WoW Cataclysm Classic: PvE Tier List for Tier 11 Healers

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry

In this comprehensive tier list, we evaluate the performance of healer specializations in Cataclysm Classic's Tier 11 raids. Each specialization is meticulously ranked based on crucial factors such as healing and absorption capabilities, utility, and overall effectiveness.

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Tier List Criteria

  1. Healing/Absorption: The primary criterion considers a specialization's ability to heal or mitigate damage for both tanks and the raid group. This encompasses the efficiency and effectiveness of their healing output.

  2. Mana Efficiency: Mana management is pivotal in Tier 11 gear. We assess how well each specialization sustains healing without encountering significant mana issues during encounters.

  3. Cooldowns: Evaluating the cooldowns available to each specialization is crucial for addressing periods of intense damage or challenging phases in Tier 11 encounters.

  4. Raid Utility: This criterion examines the additional utility a specialization brings to the raid, which can include buffs, debuffs, crowd control, or other support abilities that enhance overall raid performance.

Flexibility Considerations

Furthermore, we delve into the ease of gearing healers for potential DPS off-spec roles. While most healers can transition smoothly into DPS roles, Paladins face unique challenges due to the absence of an Intellect-based DPS specialization. This necessitates acquiring a separate set of gear and competing with other classes for Retribution DPS gear.

Conversely, other healer classes benefit from having Intellect-based DPS options and talents in their respective DPS trees that facilitate the transition. However, Priests face some hurdles as they share their armor type with classes boasting multiple Intellect-based DPS specializations, making gear acquisition more competitive.

By considering these comprehensive factors, this tier list provides valuable insights for healers aiming to optimize their performance in Tier 11 raids. Whether prioritizing healing efficiency, mana management, or raid utility, this analysis equips players with the knowledge to excel in Cataclysm Classic's challenging encounters.

Healer Tier List for Tier 11 (Phase 1 of Cataclysm Classic)

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry
  1. Discipline Priest (S-Tier)
  2. Holy Paladin (S-Tier)
  3. Restoration Druid (A-Tier)
  4. Restoration Shaman (A-Tier)
  5. Holy Priest (B-Tier)

As previously discussed, several key factors were taken into account when determining the overall ranking for each specialization. However, it's essential to recognize that the practical utilization of specific healers may vary based on whether your raid group is farming a raid or progressing through it for the first time.

Discipline Priest (S-Tier): Renowned for their exceptional damage mitigation and proactive healing, Discipline Priests occupy the top tier. Their ability to shield allies from harm and provide consistent healing makes them invaluable assets, particularly during challenging encounters.

Holy Paladin (S-Tier): Similarly situated in the upper echelon, Holy Paladins excel in providing potent single-target healing and powerful cooldowns. Their unique blend of direct heals and protective abilities ensures stability and resilience for the raid group, earning them a coveted S-tier ranking.

Restoration Druid (A-Tier): With versatile healing capabilities and strong heal-over-time spells, Restoration Druids secure a solid position in the A-tier. Their ability to adapt to various encounter mechanics and maintain consistent healing output makes them reliable healers in both farming and progression scenarios.

Restoration Shaman (A-Tier): Known for their exceptional raid utility and mastery of healing surge spells, Restoration Shamans also claim a spot in the A-tier. Their totems provide invaluable support to the raid group, enhancing survivability and mitigating damage during encounters.

Holy Priest (B-Tier): While Holy Priests possess respectable healing capabilities and utility, they are placed in the B-tier due to their comparatively lower efficiency and cooldown options. Nonetheless, they remain viable healers, particularly in farming situations where encounter mechanics are well understood.

Understanding the unique strengths and weaknesses of each specialization allows raid leaders to strategically allocate healers based on the demands of the encounter and the progression status of the raid group. By leveraging the diverse toolkit of available healers, raid teams can optimize their chances of success in Cataclysm Classic raids.

S-Tier: Discipline Priest

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry


Discipline Priests rightfully claim their spot in the S-Tier, and for good reason. While their healing approach may differ from that of other healers, requiring a steeper learning curve for newcomers, their mastery transforms them into indispensable assets within any raid's healing ensemble. One of their standout features is the utilization of Atonement, a unique mechanic that intertwines damage-dealing with healing, enabling them to maintain a steady flow of restorative power while contributing to damage output.

The versatility of Discipline Priests extends beyond traditional healing roles, as they adeptly balance damage mitigation with proactive healing strategies. By shielding allies from harm and preemptively addressing incoming damage, they establish a formidable barrier against adversity, ensuring the raid's endurance through even the most demanding encounters.

Furthermore, their capacity to synchronize offensive actions with healing endeavors proves invaluable in meeting stringent timing requirements. This seamless integration of damage and healing not only bolsters the raid's survivability but also amplifies overall damage output, a crucial factor in achieving success within challenging raid environments.

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While mastering the intricacies of Discipline Priest gameplay may present initial challenges, the rewards are substantial. Once acclimated to their unique playstyle, Discipline Priests emerge as stalwart pillars of any raid team, consistently delivering unparalleled support and resilience in the face of adversity.

  • Healing/Absorption: Discipline, unlike most healers, reduces the incoming damage taken via shields and absorption effects and their Mastery ( Shield Discipline) bolsters this, but with that being said, Discipline Priests are still able to heal the raid via their unique  Atonement system. This utilizes smart-healing to heal the Priest's allies based on the damage the Priest deals. It can do exceptional amounts of healing and very much cements their position in the tier list.
  • Mana Efficiency: Compared to Wrath Classic, Discipline Priest's  Rapture was changed to have a 12-second cooldown, meaning mana efficiency is more of a focus for them when healing. If mismanaged, it can quickly lead to Mana shortages, especially if players do not adapt to the new playstyle Discipline received in Cataclysm Classic.
  • Cooldowns: With  Pain Suppression and  Power Word: Barrier, Discipline Priests have cooldowns to support both raid-wide and single-target damage, and ensure that mechanics can be easily survived.
  • Raid Utility: The ever-sought after  Power Infusion is excellent for increasing the burst DPS of your favorite raid member, along with  Mass Dispel and  Power Word: Fortitude adding to a Priest's raid utility kit.  Leap of Faith is also exceptionally useful in certain situations, as it can prevent raid members from dying to mechanics, or help them with kiting assignments if something goes wrong.

S-Tier: Holy Paladin

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry


The esteemed status of Holy Paladins as S-Tier healers for this tier is well-deserved, with their prominence bolstered by the unique circumstances of Cataclysm Classic's release. Notably, the specialization underwent significant changes throughout the expansion, culminating in the refined version we are privileged to experience at launch. This final iteration ensures Holy Paladins' enduring strength and adaptability, setting a solid foundation for their exceptional performance in Tier 11 raids.

Despite the prevalent spread-damage AoE profiles characterizing Tier 11 encounters, which may not inherently align with the Holy Paladin's AoE healing style, their inclusion in the S-Tier remains justified. This distinction underscores the overarching potency and versatility that Holy Paladins bring to the raid, transcending situational challenges to consistently excel in their healing role.

Furthermore, the trajectory of Holy Paladins' progression throughout the expansion promises continued enhancement, as they evolve to meet evolving demands and overcome emergent obstacles. This forward momentum ensures that Holy Paladins will not only maintain their efficacy but also ascend to greater heights of proficiency and efficacy as Cataclysm Classic unfolds.

In essence, Holy Paladins stand as paragons of resilience and reliability, embodying the pinnacle of healing prowess within Tier 11 raids. Their unwavering dedication to safeguarding allies and mitigating adversity cements their rightful place among the elite healers of Cataclysm Classic.

  • Healing/Absorption: While its single-target healing isn't the best, the stacked AoE output of a Holy Paladin is absolutely excellent, and when given the opportunity to shine, there is very little that can compete with their AoE output. In Tier 11, there are cases where the fights are simply designed against this, but the opportunities are still there, and Paladins can still do what they do best. Their  Beacon of Light also allows them to funnel their AoE output into very solid tank healing, but it is very dependent on that initial AoE healing to really shine.
  • Mana Efficiency: Mana can be a real problem for Paladins earlier in the expansion, especially if you aren't positioning yourself properly or staying aware of the raid's positioning, and wasting casts of  Light of Dawn or  Holy Radiance that then have to be made up for with additional healing.
  • Cooldowns: Cooldowns truly are one of Paladin's best areas, as they simply have so many to use for different situations, and can often simply cycle through them depending on the fight and requirements at hand. Between  Avenging Wrath,  Lay on Hands,  Divine Favor,  Guardian of Ancient Kings, and  Divine Plea, Paladins can almost always find an answer to a problem, whether it require more healing, mana regeneration in tight moments, or a last-second massive heal to save a tank.
  • Raid Utility: Just as with their throughput cooldowns, Holy Paladins bring the usual set of "Hand of" spells to the raid, along with  Aura Mastery and  Divine Shield, which can be used to completely negate certain mechanics.

A-Tier: Restoration Druid

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry


Within the dynamic landscape of Tier 11 raids, Restoration Druids carve out their niche as stalwart guardians of spread AoE situations, distinguishing themselves as formidable contenders in the A-Tier. While Holy Paladins reign supreme in stacked AoE healing scenarios, Restoration Druids thrive amidst the chaos of dispersed damage, leveraging their unique toolkit to address diverse challenges with finesse and efficacy.

One of the hallmark strengths of Restoration Druids lies in their exceptional tank throughput, achieved with minimal Mana investment. Through a judicious balance of potent direct heals and efficient heal-over-time effects, they sustain tanks with unwavering support, fortifying the raid's frontline against relentless assault.

Moreover, Restoration Druids boast unparalleled mobility among healer specializations, affording them unparalleled agility on the battlefield. With an arsenal of instant cast heals at their disposal, they deftly navigate the ebb and flow of combat, seamlessly adapting to evolving circumstances while maintaining uninterrupted healing output.

Beyond their prowess in the healing domain, Restoration Druids bring to bear the diverse utility inherent to their class. From crowd control to offensive capabilities, they augment raid performance with a multifaceted approach, enriching the group's strategic options and bolstering overall resilience.

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In essence, Restoration Druids emerge as versatile healers, adeptly balancing reactive healing with proactive support to meet the varied demands of Tier 11 encounters. Their ability to excel in spread AoE scenarios while maintaining exceptional tank healing prowess underscores their indispensable role within any raid composition, solidifying their well-deserved placement in the A-Tier.

  • Healing/Absorption: Outside of stacked AoE healing, where other healers like Paladins will shine, Restoration Druids are excellent at putting out massive throughput healing, albeit with a slight ramp-up time to do so. Their spread-AoE healing is second to none, and they can easily top off the raid for very little Mana investment.
  • Mana Efficiency: As long as players are not wasteful with their  Clearcasting procs, Restoration Druids will have an extremely easy time of managing their Mana. You will also need to keep in mind that Restoration continues to heal after casting, due to the number of healing-over-time effects they bring, and by spam casting abilities, you can quickly waste Mana to overheal players.
  • Cooldowns: Between  Tree of Life and  Tranquility, both of Druid's major throughput cooldowns, they are able to completely top off the raid rapidly or throw out a massive amount of healing towards single-targets throughout periods of high damage.  Nature's Swiftness allows Druids to quickly throw out a panic heal, while  Innervate is an excellent mana-regeneration tool both for yourself and, in extremely specific situations, other healers (but its effectiveness is reduced massively when not used on yourself).
  • Raid Utility:Both  Rebirth and  Stampeding Roar are extremely useful raid utility spells and can both save pulls where something goes wrong, but it is worth noting that all Druids bring both of these.

A-Tier: Restoration Shaman

WoW Cataclysm Classic: Healer PvE Tier List | Simple Carry


Mirroring the advantageous circumstances afforded to Holy Paladins, Restoration Shamans also reap substantial benefits from Cataclysm Classic's launch with the Patch 4.3 iteration of their specialization. This fortuitous alignment elevates Shamans beyond the confines of their Patch 4.0 release version, imbuing them with enhanced capabilities and resilience that solidify their position in the A-Tier.

Renowned for their versatility and adaptability, Restoration Shamans epitomize the archetype of the jack-of-all-trades healer, seamlessly transitioning between diverse healing roles with consummate ease. However, their utility extends far beyond mere versatility, as they bring to the raid a wealth of unique assets that enrich group dynamics and bolster overall performance.

One of the hallmark strengths of Restoration Shamans lies in their distinctive utility toolkit, comprising an array of totems and spells that confer invaluable benefits to the raid. From enhancing group survivability with powerful raid-wide buffs to mitigating damage and providing essential support during critical phases of encounters, their contributions are indispensable in navigating the challenges of Tier 11 raids.

Moreover, Restoration Shamans excel in harnessing the elemental forces of nature to augment their healing prowess, imbuing their spells with potent elemental energies that amplify their restorative capabilities. This synergistic fusion of nature's power and shamanic wisdom ensures that Restoration Shamans stand as formidable healers, capable of weathering the storm of adversity and emerging victorious on the battlefield.

In summary, Restoration Shamans epitomize the pinnacle of versatility and utility within Tier 11 raids, leveraging their enhanced capabilities and unique assets to excel in diverse healing scenarios. Their adeptness at fulfilling multiple roles while providing indispensable support to the raid underscores their indispensability, warranting their esteemed placement in the A-Tier of Cataclysm Classic healers.

  • Healing/Absorption: Restoration Shamans are good at many things, but not the best, and that is very much true of the different damage profiles that need healing. Their biggest benefit in healing throughput is the fact that  Chain Heal is spammable, meaning they can put out a large amount of constant AoE healing, as long as they have damaged targets for it to jump to, along with  Healing Rain. There are also specific situations where Restoration Shaman becomes a very efficient single-target healer, with their heals becoming more powerful according to the missing health their target has, due to their Mastery ( Deep Healing).
  • Mana Efficiency: The mana efficiency of a Restoration Shaman is very dependent on what they are required to do, mainly in terms of AoE or tank/single-target healing. In AoE situations, they are able to cope well, but as they focus more on single-target healing, their mana usage becomes more inefficient. They do, however, have tools such as  Mana Tide Totem and  Telluric Currents to help out with Mana management.
  • Cooldowns: In terms of cooldowns, Shamans actually don't have many throughput-increasing options, with many of its choices leaning more towards raid utility, or unique effects. They do have  Nature's Swiftness, which allows them to throw out an instant cast heal in tight situations.
Raid Utility: In this category, Shamans definitely bring unique features to the raid, and we have covered them each in slightly more depth.
  •  Spirit Link Totem is unique in that it essentially allows Restoration Shamans to "balance" the health percentages of all players within the radius of the totem, as well as reduce their damage taken. It contributes to rebalance the health bars of those players every second until it expires. This is a massively useful tool and can absolutely destroy the impact certain mechanics have on raid groups.
  •  Ancestral Healing is essentially a damage reduction buff that Restoration Shamans can talent into, while also increasing the maximum health of the players they heal by a percentage of their healing done, up to a cap. This can help with surviving certain mechanics, especially earlier in the tier when players aren't as well geared, as well as acting as a "damage reduction", in that it simply let's people survive more damage.
  • On top of these more "unique" utility points, Shamans also bring their traditional buffs: the totems they can place, tailored to different situations, and  Heroism/ Bloodlust.
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B-Tier: Holy Priest

Holy Priests suffer from the fact that they are essentially "true" throughput healers, with a focus in their kit on simply increasing raw healing, with specific utility or damage avoidance taking somewhat of a backseat compared to other healers. With that said, they certainly excel in putting out healing, especially in AoE situations, and can hold their own on that respect in raid groups, but their B-Tier ranking comes from the fact that other healers can normally fill that role more efficiently, due to bringing more utility, buffs, and a more reliable impact due to Holy's Mana issues.

  • Healing/Absorption: Regardless of the style of healing required, Holy Priests are able to prepare for and excel in any form of healing required. While they certainly perform better in AoE situations, with the proper planning, they can still function well as single-target healers.
  • Mana Efficiency: Mana is definitely an issue for Holy Priests, especially when compared with other healers that fill the same role in a healing team, and they can often find themselves running out of Mana if their spell usage is not managed correctly.  Shadowfiend helps to alleviate some of this pressure, but even with it, you'll still need to manage your Mana wisely.
  • Cooldowns: When it comes to increasing their own throughput, Holy Priests definitely have a few options available, most notably  Guardian Spirit and  Divine Hymn, which is arguably one of the strongest raw healing cooldowns to exist in Cataclysm Classic.
  • Raid Utility:  Hymn of Hope is a massively useful tool for helping fellow healers on longer fights with Mana management, and is an extremely useful tool for any raid group, along with  Mass Dispel and  Power Word: Fortitude adding to a Priest's raid utility kit.  Leap of Faith is also exceptionally useful in certain situations, as it can prevent raid members from dying to mechanics, or help them with kiting assignments if something goes wrong.


In conclusion, navigating the intricate landscape of Tier 11 raids in WoW Cataclysm Classic demands meticulous planning and strategic allocation of resources, particularly when it comes to assembling a proficient healing team. Our PvE Tier List for Tier 11 Healers offers invaluable insights into the strengths and capabilities of each specialization, empowering raid leaders to make informed decisions that optimize their chances of success.

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