Dragonflight Dungeon Guide

Dragonflight Dungeon Guide

Dragonflight isn't a game-changing addition, but it adds major new features to practically all important PvP and PvE modes, including dungeons. This guide will provide an overview of all Dragonflight dungeons and Mythic+ changes.

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Dragonflight Dungeons List

World of Warcraft gained 8 additional dungeons with the introduction of the Dragonflight expansion. They primarily tell us tales about the history of dragons and titans and are based in the Dragon Isles (Uldaman being the one exception).

However, it's noteworthy to note that 4 of the 8 dungeons in Dragonflight Season 1 will only be accessible at Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty settings, whereas the other 4 dungeons will also be a part of the Mythic+ pool.

The following 4 new dungeons are only available with a max of Mythic 0 difficulty:

The Mythic+ Dungeon Pool for Dragonflight Season 1 is next. Don't assume that the Mythic+ pool will only include 4 dungeons during Season 1. Players will be entertained with redesigned dungeons from previous expansions on a harder difficulty, just like it was in Shadowlands Season 4.

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Dragonflight M+ Item Level

New item tiers for Mythic+ prizes are another noteworthy modification. Instead of growing to be +15 key, they are now +20. Therefore, completing Mythic +20 Dungeons is necessary for both gearing and teleporting to the dungeon entrance or finishing the difficult challenge. All item levels for M+ mode are shown here.

Key level End-of-dungeon ilvl Great Vault ilvl
+2 376 382
+3 376 385
+4 379 385
+5 379 389
+6 382 389
+7 385 392
+8 385 395
+9 389 395
+10 392 398
+11 392 402
+12 392 405
+13 392 408
+14 395 408
+15 398 411
+16 398 415
+17 402 415
+18 402 418
+19 405 418
+20 405 421


Dragonflight Season 1 Affix

Naturally, the Dragonflight expansion gave us access to the Thundering seasonal affix. How it operates is that players occasionally receive the Mark of Wind and Mark of Lightning, which improves them but explodes when it wears off. Players must therefore develop techniques to maximize the effects of buffs, but they must also avoid missing contact with players wearing the opposite mark to avoid taking damage.

Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic+ Affix Rotation

Another unique feature of Dragonflight is the affix rotation. The table for Season 1's first few months is provided below.

Week Affix 1
(Level 2+)
Affix 2
(Level 4+)
Affix 3
(Level 7+)
Seasonal Affix
(Level 10+)
1 Fortified Raging Quaking Thundering
2 Tyrannical Bursting Grievous Thundering
3 Fortified Sanguine Volcanic Thundering
4 Tyrannical Raging Storming Thundering
5 Fortified Spiteful Grievous Thundering
6 Tyrannical Sanguine Explosive Thundering
7 Fortified Bolstering Storming Thundering
8 Tyrannical Spiteful Quaking Thundering
9 Fortified Bursting Explosive Thundering
10 Tyrannical Bolstering Volcanic Thundering


Dragonflight Season 1 Mythic Dungeon Rewards

As usual, completing every Dragonflight Mythic dungeon on difficulty level 0 will provide you with the achievement Glory of the Dragonflight and a Shellack mount. The majority of the time, achievements call for certain strategies, requirements, or paradoxical methods, yet completing them is always enjoyable.

You can get accomplishments like Dragonflight Keystone Explorer: Season One (at least 750 rating) or Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season One with the Thundering title depending on how well you do in Mythic+ mode (at least 1500 rating). Of course, achieving a 2000+ rating will earn you the coveted Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season One achievement and the exclusive Hailstorm Armoredon mount.

Additionally, you will receive a teleport to the dungeon door for any completed-in-time dungeon with a difficulty level of +20 or above. And earning a 2500+ rating will grant you two achievements.

Dragonflight Mythic Dungeons Cheat Sheet

Let's now offer some straightforward tips for all Mythic and Mythic+ dungeon bosses. We won't go over each individual trash pack's capabilities. Only bosses in the short cheat sheet format, which aids in your readiness for every challenge.

Al'gethar Academy Cheat Sheet

In the past, Algeth'ar Academy served as the center of higher education for all dragons. All Azeroth inhabitants, including Alliance and Horde players, are now welcome to enter. The dungeon entrance is situated in Thaldraszus at /way 58.28 42.35.

Four bosses await the adventurers in this dungeon. However, you shouldn't rush to fight in the Academy straight away because there are five Dragonkin Recruiters from various Dragonflights near the entrance who can provide you useful permanent buffs. Below explains the Dragonflight NPCs and what buffs they will give you.

  • Bronze NPC - 5% Haste
  • Blue NPC - 584 Mastery
  • Green Dragonflight - 10% Additional Healing Taken
  • Red Dragonflight - 5% Versatility
  • Black Dragonflight - 5% Crit

Now, let’s see the boss’s tactics.



The first boss of the dungeon. To start the boss fight, you should first defeat 3 packs of Elementals and Enchanted items.

  • The tank should aim Arcane Expulsion away from teammates;
  • When Arcane Orbs appear, every player should soak one. If you have a teammate with magic immunity, this player can soak more than one. Track your debuff, and don’t let orbs hit the boss;
  • Every 40-second boss casts Arcane Fissure spell. Just try to survive and spawn multiple swirls away from other players;
  • Drop Mana Bombs away from other players and try to group them closely.


This huge winged beast boss allows you to take a rest and play with a ball. But it’s a not-so-easy sport.

  • The key boss fight mechanic Play Ball! activates at 75% and 45%  when winds and flames appear at the platform players should pick balls from the ground and use Extra Action Button to throw at the Pitch goals. Every time you score a goal, you can decrease the number of Sonic Vulnerability stacks from Deafening Screech;
  • Also, don’t cast during Deafening Screech;
  • Tanks should track Savage Peck tankbuster ability.
Overgrown Ancient


Giant living trees are always taught opponents, so be patient.

Echo of Doragosa


Even the echo of the dragon can be dangerous. But let us tell you some tricks.


Brackenhide Hollow Cheat Sheet

Our seasoned enemies, the gnoll, did you miss them? Located in the Azure Span at /way 11.57 48.78, Brackenhide Hollow is the largest hamlet of this race in the Dragon Isles.

The Decaying Cauldron, which may be located after completing the dungeon, is the first of the four bosses. This item may be used by a player with level 25 in Dragon Isles Alchemy, allowing all party members to acquire Cleansed Rot brew to treat ailments.

Before you engage in the first fight, you should also register for the Tuskarr Rescue Event and save 5 tuskarrs. Immediately following the event's conclusion, the first boss will show up.

Hackclaw’s War-Band


These three gnolls are just a classical encounter with several bosses.

  • Avoid Bladestorm, interrupt healing casts, and try to kick bolts;
  • Try to decrease bosses HP in one time to not deal with Bloodfrenzy ahead of time;
  • Blast down Hextrick Totem when it appears;
  • The tank should position Rira Hackclaw away from melee DD to help them avoid cleave;
  • When Rira Hackclaw aims Savage Charge cast at one of the players, the tank should stay in front of charge to reduce damage;
  • The healer should heal target under Gash Frenzy above 90% of HP to dispel bleeding effect;
  • When Prey on the Weak is active, the healer should keep everyone above 90% HP to avoid enraging effects.


Another gnoll, but at this time with two hyena minions. You should start with them.



Was anyone ready to meet with a corrupted living tree? Let’s prepare ourselves.

  • Everybody should avoid Decay Spray frontal cast and immediately interrupt and kill 4 slimes that will appear after. Slimes, in turn, will drop void zones you should avoid, too;
  • When Grasping Vines starts, one of the players should stay within 10 yards of the boss to become a target of Consume (every time, it should be a new player because of debuff). During Consume, all players should blast the boss to kick the absorbing shield;
  • The tank should aim Vine Whip away from teammates.
Decatriarch Wratheye


The last boss of the Brackenhide Hollow looks like the most powerful gnoll you can see in the World of Warcraft. But fear no, our tricks help you to defeat everybody.


Halls of Infusion Cheat Sheet

Under Tyrhold lies an old dragon edifice called Halls of Infusion that was built to provide water to the Life Pools of the red dragonflight. The dungeon is situated in Thaldraszus at /way 59.24 60.64; however, Primalist have just invaded it, making it difficult to navigate.

The Halls always welcome players with the professions of Engineering or Herbalism because of the beneficial perks they can give you. Engineers with at least 25 skill can locate the Limited Immortality Device in Infuser's Rotunda, which grants all teammates the chance to cheat death by living forever. Herbalists can locate Infused Mushroom in Khajin's Gambit (after the third boss) and in the Intake Reservoirs (to the left after defeating the first monster), where they can obtain the Cleansing Spores buff for 30 minutes.

Watcher Irideus


Not every stone man can be your friend. But classical dungeon 2-phase encounters always are full of fun.

Gulping Goliath


Fighting with a giant toad in the crumbling cave will make even the worst of your days the better.

  • First of all, watch Cave In void zones;
  • Blast down all Curious Swoglet adds until they stack too many Gulp Swog Toxin stacks on you (10 stacks will be lethal);
  • When the boss casts Gulp, one player should be eaten to protect the group from Hangry Enrage Effect.
Khajin the Unyielding


Khajin the Unyielding, like other primalists, rise against the legacy of the Titans. So, the heroes of Azeroth should protect it another time.

  • The main part of the fight is Hailstorm cast. Players should use Ice Boulder or immune ability to survive. Note that you can use Ice Boulder only one time because it will explode after, so you should always check the platform to find a new one;
  • Be prepared for Glacial Surge rings diverging from the boss;
  • Avoid Frost Cyclone, and don’t let this spell destroy some Ice Boulder
  • Healer should dispel Frost Shock effect as often as possible.
Primal Tsunami 


Another powerful elemental that players should defeat in the Dragonflight expansion. So, maybe, it’s not so powerful to be the raid boss, at least.


Neltharus Cheat Sheet

In the past, Neltharus served as the black dragonflight's home. But now, just like the entire Obsidian Citadel, it has been overrun by djaradins. Do you support Wrathion and Sabellian's efforts to recover Neltharus?



Experimental Neltarion potion turned the usual animal in Dungeon boss. How many troubles still Deathwing bring us?

  • Do not delay the fight because of the Magma Tentacle spell that empowers the boss;
  • Be prepared for swirls on the ground spawned by Magma Lob and take the boss away from them because they also empower the boss;
  • Avoid the Lava Spray cast targeted at one of the players;
  • Avoid the Blazing Charge and lava waves that appeared after.
Chargath, Bane of Scales


One of the most famous djaradin’s dragon hunters. We already find and train our dragons, so we can’t let them hurt.

  • When Grounding Spear spell chains 3 players and the boss casts Fiery Focus at the tank, the tank should kite the boss through the spears;
  • Avoid puddles of lava;
  • Avoid Magma Wave.
Forgemaster Gorek


Djaradin’s most distinguished craftsmen will surprise you with various dangerous weapons, but we have some advice to defeat him.

Warlord Sargha


Warlord Sargha is a leader of Qalash djaradin, so be sure that fight won’t be easy.

  • During the fight, the boss will be covered by Magma Shield, and players should crash the shield collecting various items from the piles of gold around the room. During searching, players should avoid fire waves and survive a lot of AoE damage;
  • Burning Ember spell will summon adds aimed at random players that also leave puddles of lava. Just run away from them until they disappear;
  • Avoid The Dragon's Kiln frontal cone.


Ruby Life Pool Cheat Sheet

The five dragonflight have revered these breeding areas since time immemorial. Therefore, it seems clear that Primalist and Raszageth had to strike Ruby Life Pools at some point. Only the heroes of Azeroth could defend the sanctuary as Aspects lacked their powers. The Waking Shores' entrance to the Ruby Life Pools is located at /way 60.00 75.77.

Melidrussa Chillworn


The first of Primalist chiefs players should face in the dungeon. In this fight, the healer will be at the forefront.

  • During the fight, all players will be affected by Primal Chill stacks. The healer should dispel it on CD and track the goals with the highest amount of stacks;
  • Avoid Chillstorm and Hailbombs icicles;
  • The player that becomes the target of Chillstorm should run away from the group;
  • Use crowd-control abilities on whelps and interrupt their casts;
  • During Frost Overload cast, you should nuke the boss to crash the shield and interrupt Melidrussa.
Kokia Blazehoof


While other Primalist attacks the sacred Life Pools, Kokia is trying to capture precious eggs. We protect the eggs from the start of the expansion and definitely can’t allow this.

  • Every 30 seconds Ritual of Blazebinding cast will spawn adds near one of the players. Damage dealers should kill them fast, interrupt their casts, and run away when adds explode. It will be better to position the group in the corner to place the void zone away from the boss and other teammates;
  • The tank should choose the position correctly to not place teammates under Molten Boulder spell. Also, it’s better to aim boulders in one of the walls;
  • Tank and healer should be prepared for Searing Blows.
Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein


Primalist and proto-dragon, double problems. The last dungeon bosses can’t be an easy walk, you know.

  • During the first phase of the fight, you will deal with Erkhart Stormvein on the ground while Kyrakka attacks from the air. During the second phase, Erkhart will jump on Kyrakka’s back, and you should cleave them, but try to kill the dragon first;
  • Avoid Interrupting Cloudburst cast;
  • All fire abilities will give the players Infernocore stacks. Be aware that after fading, stacks leave a void zone on the ground;
  • Track Kyrakka position during the first phase to avoid Roaring Firebreath;
  • Be ready for Winds of Change that will change your position and void zone positions.


The Azure Vault Cheat Sheet

This dungeon used to be the repository for different magician artifacts and knowledge in the distant past, when Malygos and Sindragosa were still alive and in good health. Who knows, though, what transpired here for a very long time? The Azure Vault entrance is located at /way 38.89 64.76 in the Azure Span.

Prior to entering the rings and before going to the area after Azureblade, players with the Inscription profession might acquire useful abilities. The player gains an extra button to undo floor-based Wild Magic traps and polymorph adversaries as a result of the enhancement.



The power of the pool of ley energy provides this elemental with endless growth. So, if this creature can’t be controlled, it must be defeated.

  • First, you should nuke every Ley-Line Sprouts which will appear during the fight. It’s important because every sprout increases the damage from Consuming Stomp ability;
  • To destroy sprouts, you should use Explosive Brand boss ability (knockbacks players) and Erupting Fissure frontal attack aimed at the tank.


A staunch defender of Malygos secrets and the Azure Vault in the past, a mad contender for leadership in blue dragonfliht. Still, the dangerous enemy for everyone.

Telash Greywing


Don’t forget that not every dracthyr is our good friend. Telash is so angry at the blue dragonflight that plans to destroy every between him and his goal.

  • The main problem of the fight is Frost Bomb debuff which drops the growing within 2 minutes ice circle on the floor. So you need to position correctly or drop debuff from the platform if you can get back;
  • When bost teleports to the middle of the room and starts Absolute Zero cast, you should find an active Vault Rune safe spot to protect yourself.


In the past, this proud dragon was damaged by raw arcane power. Malygos tried to heal Umbrelskul’s crystalline growths, but he didn’t finish the job.


The Nokhud Offensive Cheat Sheet

Get ready to participate in the centaur civil war. Players will assist Maruuk in regaining control of the ancient eagle spirit Ohn'ahra while it is being held by Clan Nokhud and Primalists. The Ohn'ahran Plains' Nokhud Offensive entrance is located at /way 62.01 42.44.

Interestingly, there is no set path through the dungeon, and all bosses—save for the last one—can be defeated in any order. Additionally, this is the only dungeon where players can employ Dragonriding in addition to mounts.



Powerful proto-dragon made plans to destroy the centaur clans for a thousand years. And now, when the civil war started, Granyth finally landed on the ground of the plains of Ohn’ahra.

The Raging Tempest


Primalist chaos incarnated into wind elemental threatens to destroy not only the plains of Ohn’ahra but all Dragon Isles. And nobody wants to wait two more years until the next expansion is released, sure?

Teera and Maruuk


Bad centaurs resurrected the legendary first matriarch and the centaur’s greatest warrior. Players should help to give them eternal peace at all costs.

  • The bosses share HP, so it’s better to cleave them at one point. Also, keep them together to dodge Ancestral Bond mechanic;
  • Be aware of Quick Shot cast to have more than 50% of HP;
  • The tank should track Brutalize ability and use mitigation or ask healer for help;
  • Run away from the melee zone during Frightful Roar cast or use immunities;
  • The players under Gale Arrow target should run away from the bosses;
  • After Repel cast, you should get yourself fast to the boss to stop Guardian Wind;
  • Avoid Earthsplitter at all costs.
Balakar Khan


Finally, the leader of Clan Nokhud. Players should stop them to end the war, no other way.


Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Cheat Sheet

Are you prepared to visit long-forgotten Uldaman once more? New bosses, fresh titan secrets, and a Disc of Norgannon that can restore the power of dragon Aspects are all present. Buckle up because we're off to the Eastern Kingdoms, Badlands, and route 41.10 10.33.

Uldaman was revamped and received its own checkpoints. Don't rush to walk on after dying and being freed since, depending on how far you are in the dungeon, you can locate a Neglected Mole Machine nearby and use a teleport.

The Lost Dwarves


Eric, Olaf, and Baelog spent too much time underground searching for ancient secrets and treasures and now can’t even differentiate friends from enemies. So let’s remind them who we are.

  • Stay spread to avoid Olaf’s Ricocheting Shield;
  • Run away from Eric when he casts Skullcracker;
  • Interrupt Olaf’s Defensive Bulwark;
  • During Searing Cannonfire, it will be better for all players to stay at one point and move together slowly to the safe spots. Also, focus on the single boss to blast dwarves one by one;
  • The tank should face under Wild Cleave mitigations away from the party;
  • Keep Heavy Arrow away from the teammates too.


The chieftain of the Stonevault troggs is piously sure that all Uldaman treasures belong to him rightly. So, for him, the players are only annoying intruders that should be dead.

  • After Call of the Deep cast, kill the adds focusing on casters (interrupt them too);
  • Run away from the ground effect of Thundering Slam;
  • When Quaking Totem appears, you should blast it immediately. At the same time, the tank should stack the boss and add under totem to increase the damage they will take;
  • Dispel Bloodlust every time it’s active.
Sentinel Talondras


This boss is one of the refti, a titan-forged race crafted by Keeper Tyr. And Sentinel Talondras definitely won’t pass inside, even the friends of the creator.



Titan vaults always were protected well. So to learn the remaining secrets, the players should break through Emberon.

  • Be spread when the boss uses Unstable Embers;
  • When the boss gets Sacred Barrier aura, you should kill 2 adds to end the phase. You can share the adds with all teammates;
  • Don’t cross the Purging Flames lines;
  • The tank should aim Searing Clap away from the party;
  • The healer should be aware of Burning Heat to dispel it immediately.
Chrono-Lord Deios


Not every dragon wants Aspects to bring back their powers. Chrono-Lord Deios serves another Aspect and wants to protect titan’s secrets for him.

  • Dodge the Eternity Orb strikes and spawning void zones;
  • When the boss starts Wing Buffet cast, beware there are no void zones near your position;
  • The tank should aim Sand Breath away from the group;
  • The healer should dispel Time Sink when the target is on top of HP.


Court of Stars Cheat Sheet

Players are encouraged to aid rebels in taking down the Nightborne leaders, who struck a contract with the Burning Legion, in Suramar's Court of Stars. The Court of Stars entrance is located in Suramar at /way 51, 65.

Players can uncover numerous class enhancing items during the dungeon run, so be patient and explore different areas to gain more power.

Patrol Captain Gerdo


The first serious threat which every group faces. Before the fight, don’t forget to turn off the signal beacons to make the fight easier for you.

Talixae Flamewreath


The Emissary of the Burning Legion helps Nighthborne resist rebels. But what can she do to the Heroes of Azeroth?

You should find and blast down 3 Felbound Enforcers to start the boss fight. Every dead enforcer will attract the attention of one of the three mini-bosses you also should defeat.
  • Avoid Infernal Eruption swirls. Stun, control, and kill the imps which will appear on them;
  • Interrupt Withering Soul every time to save your party mates and yourself;
  • Try to defeat the boss as fast as possible and keep your CDs before you start Talixae encounter because of Burning Intensity DoT.
Advisor Melandrus


The First Blade of the Grand Magistrix will stand for his master till he dies. Luckily, players can always provide the boss with this option.

To start the boss fight, you should talk to 5 party guests to learn clues about the impostor in this area. You can speak with 5 elves and then turn on your inner Sherlock, or you can just ask Demon Hunter to use Spectral Sight when you get all five clues.
  • Avoid the boss images which will appear after Blade Surge;
  • Track the Piercing Gale lines and run away from them. The boss and his images cast the in front of them and behind them;
  • The healer should build CD rotation to protect the group from increasing Slicing Maelstrom damage.


Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Cheat Sheet

We have another chance to explore the alternate history of the Warcraft universe and interact with Ner'zhul before he becomes as the Lich King on Azeroth in this well-known Draenor dungeon. Of course, the dungeon and battle at the end still revolve around necromancy. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, however, is considerably simpler to unlock than other Dragonflight Season 1 keys. There are neither unique activities nor different buffs. Just go ahead and destroy any foe that you encounter.

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At /way 31.71 42.64 in Shadowmoon Valley, you can enter the dungeon. You don't have to fly from Ashran because the portal to Shadowmoon Valley is in Valdrakken.

Sadana Bloodfury 


One of the most powerful acolytes of the Shadowmoon clan, Sadana followed Ner’zhul in Burial Grounds. This way, she becomes our first serious enemy.

  • Avoid Daggerfall damage;
  • During Whispers of the Dark Star channel cast, don’t count only on your healer and use your defensive to mitigate damage;
  • When the boss summons spirit after Dark Communion cast, you should focus on add. Kick the spirit, push, and try to kill it until the spirit hits the boss to heal her and increase Sadana damage;
  • When the boss starts Dark Eclipse cast, you should find Lunar Purity runes in the inner circle of the platform and stand in them to prevent a lot of AoE damage;
  • The tank should beware of Deathspike and use mitigations to survive.


One of the Void creatures that came to the call of Ner’zhul. Pure darkness, hate, and power.

Before the fight, track all shadowy crypts on the ground. Don’t touch them to prevent the appearance of the Exhumed Spirit. Don’t forget about the crypts during the fight.
  • During Planar Shift cast, use all available options to increase your movement speed;
  • During the Soul Steal phase, blast down your soul quickly to get the Returned Soul buff and protect yourself from the high damage;
  • Track Void Devastation to avoid its projectiles;
  • The tank should aim away from Void Blast teammates;
  • DDs should prepare their CDs for the Returned Soul buff.


Ner’zhul ritualists feed this creature, so it wants to protect its partners from imminent death.

  • After the fight starts, two worms your team killed on the bridge will be resurrected. You can defeat the together with the boss or blast the boss and ignore adds.
  • Avoid Body Slam attacks;
  • Use Corpse Breath ground puddles to avoid Inhale cast. In all other cases, avoid Corpse Breath. Also, you can use defensive skills to survive the Inhale damage and be spit out on the platform later.


Maybe it’s not the most powerful version of a legendary villain, but very dangerous, too, so don’t underestimate this enemy.

  • Players targeted by Omen of Death should bait its spawn near the edge of the platform. All players should avoid these zones;
  • Avoid Malevolence frontal cone;
  • During Ritual of Bones cast target one skeleton to kill him and run through the line safely;
  • The tank should keep the boss away from Omen of Death.


Titanic guardian Odyn and his gallant soldiers feast and hunt in this golden castle perched above the Stormheim clouds while they get ready for the impending battle. Additionally, Valarjars guard the Aegis of Aggramar, a piece of equipment required by the players and God-King Skovald, which is a part of the Pillar of Creation. The team's objectives are to prove their mettle to Odyn, vanquish Skovald, and claim the Aegis of Aggramar.

The dungeon entrance is located in Stormheim at /way 72 68.

You should first be aware of the movement speed enhancements Odyn's Favor and Odyn's Blessing, which make life simpler in the dungeon when summoning mounts is not possible. When you kill Hyrja or Fenrir, you will receive the first buff, and when you kill both of them, you will receive the second.



One of the bravest Odyn warriors, Hymdall protects Halls of Valor from the visitation of unworthy souls. The group should prove who is really unworthy, at least as a warrior.



Once upon a time, titan watcher Eyir noticed the brave Hyrja and gave her another chance after death by transforming her into Val’kyr. Now, players should test how brave Hyrja is for real.

  • Use Lightning Shield to survive during Eye of the Storm;
  • Be spread to avoid Arcing Bolt ;
  • Dodge Shield of Light frontal cone;
  • Avoid Sanctify orbs;
  • Use defensive CDs and bounce Expel Light between each other;
  • The tank should position the boss on the left side of the platform or on the right to avoid mechanic stacking. Avoid keeping the boss in the middle.


This worg is the true pack master of the Fields, and no one hunter can compete with him. Did you want to challenge Fenryr?

Once you find the boss, you can decrease Fenryr HP to 60% and than worg run away to cast Licking Wounds near his lair. So, you should go to the lair as fast as it is possible.
God-King Skovald


Vrykul king brought his people to the Legion. And now he should get Aegis of Aggramar to the Gul’dan. But the players have their own plans for the artifact.



In the past, this powerful titan keeper led titan-forged armies into battle with the Old Gods. Can you decrease the boss HP to at least 80%?


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Temple of The Jade Serpent Cheat Sheet

This area served as Yu'lon, the Jade Serpentmagnificent ,'s birthplace of peace for countless years. Sha of Doubt, however, took control of the temple when the spirits of negative emotions awoke throughout Pandaria. Now it should be returned to Yu'lon by the Heroes of Azeroth.

Go to The Jade Forest at /way 56, 58 to find the entrance to the dungeon. Another straightforward and uncomplicated Mythic+ dungeon from the Dragonflight Season 1 pool.

Wise Mari


The revered jinyu waterspeaker dedicated his life to understanding the Fountain of the Everseeing. But corrupted waters changed the Wise Mari, so players should heal him from evil ideas.

  • Avoid the frontal beam Wash Away spinning around the room;
  • Stay away from Corrupted Geyser zones;
  • Players with Corrupted Vortex should drop it near the edge of the room and quickly run away from it.
Lorewalker Stonestep


The Sha of Doubt’s minions captured the Temple of the Jade Serpent’s library and made first-class chaos in this place. The players should help Lorewalker Stonestep bring it under control.

Liu Flameheart


Liu was the first who stood for the Yu’lon protection but fell the first, too. Another patient for your group.

Sha of Doubt


Manifestation of suspicion incarnated physically was captured for thousands of years. This Sha always was obsessed with the Jade Serpent Yu’lon, so destroying her home is a pleasure for the evil spirit.

  • The healer should keep the HP of the group members at the top because of pulsing AoE damage and also dispel Wither Will;
  • After Bounds of Reality cast, kill the adds.


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