FFXIV Guide: Where to Unlock New Content In Patch 6.3

New dungeons, trials, and custom deliveries

On January 10, Final Fantasy XIV's patch 6.3 went live, bringing with it a ton of fresh content. Major odd-numbered updates typically include a large number of quests that are geared toward casual or midcore players. To put it another way, don't be afraid to jump in and learn what's new in the game! Only the trial with the highest level of difficulty will require that you prepare beforehand.

Despite this, some content is anticipated to appear in the months after Patch 6.3's release. In Patch 6.31, the new Ultimate Difficulty encounter—which is designed for the fervently dedicated players—will debut. A new deep dungeon (similar to Palace of the Dead), a new tribal questline for craftspeople, Hildebrand missions, and the next stage of the Manderville Relic Weapon quest are also included in Patch 6.35. Around March, Patch 6.35 is anticipated to be released.

Explore the most recent content at the places listed below while you wait!

Main Scenario Questline

Talk to Varshahn at X:4.4, Y:9.8 to continue your journey in Radz-at-Han if you've finished the Main Scenario Quests. To access all of your roulettes, be sure to finish this questline since it will unlock both the new dungeon and the new trial included in patch 6.3.

Alliance Raid Questline

Look for Deryk in Mor Dhona at X:23.9, Y:9.1. He will offer you a brief questline that will eventually send you into the Euphrosyne Alliance Raid. If this quest does not appear for you, keep in mind that you must have completed the respective prerequisite quests (Aglaia Alliance Raid Quests).

New Custom Deliveries

The Crystarium at X:9.3, Y:11.3 has the most recent custom deliveries tale. Look for the Supplicant Sheep by ascending the stairs. Keep in mind that in order to access this quest, you must have finished the Endwalker Main Scenario Quest and unlocked Collectibles.

Tataru’s Grand Endeavor

Talk to Mehdjina in Old Sharlayan at X:11.8, Y:9.8, just like before. However, in order to reach this section of Tataru's Grand Endeavor, the Four Lords questline from Stormblood must be finished. Go back to The Ruby Sea and check for the quest "An Auspicious Encounter" if you never finished these tasks.

Tales of Newfound Adventure

If you’ve been following this questline, you can continue from where you left off before. Go to Radz-at-Han at X:7.3, Y:9.0 and talk to the Radiant Scout.

New Unreal Trial

You should already be aware of where to look for these if you did the previous Unreal Trials. Containment Bay P1T6 is the most recent Unreal Trial, where you will battle Sophia from Heavensward. This instance will immediately show up in the High End Duty tab of your Duty Finder if you've already unlocked Unreal Trials. In any case, go to X:7.0, Y:5.9 in Idylshire to find the Painfully Ishgardian Man if you haven't unlocked Unreal Trials.

New Extreme Trial

Find the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan at X:12.7, Y:14.3, after finishing the new trial in the Main Scenario Questline. It is sufficient to complete the trial alone; you do not need to have completed the whole Main Scenario Questline. Request a song from the minstrel, and you'll then have access to the encounter's Extreme difficulty.

Island Sanctuary Update

The Island Sanctuary has received a ton of new stuff. Everything would take too long to list every change made here, especially because you can easily see it for yourself. Getting to Lower La Noscea and speaking with Baldin at X:24.9, Y:34.8 will allow you to continue your Island Sanctuary mission.

New Underwater Location

Have you ever considered diving in Upper La Noscea? You can now! If you only use the Disciple of War and Disciple of Magic classes, this new undersea zone is merely for entertainment. Fishers can also discover new spearfishing nodes down here.

New Gold Saucer Content

The Blackjack mount is a large new prize in the Gold Saucer. Yes, Final Fantasy XIV features Setzer's fabled airship, which is undoubtedly one of the best rides in the game. The only 4-player mount that is not restricted by Savage content, a temporary event, or the cash shop is this one. So, finally, a means exists for casual people to acquire a 4-player mount for themselves.

This is available at the Gold Saucer's Prize Claim. You may find the Blackjack Identification Key along with the other Gold Saucer Mounts by selecting Prize Exchange III. At 4,000,000 MGP, getting this is a challenge. If you intend to purposefully grind for this mount, lean into your Challenge Log and look for Gold Saucer goals. Thankfully, you can test out a new course in the GATE Leap of Faith in the meanwhile. Despite the fact that they still spawn every 20 minutes on Earth, keep in mind that the GATE timetable has altered.

Shifting Gymnasion Agonon

Rejoice, Treasure Maps fans! The addition of Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps has resulted in the creation of a new Treasure Map dungeon. These may be acquired from Level 90 Gathering Nodes with an 18-hour cooldown, just like previous Treasure Maps. Having said that, if you do not currently have more than one Treasure Map in your inventory, you are free to purchase one from the Market Board.

If you are fortunate enough to encounter this dungeon, it is advised that eight players accomplish it. However, if you are confident in your battle skills, you can bring fewer companions.

Other small additions

You can now exchange Ultimatum Tokens for the mount you never obtained despite grinding the extreme trial introduced in Patch 6.1. Visit Nesvaaz at X:10.6 Y:10.0 in Radz-at-Han to swap these.

The ability to gather upgrade materials for Lunar Envoy gear gained through Allagan tomestones of causality is further expanded. Both Moonshine Twine and Moonshine Shine are now exchangeable for Sacks of Nuts or Coins obtained from the Level 90 Alliance Raids. Hunts can obtain Sacks of Nuts, and the Old Sharlayan seller to exchange them is located at X:11.9, Y:13.2. Before choosing how diligently you want to work for these resources, consider how much you need the upgrades—stronger armor will be made available in Patch 6.4.

Have fun with whatever new content you decide to pursue first! 

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