Dragonflight Holy Priest Healing Guide

Holy Priest Overview

In Dragonflight, the Holy Priest is a skilled single-target triage healer. Holy Priests excel at blasting healing into a single target at a time and using talents to cleave this single target output onto other allies while spreading Healing Over Time effects from the specialization's Mastery Mastery: Echo of Light. This is true whether they are priority target healing players with dangerous debuffs or healing tanks.

The Holy Priest can easily spot the most susceptible players and top them off, even in situations where the entire raid is receiving equal damage. The Holy Priest may be extremely adaptable when the occasion calls for it thanks to potential AoE-focused builds that can be pursued if necessary.

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Holy Priest Talent Builds

For a more raid oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Raid talent build with the following loadout code: BEQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQDAAAAAAAQhoFJJJSIlgk0okQJAAAAAIphWSSIFikEEUKBJJkCA

For a more Mythic+ oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.  


You can import the Mythic+ talent build with the following loadout code: BEQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQDAAAAAAAUCRKBkkkIkIJiSSCAAAAAIphSSSSgIJBBFRSSCKA


Holy Priest Stats

Intellect is our main primary stat and is found on all gear that we want to be wearing, except rings and some trinkets.

For secondary stats, the Holy Priest has the following:

  • Intellect > Mastery = Critical Strike > Versatility > Haste
  • Critical Strike: Provides a chance to double the healing done of your spells. This synergizes quite well with Mastery and the bigger focus on a direct healing playstyle through heavy Holy Word usage in that Critical direct heals also increases the size of the  Echo of Light heal that follows them. While it is random, which is a drawback for many healers, it is rare to find many of your heals relying on a critical strike at a specific moment to save a player from death; often proper preparation is the key to saving lives. Next in priority in raid healing after Mastery.
  • Haste: Haste decreases the cast time of your spells and also adds ticks during the healing over time of  Renew. While Haste breakpoints still exist for  Renew, they are irrelevant today because when you are in between these breakpoints the HoT receives partial ticks that are added onto the regular tick. Haste also reduces the Global Cooldown (GCD) and the cooldowns of certain spells like  Prayer of Mending and others that have a green text when you mouseover their tooltips in game. More often, taking higher ilvl items will give you sufficient Haste to get into a comfortable flow of responding to damage.
  • Mastery: Increases the effectiveness of  Mastery: Echo of Light, leaving HoTs on the targets from our direct heals. Mastery has become exceptionally powerful, more than earning the top spot.
  • Versatility: Provides a linear gain in outgoing healing and damage, as well as a reduction in damage taken.


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Best Holy Priest Consumables

Best Holy Priest Enchants

Below is a list of the recommended enchants to use on your Holy Priest gear in Dragonflight.

Slot Best Enchant Cheaper Version
Weapon  Sophic Devotion  Sophic Writ
Cloak  Graceful Avoidance  Writ of Avoidance
Chest  Reserve of Intellect  Waking Stats
Bracers  Devotion of Avoidance  Devotion of Avoidance
Legs  Temporal Spellthread  Temporal Spellthread
Boots  Plainsrunner's Breeze  Plainsrunner's Breeze
Ring  Devotion of Mastery  Writ of Mastery


Holy Priest Phials

Overall the best phial for Holy Priests is  Phial of Tepid Versatility. As good as  Phial of Static Empowerment looks it requires you to stand still makes for poor uptime on many boss encounters.  Phial of Elemental Chaos is a good universal alternative and in challenging Mythic+ it is very high value to utilize  Phial of Tepid Versatility.

Holy Priest Combat Potions

There are a couple different potions that have different useful scenarios for Holy Priests:

Holy Priest Weapon Buff

For their weapons, Holy Priests will use  Buzzing Rune in raids and  Howling Rune in Mythic+.

Best Holy Priest Food

Best Holy Priest Gems

You'll want to use  Skillful Illimited Diamond and  Sensei's Neltharite in your gem slots.


Holy Priest Rotation and Priority

Raiding AoE

The AoE focused build will empower  Prayer of Healing after casting either  Circle of Healing or  Holy Word: Sanctify through the  Sanctified Prayers and  Prayer Circle talents, allowing you to plan for incoming damage and quickly reverse it evenly upon your raid. This is a very high output build but leans heavily upon  Power Word: Life to triage allies since you are eschewing the single-target focused talents.  Heal can and will be used as filler, to support tank healing, and to bring  Holy Word: Serenity off cooldown more rapidly when there is not raid-damage going out.

 Miracle Worker synergizes well with the  Apotheosis uptime granted from  Answered Prayers to efficiently capture all additional cooldown reduction and avoid "overcapping" Holy Words and wasting cooldown reduction from talents like  Harmonious Apparatus.
  1. Cast  Prayer of Mending on cooldown.
  2. Cast  Holy Word: Sanctify on cooldown for AoE healing and  Holy Word: Serenity for single-target.
  3. Prefer using  Divine Word on  Holy Word: Sanctify if damage is consistent and players are stacked.
  4. Cast  Circle of Healing on cooldown as raid damage allows.
  5. Cast  Halo as damage comes out for AoE healing.
  6. Use  Prayer of Healing regularly to reverse raid-wide damage, preferring to cast it after  Circle of Healing or  Holy Word: Sanctify.
  7. Use  Power Word: Life as needed on allies sub-35% health.
  8. Cast  Divine Hymn or  Holy Word: Salvation for raid-wide damage in coordination with your other healers
  9. Use  Symbol of Hope frequently when  Desperate Prayer is on cooldown or your allies' defensives are on cooldown.

Mythic+ Healing

Holy Priest does an excellent job at maintaining its mana while producing steady output. The challenge for the spec can come in producing large bursts off output to counter the high party damage that Dragonflight dungeons produce. As a result, high haste is incredibly helpful and it can be very productive to hold holy words from time to time to prepare for incoming boss mechanics. Holy has powerful and short cooldowns at its disposal in dungeons, making it imperative to frequently weave them in the mix to increase your damage, healing, or mana efficiency!

  1. Build stacks of  Lightweaver with  Flash Heal and spend with  Heal.
  2. Cast  Prayer of Mending on cooldown on boss fights but abstain on trash packs unless the group is taking constant damage.
  3. Cast  Holy Word: Sanctify on cooldown for AoE healing and  Holy Word: Serenity for single-target. .
  4.  Divine Word often will be used on  Holy Word: Serenity to increase your spot-healing output, but can be spent on  Holy Word: Sanctify if damage is consistent and the party is stacked. Otherwise use with  Holy Word: Chastise for additional damage. Be aggressive with its use!
  5. Use  Apotheosis frequently to save mana, reset the cooldowns of your Holy Words to prepare for additional burst damage or simply as a damage cooldown during downtime.
  6. Cast  Divine Star on cooldown.
  7. Use  Power Word: Life as needed on allies sub-35% health.
  8. Use  Symbol of Hope frequently when  Desperate Prayer is on cooldown or your allies' defensives are on cooldown.

When you have the opportunity to focus on a burst of damage, making the most of  Divine Word's damage buff window when using  Holy Word: Chastise can result in a tremendous boost to your overall damage, helping your party kill off enemies more rapidly, reducing your healing required.

  1. Use  Divine Word (if not needed for healing) on  Holy Word: Chastise whenever possible.
  2. Cast  Holy Fire then activate  Empyreal Blaze and cast  Holy Fire until on cooldown.
  3. Cast  Divine Star (in dungeons) on cooldown.
  4. Multi-DoT with  Shadow Word: Pain
  5. Use  Holy Nova for large quantities of enemies.
  6. Use  Shadow Word: Death to execute enemies.

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