Guide for the Vault of the Incarnates Raid in Dragonflight (10.0.2)

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1. General

Vault of the Incarnates is the dungeon considered the first to be first tier for the extension of Dragonflight. It opens on December 12, 2022, for all difficulties, and has eight bosses. If you'd like an easy clear through Vault of the Incarnates you can purchase a boost from our professional raiders here.

2. Incarnates Lore: Vault of the Incarnates Lore

The Primalists broke into the Titan prison where the Incarnates had been held for millennia. From the inside it is clear that Raszageth engages in a vile ritual to free her siblings in order for them to work together to rid the world of the Titans' influence. To put an end to this threat, the champions of Azeroth must attack this impregnable fortress and breach its walls and defence. The whole conformity of the realms is doomed to the Incarnates' reign of fire and blood, even though many could perish.

3. The Raid Entrance to the Vault of the Incarnates

The Vault of the Incarnates entrance can be found at 72,56 in the eastern part of Thaldraszus.

Location of the Vault of the Incarnates Raid. When you first arrive there to collect Dragonriding Glyphs, don't forget to ask Flight Master Nirazal for the flight path.

4. Vault of the Incarnates Bosses

Vault of the Incarnates embodies 8 monsters.

After defeating Eranog, the boss that enters the raid, you can choose to fight Raszageth the Storm-Eater in two separate wings with three bosses within each of the wing.

The following bosses are available in the Vault of the Incarnate Raid

  • Eranog;
  • Terros;
  • The council of founders, or the Primal Council;
  • "The Cold Breath", Sennarth;
  • Dathea, who rose, known as Ascended;
  • Grimtotem Krog;
  • Diurna, the Broodkeeper;
  • The Storm-Eater, or Raszageth.

5. Raid Skips for Vault of the Incarnates

To obtain a skip for the Vault of the Incarnates Raid you must complete the Kalecgos raid quest "Break a Few Eggs"..

6. How Vault of the Incarnates Loot Works:

In Vault of the Incarnates, the only way to distribute loot during the raid is through group loot. The return to Personal Loot is not an option. Personal Loot can still be used on certain items, like profession reagents, when necessary.


7. Trading Loot

Loot Trading. Trading between members of your raid group is now completely free of any item level restrictions. While you are inside the raid, allowing you to trade items (rings, necklaces) with minor item level increases that are not upgrades.

8. Tiering of the Vault of the Incarnates item level

Item Level Tiering in Vault of the Incarnates is completely different. The Vault of the Incarnates adds a third item level tier where items drop, up from 2. The base item level for Normal difficulty is 389, and it comes from Eranog, Sennarth, Terros, and The Primal Council. Dathea, Ascended, and Kurog Grimtotem now have the new intermediate tier 395, which was previously the final boss. 398 is reserved for Raszageth and Broodkeeper Diurna, the final bosses.

For each difficulty level, the item level increases remain by +13, with Heroic base starting at 402, Mythic at 415, and so on.

9. Level of Loot in Vault of the Incarnates. Item lists.

Vault of the Incarnates can be cleared on four levels, which are also called difficulty levels — Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic and Mythic.

  • Raid Finder: Level 373-385
  • Normal: Levels 389 to 398;
  • Heroic: Level of Items 402-411;
  • Mythic: Levels 415-424.

10. Vault of the Incarnates: Unique Items

Unique Items in the Vault of the Incarnates are completely different from the previous version. Some raid bosses will intentionally drop one item at a higher level than the boss's normal table (+6 or +7). Trinkets, items with special bonus effects, and unique appearances are examples of such items. Each boss has its own unique drop list that will never change.

11. Vault Items in Vault of the Incarnates: Bind-on-equip (BoE)

Unique Drops Guide for Vault of the Incarnates Chapter 13 In the Vault of the Incarnates, "Lieutenant" enemies will drop "BoE" items once per week, depending on the difficulty. In Dragonflight, trash mobs no longer drop BoE items.

12. Rules for Bind-On-Equip in the First Weeks of Dragonflight Season 1

In Mythic Difficulty, Bind-on-Equip items will drop as Bind-on-Pickup items for the first few weeks. The restriction has no effect on any other issues.

13. Class Tiers: Vault of the Incarnates

The Tier Sets known as Vault of the Incarnates for the initial Dragonflight raid are referred to as Vault of the Incarnates Class Sets.

From the fourth boss on, set pieces drop as tokens in the raid. To make a Soulbound Vault of the Incarnates Class item for your class, tokens are applied as a payment or exchange option.

Death Knights, Warlocks, and Demon Hunters all share so-called Dreadful tokens.

  • Spiritualist tokens are divided among Trackers, Druids, and Mages.
  • Paladins, Priests, and Shamans share venerated tokens.
  • Warriors, Rogues, Monks, and Evokers all share Zenith tokens.

14. Rewards and Achievements From S1 Dragonflight Raids

Proto-Drake Achievements and Rewards from Raids: Reincarnation of the Icon of the Storm-Eater Renewed Proto-Drake: Epitome of the Tempest Eater is a Drakewatcher Composition that drops from Raszageth and opens another customization choice for the Reestablished Proto-Drake Symbol Restored Proto-Drake Dragonriding mount.

The Raging Magmammoth mount is rewarded by the Embodiment of the Storm-Eater and the Glory of the Vault Raider Icon meta-achievement.

Players who are inducted into the Hall of Fame: Icon Hall of Fame for Raszageth the Storm-Eater (Alliance): Raszageth the Tempest Eater (Union) or Lobby of Popularity: Icon Hall of Fame for Raszageth the Storm-Eater (Horde): The Famed Slayer of Raszageth title will be awarded for completing the Horde achievement Raszageth the Storm-Eater.

The Legend: Raszageth the Tempest Eater Symbol Mythic: The Storm-Eater title is the reward for the Raszageth the Storm-Eater achievement, which can be earned by defeating the final boss on Mythic difficulty.

You will receive Gleaming Incarnate Thunderstone Icon and the achievement Deep Cuts From the Vault Icon Deep Cuts From the Vault Feat of Strength after completing Raszageth on Mythic Difficulty. Certain Primalist Raid Tier Sets gain access to additional visual effects thanks to the item. The item can be obtained from Dragonflight PvP Season 1 content and Dragonflight Mythic+ Season 1.

Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater Icon Ahead of the Curve: Raszageth the Storm-Eater is the Chivalrous top-notch accomplishment for the primary Dragonflight attack level, originally called the Heroic achievement. Prior to the release of the subsequent tier of raids, you must defeat Raszageth on Heroic difficulty.

New Perspectives: Cutting Edge: Raszageth, the Storm-Eater Icon The Mythic counterpart, Raszageth the Storm-Eater, requires players to defeat the final boss on Mythic difficulty before the release of the subsequent raid.

Finally, you can get the Ottuk Trader Tattukiaka mount at 14,50 in the Azure Span (Iskaara) by looting Terros's Captive Core Icon Terros's Captive Core from Terros and Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane Icon Eye of the Vengeful Hurricane from Dathea, Ascended on any difficulty.

15. The Best of Vaults: The Great Vault of the Dragonflight.

In order to unlock the Raids category's selection of items, the Dragonflight Great Vault is the one to bind you to defeat a certain quantity of raid bosses. In our separate guide, you can learn more about the Great Vault and its requirements.

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