Trading Post Guide - World of Warcraft Dragonflight

In the brand-new feature called The Trading Post, which has become available in Dragonflight with Patch 10.0.5, you can accomplish monthly tasks to earn exclusive cosmetic gifts. The new account-wide Trading Post currency, Traders Tender, can be used to buy cosmetics at the Trading Post, including mounts, pets, and transmog items.

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What is the Trading Post?

With Patch 10.0.5, a brand-new rewards store called The Trading Post will be unlocked on February 1st, 2023. You can buy distinctive cosmetic gifts with the Traders Tender you earn by completing challenges.

How to Obtain Trader's Tender

The new account-wide Trading Post currency, Traders Tender, is used to buy cosmetics at the Trading Post. You can obtain Traders Tender in one of the three ways listed below:

  • Every month, players with active accounts can take 500 Traders Tender for free from a chest in the Trading Post of their faction.
  • Monthly challenges in the Traveler's Log can earn you up to 500 Traders Tender if you complete them.
  • The 500 Traders Tender special will be given to players that successfully complete the Trading Post introduction quest.
  • Those who buy Dragonflight will receive a unique 500 Traders Tender.

This implies that, with the exception of the first month, when you can earn up to 2000 Traders Tender, you can only make a maximum of 1,000 per month. If you don't use it, Traders Tender will roll over to the following month.

The Adventure Guide now has a new tab called Traveler's Log that lists all of the quests and your Trader's Tender standing.

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A special item, such as the Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount, will be awarded if you complete 100% of the progress for your Traveler's Log bar for the month.

Activities That Reward Traders Tender

You will be able to pick and choose the tasks you want to complete because there will be far more Traders Tender available from the objectives than the cap of 500, which will allow for a monthly earning limit of 500 Traders Tender. The challenges will include monthly theme changes. The rewards for the challenges vary from 50 to 200 Trader's Tender.

Basically all endgame content rewards Traders Tender to different degrees such as Mythic+, Raiding, Arena, Battlegrounds, World Quests and other world activities like The Great Feast & Siege on Dragonbane Keep. 

So with that said, if you play the game you will receive plenty of Traders Tender. If you don't know what to do next, you can always check your Traveler's Log which is bound to Shift-J by default and is a tab in the Dungeon and Raid journal.

Where To Find The Trading Post

For the Alliance and Horde, the Trading Post is situated in the capital cities of Stormwind and Orgrimmar, respectively. Both the Horde and Alliance Trading Posts are nearby Grommash Hold and the Mage District, respectively. You obtain Traders Tender at the Trading Post, where it is kept in the Collector's Cache. It is also marked on your map with a unique icon.

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Trading Post Rewards

The only benefits from the Trading Post are aesthetic. There are several awards that are only available at the Trading Post, although not all of them. The Trading Post features both recent and vintage prizes, including once-store-only items like the Celestial Steed.

The rewards will change each month. One prize can be "frozen," making it available for purchase even after it has finished rotating. For instance, if you frozen the Celestial Steed, you would be able to buy it at the end of the month when it rotated out of the store.

The Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount is the unique reward for completing the Traveler's Log progress bar for the month of February 2023.

These are the Trading Post for the month of February. However they will change each month, so if you don't like them just save your Traders Tender!

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The Trading Post is a really cool feature that Blizzard decided to add and it's being very well received by streamers such as Asmongold and the community as a whole. Players will finally have an in-game method to obtain store mounts and other unique items that once could only come from the store previously.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide to the new Trading Post feature that was added in World of Warcraft. See you in Azeroth!

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