Strife, a new class of PvP gear, has been introduced in Dragonflight. The PvP item level of the gear from Trophy of Strife is 421, which is just 3 item levels lower than the item levels of rated PvP gear and specially equipped handmade gear. War Mode PvP gear can be upgraded using Trophy of Strife and purchased with Bloody Tokens. War Mode's World Quests also give you access to select equipment. The weekly Trophy of Strife quest for Malicia will be introduced with Dragonflight Season 1.

Solo Shuffle

The latest PvP mode, Solo Shuffle, was introduced towards the conclusion of Shadowlands.

It is possible to rank and unrank Solo Shuffle. There is only one solo rated PvP. In a 3v3 arena like that, friends and opponents are switched around every round so that everyone plays on the same team.

In the Solo Shuffle PvP, a Gladiator status is not attainable. The Crimson Soloist%s Title, on the other hand, is a benefit that only Solo Shuffle can offer.

Tanks can wait in the Solo Shuffle queue. All other tank specialties are DPS, however the Protection Paladin is a healer.

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Rewards

PvP in World of Warcraft has always rewarded some of the coolest and most prestigious rewards. Dragonflight Season 1 is no exception to this rule. Let's deep dive into some of the awesome rewards that Dragonflight has to offer!

Dragonflight Season 1 PvP Mounts

With the customary rewards for Dragon Riding, the Dragonflight Gladiator mount has undergone several alterations. Along with Highland Drake: Embodiment of the Crimson Gladiator, which allows you to transform your Dragon Riding mount into the Crimson Gladiator's Drake, you also get the Crimson Gladiator's Drake.

 WoW Renown Reputation Boost

The Vicious Sabertooth is the brand-new Vicious mount for Dragonflight Season 1. The colors of the Sabertooths from the Alliance and the Horde are different.

PvP Titles for Season 1 of Dragonflight

Dragonflight awards a number of unique titles based on your rating, just like in prior PvP seasons.

  • Combatant – 1000 Rating
  • Challenger – 1400 Rating
  • Rival – 1800 Rating
  • Duelist – 2100 Rating
  • Elite – 2400 Rating
  • Gladiator – 50 wins at 2400 Rating

There are two unique titles for Dragonflight Season 1:

Dragonflight PvP Season 1 Elite Transmog

The effects of the Elite PvP set are incredible. You can gradually unlock it by improving your rating.

  • Combatant I (1000): Cloak
  • Combatant II (1200: Legs Bracers
  • Challenger I (1400): Gloves Boots
  • Challenger II (1600): Chest Belt
  • Rival I (1800): Head, Shoulder Helm
  • Elite (2400+): Tabard

 Elite: Dragonflight Season 1 also grants access to Deep Cuts From the Vault and the Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone., which are both available to players. By doing this, other armor tints that use Vault of the Incarnates models will have access to glowing effects. Future versions will also include a Weapon Illusion, a Pennant, a Tabard, and a Cloak, according to Blizzard.

That is all there is to know about Season 1 of Dragonflight. Wishing you success on your explorations, and please remember to rate our resource if you found it helpful.

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