Arms Warrior DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.2.7

Arms Warrior DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.2.7 | Simple Carry


Within our comprehensive guide to mastering the Dragonflight Arms Warrior archetype, we delve deeply into the core principles defining this esteemed class within the World of Warcraft universe. Our aim is to provide a wealth of invaluable insights and strategies tailored to optimizing the player experience throughout their adventures. The Arms Warrior represents an ideal embodiment for players seeking to assume the mantle of heroism within their chosen race, wielding formidable two-handed weaponry to carve through adversaries on the battlefield with finesse and precision. Also, check our Shadow Priest DPS Guide 10.2.7

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Arms Warrior Overview

The Arms Warrior specialization distinguishes itself as a formidable damage dealer within the World of Warcraft landscape, renowned for its emphasis on precision strikes facilitated through single-target abilities. Leveraging the potency of iconic moves such as Mortal Strike and Overpower, the Arms Warrior excels in inflicting additional damage while concurrently debuffing adversaries through effects like reduced resistance and the induction of bleeding via Rend or Mastery: Deep Wounds.

Positioned as an accessible choice particularly suited for novice players, the Arms Warrior's gameplay mechanics are characterized by their intuitive nature and straightforward execution.

Central to the combat prowess of the Arms Warrior is the management of Rage, its primary resource. Accumulating up to a maximum of 100 points during engagements, Rage charges are garnered through a variety of actions, including auto-attacks and the utilization of signature abilities such as Whirlwind, Charge, and Slam, with the latter serving as the inaugural Rage expenditure.

Arms Warrior Strengths and Weaknesses



  • Strong priority damage to targets below 35% health.
  • Bursty multitarget cooldowns.
  • Strong burst mobility and gap closers.
  • Good personal defensive abilities and a raid-wide defensive cooldown.
  • Reliant on Enhancement Shaman's Windfury Totem to maximize performance.
  • Very specialized builds, focusing on either single target or multitarget damage, but not both at the same time.
  • Very susceptible to downtime due to the lack of ranged abilities or passive resource generation.
  • Minimum range restrictions and cooldowns can limit that mobility.
  • Lack of damage immunity and self healing.


Arms Warrior Adjustments in Patch 10.2

Patch 10.2 brings forth a series of enhancements for Arms Warriors, with notable adjustments aimed at refining gameplay dynamics. Chief among these updates is the removal of Ignore Pain from the offensive rotation, alongside a significant alteration to Skullsplitter. Rather than instant expiration, Skullsplitter now accelerates the tick rate of bleeding effects, fostering greater flexibility and diminishing the necessity for immediate DoT refresh post-cast.

Furthermore, Rallying Cry experiences a reduction in efficacy, accompanied by the removal of its subsequent talent, thereby diminishing group defensive capabilities across all Warrior specializations. Despite this discernible decrease, parallel modifications have been enacted across a spectrum of group-wide defensive cooldowns. It's worth noting that this adjustment yields the benefit of unlocking an additional talent point within the class tree.

Key Changes in Patch 10.2:

  • Rallying Cry now augments current and maximum health by 10%, down from 15%.
  • Inspiring Presence has been eliminated.
  • All ability damage sees a 6% increase.
  • Slam damage is boosted by 25%.
  • Improved Slam's Critical Strike damage amplification is reduced to 10%, down from 30%.
  • Mortal Strike and Overpower receive a 10% damage augmentation each.
  • Skullsplitter's functionality evolves to hasten the bleed-out process of Deep Wounds for a brief duration, as opposed to instantaneous expiration.
  • Tide of Blood now accelerates Rend's bleeding effect by 100% for 10 seconds.

Developer Insights: The immediate expiration of Deep Wounds and Rend resulting from Skullsplitter's previous iteration introduced significant rotational complexity and unintended consequences. The reimagined interaction seeks to alleviate these issues while introducing a novel approach for Arms Warriors to engage with bleed effects.

Furthermore, the dissociation of Rage spent on Ignore Pain from mechanics such as Anger Management, Tactician, and Test of Might aims to restore the ability to its intended defensive role, rectifying its deviation towards an offensive rotational utility. To take advantage of these new benefits, quickly receive a Raid Full Gear with the help of our professional players.


The gameplay on Arms Warrior is entirely built around the proper generation and distribution of Rage with a burst cooldown. Arms Warrior combat necessarily contains periodic burst damage during Colossus Smash activation. Depending on the Arms Warrior build, this strategy relies heavily on effective resource management.

Rage is only replenished in combat, and does not accumulate passively. Learning the rotation will help you understand how to DPS as an Arms Warrior, spend and generate Rage wisely, and remain a useful member of your group.


When you enter the game as an Arms Warrior, you get a set of basic Offensive Abilities. Here’s a list of them:

  • Whirlwind: Primary AoE ability, causes a whirlwind of steel and strikes all nearby enemies with Physical damage.
  • Slam: A baseline ability that strikes an enemy with Physical damage, spends 20 Rage, and generates 10.
  • Shield Slam: Good average damage dealing ability for early gameplay, requires equipping a shield and most likely you will replace it.
  • Hamstring: Another early ability that slows down an enemy and deals Physical damage.
  • Victory Rush: Deals damage and heals you for 10% of your max health.
  • Execute: Ultimate Warriors’ ability, executes enemies below 20% health.
  • Heroic Throw: Taunts a target from a short distance.

Utility Abilities of Arms Warrior are generally helpful and will contribute to your gameplay:

  • Charge: Provides mobility to your character, charges towards an enemy, and roots them for 1 sec.
  • Pummel: Interrupts spellcasting.
  • Battle Shout: Increases Attack Power of all party or raid members by 5%.
  • Taunt: Taunts the target to attack you.

As you see, the range of abilities is fairly humble, yet it contains just enough to start the game, play early offense and defense, farm, and help the team. Follow our guide further to explore the common tree and spec tree talents and understand the advantages of playing Arms Warrior.


The Warrior class, including Arms Warriors, has frequent cooldown resets on most abilities. Your main Offensive Cooldowns include:

Ability Cooldown
Avatar 1,5 min
Colossus Smash or Warbreaker 45 sec

These abilities work best when buffed with other stat and damage increasing abilities, including racial, consumables, or trinkets, so make sure to align their usage of them during combat.

Ability Cooldown
Bladestorm 1,5 min
Champion's Spear and/or Thunderous Roar 1,5 min

Essential Defensive Cooldowns:

Ability Function Cooldown
Die by the Sword Grants 100% parry chance 100% and reduces incoming damage 2 min
Rallying Cry Grants all party/raid members 10% temporary and maximum health for 10 sec 3 min


Arms Warrior DPS Talent:

Arms Warrior DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.2.7 | Simple Carry


Arms Warrior Rotation Overview

The rotational strategy for the Dragonflight Arms Warrior archetype is characterized by its straightforwardness, albeit demanding a substantial expenditure of Rage. It prioritizes synergistic talents that amplify key cooldowns, particularly those augmenting bleed effects and optimizing the execution of Execute.

Opening Rotation:

Commencing combat as an Arms Warrior entails the initiation of Charge, a staple talent that not only imbues the warrior with Rage but also asserts control over the target. This action yields a valuable 20 Rage, laying a foundation for sustained engagement.

Following Charge, the application of Rend ensues, inducing the target to bleed. However, immediately after initiating Charge, the utilization of a primary cooldown is recommended to inflict substantial instantaneous damage.

Subsequent rotations within the Arms Warrior Dragonflight paradigm will diverge based on the selection of AoE and single-target talents. Notably, the inclusion of Overwhelming Rage, an impactful talent augmenting maximum Rage, is advised for bolstering overall effectiveness.


  1. Execute: Ends enemies below 20% HP, costs no Rage in case of Sudden Death proc, used on cooldown.
  2. Thunderous Roar: Inflicts bleed on surrounding enemies, works perfectly well with Test of Might or In For The Kill  buff windows, and is good for additional Rage increase.
  3. Avatar: Increases damage dealt by 20% and removes any control from you, used simultaneously with the follow-up talent.
  4. Colossus Smash or Warbreaker (AoE): Increases damage dealt by 30%, used on cooldown.
  5. Mortal Strike: Damages and slows your enemies, applies Rend, costs 30 Rage, and is used on cooldown.
  6. Thunder Clap: To apply Rend if not already active, used on cooldown.
  7. Whirlwind with Storm of Swords (+175% damage): Rage dump ability with massive damage.
  8. Overpower: Instantly damages an enemy, causes Rage generation to increase as a percentage of your Attack Power.
  9. Slam: Applies Physical damage and spends excess Rage, basically a filler ability.

Execution Phase

Pretty similar to the main phase rotation, but starts when the target is below 35% health. Now Execute becomes the primary Rage spender.

Do not forget about Improved Execute – almost an imperative talent, which allows somehow irregular Rage refund. Also, Critical Thinking is another must-have talent, which provides moderate Execute damage increase and refunds Rage.

  1. Mortal Strike: Used if Rend is not active.
  2. Avatar: Used simultaneously with the follow-on talent.
  3. Colossus Smash: Used on cooldown.
  4. Execute: Consumes Sudden Death proc, used on cooldown.
  5. Thunderous Roar: Used during Test of Might or In For The Kill buff windows.
  6. Overpower: Used below 40 Rage.
  7. Mortal Strike: Used with 2 stacks of passive Executioner's Precision.
  8. Execute: Repeated.

Note: If your target is already below 35% HP prior to the Execute phase, skip Whirlwind, Thunder Clap, and Slam, and straight away use Execute.


There are two approaches to Arms Warrior AoE rotation that are based on using Fervor of Battle or Bladestorm in your Arms Warrior AoE build. Other than that, the rotation will be fairly similar.

  1. Thunder Clap: Applies In For The Kill to multiple targets.
  2. Sweeping Strikes: Empowers single-target damage abilities.
  3. Avatar: Used with Colossus Smash / Warbreaker: Smashes the ground and applies Deep Wounds.
  4. Colossus Smash: Used on the priority target / Avatar: Used with Warbreaker to trigger Blademaster's Torment.
  5. Mortal Strike: Used during Sweeping Strikes.
  6. Thunderous Roar Used during Colossus Smash (or Hurricane).
  7. Whirlwind: Used against 2 or more targets, damage reduces when beyond 5 targets / Bladestorm: Used during Colossus Smash.
  8. Follow the rotation with follow-on talents / Whirlwind: Used to get rid of extra Rage with Storm of Swords.
  9. Overpower: Used during Sweeping Strikes.
  10. Mortal Strike: Used on the priority target, maintains Deep Wounds.
  11. Execute: Used on target below 35% HP.
  12. Overpower: Used as a filler with moderate cooldown.
  13. Thunder Clap: Close-range cleave damage, used to dump excess Rage.
  14. Slam: Two-target cleave damage, used to spend excess Rage.

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Arms Warrior Gearing Guide

In this segment, we delve into the process of acquiring suitable gear for the Dragonflight Arms Warrior, outlining the criteria for identifying BiS (Best in Slot) equipment.

Primary Sources of Gear:

During the leveling phase, the primary avenues for acquiring gear are storyline quests and local quests. At this stage, the emphasis lies on swiftly attaining maximum-level items, with less regard for specific stats. Prioritize selecting gear that matches the highest available level to facilitate progress.

As you progress through the leveling process, prioritize the acquisition of gear that matches your current level, optimizing your combat effectiveness and preparing for more challenging encounters ahead.

Overall Best in Slot Gear for Arms Warriors

This list represents the best overall gear available from all sources in Season 4, including several special effect items which may be looted directly or purchased with Antique Bronze Bullion Antique Bronze Bullion. You can also get our Fyrakk boss kill if you need help with gear from Us!


Item Slot Name Source Alternate BiS
Helm Thraexhelm of the Onyx Crucible Thraexhelm of the Onyx Crucible Catalyst
Neck Torc of Passed Time Torc of Passed Time Crafted Terros's Captive Core Terros's Captive Core
Shoulders Pauldrons of the Onyx Crucible Pauldrons of the Onyx Crucible Catalyst
Cloak Voice of the Silent Star Voice of the Silent Star Sarkareth
Chest Battlechest of the Onyx Crucible Battlechest of the Onyx Crucible Catalyst
Bracers Allied Wristguard of Companionship Allied Wristguard of Companionship Crafted
Gloves Handguards of the Onyx Crucible Handguards of the Onyx Crucible Catalyst
Belt Smoldering Chevalier's Greatbelt Smoldering Chevalier's Greatbelt Tindral Sageswift
Legs Obsidian Guard's Chausses Obsidian Guard's Chausses Warlord Kagni
Boots Fused Obsidian Sabatons Fused Obsidian Sabatons Smolderon Primal Molten Sabatons Primal Molten Sabatons
Ring Seal of Filial Duty Seal of Filial Duty Broodkeeper Diurna
Ring Seal of Diurna's Chosen Seal of Diurna's Chosen Eranog
Trinket Cataclysmic Signet Brand Cataclysmic Signet Brand Smolderon Elementium Pocket Anvil Elementium Pocket Anvil
Trinket Ominous Chromatic Essence Ominous Chromatic Essence Neldris Whispering Incarnate Icon Whispering Incarnate Icon
Mainhand Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Fyrakk Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood


Optimal Stat Priority for Arms Warriors

For Arms Warriors, prioritizing Critical Strike and Haste reigns supreme, followed closely by Versatility and Mastery. However, it's worth noting that the relative importance of these stats can fluctuate, with item level often trumping perfect stat distribution.

Critical Strike and Haste share a complex relationship, both enhancing rage generation while Haste additionally accelerates the Global Cooldown (GCD), facilitating more abilities within critical windows like Colossus Smash. As such, maintaining a balance between these two stats is advisable until reaching the point of diminishing returns.

The stat priority shifts slightly depending on gear level:

  • In Season 2 gear (approximately 440 item level), prioritize Crit > Haste > Mastery > Versatility.
  • In Season 3 gear (470+ item level), prioritize Crit = Haste > Mastery = Versatility.
  • At the highest gear levels, Mastery and Versatility may emerge as stronger contenders due to diminishing returns on Crit and Haste.

Strength remains a foundational stat, amplifying damage across all class abilities and auto attacks. Previously undervalued, its impact has surged, underscoring the importance of raw item level.

Critical Strike stands out for its dual benefit of enhancing rage generation and overall damage output, particularly in reducing rotational downtime.

Haste compresses the rotation by expediting GCDs and the cooldowns of core abilities like Mortal Strike and Skullsplitter. Its value often mirrors that of Critical Strike.

Mastery augments damage against targets affected by Deep Wounds, albeit excluding external damage sources such as trinkets or potions.

Versatility offers a balanced blend of increased damage output and mitigation, affecting all forms of damage, including external sources.

While these guidelines offer a solid foundation, individual stat priorities may vary based on available gear. Utilizing tools like SimulationCraft or Raidbots can provide tailored insights into optimizing stat distributions for your specific character.

Arms Warrior Enchants & Consumables - Dragonflight 10.2.7

In high-level content such as Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids, consumables play a pivotal role, offering players additional avenues to enhance and personalize their stats beyond gear alone. Here, we'll outline the optimal choices for Arms Warrior gems, flasks, potions, and enchants in Patch 10.2.7 & Season 4, along with more budget-friendly alternatives.

Best Arms Warrior Enchants

Below is a list of the recommended enchants to use on your Arms Warrior gear in Season 2. Although Sophic starts out the stronger weapon enchant, Wafting begins to pull ahead at higher gear levels.

Arms Warrior Phials in Dragonflight

The best phials for Arms Warriors are Phial of Tepid Versatility Phial of Tepid Versatility  or Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage  in all content, depending on whether you value slightly more damage or higher survivability. Although Phial of Static Empowerment Phial of Static Empowerment  can be theoretically stronger, their downsides make them inappropriate for serious content, while also lacking the defensive advantage of increased Versatility. Likewise, Phial of Glacial Fury Phial of Glacial Fury  could be powerful in multitarget content, but new targets are rarely introduced quickly enough to maintain stacks, making it a gimmick option at best.

Arms Warrior Combat Potions in Dragonflight

There are a couple different potions that have different useful scenarios for Arms Warriors:

Arms Warrior Health Potions in Dragonflight

The best healing potion for Arms Warriors is Dreamwalker's Healing Potion Dreamwalker's Healing Potion . In an emergency, make sure to carry a couple Potion of Withering Vitality Potion of Withering Vitality , but be mindful of its drawbacks. For progression, it is very useful to have Delicate Suspension of Spores Delicate Suspension of Spores  and Residual Neural Channeling Agent Residual Neural Channeling Agent  to be able to help your group even while dead.

Arms Warrior Weapon Buff in Dragonflight

Arms Warriors should apply Buzzing Rune Buzzing Rune  or Howling Rune Howling Rune  to their weapons.

Best Arms Warrior Food in Dragonflight

Best Arms Warrior Gems in Dragonflight

Inscribed Illimited Diamond Inscribed Illimited Diamond  and Crafty Ysemerald Crafty Ysemerald  or Crafty Alexstraszite Crafty Alexstraszite  are the best gems.

Best Arms Warrior Trinkets for Season 4

When considering trinkets for maximizing DPS in Season 4, Arms Warriors benefit from straightforward options that prioritize consistent damage output and stat enhancement. Since trinket damage isn't influenced by class-specific buffs like Avatar or Colossus Smash, the approach is to utilize direct damage trinkets on cooldown unless they align with mechanics that increase boss damage taken. Similarly, stat-increasing trinkets should be used either on cooldown or synchronized with burst phases.

  • Cataclysmic Signet Brand Cataclysmic Signet Brand is one of strongest single target trinkets, and even performs well in mythic+ dungeons if the player manages to chain combat enough to keep the buff from falling. Its main downside is losing value on very short raid encounter fights; a general rule is to seek out other options for encounters that are four minutes or less.
  • Ominous Chromatic Essence Ominous Chromatic Essence is a very strong passive trinket in both mythic+ and raid content, which benefits greatly from other players sharing their buffs. Whispering Incarnate Icon Whispering Incarnate Icon is a similar option if tanks and healers also commit to it and may be slightly better in multitarget since Chromatic Essence is harder to stack fully.
  • Elementium Pocket Anvil Elementium Pocket Anvil is a strong backup option for short fights or players that do not have other supporting players increasing the value of Chromatic Essence/Icon. Algeth'ar Puzzle Box Algeth'ar Puzzle Box is slightly weaker still, but farmable from dungeons.
  • Algeth'ar Puzzle Box Algeth'ar Puzzle Box and Irideus Fragment Irideus Fragment are both high performing AoE burst options, with a slight edge given to the Puzzle Box in exchange for the extra time spent channeling it.
  • Neltharion's Call to Chaos Neltharion's Call to Chaos is a passive multitarget option, which can also be used as a backup single target pick when other trinkets are ill-suited or unavailable.
  • Storm-Eater's Boon Storm-Eater's Boon is technically the strongest multitarget trinket, but its long activation time leaves players extremely susceptible to otherwise avoidable damage, and it is therefore not recommended for most players.

In addition, you can check the Arms Warrior trinket usability chart. It provides some helpful visual explanations for Arms Warriors taking into account the equipment level.

Arms Warrior DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.2.7 | Simple Carry


Best Gear to Spend Bullion on for Arms Warriors in Dragonflight Season 4

Season 4 allows players to collect and spend Antique Bronze Bullion Antique Bronze Bullion to buy weapons, trinkets, and other special effect gear from the three Awakened raids, thereby giving them a guaranteed way to acquire some of the most powerful item in Dragonflight. While it will take some time to collect these, players can also save currency by looting the item on any Awakened difficulty.

  1. Scale of Awakening Scale of Awakening should be the highest priority for any player using Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Fyr'alath the Dreamrender.
  2. Seal of Diurna's Chosen Seal of Diurna's Chosen is one of the few special effect rings in the expansion, reliably triggered by Fyr'alath the Dreamrender Fyr'alath the Dreamrender, Incandescent Essence Incandescent Essence, Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch , and various trinkets.
  3. Ominous Chromatic Essence Ominous Chromatic Essence or Whispering Incarnate Icon Whispering Incarnate Icon are best for raiders who expect to fully stack these bonuses within their group, though Neltharion's Call to Chaos Neltharion's Call to Chaos is a more reliable option in Mythic+.
  4. Voice of the Silent Star Voice of the Silent Star lacks stamina, which is mitigated by Warriors reliable defensive abilities and strong resistance to rot damage, but may be skipped by players pushing the highest mythic+ dungeon content where one-shots can become a common danger.
  5. Cataclysmic Signet Brand Cataclysmic Signet Brand or Elementium Pocket Anvil Elementium Pocket Anvil are the best secondary trinkets for longer raid encounters, though the availability of Puzzle Box reduces their purchase priority.
  6. Seal of Filial Duty Seal of Filial Duty does not provide an offensive effect, but is the highest item level ring available in Season 4, and its shield can help mitigate the downsides of Voice of the Silent Star.

Best Items to Upgrade with Dreaming Crests for Arms Warriors

When upgrading gear in Season 4, Warriors should typically prioritize weapons, trinkets, and special effect items due to their having the highest impact on performance, though this may be out of reach in the first weeks of the season, so simply prioritizing upgrades to your lowest item level pieces of gear may be preferred.

  • Weapons
  • Trinkets
  • Special Effect Gear (rings, cloak)
  • Crafted embellishments

Crafted Gear for Arms Warriors in Dragonflight

Dragonflight adds many new options for crafted gear, allowing players to craft even Mythic-equivalent gear! You'll generally want to supplement gear from Raids and Mythic+ with crafted pieces. Note that crafting is limited by Spark of Awakening Spark of Awakening. After receiving your first Spark of Awakening Spark of Awakening from the first week of Dragonflight Season 4, you will receive another Spark of Awakening Spark of Awakening every other week while Dragonflight Season 4 is active.

    Best Crafted Gear for Arms Warriors

    Crafting order is largely a matter of preference or based on the needs of current gearing, but with so many items purchasable and upgradeable in Season 4, there aren't a lot of gear slots to choose from. For that reason, simply prioritizing the embellishments for your chosen content type is the best course of action.

    Remember that the maximum crafted item level is also slightly lower than upgradeable raid or mythic+ gear, therefore the best crafted items are prioritized on the lowest item level pieces of gear: Allied Wristguard of Companionship Allied Wristguard of Companionship and Torc of Passed Time Torc of Passed Time.

    Best Embellishments for Arms Warriors

    Crafting items with Embellishments gives them special properties and effects in addition to regular stats. However, you may only wear 2 pieces of gear with Embellishments at a time. With that in mind, the best Embellishments are:

    Other Options

    • Frostfire Legguards of Preparation Frostfire Legguards of Preparation - is another multitarget option for players focused on Mythic+ content, although it falters in sustained combat and only truly excels when new targets are very frequently introduced.
    • Elemental Lariat Elemental Lariat is a multitarget alternative for players with max sockets, but be mindful of which gems activate which bonus, as it can be somewhat misleading.
    • Undulating Sporecloak Undulating Sporecloak - has been nerfed considerably, resulting in a bonus which is half defensive and half offensive, rather than the best of both worlds. As a result, most players will focus on full offensive options, while leaving survivability up to their healers, though a more defensively oriented player could still prioritize it.

    Leveling an Arms Warrior

    The journey of leveling an Arms Warrior doesn't deviate significantly from other character classes in terms of intensity. However, Warriors boast distinct advantages; they possess the ability to swiftly dispatch foes, often achieving one-shot victories early in the game. Furthermore, Warriors maintain a commendable level of viability throughout the leveling process. Leveraging fundamental spells and abilities, leveling becomes a streamlined experience conducive to efficiently accumulating XP.

    An alternative approach to the traditional method of farming murlocs and boars in the open world during the leveling process is to engage in random dungeons and world quests. Utilizing helpful addons can streamline the experience by automatically selecting necessary quests and providing directions, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

    For those seeking to further expedite their leveling journey, our Simple Carry team offers Power Leveling services, providing a swift and efficient means of progressing through the content. This option can significantly accelerate the leveling process, ensuring a smooth and expedited path to reaching your desired level.


    Champion’s Spear and Avatar

    • #showtooltip
    • /cast [@player] Champion’s Spear
    • /cast Avatar

    Pummel Macro

    • #showtooltip Pummel
    • /cast [@focus, harm, exists][@target] Pummel

    Automatic Heroic Leap

    • #showtooltip Heroic Leap
    • /cast [@cursor] Heroic Leap

    Heroic Leap Spam

    • #showtooltip Heroic Leap
    • /cast !Heroic Leap

    Charge and Victory Rush

    • #showtooltip
    • /cast Charge
    • /cast Victory Rush

    Specific Macros for Arms Warriors

    • #showtooltip Colossus Smash
    • /use Colossus Smash
    • /use Blood Fury
    • /use Berserking
    • /use 13
    • /use 14

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    The Dragonflight Arms Warrior stands as an excellent choice for players of all skill levels, catering to both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. In this comprehensive guide, we have meticulously outlined the intricacies of mastering this character, providing essential insights on how to enhance your gameplay.

    Through dedicated practice, unwavering persistence, and the accumulation of experience in high-level Mythic+ keys, you can elevate your Arms Warrior to become a formidable hero within the realms of Azeroth. With continued dedication and a commitment to improvement, your journey as an Arms Warrior promises to be a thrilling adventure filled with triumphs and accomplishments.

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