FFXIV Endwalker 6.4 Sage Job Guide

FFXIV Endwalker 6.4 Sage Job Guide | Simple Carry

Unlock the Power of Healing with Sage Job in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker 6.4 Expansion

Discover the captivating world of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion and embark on an epic healing journey with the formidable Sage job. Introduced in the latest expansion, the Sage job harnesses the mystical energy of nouliths to manipulate aether, offering unparalleled protection to allies and delivering devastating blows to enemies. If you're ready to take on the role of a skilled healer and support your comrades in battle, then Sage is the perfect job for you.

To unlock the secrets of the Sage job, you must first complete a thrilling questline in the bustling city of Limsa Lominsa. Once you've reached Level 70 with another job and obtained the Endwalker expansion, the path to becoming a Sage will be open before you. Prepare yourself for a unique and exciting playstyle that blends the art of healing with offensive prowess, allowing you to dynamically adapt to any combat situation.

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As a Sage, your primary focus will be on utilizing the power of nouliths. These enigmatic crystals enable you to tap into the primal forces of aether, granting you the ability to shield your allies from harm while unleashing devastating attacks upon your foes. You'll have access to a wide array of potent healing spells and protective abilities, ensuring the safety and well-being of your party members at all times.

The Sage job offers a refreshing and innovative gameplay experience, combining the versatility of a support role with the excitement of dealing damage. Whether you're engaging in intense raid encounters, tackling challenging dungeons, or participating in thrilling PvP battles, the Sage's unique skill set allows you to adapt to any situation with finesse and precision. Become the cornerstone of your party, providing the crucial support necessary for victory.

Mastering the Sage job requires strategic thinking, precise timing, and a deep understanding of your party's needs. As you progress through Endwalker 6.4, you'll unlock new abilities and spells that enhance your healing prowess and further augment your offensive capabilities. With dedication and practice, you'll become a true master of the Sage job, revered for your exceptional healing skills and your ability to turn the tide of battle.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to embrace the power of the Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion. Join the ranks of skilled healers and make a lasting impact on the world of Eorzea. Are you ready to channel the energies of the nouliths and become a beacon of hope for your allies? Begin your adventure as a Sage today and witness the transformative power of healing in a realm besieged by darkness.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Sage: A Deep Dive into the Playstyle of Final Fantasy XIV's Barrier Healer

In the vibrant world of Final Fantasy XIV, the Endwalker expansion introduces an intriguing job known as Sage (SGE). If you're seeking a healing role that offers a unique and mechanically interactive playstyle, look no further. Sage stands as a formidable barrier healer, specializing in preventative healing and employing a diverse array of shielding and mitigation techniques.

At the heart of Sage's playstyle is the Kardia Icon. This remarkable ability allows Sages to passively heal their "partnered" party member each time they cast a damage spell. This synergy between offense and healing places a strong emphasis on maximizing global cooldown (GCD) uptime, making every spell cast an opportunity to bolster the well-being of your party. Through Kardia, Sages possess the power to seamlessly weave healing into their offensive actions, resulting in a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

With an arsenal of preventative measures, Sages excel at ensuring the party's safety during encounters. The job's numerous sources of shielding and mitigation provide unparalleled protection against incoming damage. By proactively applying shields and mitigating harm, Sages can effortlessly trivialize many healing checks, making them a valuable asset in well-executed runs. This strength lies in the ability to maintain control over the battle's flow, preventing the party from encountering dire situations in the first place.

However, it's important to note that Sage's power as a preventative healer comes at the cost of lower recovery potential. When faced with challenging situations or unexpected setbacks, Sages may find it more challenging to restore their party's health compared to other healing jobs. This inherent limitation reinforces their identity as masters of prevention and further emphasizes the significance of leveraging their greatest strength.

To truly excel as a Sage, strategic planning and situational awareness are key. By effectively utilizing the job's powerful abilities, you can anticipate and neutralize potential threats before they escalate. Your ability to anticipate damage spikes, apply shields at the right moment, and mitigate incoming harm will be the cornerstone of your success. Embrace the role of a proactive healer, and your efforts will be rewarded with a satisfying and impactful healing journey.

As you progress through your adventures in Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker 6.4, you'll unlock additional tools and abilities that further enhance your prowess as a Sage. Continual growth and adaptation are vital on the path to becoming a true master of this extraordinary healing job. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, refine your techniques, and discover the immense satisfaction of safeguarding your party from harm's way.

In conclusion, Sage offers an exceptional playstyle for those seeking an interactive and mechanically engaging healing role. Harness the power of preventative healing, shield your allies from harm, and become a beacon of support in the face of adversity. Embrace the unique mechanics of Sage, and embark on a healing journey that transcends the boundaries of tradition.

Unveiling the Strengths and Weaknesses of Sage in Final Fantasy XIV

As you delve into the captivating world of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion, the Sage job emerges as a force to be reckoned with. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this unique healing role, let's explore the strengths and weaknesses that define the essence of a Sage.


  1. Exemplary Personal Damage: One of the notable strengths of the Sage job lies in its remarkable personal damage output. This sets it apart from traditional healing roles, as Sages can unleash devastating attacks while tending to their party's well-being. Embrace the power of offensive spells and witness your enemies crumble before you, proving that healers can be formidable combatants.

  2. Exceptional Mobility: Sages boast a plethora of movement options, granting them unparalleled agility on the battlefield. Whether it's swiftly repositioning themselves to avoid AoE attacks or seamlessly adjusting their position to optimize healing, the versatility of their movement ensures they can respond to any situation with finesse. Enjoy the freedom of fluid mobility and maintain a strategic advantage throughout intense encounters.

  3. Vast Array of Free oGCD Healing: The Sage job boasts an extensive arsenal of free off-global cooldown (oGCD) healing options. These abilities allow Sages to efficiently heal their allies without consuming their valuable GCDs. With an assortment of potent healing spells readily available, Sages can swiftly respond to critical moments, providing the necessary support to keep their party members alive and thriving.


  1. Lack of Raid Buff: One of the notable weaknesses of the Sage job is the absence of a dedicated raid buff. While other jobs may bring powerful party-wide enhancements to the battlefield, Sages focus primarily on their role as a barrier healer and damage dealer. Though their healing capabilities are exceptional, Sages do not possess the ability to bolster the overall performance of their entire party through a dedicated raid buff.

  2. Diminished DPS with Exhausted Movement Options: Sages excel in maintaining a high damage output while seamlessly navigating the battlefield. However, when all movement options are exhausted, their DPS potential diminishes. It's important to strike a balance between movement and DPS optimization to ensure that you can make the most of your offensive abilities while still fulfilling your healing responsibilities.

  3. Limited Fallback Healing Options: When oGCDs and resources are depleted, Sages face a challenge in terms of fallback healing options. Unlike some other healing roles that may have additional tools to rely on during moments of resource scarcity, Sages must rely on careful resource management and efficient use of their available abilities. This emphasizes the importance of proactive healing and strategic planning to avoid finding oneself in critical situations.

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Sage job, you can approach your healing journey in Final Fantasy XIV with a deeper appreciation for its intricacies. Embrace the personal damage potential, revel in the freedom of movement, and master the art of utilizing your extensive oGCD healing arsenal. While Sages may lack certain attributes found in other healing roles, their unique playstyle offers an exciting and rewarding experience that truly sets them apart.

Embark on your path as a Sage, where your healing prowess merges seamlessly with your formidable offensive capabilities. Embrace the challenges, refine your strategies, and become a beacon of resilience and support in the face of adversity. May your journey as a Sage be filled with triumph and the joy of protecting your comrades in the sprawling realm of Eorzea.

Unleashing the Power of Sage: Unlocking the Illustrious Healing Job in Final Fantasy XIV

If you're eager to embark on a healing journey like no other, look no further than the Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV. To unlock this captivating job and embrace the path of a powerful healer, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Owning the Endwalker Expansion: To begin your quest to become a Sage, ensure that you possess the Endwalker expansion. This expansion unlocks a vast array of new content, including the enigmatic Sage job, enabling you to experience the thrilling adventures that lie ahead.

  2. Attaining Level 70 or Above: Before you can unlock Sage, you must have at least one combat job leveled to 70 or above. This requirement ensures that you have a solid foundation of combat experience, preparing you for the unique challenges that await as a Sage.

  3. Journey to Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks: Once you fulfill the prerequisites, make your way to the bustling city of Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks. Navigate to the coordinates (x9.4, y12.9) to locate the starting point for the unlock quest.

  4. Seek the Sharlayan Maiden: In Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, you'll encounter the esteemed Sharlayan Maiden, who holds the key to unlocking the Sage job. Approach her and engage in conversation to accept the pivotal quest known as "Sage's Path." This quest will set you on the transformative journey towards becoming a Sage.

  5. Completing the Unlock Quest: With the quest accepted, embark on an exciting adventure as you follow the questline designated for unlocking the Sage job. Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling, conquer formidable challenges, and demonstrate your skills as a formidable healer. Once you successfully complete the unlock quest, the Sage job will be unlocked, allowing you to wield its healing power.

  6. Embracing the Sage's Beginning: As you step into the shoes of a newly unlocked Sage, you will find yourself at level 70, ready to commence your healing journey. From this point forward, you can further develop your Sage's abilities, refine your healing techniques, and uncover the secrets that lie within this remarkable healing job.

By following these steps, you can unlock the Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV and begin your adventure as a masterful healer. Embrace the power of the Endwalker expansion, reach the required level, and immerse yourself in the rich lore and thrilling gameplay that await you as a Sage. May your journey be filled with triumph, growth, and the fulfillment of your destiny as a formidable protector and healer in the realm of Eorzea.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Sage's Job Gauges in Final Fantasy XIV

As you delve deeper into the intricacies of the Sage job in Final Fantasy XIV, you'll encounter two fascinating job gauges: the Eukrasia Gauge and the Addersgall Gauge. Let's unravel the secrets of these gauges and discover how they enhance the gameplay experience of this remarkable healing job.

  1. Eukrasia Gauge: The Eukrasia Gauge is a visual representation of the Eukrasia state, which is activated by the Eukrasia Icon ability. When Eukrasia is active, the gauge lights up, indicating that your next cast of Dosis, Diagnosis, or Prognosis will be modified to its Eukrasian variant. These modified abilities include Eukrasian Dosis, Eukrasian Diagnosis, or Eukrasian Prognosis, respectively. This unique mechanic allows you to unleash enhanced versions of your healing spells, bolstering your healing potential and providing additional benefits to your party.

  2. Addersgall Gauge: Once you reach level 45 and above, the Addersgall Gauge becomes a crucial component of your Sage's toolkit. This gauge grants you one charge of Addersgall every 20 seconds, both in and out of combat. The charges are prominently displayed at the top of the gauge, acting as a timer for your next charge. These charges play a vital role in casting several of Sage's powerful off-global-cooldown (oGCD) healing abilities, including Druochole, Ixochole, Taurochole, and Kerachole. Managing the Addersgall Gauge effectively allows you to unleash a variety of potent healing techniques, ensuring the well-being of your party members in the face of adversity.

  3. Addersting: Upon reaching level 66 and beyond, the Addersting mechanic further enriches your Sage's toolkit. Addersting charges are earned when the shield generated by Eukrasian Diagnosis is broken by incoming damage. These charges are represented by three spaces at the bottom of the gauge, serving as a visual indicator of your available Addersting charges. Each charge can be utilized to cast Toxikon or Toxikon II, powerful healing spells that provide additional support and mitigation to your allies. By effectively managing Addersting charges, you can respond swiftly to damage spikes, bolstering your healing capabilities and ensuring the safety of your party members.

These intricately designed job gauges provide an engaging and dynamic gameplay experience for Sages. By mastering the utilization of the Eukrasia Gauge, Addersgall Gauge, and Addersting charges, you can unleash the full potential of the Sage job, efficiently weaving healing and mitigation to protect and support your party.

Embrace the mysteries of these job gauges as you embark on your healing journey as a Sage in Final Fantasy XIV. Discover the optimal timings, synergies, and strategies that will elevate your healing prowess to new heights. May the illuminated Eukrasia Gauge and the charged Addersgall Gauge guide you on your path as a masterful healer, forging your legacy in the ever-expanding realm of Eorzea.

Sage Actions

Action Name
  • Cast
  • Recast
  • Range
  • Radius
 Dosis Lv. 1
  • 1.5s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 300.0

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 300.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170
 Diagnosis Lv. 2
  • 1.5s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 400.0

Restores target's HP.Cure Potency: 450
 Kardia Lv. 4
  • Instant
  • 5.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Grants self the effect of Kardia and a selected party member or self the effect of Kardion, restoring HP after casting certain magic attacks.
 Prognosis Lv. 10
  • 2.0s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 15y

MP Cost: 800.0

Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 300
 Egeiro Lv. 12
  • 8.0s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 2400.0

Resurrects target to a weakened state.
 Physis Lv. 20
  • Instant
  • 60.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 15y
Gradually restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 100Duration: 15s
 Phlegma Lv. 26
  • Instant
  • 40.0s
  • ↔ 6y
  • 5y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 400 for the first enemy, and 30% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Maximum Charges: 2Recast timer cannot be affected by status effects or gear attributes.
 Eukrasia Lv. 30
  • Instant
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Augments certain offensive and healing magic actions.Dosis III is upgraded to Eukrasian Dosis III.Diagnosis is upgraded to Eukrasian Diagnosis.Prognosis is upgraded to Eukrasian Prognosis.This action does not share a recast timer with any other actions. Upon execution, the recast timer for this action will be applied to all other weaponskills and magic actions.
 Eukrasian Diagnosis Lv. 30
  • Instant
  • 1.5s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Restores target's HP.Cure Potency: 300Additional Effect: Erects a magicked barrier which nullifies damage equaling 180% of the amount of HP restored. When critical HP is restored, also grants Differential Diagnosis, nullifying damage equaling 180% the amount of HP restored.Duration: 30sEffect cannot be stacked with Eukrasian Prognosis or scholar's Galvanize.※This action cannot be assigned to a hotbar.
 Eukrasian Dosis Lv. 30
  • Instant
  • 1.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y
Deals unaspected damage over time.Potency: 40Duration: 30sAdditional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170※This action cannot be assigned to a hotbar.
 Eukrasian Prognosis Lv. 30
  • Instant
  • 1.5s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 15y
Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 100Additional Effect: Erects a magicked barrier which nullifies damage equaling 320% of the amount of HP restoredDuration: 30sEffect cannot be stacked with those of Eukrasian Diagnosis or scholar's Galvanize.※This action cannot be assigned to a hotbar.
 Soteria Lv. 35
  • Instant
  • 90.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Grants 4 stacks of Soteria, each stack increasing the cure potency of Kardion effects granted by you by 70%.Duration: 15s
 Icarus Lv. 40
  • Instant
  • 45.0s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y
Rush to a targeted enemy's or party member's location.Unable to cast if bound.
 Druochole Lv. 45
  • Instant
  • 1.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Restores target's HP.Cure Potency: 600Additional Effect: Restores 7% of maximum MPAddersgall Cost: 1
 Dyskrasia Lv. 46
  • Instant
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 5y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 160 to all nearby enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170
 Kerachole Lv. 50
  • Instant
  • 30.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 30y
Reduces damage taken by self and nearby party members by 10%.Duration: 15sEffect cannot be stacked with Taurochole.Additional Effect: RegenCure Potency: 100Duration: 15sAdditional Effect: Restores 7% of maximum MPAddersgall Cost: 1
 Ixochole Lv. 52
  • Instant
  • 30.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 15y
Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 400Additional Effect: Restores 7% of maximum MPAddersgall Cost: 1
 Zoe Lv. 56
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Increases healing magic potency of your next healing spell by 50%.Duration: 30s
 Pepsis Lv. 58
  • Instant
  • 30.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 15y
Restores own HP and the HP of nearby party members by removing Eukrasian Diagnosis and Eukrasian Prognosis effects granted by you.Eukrasian Diagnosis Cure Potency: 450Eukrasian Prognosis Cure Potency: 350Targets not under the effect of Eukrasian Diagnosis or Eukrasian Prognosis will not be healed.
 Physis II Lv. 60
  • Instant
  • 60.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 30y
Gradually restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 130Duration: 15sAdditional Effect: Increases HP recovered by healing actions by 10%Duration: 10s
 Taurochole Lv. 62
  • Instant
  • 45.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Restores own or target party member's HP.Cure Potency: 700Additional Effect: Reduces target's damage taken by 10%Duration: 15sEffect cannot be stacked with Kerachole.Additional Effect: Restores 7% of maximum MPAddersgall Cost: 1
 Toxikon Lv. 66
  • Instant
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 5y
Deals unaspected damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 300 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Addersting Cost: 1
 Haima Lv. 70
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Erects a magicked barrier around self or target party member that absorbs damage equivalent to a heal of 300 potency.Additional Effect: Grants 5 stacks of HaimatinonDuration: 15sWhen the barrier is completely absorbed, a stack of Haimatinon is consumed and a new barrier is applied.When the effect duration expires, a healing effect is then applied.Cure Potency: 150 per remaining stack of Haimatinon
 Dosis II Lv. 72
  • 1.5s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 320.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170
 Eukrasian Dosis II Lv. 72
  • Instant
  • 1.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y
Deals unaspected damage over time.Potency: 60Duration: 30sAdditional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170※This action cannot be assigned to a hotbar.
 Phlegma II Lv. 72
  • Instant
  • 40.0s
  • ↔ 6y
  • 5y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 490 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Maximum Charges: 2Recast timer cannot be affected by status effects or gear attributes.
 Rhizomata Lv. 74
  • Instant
  • 90.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Grants 1 stack of Addersgall.
 Holos Lv. 76
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 30y
Restores own HP and the HP of all nearby party members.Cure Potency: 300Additional Effect: Erects a magicked barrier which nullifies damage equaling the amount of HP restoredDuration: 30sAdditional Effect: Reduces damage taken by self and nearby party members by 10%Duration: 20s
 Panhaima Lv. 80
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 30y
Erects a magicked barrier around self and all party members near you that absorbs damage equivalent to a heal of 200 potency.Additional Effect: Grants 5 stacks of PanhaimatinonDuration: 15sWhen the barrier is completely absorbed, a stack of Panhaimatinon is consumed and a new barrier is applied.When the effect duration expires, a healing effect is then applied.Cure Potency: 100 per remaining stack of Panhaimatinon
 Dosis III Lv. 82
  • 1.5s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 330.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170
 Dyskrasia II Lv. 82
  • Instant
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 5y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage with a potency of 170 to all nearby enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170
 Eukrasian Dosis III Lv. 82
  • Instant
  • 1.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 0y
Deals unaspected damage over time.Potency: 75Duration: 30sAdditional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170※This action cannot be assigned to a hotbar.
 Phlegma III Lv. 82
  • Instant
  • 40.0s
  • ↔ 6y
  • 5y

MP Cost: 400.0

Deals unaspected damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 600 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Maximum Charges: 2Recast timer cannot be affected by status effects or gear attributes.
 Toxikon II Lv. 82
  • Instant
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 5y
Deals unaspected damage to target and all enemies nearby it with a potency of 330 for the first enemy, and 50% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Addersting Cost: 1
 Krasis Lv. 86
  • Instant
  • 60.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Increases HP recovery via healing actions for a party member or self by 20%.Duration: 10s
 Pneuma Lv. 90
  • 1.5s
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 25y
  • 25y

MP Cost: 700.0

Deals unaspected damage to all enemies in a straight line before you with a potency of 330 for the first enemy, and 40% less for all remaining enemies.Additional Effect: Restores own HP and the HP of all party members within a radius of 20 yalmsCure Potency: 600Additional Effect: Restores HP to targets under the effect of Kardion granted by youCure Potency: 170Recast timer cannot be affected by status effects or gear attributes.


Role Actions

Action Name
  • Cast
  • Recast
  • Range
  • Radius
 Repose Lv. 8
  • 2.5s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 600.0

Afflicts target with Sleep.Duration: 30sCancels auto-attack upon execution.
 Esuna Lv. 10
  • 1.0s
  • 2.5s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y

MP Cost: 400.0

Removes a single detrimental effect from target.
 Lucid Dreaming Lv. 14
  • Instant
  • 60.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Gradually restores own MP.Potency: 55Duration: 21s
 Swiftcast Lv. 18
  • Instant
  • 60.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Next spell is cast immediately.Duration: 10s
 Surecast Lv. 44
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 0y
  • 0y
Spells can be cast without interruption.Additional Effect: Nullifies most knockback and draw-in effectsDuration: 6s
 Rescue Lv. 48
  • Instant
  • 120.0s
  • ↔ 30y
  • 0y
Instantly draws target party member to your side. Cannot be used outside of combat or when target is suffering from certain enfeeblements.
 Pneuma Lv. 90
  • Instant
  • Instant
  • ↔ 0y
  • 20y

Sage Traits

Action Name Acquired Effect
 Maim and Mend  Lv. 20

Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 10%.

 Maim and Mend II  Lv. 40

Increases base action damage and HP restoration by 30%.

 Addersgall  Lv. 45

Grants 1 stack of Addersgall automatically every twenty seconds.

Maximum Stacks: 3

Can be charged outside of combat.

 Somanoutic Oath  Lv. 54

Increases the potency of Dosis to 250, Phlegma to 330, and Eukrasian Dosis to 35.

 Physis Mastery  Lv. 60

Upgrades Physis to Physis II.

 Somanoutic Oath II  Lv. 64

Increases the potency of Dosis to 300, Phlegma to 400, and Eukrasian Dosis to 40.

 Addersting  Lv. 66

Grants 1 stack of Addersting when the barrier granted by Eukrasian Diagnosis to any party member or the barrier granted by Eukrasian Prognosis to self is completely absorbed.

Maximum Stacks: 3

 Offensive Magic Mastery  Lv. 72

Upgrades Dosis to Dosis II, Phlegma to Phlegma II, and Eukrasian Dosis to Eukrasian Dosis II. Also increases the potency of Toxikon to 300.

 Enhanced Kerachole  Lv. 78

Adds an additional effect to Kerachole that grants healing over time.

 Offensive Magic Mastery II  Lv. 82

Upgrades Dosis II to Dosis III, Phlegma II to Phlegma III, Eukrasian Dosis II to Eukrasian Dosis III, Dyskrasia to Dyskrasia II, and Toxikon to Toxikon II.

 Enhanced Healing Magic  Lv. 85

Increases the healing potency of Diagnosis to 450 and Kardia to 170. Also increases the strength of barriers granted by Eukrasian Diagnosis to 180% the amount of HP restored, and Eukrasian Prognosis to 320% the amount of HP restored.

 Enhanced Zoe  Lv. 88

Reduces Zoe recast time to 90 seconds.


Sage Lore: Masters of Wisdom and Compassion

In the realm of Sharlayan, a venerable nation celebrated as the cradle of knowledge, the Studium reigns as the preeminent institution of learning. Within its hallowed halls, a symphony of wisdom and enlightenment resounds, permeating the air and captivating the minds of scholars and seekers alike. Renowned for its unparalleled library, an archive brimming with the accumulated knowledge of centuries, and an assemblage of Archons, the most erudite and accomplished scholars in existence, the Studium stands as a beacon of intellectual prowess and innovation.

Yet, the Studium's acclaim extends beyond its tangible treasures. It is the unparalleled ability to blend traditionally distinct fields of study that sets this prestigious academy apart. From the depths of this fount of knowledge emerged revolutionary disciplines that transcended the boundaries of conventional wisdom, birthing an era of uncharted intellectual exploration.

Among these remarkable disciplines, one shines with extraordinary brilliance—an artistry of unparalleled altruism that weaves together the profound wisdom of aetherology, the arcane mastery of sorcery, and the delicate precision of medicine. This extraordinary fusion of knowledge, known as somanoutics, unveils a path of healing and protection through the manipulation of corporeal aether. Guided by the graceful and ethereal nouliths, an array of floating foci that dance upon the currents of magic, somanoutics practitioners embark on a sacred mission to mend the wounds of the world and safeguard the sanctity of life.

Sages, as they eventually came to be known, are heralded as paragons of wisdom and compassion. Their tireless dedication to the betterment of mankind resonates in every facet of their being, as they harness the powers of somanoutics to bring solace to the afflicted and light to the darkest corners of existence. It is through their deep understanding of the intricacies of aether, their mastery of the arcane arts, and their unwavering commitment to the welfare of all, that sages have become revered as bastions of hope and beacons of compassion in a world often shrouded in uncertainty.

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Enhancing Your Healing Prowess: A Comprehensive Guide to Sage in FFXIV

When it comes to healers in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), each job offers its unique playstyle and mechanics. Among these esteemed healers, the Sage stands out as a formidable force, wielding both devastating offensive skills and the ability to restore their own health through a clever symbiotic mechanic. As you embark on your journey to master this extraordinary job, it is crucial to understand the intricacies of your diverse toolkit, particularly the optimal utilization of your off-global cooldown (oGCD) healing abilities.

The path to becoming a skilled Sage begins at level 70, where your adventure unfolds with an array of potent spells and abilities. However, as an adventurer seeking diverse challenges and rewards, it is inevitable that you will venture into lower-level content through roulettes and other activities. In light of this, our comprehensive guide will equip you with invaluable insights starting from level 15, ensuring you possess the knowledge and skills needed for any encounter that may come your way.

It is worth noting that your journey towards mastery encompasses not only combat prowess but also the completion of job quests. These quests grant you essential abilities that contribute significantly to your effectiveness as a Sage. Panhaima Icon Panhaima, for instance, is a vital ability acquired through your job quests, reinforcing the importance of engaging in these quests without hesitation.

As a Sage, you possess a unique mechanic that sets you apart from other healers - the ability to deal damage while simultaneously receiving healing in return. This delicate balance between offense and defense forms the core of your playstyle. To maximize your efficiency, it is essential to grasp the intricacies of your oGCD healing abilities. These abilities, which offer instantaneous healing without triggering the global cooldown, play a pivotal role in maintaining the health and well-being of your party members.

Throughout your journey, you will discover a wide array of oGCD healing skills at your disposal. From the Panhaima Icon Panhaima ability, which erects a magicked barrier around yourself or a party member, absorbing damage equivalent to a potent heal, to other powerful abilities acquired as you progress in levels, each skill serves a specific purpose in your arsenal. By mastering the timing and prioritization of these abilities, you can seamlessly weave healing into your offensive onslaught, enhancing your effectiveness as a Sage.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of each oGCD healing ability, discussing their optimal usage, potential synergies with other skills, and strategies for maximizing their impact. By understanding the unique strengths and limitations of each ability, you will be equipped to make informed decisions in the heat of battle, ensuring the well-being and survival of your comrades.

As you embark on your journey as a Sage, remember that mastery is a gradual process. Patience, practice, and a thirst for knowledge will guide you towards becoming an exceptional healer. Embrace the diverse challenges that lie ahead, both in lower-level content and high-end encounters, and seize the opportunity to refine your skills at every step.

Now, let us delve into the mesmerizing world of the Sage, where the delicate dance between offensive might and restorative grace unfolds. By immersing yourself in the knowledge and strategies presented in this guide, you will be well-prepared to tackle any obstacle and emerge as a beacon of healing prowess in the ever-evolving realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

Gear Up for Success: Sage Gear Options and Advancement Strategies

As you embark on your journey as a Sage, it is crucial to equip yourself with gear that enhances your abilities and optimizes your healing prowess. Understanding the gear options available to you and implementing effective strategies for gear progression will significantly contribute to your success in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various gear options, highlighting the importance of item level (iLvL) and providing invaluable insights to help you make informed decisions for your gear progression.

Upon unlocking the Sage job through the quest "Sage's Path," you will receive a starter set of gear for the left side, including the helmet, chestpiece, gloves, pants, and boots. This initial gear boasts an item level of 385, providing a solid foundation to begin your journey. However, it is essential to note that this iLvL may not be optimal for level 70 content, necessitating further gear upgrades to tackle more challenging encounters.

To enhance your gear's power and increase your effectiveness as a healer, prioritize acquiring item level 400 gear for the right side, including the neck, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Allagan Tomestones of Poetics serve as the currency to obtain this gear. By investing your hard-earned Poetics into these upgrades, you ensure that your character is equipped with the necessary tools to excel in battles and support your party members efficiently.

While focusing on upgrading your right side gear, it is advisable to allocate any remaining Poetics towards filling out the left side with iLvL 400 gear as well. This comprehensive approach to gear advancement ensures that all aspects of your equipment align with your progression and contribute to your overall performance as a Sage.

As you journey through the realms of Eorzea, you will encounter various dungeons, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for gear upgrades. Dungeon gear can serve as incremental upgrades, providing additional stat benefits and improving your overall effectiveness. However, it is important to exercise caution when considering dungeon gear upgrades. Despite higher level requirements, dungeon gear may sometimes have a lower item level compared to your current gear. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize iLvL over other factors when assessing the value of dungeon gear.

While gear substats certainly play a role in optimizing your performance, it is essential to emphasize the significance of item level during the early stages of your Sage journey. As you progress and acquire higher item level gear, you can explore more nuanced substat considerations. However, during the initial stages, focusing on increasing your iLvL remains paramount for tackling challenging content and maximizing your healing potential.

As you continue to level and explore new horizons, always keep a keen eye out for gear upgrades that align with your Sage's growth. Whether it's through the acquisition of high-level dungeon gear, the prudent investment of Poetics, or the pursuit of other avenues for gear progression, never cease in your pursuit of optimizing your gear setup.

Remember, mastering the art of healing as a Sage is a journey that encompasses various facets, with gear selection and progression playing a vital role. By applying the knowledge and strategies outlined in this guide, you will be well-equipped to make informed decisions, enhance your effectiveness as a Sage, and shine as a beacon of healing light in the realms of FFXIV.

Gear up, embrace the challenges that lie ahead, and may your journey as a Sage be marked by triumph, growth, and unwavering dedication to your party's well-being.

Unleashing the Power of Eukrasia: A Comprehensive Guide to Sage's Eukrasian Abilities

As you delve into the world of Sage, you will undoubtedly come across a unique aspect of their skillset - the enigmatic "Eukrasian" spells. These spells hold immense potential, but understanding their mechanics and harnessing their power is key to unlocking their true potential. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the intricacies of Eukrasia and delve into the nuances of each Eukrasian spell, empowering you to wield their might with precision and grace.

The journey into Eukrasia begins at level 30 when you unlock the spell "Eukrasia." This spell, devoid of mana cost, cooldown, or cast time, serves as the gateway to unleashing the true potential of your Eukrasian abilities. By casting Eukrasia before executing specific spells, namely Dosis, Diagnosis, or Prognosis, you imbue them with the transformative power of Eukrasia, transmuting them into their Eukrasian counterparts.

Eukrasia itself is an instantaneous spell, requiring no cast time, mana expenditure, or cooldown. However, it possesses a 1-second recast time, adhering to the Global Cooldown (GCD) mechanics of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). This unique aspect sets the stage for the intricacies and dynamic gameplay that Eukrasian abilities bring to the table.

Once you have activated Eukrasia, it opens the door to a trio of potent spells: Eukrasian Dosis, Eukrasian Diagnosis, and Eukrasian Prognosis. Each of these spells inherits the 1.5-second recast time from their original counterparts but eliminates the need for a cast time, making them effectively instant-cast GCDs with a 2.5-second execution time. It is important to note that neither Eukrasia nor any of the Eukrasian spells are influenced by spell speed, providing a consistent and reliable performance throughout your healing endeavors.

The seamless integration of Eukrasian spells into your rotation introduces a strategic balancing act. While these spells grant swift healing or damage-dealing potential, they come with the trade-off of limiting your ability to weave multiple off-GCD (oGCD) abilities immediately after their execution. This limitation requires a keen understanding of timing and prioritization, ensuring that you optimize the impact of each Eukrasian spell while efficiently utilizing your arsenal of oGCD heals and support skills.

By mastering the art of weaving Eukrasian spells into your rotation, you will unlock a world of versatility and adaptability as a Sage. The strategic execution of Eukrasia and its accompanying spells empowers you to navigate the most challenging encounters with finesse, providing unparalleled support and healing to your allies.

As you embark on your journey to master Eukrasia, remember to delve deeper into the unique attributes and effects of each Eukrasian spell. Explore the intricacies of Eukrasian Dosis, Eukrasian Diagnosis, and Eukrasian Prognosis, uncovering their distinct healing properties and potential synergies with other abilities in your toolkit. By immersing yourself in the intricacies of Eukrasia and its associated spells, you will unlock a level of mastery that sets you apart as a true Sage.

Embrace the transformative power of Eukrasia, harness the might of the Eukrasian spells, and let your healing prowess shine brightly as you navigate the trials and tribulations that await. The path to enlightenment as a Sage is paved with the mysteries of Eukrasia, and it is your destiny to unlock its true potential and become a beacon of healing in the realms of Eorzea.

May your journey be filled with discovery, growth, and the boundless possibilities that Eukrasia bestows upon you.

Harnessing the Power of Resources: Addersgall and Addersting - A Sage's Arsenal

As a Sage, your journey is adorned with unique resources that enhance your healing prowess and provide you with strategic advantages on the battlefield. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of two vital resources at your disposal: Addersgall and Addersting. Understanding how to effectively manage and utilize these resources will unlock a new level of mastery and elevate your healing capabilities to unparalleled heights.

Addersgall, the First Resource: At your disposal from level 45 onward, Addersgall plays a crucial role in your repertoire of healing abilities. This invaluable resource replenishes at a steady pace, granting you one charge every 20 seconds. The top of your job gauge showcases these charges as blue dots, while the current recharge progress is depicted by the blue bar in the middle of the gauge. It is important to note that you can accumulate a maximum of three charges at any given time.

When you employ abilities that consume Addersgall charges, you not only unleash potent healing capabilities but also benefit from an added boon. Each time an ability consumes an Addersgall charge, you are rewarded with a restoration of 7% of your maximum MP. This strategic synergy ensures that your healing endeavors remain sustainable and efficient, granting you the power to mend wounds and support your allies without restraint.

Addersting, the Second Resource: Addersting emerges as a pivotal resource in your arsenal, becoming accessible from level 66. Unlike Addersgall, Addersting does not adhere to a timed recharge mechanism. Instead, it recharges dynamically when the shield generated by Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis is fully consumed. This unique interplay creates a symbiotic relationship between the utilization of Eukrasian Diagnosis and the replenishment of Addersting.

While it may be tempting to solely rely on Eukrasian Diagnosis to charge Addersting, it is essential to exercise discretion and strategic judgment. In combat scenarios, it is generally advised against utilizing Eukrasian Diagnosis solely for the purpose of charging Addersting. Instead, prioritize the optimal use of Eukrasian Diagnosis as a powerful healing tool, ensuring the preservation of your party's vitality and employing it when the situation demands.

By skillfully managing and maximizing the potential of Addersgall and Addersting, you gain an edge in the chaotic realms of battle. These resources, when utilized with precision, grant you the power to weave seamless healing strategies, ensuring the well-being of your allies and bolstering your reputation as a masterful Sage.

In your quest for mastery, explore the intricate interplay between your resources and abilities. Seek to optimize their utilization, weaving a tapestry of healing prowess that transcends the ordinary. As you delve deeper into the intricacies of Addersgall and Addersting, you will discover synergistic combinations and strategic decision-making that elevate your healing capabilities to new heights.

The path to becoming a true master of Sage lies in the mastery of your resources. Embrace the dynamic nature of Addersgall and Addersting, and let their power flow through your fingertips, mending wounds, and safeguarding the lives of those entrusted to your care.

May your journey be filled with wisdom, growth, and the profound understanding of the intricate dance between your resources and the healing arts. Embrace the power that Addersgall and Addersting bestow upon you, and become a beacon of healing light in the realms of Eorzea.

Mastering Offensive Skills: Unleashing the Power of Sage

As you embark on your journey as a Sage, you are entrusted with a diverse array of offensive skills that allow you to unleash devastating damage upon your foes. To maximize your potential and conquer the challenges that lie ahead, it is essential to understand the intricacies and priorities of these skills. In this comprehensive guide, we will unravel the secrets of Sage's offensive prowess, enabling you to unleash a torrent of destructive power.

5.1. Unleashing Destruction: Offensive Skills Overview Let us begin by exploring the key offensive skills at your disposal as a budding Sage:

Dosis III: This potent spell serves as your primary single-target damage ability, allowing you to unleash devastating strikes upon a specific adversary.

Phlegma III: As an area-of-effect (AoE) spell with damage falloff, Phlegma III stands out as your most powerful tool for dealing damage to a single target or a clustered group of enemies. It possesses the added advantage of being equipped with two charges that gradually recover over time, with a 45-second recharge period.

Eukrasian Dosis III: Unlocking the full potential of Eukrasia, this skill allows you to cast Dosis III as a damage-over-time (DoT) effect. By utilizing Eukrasia Icon Eukrasia followed by Dosis III Icon Dosis III, you can maintain a constant stream of damage on bosses and effectively apply it to dungeon mobs as the tank gathers them.

Dyskrasia II: As a basic AoE spell, Dyskrasia II serves as your go-to ability for dealing damage to multiple targets, particularly in dungeon encounters. Its instant cast nature enables you to unleash its power while on the move, making it a versatile tool in your arsenal.

Toxikon II: This instant cast AoE GCD (global cooldown) ability holds immense destructive potential. However, it consumes Addersting charges, which are granted when a shield from Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis breaks on a party member or at the start or after wiping in a duty. It is important to note that charging it during combat results in a damage loss, making it optimal to apply shields pre-pull. Despite the damage falloff, Toxikon II surpasses Dyskrasia in damage output during AoE situations, making it a valuable asset in your rotation.

With this comprehensive arsenal of offensive skills at your disposal, you possess the means to unleash havoc upon your adversaries and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

5.2. Mastering Single-Target Damage: Priority and Strategy When engaging in combat against single targets, it is crucial to prioritize your offensive abilities for optimal damage output. Follow these guidelines to maximize your effectiveness:

Ensure Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III is consistently applied to the target, maintaining a steady stream of damage over time.

Manage Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III usage to avoid overcapping its charges, ensuring you unleash its devastating power at opportune moments.

Utilize Toxikon II Icon Toxikon II during movement sequences, as it deals comparable damage to Dosis III Icon Dosis III while granting you the freedom to reposition.

Fill in the gaps in your rotation with Dosis III Icon Dosis III, serving as a reliable filler ability to maintain consistent damage output.

In situations where movement becomes necessary and all other movement options have been exhausted, consider utilizing Dyskrasia Icon Dyskrasia as a last resort against a single target. While its potency may be lower than other abilities, casting something is better than casting nothing.

By adhering to these guidelines, you will unleash a relentless barrage of damage upon your foes, ensuring that no enemy can escape your wrath.

5.3. Conquering the Battlefield: Prioritizing AoE Damage When confronted with multiple adversaries, your ability to unleash devastating area-of-effect damage becomes paramount. Employ the following priorities to dominate the battlefield:

Harness the destructive power of Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III, utilizing it as your primary tool for dealing AoE damage. Its potent effect will decimate groups of enemies and establish your dominance on the battlefield.

Leverage the damaging potential of Toxikon Icon Toxikon, another formidable AoE spell at your disposal. However, it is essential to note that charging it during a pull results in an overall damage loss. Instead, apply shields to your allies before engaging enemies, ensuring you maintain a steady stream of damage without compromising your effectiveness.

Dyskrasia Icon Dyskrasia should serve as your filler ability, allowing you to maintain consistent damage output when Phlegma III and Toxikon are on cooldown.

By following these priorities, you will become an unstoppable force, annihilating hordes of enemies with precision and finesse.

Mastering the art of offensive skills as a Sage requires meticulous planning, quick thinking, and unwavering precision. As you continue your journey, immerse yourself in the depths of these abilities, honing your skills, and unraveling new synergies. Embrace the destructive power that lies within your grasp, and become a beacon of devastation on the battlefield.

May your path as a Sage be paved with triumph, as you harness the forces of destruction and lead your allies to victory.

Empowering Healing and Defense: Unleashing the Potential of Sage

As a Sage, your mastery of the healing arts is unparalleled. In addition to your offensive skills, you possess a range of abilities that will bolster the resilience of your allies and ensure their survival in the face of adversity. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Sage's healing and defensive skills, equipping you with the knowledge needed to unleash their full potential.

Kardia: The Heart of Resilience One of the cornerstone abilities of the Sage is Kardia Icon Kardia. Unlocked at level 4, Kardia operates similarly to Closed Position Icon Closed Position, providing a crucial buff to yourself or a party member. Once applied, Kardia remains active indefinitely, offering passive healing whenever you utilize an offensive global cooldown (GCD) ability (note that individual damage-over-time ticks do not trigger it). To optimize its effectiveness, it is recommended to place Kardia on the tank, as they often bear the brunt of enemy assaults.

Strategic Utilization of Healing Abilities To maximize the potency of Kardia Icon Kardia and enhance your overall damage output, it is crucial to adopt a strategic approach to healing. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Prioritize oGCD Heals: As Kardia only triggers on offensive GCD abilities, it is imperative to minimize the use of GCD heals while in combat. Instead, focus on utilizing your off-global cooldown (oGCD) healing abilities as your primary means of restoring health to your allies. By doing so, you optimize the effectiveness of Kardia while ensuring your healing output remains consistent.

  2. Unleash the Power of oGCD Heals: Sage boasts an impressive arsenal of oGCD healing abilities that synergize perfectly with Kardia. These abilities should be your first choice when tending to wounded comrades. By strategically employing them, you can mitigate damage and sustain your allies, allowing for uninterrupted offensive onslaughts.

  3. Reserve GCD Heals as a Last Resort: While minimizing the use of GCD heals is ideal, there may be situations where they become necessary. In such cases, it is crucial to exercise discretion and reserve GCD heals as a last resort. By adhering to this approach, you ensure that Kardia's passive healing remains uninterrupted, allowing you to strike a balance between offense and defense.

By employing these strategic tactics, you will harness the full potential of your healing abilities, fortify the resilience of your allies, and unleash devastating damage upon your adversaries.

Embrace the Power Within As a Sage, your role is not limited to healing alone. Embrace the power within you and let it manifest in your offensive skills, while maintaining a vigilant watch over the well-being of your comrades. By achieving harmony between offense and defense, you will ascend to new heights of mastery and become an indomitable force on the battlefield.

May your journey as a Sage be filled with triumph, as you unlock the secrets of healing and defensive prowess, and lead your allies to victory.

Mastering the Art of Healing: Unleashing the Potency of Sage's Restorative Abilities

As a Sage, your healing prowess extends far beyond the realm of traditional single-target heals. With an array of powerful oGCD (off-global cooldown) abilities at your disposal, you possess the means to mend wounds, strengthen defenses, and fortify your allies against the trials that await. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of Sage's healing and defensive skills, equipping you with the knowledge needed to harness their full potential.

  1. Diagnostic Expertise Diagnosis Icon Diagnosis serves as your foundational single-target GCD heal. With its reliable potency, it is a reliable choice for attending to individual wounded allies.

Prognosis Icon Prognosis, on the other hand, is your go-to AoE (area-of-effect) GCD heal. By harnessing its expansive healing capabilities, you can mend the injuries of multiple allies simultaneously, restoring them to full strength.

  1. The Power of Restoration Physis Icon Physis introduces a new dimension to your healing arsenal. This potent AoE heal-over-time not only mends wounds but also enhances the overall healing received by the targeted individuals. By strategically employing Physis, you can provide sustained healing support and bolster the survivability of your comrades.

Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis takes your single-target healing to new heights. With an increased overall potency and the addition of a shielding effect, it surpasses the effectiveness of its standard counterpart, Diagnosis Icon Diagnosis. When tending to unshielded targets, prioritize Eukrasian Diagnosis for optimal healing output.

Eukrasian Prognosis Icon Eukrasian Prognosis mirrors the capabilities of Eukrasian Diagnosis, but on an AoE scale. Its heightened overall potency and shielding effect make it the superior choice for healing multiple unshielded allies. By wielding this formidable ability, you can safeguard your party against incoming damage and maintain their vitality.

  1. Unleashing the Potential of Addersgall Charges Sage's unique resource, Addersgall, enhances your healing repertoire with its charge-based mechanics. Let's explore the healing abilities that draw upon the power of Addersgall:

Druochole Icon Druochole empowers you with a swift single-target heal, instantly mending wounds without any cooldown restrictions. By judiciously utilizing your Addersgall charges, you can provide timely support to allies in need.

Kerachole Icon Kerachole imbues your party members with an AoE regen effect and a 10% damage mitigation bonus. This invaluable ability, with its short 30-second cooldown and 15-second duration, can be employed frequently, ensuring the sustained well-being of your comrades.

Ixochole Icon Ixochole serves as an alternative AoE healing option, consuming an Addersgall charge. However, it is essential to note that Ixochole yields lower overall healing potency than Kerachole. Prioritize Kerachole to maximize your healing output before turning to Ixochole.

  1. Unlocking the Full Potential Zoe Icon Zoe grants you the power to amplify the potency of your next GCD heal by an impressive 50%. In critical situations that demand the use of GCD heals, harness the strength of Zoe to deliver a surge of revitalizing restoration.

Pepsis Icon Pepsis, though rarely needed in practice, converts shields generated by Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis and Eukrasian Prognosis Icon Eukrasian Prognosis into potent healing. While situational, this ability can prove invaluable in specific encounters that call for a shift in healing dynamics.

Taurochole Icon Taurochole combines targeted healing with damage mitigation, consuming an Addersgall charge. It is crucial to stagger the usage of Taurochole alongside Kerachole to maximize the mitigation benefits during demanding encounters.

Haima Icon Haima presents a formidable tool for managing the trials of dungeon pulls. This ability places a shield on the target, which, when consumed, is promptly replenished, up to a maximum of five times. Additionally, if any charges remain when the shield expires, Haima will unleash a powerful healing effect, totaling an astounding potency of 1800.

Holos Icon Holos emerges as a true masterpiece of healing prowess, combining the capabilities of AoE healing, shielding, and damage mitigation. This ability synergizes seamlessly with Kerachole Icon Kerachole and Taurochole Icon Taurochole, offering a comprehensive suite of restorative measures.

Panhaima Icon Panhaima serves as the AoE counterpart to Haima, featuring a slightly reduced potency to balance its wider scope. Notably, Panhaima does not share a cooldown with Haima, making it a versatile tool that can be utilized effectively on single targets during dungeon pulls.

Krasis Icon Krasis shines as a valuable asset, temporarily augmenting all healing received by the targeted individual by an impressive 20%. This invaluable boon enhances your healing efficiency during intense encounters, ensuring the survival of your allies.

By mastering the intricacies of Sage's healing and defensive skills, you will emerge as a paragon of restoration on the battlefield. Empowered with unparalleled healing capabilities and fortified defenses, you will guide your allies towards victory, transcending the boundaries of adversity.

Unlock the true potential of your Sage and embrace the noble art of healing. Through unwavering dedication and meticulous application of your skills, you will become an indomitable force, ensuring the well-being of your comrades and etching your name in the annals of Eorzean history.

Mastering the Versatility: Exploring Sage's Additional Skills

In addition to their formidable healing and offensive abilities, Sage possesses a repertoire of diverse skills that further enhance their utility and adaptability on the battlefield. Let us delve into these auxiliary skills, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your Sage and optimize your performance in combat.

  1. Esuna Icon Esuna: Esuna serves as your antidote against debilitating debuffs. With a single cast, you can remove a specific debuff from yourself or an ally. It is important to note that only debuffs adorned with a distinctive blue bar on their icon can be dispelled, ensuring that you can cleanse your party members from harmful afflictions and restore them to optimal fighting condition.

  2. Egeiro Icon Egeiro: Egeiro stands as the Sage's equivalent to the renowned Raise spell. When a fallen ally needs to be swiftly restored to the fray, combining Egeiro with the Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast ability eliminates the lengthy cast time, ensuring their swift revival. It is a skill of utmost importance during intense encounters, where the timely return of fallen comrades can tip the scales in your favor.

  3. Swiftcast Icon Swiftcast: Swiftcast is a versatile ability that can significantly enhance your spellcasting efficiency. By utilizing Swiftcast, you can instantly remove the cast time from your next spell, allowing for immediate execution. This invaluable tool grants you the flexibility to respond swiftly to critical situations, unleashing your healing or offensive powers without delay.

  4. Lucid Dreaming Icon Lucid Dreaming: Mana management is of utmost importance for any proficient Sage. Lucid Dreaming emerges as an essential skill, restoring 3850 mana over a span of 21 seconds. While it is crucial not to activate Lucid Dreaming when your mana reserves are already full, it is equally vital to avoid depleting your resources completely. Aim to activate Lucid Dreaming when you are missing approximately 2000 mana, ensuring a steady supply of mana to sustain your healing and offensive endeavors.

  5. Icarus Icon Icarus: Icarus grants you unparalleled mobility on the battlefield, serving as a potent gap-closing tool. By utilizing Icarus, you can swiftly traverse the battlefield, leaping to the aid of a party member in need or closing in on a targeted enemy. This agile maneuverability empowers you to maintain optimal positioning and respond swiftly to dynamic combat scenarios.

  6. Surecast Icon Surecast: Surecast is a skill that provides invaluable protection against knockback effects. By activating Surecast, you become immune to most knockback effects, allowing you to maintain your position and casting integrity. Furthermore, Surecast also prevents heavy damage from interrupting your ongoing spellcasting, ensuring the seamless execution of your healing or offensive spells.

  7. Rescue Icon Rescue: Rescue emerges as a skill that grants you the power to pull a party member to your location. While primarily intended for situations where a party member may be unaware of imminent mechanics, it is important to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary usage. Proper coordination and communication are key to utilizing Rescue effectively, ensuring that it is employed judiciously to aid your allies in critical situations.

  8. Rhizomata Icon Rhizomata: Rhizomata serves as a boon to your resource management, granting an additional Addersgall charge. By harnessing the power of Rhizomata, you bolster your healing potential, allowing for more frequent and impactful utilization of abilities that draw upon the power of Addersgall. This skill synergizes harmoniously with your healing repertoire, enabling you to sustain your party's vitality even in the most demanding encounters.

By mastering these auxiliary skills, you unlock the true versatility of the Sage job. With swift resurrections, precise debuff removal, agile mobility, and resource management, you will rise as a paragon of adaptability and support on the battlefield. Embrace the breadth of your Sage's abilities, and forge your path towards victory, transcending the boundaries of adversity.

Unleash the full potential of your Sage, and let the echoes of your prowess resound throughout the realm of Eorzea. As you journey alongside your comrades, your diverse skill set will ensure that hope and restoration prevail in the face of even the most daunting challenges.

Mastering Dungeon Gameplay as a Sage: Strategies for Success

Embarking on dungeon adventures as a Sage presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Your primary focus is ensuring the survival of the tank during intense trash pulls, while also optimizing your healing and damage-dealing capabilities. By employing a strategic approach and utilizing your abilities effectively, you can overcome these challenges and emerge victorious. Let's delve into the intricacies of dungeon gameplay as a Sage.

7.1. Conquering Dungeon Trash Pulls To establish a strong foundation for success during trash pulls, employ the following techniques:

  • Begin by applying Kardia Icon Kardia, your passive healing buff, on the tank at the start of the dungeon. This will bolster their survivability throughout the encounters.
  • Prior to engaging packs of enemies, cast Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis on the tank, providing them with a shield to absorb incoming damage.
  • As the tank gathers the mobs, unleash the power of Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III, your damage-over-time ability, on the packs. Remarkably, this spell can be cast while on the move, allowing you to maximize your damage output.
  • When facing two or more targets, utilize Dyskrasia Icon Dyskrasia, your basic area-of-effect spell, to apply damage to multiple foes simultaneously.
  • Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III, an exceptional AoE damage skill, should be reserved for encounters involving two or more targets. As it comes with a charge system, it is advisable to save it for situations where it can have the greatest impact.

Moreover, Toxikon Icon Toxikon proves invaluable during trash pulls. Generated from the shield you provide to the tank prior to engaging mobs, this ability deals more damage than Dyskrasia and can be used on packs. Keep in mind that it consumes an Addersting charge, which can also be replenished when commencing or wiping a duty.

7.2. Navigating Healing in Trash Pulls Effectively managing your healing arsenal is crucial when faced with the demands of trash pulls. Employ the following strategies to ensure optimal healing:

  • Prioritize your oGCD (off-global cooldown) heals before resorting to GCD (global cooldown) heals. Exploit all available oGCD options, including the potent Soteria Icon Soteria, to mitigate damage and sustain your party's health.
  • Do not hesitate to employ AoE oGCD heals, even if you are healing a single target. Skills like Kerachole Icon Kerachole can prove highly effective in restoring health and mitigating damage.

Strive to exhaust your oGCD options before relying on GCD heals. By utilizing your free skills and judiciously managing your cooldowns, you can ensure a steady flow of healing throughout the encounter. Remember, cooldowns with shorter durations will typically become available again during subsequent pulls, while longer cooldowns may only be accessible after defeating a boss. Exercise caution and reserve longer cooldowns for moments of heightened healing demand.

7.3. Thriving in Boss Fights, Trials, and Raids Boss encounters present a different set of challenges, necessitating a nuanced approach to maximize your effectiveness as a Sage:

  • Maintain your damage-over-time (DoT) spell, Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III, on the boss at all times. This DoT contributes to your overall damage output and should be prioritized to ensure consistent damage application.
  • Avoid allowing Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III to overcap. Ideally, use this skill for movement purposes whenever possible, ensuring that it does not go to waste.
  • Emphasize the utilization of oGCD heals over GCD heals. Focus on healing only the minimum required to keep your party members alive, rather than constantly striving to maintain full health bars.
  • In eight-man content, pay close attention to which tank is the main tank and ensure that Kardia Icon Kardia is applied to them. This passive healing buff will provide essential support throughout the encounter.
  • Toxikon Icon Toxikon offers the advantage of allowing free movement while dealing the same damage as Dosis III. However, avoid attempting to charge it during combat. Instead, prioritize charging it pre-pull or during periods of significant downtime.

By adhering to these strategies, you will be well-equipped to navigate dungeon gameplay successfully as a Sage. Adaptability, efficient healing, and strategic damage-dealing will secure your triumph over challenging encounters, allowing your Sage to shine brightly in the realm of Eorzea. Unleash the full potential of your abilities and guide your party to victory with grace and proficiency.

Let the echoes of your sage wisdom resound throughout the land as you embrace the intricacies of dungeon gameplay.

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Maximizing Damage as a Sage: Unleash Your Healing Arsenal

As a Sage, you possess a unique blend of restorative powers and formidable offensive capabilities. While your primary role is that of a healer, you should not underestimate the potential impact of your damage-dealing prowess. Let's delve into the intricacies of dealing damage as a Sage and explore the skills that will allow you to shine in battle.

  1. Harnessing Offensive Spells The Sage's damage repertoire consists of essential offensive spells, each serving a specific purpose:

1.1. Dosis III Icon Dosis III: Dosis III is your go-to single-target damage spell. Unleash its power to swiftly erode your enemies' health and contribute to your party's success.

1.2. Dyskrasia II Icon Dyskrasia II: Dyskrasia II serves as your basic area-of-effect (AoE) damage spell. Deploy it when facing multiple targets to unleash devastation upon enemy groups. Its lack of cast time enables you to rain destruction while on the move.

1.3. Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III: Eukrasian Dosis III is a potent damage-over-time (DoT) spell unique to the Sage. Applying this DoT to your adversaries ensures a continuous stream of damage. Be vigilant in refreshing it when necessary to maintain a relentless assault.

  1. Damage Priority and Rotation To optimize your damage output, follow these guidelines:

2.1. Keep Eukrasian Dosis III Active: The sustained damage from Eukrasian Dosis III is vital to your overall effectiveness. Make it a priority to keep this DoT applied to your primary target at all times.

2.2. Dosis III for Single-Target Damage: When engaging a single foe, utilize Dosis III as your primary damage-dealing spell. Cast it consistently to chip away at the enemy's health bar.

2.3. Dyskrasia II for Multiple Targets: In encounters featuring multiple adversaries, rely on Dyskrasia II to wreak havoc upon enemy packs. Its area-of-effect nature ensures that your damage resonates across the battlefield.

Remember, striking a balance between healing and damage-dealing is essential. Your role as a Sage is to support your party, so be mindful of prioritizing healing when necessary. However, during periods of relative calm or when your healing demands are adequately met, seize the opportunity to contribute significant damage to the battle.

  1. Adaptation and Flexibility As you progress through your adventures, you may encounter diverse combat scenarios. Adapting your damage-dealing approach accordingly will enhance your effectiveness:

3.1. Boss Fights: In encounters with powerful bosses, maintain the DoT effect of Eukrasian Dosis III while focusing on single-target damage with Dosis III. Remain vigilant, as boss mechanics may require you to prioritize healing during critical moments.

3.2. Trash Pulls and Mob Packs: During trash pulls or encounters with multiple enemies, unleash the destructive potential of Dyskrasia II to vanquish hordes of foes. The potency of this AoE spell enables you to swiftly dispatch your adversaries.

  1. Balance and Harmony Remember that your primary role as a Sage is to provide healing and support to your party. Balancing your damage-dealing with efficient healing is crucial to the success of your team. Maintain a keen awareness of your party's health and adapt your priorities accordingly.

By embracing your role as a Sage and embracing the art of damage-dealing, you will unlock new levels of mastery and contribute significantly to your party's victories. Strive for harmony between your healing and offensive capabilities, and let your enemies tremble before the might of your combined powers.

Harness the potent magic of the Sage, and ensure that your enemies meet their demise in the face of your unstoppable onslaught. With precision, timing, and a touch of devastation, let your damage-dealing prowess shine forth and secure your place as a formidable force in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

Mastering the Sage Opener: Unleashing the Perfect Prelude

As a Sage, your opener sets the tone for the battle that lies ahead. While the Sage's opener may not feature complex damaging oGCDs or personal damage mechanics, it is nonetheless crucial to optimize your initial sequence of actions. Let's dive into the intricacies of the Sage opener and discover how to unleash its full potential.

  1. Precasting Dosis III: Gaining a Time Advantage The standard opener for the Sage begins with the precast of Dosis III Icon Dosis III. By initiating this damaging spell ahead of time, you gain a 1.5-second advantage, allowing you to swiftly launch your assault on the enemy. While Eukrasia Icon Eukrasia can be precast as well, it only grants a 1-second advantage. Therefore, prioritizing the precast of Dosis III is the preferred choice.

  2. Timing Phlegma III for Maximum Impact To ensure that your most devastating casts benefit from raid buffs, it is recommended to delay the use of Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III by a few GCDs in the opener. By doing so, you allow the raid-wide buffs to apply to this high-impact area-of-effect (AoE) spell, amplifying its destructive potential.

  3. Pre-Pull Preparation: Shielding and Addersting Stacks Prior to the encounter, it is essential to make strategic use of Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis and Eukrasian Prognosis Icon Eukrasian Prognosis to create shields for your party members. Shielding the tank with Eukrasian Diagnosis is a standard practice for a shield healer, providing an initial layer of protection against the first auto-attack. Furthermore, when these shields break, you receive a stack of Addersting, which plays a vital role in optimizing your opener.

If there is anticipated raid-wide damage within the first 10-15 seconds of the encounter, you have the opportunity to shield additional party members with Eukrasian Prognosis pre-pull. As the raid-wide damage breaks these shields, you can gain up to three stacks of Addersting, enhancing your offensive capabilities.

  1. Pre-Pull Timeline: Perfecting Your Preparation To execute the opener flawlessly, follow this pre-pull timeline:

-20s to -6s: Utilize Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis and/or Eukrasian Prognosis Icon Eukrasian Prognosis to prepare shields based on the specific demands of the encounter. Tailor your shielding strategy to provide optimal protection for your party members.

By meticulously adhering to this pre-pull timeline and mastering the nuances of shield preparation, you will enter the battle fully prepared to unleash your devastating damage-dealing abilities.

Remember, the Sage's opener may be straightforward, but its execution is essential to maximize your impact in the initial moments of the encounter. By following these guidelines and adapting them to the unique demands of each battle, you will set the stage for triumph and secure your place as a formidable Sage in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

Unleashing the Surge: Exploring Sage's Burst Windows

While Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III stands as the pinnacle of Sage's burst damage potential, understanding when and how to maximize its impact is crucial to your success on the battlefield. By adhering to a simple guideline, you can unlock the full potential of Phlegma III and create devastating burst windows that leave your enemies in awe. Let's delve into the details of Sage's burst windows and discover how to harness their power.

  1. Phlegma III: The Catalyst of Burst Damage As the cornerstone of Sage's burst damage, Phlegma III takes center stage in your offensive arsenal. To extract the utmost value from this potent ability, a guideline emerges: utilize a single charge of Phlegma III between each two-minute burst window. By adhering to this principle, you establish a consistent rhythm for unleashing your burst damage.

  2. Strategic Allocation of Charges During the designated burst windows, all remaining charges of Phlegma III should be used to maximize your damage output. By dedicating these charges to the burst windows, you concentrate your destructive forces and ensure that each cast of Phlegma III strikes with overwhelming impact.

  3. Unleashing the Surge Within the burst windows, unleash Phlegma III with calculated precision. Coordinate your offensive maneuvers with your party's buffs, as well as any encounter-specific mechanics that amplify your damage potential. By synchronizing your actions, you create a symphony of devastation that reverberates through the battlefield.

  4. A Symphony of Destruction As you progress through encounters, repeat the cycle of utilizing a single charge of Phlegma III between each two-minute burst window. This approach ensures a steady flow of damage while preserving the majority of your Phlegma III charges for those critical moments when you need to deliver an explosive blow.

By following this guideline and synchronizing your burst windows with the flow of battle, you will command an unrivaled surge of power. The enemy will tremble in the face of your calculated onslaught, as Phlegma III echoes through the air, leaving devastation in its wake.

Remember, the mastery of Sage's burst windows lies in their careful orchestration. Adapt this strategy to suit the unique demands of each encounter, coordinating with your party members and seizing the opportune moments to unleash your concentrated onslaught.

Embrace the power of the surge and let your enemies bear witness to the extraordinary might of a Sage in their prime. Rise above the chaos and become a force to be reckoned with in the ever-expanding world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Mastering Multi-Target Damage: Unleashing Sage's Potential

When faced with multiple enemies, Sage's damage-dealing capabilities truly shine. By strategically utilizing a combination of DoTs and AoE spells, you can maximize your damage output and efficiently dispatch your foes. Let's explore the various aspects of multi-target damage and uncover the best approaches for unleashing Sage's potential.

  1. Dyskrasia II: Unleashing Efficiency Dyskrasia II Icon Dyskrasia II emerges as a potent DPS gain, even when facing as few as two targets. However, the effectiveness of Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III must also be considered. With shorter durations, Eukrasian Dosis III can be efficient on up to four targets, while Dyskrasia II becomes more effective on enemies that will survive for a longer duration.

  2. Fine-Tuning the DoTs In scenarios with two targets, Eukrasian Dosis III only requires 15 seconds to outshine other options. With three targets, it gains superiority within 21 seconds, while with four targets, it proves worthwhile if enemies survive for the full 30-second duration. It's worth noting that in situations with more than four enemies, applying Eukrasian Dosis III to enemies with significantly higher HP can save overall time by focusing damage on them and minimizing the time spent dealing with weaker enemies.

  3. The Power of Phlegma III Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III emerges as a substantial DPS gain in any multi-target situation. Its potency shines as it wreaks havoc among multiple foes, providing a devastating blow to their ranks.

  4. Toxikon II and Pneuma: Tapping into Efficiency Toxikon II Icon Toxikon II presents an overall DPS gain in multi-target scenarios, albeit with slightly reduced damage to secondary targets compared to Dyskrasia II. It proves most effective when targeting an enemy with more HP than the others, compensating for the minor loss against secondary targets.

Pneuma Icon Pneuma, while primarily used for its healing capabilities in most raid environments, also carries significant damage potential in dungeon settings. It inflicts more damage to secondary targets than Dyskrasia II, making it a valuable source of damage while simultaneously providing crucial healing support to the tank.

By skillfully weaving together your arsenal of DoTs, AoE spells, and strategic target selection, you can become a force to be reckoned with in any multi-target encounter. Adapt your approach based on the number of enemies, their remaining HP, and the specific demands of the encounter.

Master the art of multi-target damage as a Sage, and witness your adversaries fall before your relentless assault. Unleash the power that lies within you and leave a trail of triumph in your wake, securing your place as a formidable champion in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

Maximizing Uptime: Mastering Movement and Positioning

As a Sage, your personal damage output and healing potential rely heavily on maintaining a high GCD uptime. In addition, the effectiveness of Kardia Icon Kardia's healing is directly tied to your DPS uptime, as it triggers only from damaging GCDs and not from GCD heals. To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to prioritize your positioning and movement during battles, taking into account mechanics and incoming AoEs.

  1. The Significance of Uptime Recognize that your GCD uptime is key to maximizing both your damage and healing potential. Every moment spent executing damaging GCDs contributes to your overall effectiveness as a Sage. Likewise, the healing from Kardia Icon Kardia is directly influenced by your DPS uptime since it activates only when you use damaging GCDs. Keep this in mind as you navigate through encounters.

  2. Tactical Movement and Instant Casts Stay vigilant of mechanics and AoEs that require movement. Since all Eukrasian spells are instant casts, you can take advantage of GCD heals or refreshing Eukrasian Dosis III Icon Eukrasian Dosis III to create opportunities for movement. This allows you to maintain your GCD uptime while fulfilling the necessary actions.

  3. Embrace Slidecasting Familiarize yourself with the technique of slidecasting, a valuable tool for maintaining uptime while dodging mechanics and avoiding AoEs. Slidecasting involves initiating movement before your cast bar completes, without interrupting the cast itself. The specific timing for slidecasting can vary based on your latency to the server, so it's essential to experiment and find the sweet spot.

Typically, slidecasting occurs around half a second before the cast bar finishes. With the short cast time of Dosis III Icon Dosis III, this window falls around two-thirds of the way through the cast bar. Capitalize on this window of opportunity, combining it with the one-second interval before your next cast to move freely without sacrificing any casts.

By mastering movement techniques, maintaining awareness of mechanics, and optimizing your slidecasting abilities, you can ensure a seamless flow of actions, bolstering your damage output and healing efficiency as a Sage. Embrace the art of precise positioning and fluid movement, for it is in these moments that you transcend the boundaries and become a true maestro of the battlefield.

Unleash the full potential of your Sage and rise above the challenges that lie ahead, securing your place as a revered hero in the world of Final Fantasy XIV.

Unleashing Mobility: Mastering Sage's Agile Techniques

As a Sage, your ability to swiftly maneuver across the battlefield can be a game-changer in critical moments. Leveraging your mobility tools effectively will not only help you reposition for mechanics but also maintain your precious uptime. Let's delve into the arsenal of mobility options at your disposal:

  1. Icarus Icon Icarus: A Dash of Swiftness Icarus allows you to dash rapidly towards an ally or enemy. It's a versatile tool that excels at repositioning yourself for mechanics or swiftly covering large distances when instant-cast spells are unavailable. However, bear in mind that the farther you travel with Icarus, the longer the animation lock will be. While using it over long ranges may result in some GCD clipping, it is still preferable to losing casts when no other alternative is available.

  2. Phlegma III Icon Phlegma III: Mobility within Buff Windows Phlegma III can also serve as a valuable mobility tool, depending on the timing and your positioning. Ideally, aim to use at least one Phlegma III during each two-minute raid buff window. To prevent charges from capping, you should expend at least one Phlegma III between these windows. Strategically position yourself close to the boss before the need to move arises, allowing you to utilize Phlegma III casts for movement without sacrificing damage potential.

  3. Toxikon II Icon Toxikon II: The Mobility Enhancer Toxikon II primarily functions as a mobility tool since it is damage-neutral on a single target. In fact, the entire Addersting mechanic revolves around enhancing mobility. To unlock Toxikon II, you must acquire a charge of Addersting when the shield from Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis (another instant-cast spell) breaks due to incoming damage. Together, these abilities equip Sage with ample on-demand mobility, at least in theory.

However, in practice, it may be challenging to cast Eukrasian Diagnosis frequently enough in raid environments to rely significantly on its mobility benefits. In certain situations, it may prove more practical to cast it during downtime, potentially targeting multiple individuals, to accumulate Addersting charges in preparation for upcoming mechanics that demand extensive movement.

By mastering these mobility tools, you will unlock new dimensions of agility as a Sage. Swiftly navigate the battlefield, seamlessly adapt to mechanics, and maintain your uptime with precision. Embrace the fluidity of your movements and harness the power of mobility to leave your foes in awe and your allies in admiration.

Let your nimble steps guide you towards victory, as you embody the true essence of a Sage in the realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

Sage Stat Priority: Empowering Your Path to Optimal Gear

When it comes to stat prioritization for Sage, understanding the key factors that enhance your performance is crucial. While striving for the best-in-slot (BiS) sets, following a well-defined priority system will guide you in choosing the most effective gear and melds along your journey. Keep in mind that this priority list is particularly relevant for progression raiding, as it helps determine pre-BiS priorities.

  1. Magic Damage: Unleashing Arcane Power Magic Damage, primarily found on weapons and often referred to as Weapon Damage, takes precedence as the highest priority stat for Sage. As it directly amplifies your offensive capabilities, prioritizing the highest item level piece becomes crucial, especially during the leveling phase.

  2. Mind: Nurturing Spiritual Strength Mind, the primary attribute for healers, holds significant importance for Sage. It directly influences the potency of your healing spells and enhances your overall restorative abilities. Allocating gear with higher Mind values is vital to ensure optimal healing potential.

  3. Piety: Ensuring Mana Reserves While embracing the power of Mind, maintaining a comfortable level of Piety becomes essential for Sage. Piety grants you sufficient MP to prevent running out during intense encounters. However, it's important to note that exceeding the necessary Piety threshold becomes redundant. Strive for just enough to meet your MP demands during progression, avoiding unnecessary excess.

  4. Spell Speed: Mastering Time and Tempo Spell Speed plays a role in Sage's gameplay, particularly when aiming for specific Global Cooldown (GCD) tiers. This is primarily relevant for achieving optimal alignment of DoT (Damage over Time) timers. However, it's important to note that Spell Speed does not make Sage's Eukrasian spells faster, and having a faster GCD may cause you to consume MP more rapidly. Therefore, Spell Speed remains a lower priority compared to other stats.

  5. Critical Hit: Unleashing the Element of Surprise Critical Hit enhances both your damage output and healing potential. It increases the chance of your spells and abilities landing critical hits, resulting in amplified effects. While not as impactful as other stats, Critical Hit still holds value in bolstering your overall performance as a Sage.

  6. Determination: Harnessing Resolute Power Determination contributes to both your damage and healing capabilities. While it provides a slightly smaller DPS boost compared to Direct Hit, it significantly enhances your healing potency. Balancing Determination with other stats ensures a well-rounded approach to maximizing your effectiveness as a versatile Sage.

  7. Direct Hit: Striking with Precision Direct Hit marginally surpasses Determination in terms of DPS contribution, albeit without affecting healing capabilities. While the damage difference may be relatively minor, it's worth noting that Direct Hit has a more pronounced impact on your offensive potential.

  8. Piety (continued): A Safety Net for Mana Having a surplus of Piety beyond your essential requirements offers an additional safety net, particularly in challenging encounters. While exceeding the necessary Piety threshold holds some benefits, its tangible advantages become less pronounced compared to other stats.

By understanding and embracing this stat priority system, you can make informed decisions regarding gear selection and melding, ensuring you optimize your Sage's potential. Equip yourself with the knowledge to strike the perfect balance between offensive prowess and potent healing, enabling you to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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Unveiling the Power of Stats: Empower Your Sage Journey

2.1. Magic Damage: Unleashing Arcane Potency Magic Damage holds a paramount role in your Sage's performance, found exclusively on your weapon. It exerts the most significant influence on both your damage-dealing and healing capabilities. Typically, a higher Magic Damage value translates to enhanced effectiveness. However, there may be rare instances where a weapon with slightly lower Magic Damage outperforms a higher Magic Damage option due to undesired secondary stats like Piety.

2.2. Mind: Channeling Spiritual Vitality Mind serves as the primary attribute and main stat for healers, including Sages. It contributes to the scaling of both your damage and healing potential. While Mind is significantly less impactful than Magic Damage, it remains a crucial factor for optimizing your Sage's performance. Similar to Magic Damage, there can be situations where a lower item level piece with less Mind surpasses a higher item level counterpart. This can occur when the higher item level gear possesses undesirable secondary stats, such as Piety, while the lower item level alternative offers none.

2.3. Critical Hit: Unleashing the Element of Surprise Among the secondary stats, Critical Hit reigns as the top priority for Sages. Its influential scaling and comprehensive impact on all aspects of your gameplay make it an invaluable asset. Critical Hit augments your chances of landing critical hits, resulting in enhanced damage, healing, and the amplification of various effects. This stat encompasses critical chance and the multiplier applied to critical hits, encompassing all facets of your abilities, including damage, healing, damage-over-time effects, and healing-over-time effects. As you invest in Critical Hit, its scaling exhibits a quadratic nature, where each point's value surpasses the previous one, further accentuating its significance in maximizing your Sage's potential.

2.4. Determination: Unyielding Resolve Determination contributes to both your damage-dealing and healing prowess, albeit to a slightly lesser extent than Critical Hit. It amplifies the potency of your spells and abilities, boosting your overall effectiveness. While not as impactful as Critical Hit, balancing Determination with other stats ensures a well-rounded approach to optimizing your Sage's performance.

2.5. Direct Hit: Precision Strikes Direct Hit holds a modest advantage over Determination in terms of its contribution to DPS. However, it does not directly affect healing capabilities. The difference in damage output between Determination and Direct Hit may be relatively minor, making it a consideration of personal preference and playstyle. As a Sage, finding the optimal balance between these stats allows you to strike with precision and unleash your full potential.

2.6. Spell Speed: Embracing Temporal Agility Spell Speed, while present as a secondary stat, holds a relatively low priority for Sages. Unlike other jobs, Spell Speed does not accelerate the casting speed of Eukrasian spells. Additionally, having a faster Global Cooldown (GCD) can lead to increased MP consumption, potentially hindering your sustainability. As a result, Spell Speed assumes a lower position in the hierarchy of stat importance for Sages.

2.7. Piety: Sustaining Mana Reserves Piety, while not as critical as other stats, plays a role in managing your mana reserves. Striking a balance between having enough Piety to meet your MP requirements without excessive surplus is crucial. Maintaining an adequate Piety threshold provides a safety net, ensuring you can sustain your healing and damage-dealing endeavors. However, exceeding the necessary Piety threshold offers diminishing returns, providing minimal tangible benefits.

By delving into the intricate dynamics of stat prioritization, you can make informed decisions when selecting gear and melding to optimize your Sage's capabilities. Balancing Magic Damage, Mind, Critical Hit, and other secondary stats empowers you to become an exceptional Sage, ready to face the challenges that await.

Determination: Amplifying Power and Healing

Determination, as a secondary stat, serves as a general boost to both your damage output and healing capabilities. Its effect is straightforward - it increases the potency of all your spells and abilities by a certain percentage. However, it is important to note that Determination's scaling follows a linear pattern. This means that its impact diminishes as you accumulate larger quantities of the stat, making it less potent compared to other secondary stats such as Critical Hit.

Direct Hit: Precision Strikes Unleashed

Direct Hit introduces an element of unpredictability to your attacks, offering a chance to land "direct hits." These direct hits provide a bonus of 25% additional damage, functioning akin to mini-critical strikes. It's worth noting that an attack can simultaneously score a direct hit and a critical hit, with both damage modifiers being multiplicative.

In the context of healers, Direct Hit does not impact healing abilities, as heals cannot be direct hits. Consequently, the impact of Direct Hit on healing output is negligible. The actual difference in damage output and healing is highly dependent on specific gearsets and can vary, but in well-coordinated play, the slight increase in healing potency attributed to Direct Hit becomes inconsequential compared to its impact on damage. This often results in Direct Hit receiving higher priority than Determination for achieving the Best-in-Slot (BiS) setup.

Spell Speed: The Dance of Swiftness

Spell Speed influences two key aspects of your Sage's performance. Firstly, it reduces cast times and the global recast time, effectively increasing the speed of your Global Cooldown (GCD). Secondly, it enhances the potency of your damage-over-time and healing-over-time effects by a certain percentage, much like the impact of Determination.

For Sages, Spell Speed's effectiveness is somewhat diminished compared to other healer jobs. This is primarily due to the fact that Eukrasian spells remain unaffected by Spell Speed. Regardless of the amount of Spell Speed you possess, Eukrasia always maintains a fixed 1-second recast time, while modified spells like Eukrasian Dosis III retain a 1.5-second recast time. This means that a portion of your casts per minute remains unaffected by Spell Speed, significantly reducing its overall effectiveness for Sages.

In progression scenarios, where precision and adaptability are crucial, Spell Speed may be prioritized ahead of Direct Hit. The increased frequency of Kardia heals and the scalability of abilities like Kerachole and Physis II can prove beneficial. However, it's important to note that both stats have their drawbacks, and in most cases, the difference between them may not be substantial enough to significantly impact your gameplay experience.

By understanding the intricacies of these secondary stats, you can make informed decisions when refining your Sage's gear and meld choices, ultimately optimizing your performance as a formidable healer and damage-dealer.

Piety: Ensuring MP Sustainability

In the world of secondary stats, Piety stands as a unique attribute exclusive to healers. Unlike other stats, Piety does not directly impact damage or healing output. Instead, its sole purpose is to address one crucial aspect of a healer's role - mana management.

Piety plays a vital role in ensuring that healers have an adequate pool of MP to perform their duties effectively without depleting their resources prematurely. It is essential to strike a balance between having enough Piety to sustain your healing endeavors and not investing excessively in this stat, as it offers no additional benefits beyond meeting your MP requirements.

The amount of Piety you need can vary significantly based on various factors, such as your party composition, the level of familiarity your group has with encounters, the intensity of healing required, and other unique circumstances. During the learning phase of an encounter, having a higher Piety value can be advantageous, providing you with a buffer to cast emergency heals like Egeiro Icon Egeiro or allowing you to incorporate additional GCD heals for added safety. Moreover, an increased Piety value can aid in recovering from death situations, as you will be revived with minimal MP.

It's important to note that due to the individualized nature of Piety and its specific role in mana management, it is not possible to establish a definitive Best-in-Slot (BiS) gearset recommendation that universally applies to all players. The diverse needs and preferences of healers require a more flexible approach. Consequently, our focus is on providing multiple gear sets optimized to cater to varying levels of MP longevity. By tailoring your gear and meld choices accordingly, you can strike the perfect balance between MP sustainability and overall performance.

Understanding the significance of Piety and its impact on your healing journey empowers you to make informed decisions when assembling your gearsets. By customizing your approach to Piety based on the unique demands of each encounter and your personal playstyle, you can embark on a rewarding healing experience equipped with the necessary resources to support your team.

Elevating Performance with Consumables

When it comes to tackling high-end content like savage raids, the effective utilization of consumables becomes paramount. Consumables fall into two main categories: meals (food) and medicines (potions). These items serve as valuable assets in your arsenal, providing significant bonuses that can make a notable difference in the outcome of your encounters, particularly during the learning phase.

  1. Meals (Food): Meals, in the form of delectable feasts, offer a wide range of stat enhancements that bolster your performance as a Sage. These enhancements can include increased maximum HP, additional damage, improved critical hit rate, or enhanced healing potency. The specific attributes provided by each meal vary, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your preferred playstyle and the demands of the encounter.

By consuming a well-chosen meal before engaging in combat, you can gain a competitive edge, optimizing your damage output or bolstering your healing prowess. These enhancements can prove pivotal in critical moments, enhancing your survivability and overall effectiveness in high-pressure situations.

  1. Medicines (Potions): Medicines, commonly known as potions, offer a different set of advantages. These potent concoctions provide immediate benefits when consumed during combat. Potions can offer instant MP replenishment, increased healing potency, heightened damage output, or damage mitigation. Having the right potions at your disposal can significantly impact your ability to handle intense phases of battle, recover from unexpected setbacks, or ensure the timely delivery of crucial heals.

In high-end content, where precision and split-second decision-making are essential, the utilization of consumables can be a game-changer. They can bridge the gap between survival and defeat, granting you the necessary edge to overcome challenging encounters.

By incorporating consumables into your preparation routine, you demonstrate your commitment to excellence and preparedness. Learning the intricacies of encounters while utilizing the bonuses provided by these items can prove instrumental in your success, especially during the initial stages of mastering a fight.

Remember, consumables are not merely optional luxuries but invaluable tools that empower you to unleash your full potential as a Sage. By investing in the appropriate meals and potions, you equip yourself with the means to excel in high-stakes battles, pushing the boundaries of your performance and achieving feats that may have seemed insurmountable otherwise.

Enhancing Performance with Stat Potions

In the realm of high-end content, where precision and optimization are paramount, healers can further elevate their capabilities through the use of stat potions. These potent elixirs provide a temporary boost to specific stats, amplifying the healer's effectiveness in battle. For Sage healers, the primary stat to focus on is Mind, making Mind-increasing potions the go-to choice for maximizing damage output and healing potential.

  1. High Quality (HQ) Grade 7 Tincture of Mind: The pinnacle of stat potions for healers, the HQ Grade 7 Tincture of Mind stands as the current pinnacle in Mind-enhancing elixirs. Consuming this potion grants a temporary increase to your Mind stat, thereby providing a notable boost to both your damage-dealing and healing capabilities. The effect of the potion lasts for a limited duration, allowing you to harness its power during crucial moments in battle.

  2. Strategic Usage in High-End Content: Stat potions, including Mind potions, are strategically employed in high-end content to maximize damage output during significant raid burst windows. These windows often occur at the beginning of the encounter during the opener and at the six-minute mark for subsequent bursts. By synchronizing the consumption of stat potions with other raid buffs, healers can unleash a formidable onslaught, optimizing their contributions to the group's overall performance.

It's important to note that the consumption of stat potions can be resource-intensive, particularly if used on every pull. Therefore, it is generally advised to reserve their usage until your group has gained familiarity with most, if not all, aspects of the encounter. By doing so, you can ensure that you are making the most of these valuable potions during attempts where victory is within reach.

However, there may be instances when utilizing stat potions becomes essential. For example, if your group encounters a challenging DPS check that impedes progress, deploying stat potions during that specific phase can help overcome the hurdle and pave the way for continued learning and improvement in subsequent portions of the encounter.

In summary, stat potions serve as potent tools for Sage healers to enhance their damage and healing potential during critical moments in high-end content. By judiciously incorporating these elixirs into their strategies, healers can unleash bursts of unparalleled power, contributing significantly to the group's success and enabling the progression towards mastering formidable encounters.

Revitalizing with Ethers: Essential MP Restoration

In the world of Sage healers, where mana management is of utmost importance, Ethers stand as invaluable assets for swiftly replenishing depleted MP reserves. These restorative items have the power to instantly restore a significant amount of MP, ensuring healers can continue their vital role in supporting the party. The highest tier Ether currently available is the High Quality (HQ) Super-Ether, a potent elixir capable of restoring 1800 MP in an instant.

  1. Emergency MP Recovery: Ethers serve as a lifeline during critical situations, particularly in times of emergency. For instance, in the unfortunate event of a player's demise and subsequent resurrection with minimal MP, or when the need arises to raise multiple party members swiftly, Ethers can bridge the gap and provide an immediate infusion of mana. By keeping a stock of Ethers readily available, healers can effectively mitigate the potential setbacks caused by unexpected events.

  2. Progression and Recovery: Ethers become even more vital during progression, where mistakes and deaths are an inevitable part of the learning process. In such challenging encounters, Ethers can serve as a key resource for recovering from perilous situations that would otherwise result in a total wipe. By utilizing an Ether strategically, healers gain the opportunity to salvage the situation, enabling the group to continue their exploration of the encounter and gain valuable practice. Even if it merely delays an eventual wipe, every additional moment of experience counts towards mastering the intricacies of the encounter.

  3. Cooldown Considerations: It is essential to bear in mind that Ethers share a cooldown with other "medicines," such as Mind potions and healing potions. With this in mind, healers should exercise careful judgment when deciding to use an Ether. If there is an indication that an Ether might be necessary, it may be prudent to forgo the use of another Mind potion after the opener. While this may result in a slight decrease in damage output from not utilizing an additional Mind potion, it pales in comparison to the potential consequences of running out of MP and being unable to cast essential spells.

In summary, Ethers play a critical role in the arsenal of Sage healers, ensuring the continuous flow of mana during demanding encounters. By keeping a supply of these restorative elixirs at hand, healers can swiftly recover from dire circumstances and facilitate the progression of their group. Ethers serve as a powerful safety net, empowering healers to navigate the challenges of their role with resilience and adaptability.

Boosting Vitality and Secondary Stats: The Power of Food

When it comes to enhancing your performance as a Sage healer, food becomes a crucial component in bolstering your capabilities. Consuming food offers a range of benefits, with the primary advantage being the increase in Vitality, effectively raising your maximum HP and fortifying your resilience against devastating enemy attacks. Additionally, each food choice provides a boost to two secondary stats, expressed as a percentage increase that can reach a specified cap.

To maximize the advantages of food, it is essential to select options that allow you to fully capitalize on the stat enhancements provided. Pay close attention to ensure that you can reach the cap for every listed stat increase. Let's take an example: if a particular food offers a 10% increase in Direct Hit, up to a cap of 50, you would need to have a base Direct Hit of at least 500 to reap the full benefit of the entire 50 Direct Hit increase. However, if your current Direct Hit value, without any melds or additional buffs, stands at 400, the food will only grant you 40 Direct Hit.

Considering this aspect, it becomes evident that if you cannot attain the listed cap for a particular stat increase, the corresponding food option may not be the optimal choice for you. In most cases, it would be more advantageous to select a different food that allows you to fully harness the benefits of stat enhancements—except in the case of Piety food, which proves to be inconsequential if you do not require additional Piety.

By making well-informed decisions and selecting foods that align with your current stat allocations and needs, you can maximize the benefits derived from consuming food. This attention to detail in your culinary choices adds an extra layer of optimization to your gameplay, empowering you to tackle challenging encounters with confidence and resilience.

Remember, the power of food lies not only in its ability to bolster your Vitality and secondary stats but also in the strategic selection that enables you to fully harness its potential. Embrace the nourishing benefits of food as a vital tool in your journey as a Sage healer, and let it propel you towards greater success in your healing endeavors.

Optimizing Healing Potential: Sage's Path to Efficiency

Efficiency in healing is a crucial aspect of Sage's role, ensuring the well-being of your party while maintaining your ability to contribute damage. The design of Sage's toolkit places a special emphasis on understanding and fully utilizing the diverse array of healing tools at your disposal. Unlocking their true potential will elevate your performance and strengthen your effectiveness as a healer.

One distinctive feature of Sage's healing arsenal is the incorporation of additional effects, such as shielding, mitigation, and healing buffs, into its most significant and frequently used healing abilities. Neglecting to leverage these additional effects can result in a diminished sense of potency within the job. For instance, casting Holos Icon Holos solely for its mitigation when the party is already at full HP squanders the considerable healing potential of its 300 potency.

It is important to note that many of Sage's healing abilities are designed to be employed proactively, before your party members actually sustain damage. Whenever possible, aim to leave your party members with a portion of their HP missing, strategically aligning their HP levels with the planned usage of mitigation abilities for upcoming raid-wide damage. By doing so, you can maximize the effectiveness of your healing efforts, avoiding wastage and ensuring that each heal serves a purpose.

While your co-healer may take charge of healing the party to full HP, you can still exert control over your own actions to prevent any unnecessary waste in your healing potential. Strive to align your healing strategy with the party's needs, optimizing your abilities and maintaining a heightened sense of efficiency.

By understanding the intricacies of Sage's healing toolkit and embracing the concept of efficiency, you can enhance your overall healing output and create a smoother healing flow within your party. Mastering these techniques will enable you to maximize the value of your heals, empowering you to play an instrumental role in maintaining the well-being of your party members while still making meaningful contributions to damage-dealing endeavors.

Remember, efficiency in healing is not just about responding to damage but also about making informed decisions and utilizing your abilities strategically. Harness the power of Sage's healing potential to its fullest extent, and become a beacon of efficiency in every encounter you face.

Mastering Addersgall Gauge Management: A Delicate Balance

The Addersgall Gauge in Sage gameplay introduces an intriguing level of depth and strategy. While it may initially seem straightforward, understanding the intricacies of gauge management is key to optimizing your healing capabilities. Follow this comprehensive guideline to navigate the nuances of the Addersgall Gauge with finesse:

  1. Gauge Expenditure for Raid Damage Mechanics Aim to spend one charge of the Addersgall Gauge for every raid damage mechanic encountered throughout the encounter. This ensures that you utilize the gauge effectively and mitigate incoming damage efficiently.

  2. Timing Your Gauge Expenditure Be mindful of the timer for the third charge of the Addersgall Gauge. To avoid reaching the maximum of three charges, which halts the timer, strategically spend a charge just as the timer for the third charge is about to complete. By doing so, you maintain a constant flow of gauge generation without sacrificing any potential charges.

  3. Cognizance of Overcapping Take note of instances where spending charges becomes necessary solely to prevent overcapping the gauge. Each of these situations presents an opportunity to potentially allocate an additional charge towards a previous raid damage mechanic. By managing your charges wisely, you can optimize their utilization for maximum efficiency.

  4. Familiarity Breeds Gauge Mastery As you gain familiarity with the encounter, you will develop an intuitive sense of when to expend an extra charge or conserve one for upcoming mechanics. The ability to discern the most opportune moments to adjust your gauge management strategy comes with experience and a deep understanding of the encounter's flow.

The rigid nature of the Addersgall Gauge profoundly influences your healing approach. Every Addersgall heal you perform replenishes a substantial 700 MP. To ensure a constant supply of MP and avoid running out during crucial moments, it is imperative to frequently spend charges and prevent overcapping the gauge.

Remember, charges are generated every 20 seconds, but the timer halts once you reach three charges. It is vital to maintain a gauge composition of less than three charges to optimize gauge generation. If you notice the timer for the third charge nearing completion, promptly spend a charge, even if the healing need is minimal. Utilize Druochole Icon Druochole, which lacks a significant cooldown, to restore MP efficiently.

Keep in mind that having three charges limits your options, as you only truly have access to two charges at any given moment. Except for Rhizomata Icon Rhizomata*, which resets the gauge timer upon granting the third charge, your gauge management heavily relies on the timer. Emptying the gauge completely can significantly hinder your healing capabilities, resulting in a prolonged recovery from the Addersgall deficit.

Effectively managing your Addersgall Gauge requires striking a delicate balance. Seek regular opportunities to derive substantial value from Addersgall heals while exercising caution to avoid depleting both available charges simultaneously.

*Note: When using Rhizomata with two charges, the gauge timer resets as it grants the third charge. However, this can potentially waste a significant portion of the timer. To optimize gauge progress, reserve Rhizomata for moments when you have fewer than two charges, thus avoiding unnecessary gauge setbacks.

By honing your Addersgall Gauge management skills, you can unlock the full potential of Sage's healing prowess. Strive for a harmonious equilibrium between gauge utilization and efficient healing, propelling your performance to new heights in any encounter you face.

Unleashing the Potential: In-depth Spell and Ability Analysis for Sage

When delving into the realm of healing as a Sage, understanding the nuances of each spell and ability is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness. While it may be tempting to focus solely on the healing aspect, it is essential to recognize the unique additional effects that accompany each ability. Let's embark on a comprehensive analysis of Sage's spells and abilities, highlighting their situational significance:

  1. Holos Icon Holos Consider Holos primarily as a party mitigation tool. Its additional effect lies in providing valuable damage mitigation for your entire party. While its healing potency is substantial, it is essential to recognize that its true strength lies in the mitigation it offers. Strategically employ Holos during times of heightened raid damage to bolster your party's survivability.

  2. Physis II Icon Physis II View Physis II primarily as a healing buff. Its unique attribute lies in its ability to amplify your healing capabilities. While healing can be obtained from various sources, the additional effect of enhanced healing potency sets Physis II apart. Utilize this ability during critical moments when you require a substantial surge in healing output.

  3. Eukrasian Diagnosis Icon Eukrasian Diagnosis Eukrasian Diagnosis serves as a versatile shield heal that shields the target from incoming damage. Its primary function is to provide preemptive mitigation, ensuring that your party members are protected before they take damage. Employ Eukrasian Diagnosis strategically to proactively shield targets prior to anticipated raid damage.

  4. Eukrasian Prognosis Icon Eukrasian Prognosis Eukrasian Prognosis grants a healing buff that increases healing received by the target. This ability empowers your target to withstand greater amounts of incoming damage by enhancing the effectiveness of subsequent heals. Utilize Eukrasian Prognosis to bolster the survivability of specific targets during intense damage phases.

  5. Aetheric Burst Icon Aetheric Burst Aetheric Burst stands as a potent AoE heal that effectively restores HP to multiple targets simultaneously. Its significance lies in its ability to swiftly mend the wounds of your party members en masse. Leverage Aetheric Burst when faced with significant raid-wide damage or during moments when multiple targets require immediate healing.

  6. Druochole Icon Druochole Druochole serves as a versatile instant heal with no real cooldown. It allows you to swiftly restore a moderate amount of HP to a target in need. This ability proves invaluable during high-pressure situations that demand quick healing response times.

  7. Rhizomata Icon Rhizomata Rhizomata grants an Addersgall charge, further enhancing your gauge management capabilities. Its primary function revolves around the manipulation of the Addersgall Gauge, allowing for optimized healing efficiency. Employ Rhizomata strategically to ensure a steady supply of charges for gauge utilization.

  8. Kerachole Icon Kerachole Kerachole serves as a targeted AoE heal that restores HP to the primary target and nearby allies. Its unique attribute lies in its ability to provide efficient healing while also mitigating incoming damage. Utilize Kerachole to heal multiple targets while offering a layer of damage mitigation.

It is important to note that the spells and abilities listed above are not ranked in any particular order. Each possesses its own unique situational significance, catering to different healing scenarios you may encounter. By understanding the distinct strengths and additional effects of each spell and ability, you can adapt your healing approach to suit the specific demands of any given situation.

Mastering the art of spell and ability analysis empowers you as a Sage to respond swiftly and effectively, ensuring the safety and well-being of your party members in the face of adversity. Embrace the versatility at your disposal and embark on a healing journey that transcends traditional priority rankings, embracing the dynamic nature of Sage's healing repertoire.

Unlocking the Secrets of Area-of-Effect (AoE) Healing as a Sage

As a Sage, your ability to provide potent AoE healing sets you apart from other healers. Kerachole, Physis II, Holos, Panhaima, Pneuma, Eukrasian Prognosis, Pepsis, and Prognosis grant you a unique array of healing tools with various additional effects. Let's delve deeper into the intricacies of each ability to enhance your understanding and mastery of AoE healing:

  1. Kerachole Kerachole will be your go-to AoE heal, offering a potent combination of healing and mitigation. It is best utilized before raid damage occurs, allowing you to proactively mitigate incoming damage while simultaneously providing a regen effect. By timing Kerachole effectively, you can optimize its mitigation potential and ensure sustained healing for your party members.

  2. Physis II Physis II serves as a versatile AoE heal, encompassing both a strong regen effect and a healing buff. Capitalize on its healing buff to amplify the potency of all healing actions, benefiting not only your spells but also those of your co-healer and party members. This ability shines when paired with other AoE heals, allowing you to unleash a wave of heightened healing power upon your allies.

  3. Holos Holos emerges as a formidable defensive ability, offering both party mitigation and an AoE shield. Its extended duration makes it a valuable tool for covering multiple instances of raid damage, bolstering your party's effective HP. Utilize Holos strategically to safeguard your allies during critical moments of intense raid damage.

  4. Panhaima Panhaima presents a unique healing ability with shield mechanics. Upon activation, it provides an initial shield and grants stored shield stacks. As the shield is broken, additional stacks are converted into new shields, ensuring sustained protection. This ability proves particularly effective during multi-hit or back-to-back raid damage mechanics, granting your party a resilient barrier against incoming harm.

  5. Pneuma Pneuma emerges as your most potent AoE heal, boasting the highest immediate healing potency in your arsenal. Combining it with Zoe enhances its healing potential, making it an invaluable recovery tool. Strategic planning is key when utilizing Pneuma due to its relatively long cooldown. Reserve it for critical moments or emergencies when other healing options are insufficient.

  6. Eukrasian Prognosis Eukrasian Prognosis serves as a powerful GCD heal with an additional shielding effect. Its shield provides crucial safety and acts as an HP buffer during progression or challenging encounters. Use Eukrasian Prognosis in synergy with other healing buffs to bolster its strength and safeguard your party from potential wipe scenarios.

  7. Pepsis Pepsis, while situational, offers a unique ability to convert existing shields into healing. By strategically utilizing Pepsis, you can optimize the value of your shields and ensure their effectiveness is not wasted. Whether it's replenishing your healing reserves or adapting to changing situations, Pepsis provides a versatile tool for seamless healing transitions.

  8. Prognosis Prognosis serves as a reliable AoE GCD heal, offering sustained healing output without the concern of shield wastage. It acts as a supplement to Eukrasian Prognosis, allowing you to extend your GCD healing potential beyond the initial shield. When shields are less crucial or a fresh cast is required, Prognosis becomes an invaluable asset in maintaining party health.

By harnessing the unique attributes and situational advantages of each AoE healing ability, you will unlock the full potential of your Sage healing repertoire. Adapt your approach based on encounter dynamics, party composition, and the specific demands of each healing scenario. Mastery of AoE healing as a Sage ensures the safety and well-being of your allies, paving the way for success in your healing endeavors.

Mastering the Art of Single-Target Healing as a Sage

As a Sage, your healing capabilities extend beyond the realm of AoE healing. With abilities such as Kardia, Taurochole, Druochole, Haima, Krasis, Soteria, Eukrasian Diagnosis, Pepsis, and Diagnosis, you possess a versatile toolkit for providing focused healing to individual targets. Let's explore the intricacies of each ability to optimize your single-target healing prowess:

  1. Kardia Kardia serves as your passive single-target healing ability, allowing you to selectively heal specific targets. With a mere five-second cooldown for repositioning, Kardia offers unparalleled flexibility in spot healing. Whether it's the tank or other party members requiring immediate attention, do not hesitate to relocate Kardia as needed. Just remember to reapply it to the tank once the situation is under control.

  2. Taurochole Taurochole emerges as your most potent single-target heal, boasting remarkable burst healing potential. However, it competes for Addersgall charges with the more frequently used Kerachole and Ixochole. Reserve Taurochole for moments when an immediate surge of healing is necessary, especially for the tank. While its mitigation effect may not always be valuable on non-tanks, there are instances, such as upcoming raid damage or post-raise situations, where it proves beneficial.

  3. Druochole Druochole functions as a slightly weaker alternative to Taurochole, lacking the mitigation effect but offering versatility due to its negligible cooldown. Leveraging Druochole allows for multiple consecutive uses or as a substitute for Taurochole, avoiding unnecessary cooldown usage when extra potency and mitigation are not essential.

  4. Haima Haima presents a unique single-target healing ability, providing an initial shield and stored shield stacks. As damage breaks the shield, each stack is converted into a new shield, culminating in a potent healing effect once the stacks expire. Typically employed on tanks, the auto-attack damage they sustain ensures maximum utilization of shield stacks, resulting in an exceptional 1800 potency heal. Haima proves invaluable for bolstering a tank's survivability during dungeon pulls.

  5. Krasis Krasis enhances the potency of healing actions by 20%, affecting both abilities (oGCDs) and spells (GCDs). This buff extends not only to your healing but also amplifies healing from other sources, including your co-healer, tanks' self-healing abilities, and party members' heals. Coordinate Krasis usage with your group to support your co-healer or reinforce a tank's self-sustain. Employ it strategically to optimize abilities like Kerachole, Physis II, Haima, and more.

  6. Soteria Soteria introduces a simple yet effective cooldown, augmenting the potency of the next four Kardia heals. This grants an additional 476 healing potency across those four casts. Utilize Soteria to provide a healing boost when necessary, accelerating spot healing by reducing the number of Kardia casts required. Its versatility and universal applicability make it a valuable asset in various single-target healing scenarios.

  7. Eukrasian Diagnosis Eukrasian Diagnosis emerges as a powerful single-target healing ability, coupling a substantial 300-potency heal with a 540-potency shield. While the critical heal interaction adds a welcome bonus, it is not a reliable factor in decision-making. Opt for Eukrasian Diagnosis when falling behind on healing or when a target requires urgent protection. Coordinate it with healing buffs such as Physis II, Krasis, and Zoe to maximize its shielding potency. Although Pepsis is rarely beneficial in conjunction with Eukrasian Diagnosis, it serves as a valuable mobility tool due to its instant-cast and MP-free nature.

  8. Diagnosis Diagnosis represents your ultimate fallback option, to be utilized only in dire circumstances where other healing options are exhausted. As a Sage, your aim should be to avoid situations necessitating the use of Diagnosis entirely.

By mastering the nuances of single-target healing with your diverse repertoire of abilities, you can ensure the well-being and survival of individual targets in critical moments. Adapt your approach based on encounter requirements, party composition, and the specific needs of each healing scenario. With a keen understanding of single-target healing mechanics, you will rise as a formidable Sage capable of providing unparalleled support and care to your allies.

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Sage Healer Gear and Best in Slot — Endwalker 6.4

Welcome to our guide on the best gear and best-in-slot items for your Sage Healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.4). Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your journey as a Sage, having the right gear is crucial for optimizing your performance in end-game content, particularly Savage raids.

Sage Gearsets (BiS): We have prepared several premade best-in-slot (BiS) gear sets tailored for end-game Savage raiding. Each set is carefully optimized to enhance your healing capabilities and maximize your overall effectiveness. These sets have been curated based on extensive calculations and research. To further assist you in making an informed decision, you can also access the Sage Relative Damage Calculator, which allows you to compare different gear sets and analyze their relative performance.

It's important to note that while these BiS gear sets serve as excellent benchmarks for optimal performance, they may not align with the priorities of progression raiding. During progression, it is generally recommended to prioritize gear sets that offer a suitable amount of Piety. Piety provides crucial MP regeneration, ensuring you have sufficient resources for prolonged encounters and allowing you to keep your party members alive during challenging boss fights.

Gearing Up: As you progress through the game and acquire new gear, it's essential to have a goal in mind for your gear progression. By having a target gear set to work towards, you can effectively utilize your weekly capped Tomestones to obtain the most valuable upgrades.

However, keep in mind that the stat priorities of the best-in-slot sets may not be ideal for progression raiding. Prioritizing Piety and maintaining a balance between other important stats like Critical Hit, Determination, and Spell Speed is crucial during the initial stages of raid progression. As you gain more experience and your healing capabilities improve, you can then transition towards the optimized BiS gear sets.

Remember to consult with your fellow healers, theorycrafters, and experienced players in your community or Free Company to gather insights and make informed gear choices. Understanding the nuances of your job and tailoring your gear selection to your playstyle can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a Sage Healer.

By choosing the right gear and continuously improving your gear progression, you will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of end-game content and provide exceptional healing support to your party members. Good luck on your adventures as a Sage Healer in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker!

6.4 Savage Gear Sets

2.45 Base Piety Set:

2.45 Base Piety Set


2.46 Mid Piety Set:

2.46 Mid Piety Set

Conclusion: In conclusion, the FFXIV Endwalker 6.4 Sage Job Guide provides valuable insights and recommendations for players looking to optimize their Sage Healer gameplay in the latest expansion. With comprehensive information on abilities, rotations, gear sets, and best-in-slot items, this guide serves as a valuable resource for both new and experienced players.

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