How To Obtain The Magmashell Mount in Dragonflight

magmashell mount wow dragonflight

This guide has detailed instructions on where to find the [Empty Magma Shell]  and how to obtain it in order to obtain the fire snail mount [Magmashell] in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

It's no secret that players of World of Warcraft are always on the lookout for new and exciting mounts, and Dragonflight is teeming with possibilities. The newest fire snail mount has been discovered after the Season 1 update. [Magmashell] is something that every citizen of Azeroth will desire to acquire, if only to flaunt in front of a major city.

If you're looking to complete your collection of snail mounts with the stunning [Magmashell] as soon as possible in World of Warcraft, Dragonflight, then you've come to the right place.

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How to get the Magmashell Mount

Obtaining the [Magmashell] Mount is a pretty simple 2 step process. Below are the steps listed in the required order to get your hands on that awesome looking snail!

Step 1

[Magmashell], the mount of a fiery snail, is pretty easy to obtain. A visit to Dragon Isles' Waking Shores is your first step. You'll need to gather [Empty Magma Shell] from the Lavaslurper and Basalt Shell mobs or you can also find one for sale on the Auction House for around 1,000-10,000 Gold.

If you wish to farm the [Empty Magma Shell]  you can farm it from the Lavaslurper and Basalt Shell mobs South of the Obsidian Sanctum, you'll find these by the lava river. Location on a map: around 22,71. Below is a map of the approximate location.

Magmashell Mount WoW Dragonflight

Step 2

With an [Empty Magma Shell] in hand, you must now face the challenge of withstanding lava.

Now take to the air and head for Scalecracker Keep, where a big pool of lava awaits at the peak of the mountain. This lava lake houses the Empowered Snail NPC. In case you're interested, 71.2 and 25.4 are the coordinates.

Below is an image of where you can find the Empowered Snail NPC in the lava pool. 

magmashell mount wow dragonflight

Run into the lava with the [Empty Magma Shell] in your inventory, and use it to initiate a channeled cast called "Embiggening Snail" on the Empowered Snail NPC. The cast time for this is 20 seconds, which is problematic because most characters will likely perish within that time without a healer's assistance or the application of a Heal Over Time (HOT) effect.

Enjoy Your Mount!

If you followed our guide to obtaining the [Magmashell] mount up to the point, you should be a proud owner of the [Magmashell] mount!

Additional Tips

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This concludes our brief, detailed walkthrough for obtaining [Magmashell], the final fire snail mount in World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion. Enjoy!

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