Artisan's Mettle and Spark of Ingenuity Guide for WoW Dragonflight

Spark of Ingenuity: Purpose and How To Get It

In Dragonflight, the rare reagent Spark of Ingenuity acts as a time time gate to powerful battle crafting equipment with high item levels up to 418 for the best possible quality. Items infused with Concentrated Primal Infusion infusion are indicated by the icon.

Combining 150x Primal Chaos, which can be found randomly while engaging in any end-game activity, with x10 Concentrated Primal Focus Icon yields Concentrated Primal Infusion. Killing the Mythic bosses in the Vault of the Incarnates, completing Mythic+ keys at level 16 or higher, and engaging in highly ranked PvP activities will provide you Concentrated Primal Focus .

Primal Focus is produced by maxing out renown with a faction, Mythic+ keys that are in the 11–15 range, Heroic bosses, and moderately rated PvP activity. Primal Focus can then be combined with 100x Primal Chaos to produce Primal Infusion, which can be used to raise an item's level to 405 at the highest quality.

Spark of Ingenuity are simple to acquire. After completing the endgame questline that was initiated by the questJump-Start? Jump-Starting! in Valdrakken, you will have activated the Engine of Innovation. Slowly but steadily, more sparks are given away every two weeks as part of follow-up quests that you can find in Valdrakken after the weekly reset. Your alts will be able to catch up quickly by completing the previously time-gated quests back to back up to the current highest quest that is live.

Artisan's Mettle: Purpose and How To Get It

A rare ingredient called Artisan's Mettle is used in high-end vocation crafts, most notably the best-in-slot gear crafts, which require over 200 Mettle each!

After finishing the brief introduction quest to crafting in Dragonflight, you can obtain some for free from Thomas Bright in The Artisan's Market district of Valdrakken, the capital of the Dragon Isles. You can use this handout once a week.

A chest containing one Dragon Shard of Knowledge can be found in the weekly quest Aiding the Accord in Valdrakken. Khadin, a centaur Master Artisan who lives in a cave southwest of Maruukai in the Ohn'aran Plains zone, may be found there to exchange it for knowledge.

Along with the weekly rewards, you can also earn extra shards by achieving the 100, 250, and 500 crafting order completion achievements Dragon Isles Crafting Order Master.

The remaining components must be acquired through occupational knowledge point accumulation (5 Mettle each point) and First Craft bonuses, which are given each time you create a new item. Depending on the item's rarity and the difficulty of the recipe, these can grant up to 10 Artisan's Mettle.

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