Fastest Way to Max Level in FFXIV: All Jobs Pre-Dawntrail

Fastest Way to Level Up in FFXIV Before Dawntrail | Simple Carry

Leveling up jobs in Final Fantasy XIV can prove challenging, but there are optimal strategies to streamline the process. Whether you're focusing on healers, tanks, or DPS roles, this guide outlines the quickest paths to reach level 90.

When undertaking the task of leveling additional jobs or base classes, there's no singular correct method. However, maximizing efficiency without resorting to Tales of Adventure is key. Before embarking on your journey, thoroughly explore available experience buffs and utilize as many as possible.

It's important to emphasize that power-leveling becomes redundant if you're still progressing through the main scenario quests in FFXIV. The most expeditious route to level 90 entails following the game's designated path and sticking with your initial class choice. These quests yield substantial experience points, ensuring minimal level barriers for players who adhere to the main storyline.

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Optimizing Your Daily Roulettes in Final Fantasy XIV

Fastest Way to Level Up in FFXIV Before Dawntrail | Simple Carry


In Final Fantasy XIV, leveraging daily roulettes can significantly enhance your experience gains over time. While they unlock at different levels, it's strategic to hold off on using them immediately if you intend to dedicate extended hours to grinding.

The Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeon Roulette presents itself daily but typically offers meager rewards unless you specifically require Tomestones.

Furthermore, it's advisable to reserve roulettes for leveling during even-numbered levels. For instance, if you're advancing through the 60s, refrain from running roulettes at level 65. Since new dungeons unlock at odd-numbered levels, it's more efficient to focus on repeating the highest accessible odd-level dungeon until reaching level 66. Then, at level 66, utilize all available roulettes to advance to 67, repeating this strategy consistently day after day.

When considering your FFXIV journey, it's essential to weigh all options. While Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeon Roulette offers daily content, rewards may fall short unless you prioritize Tomestones. For a more enriching experience, delve into our Deep Dungeons FFXIV Boost. Traverse challenging dungeons with expert guidance and optimize your progression. Explore our Deep Dungeons Boost for a rewarding adventure beyond daily roulettes.

Fast Leveling Methods in Final Fantasy XIV

Fastest Way to Level Up in FFXIV Before Dawntrail | Simple Carry


Levels 1-15: Regardless of your role, maximizing experience boosts and completing Hunting Logs are essential for swift progression. This approach ensures reaching level 15 swiftly, granting access to your initial dungeon.

Levels 15-50: For Tanks and Healers, capitalizing on shorter dungeon queues proves advantageous. Focus on running Sastasha and all A Realm Reborn dungeons up to level 50. While repetitive, the expedited queues streamline the leveling process.

For DPS: Due to longer queue times, alternative methods are necessary. Attempting dungeons and completing Hunting Logs during waits is an option but not recommended. Instead, prioritize Palace of the Dead, specifically Floors 51-60, for rapid leveling. The absence of traditional party requirements facilitates swift queue times, albeit yielding slightly less experience compared to Tanks and Healers.

FFXIV Levels 50-60:

Fastest Way to Level Up in FFXIV Before Dawntrail | Simple Carry


For Tanks and Healers: Progressing through levels 50-60 in FFXIV presents a slower phase of the leveling journey. Tribal quests in this range offer limited bonuses, so prioritizing the highest-level dungeons available remains key.

For DPS: Navigating this segment proves particularly challenging for DPS classes. Palace of the Dead yields diminishing returns in terms of experience, leaving few viable alternatives. One effective strategy is leveraging Duty Support, enabling dungeon runs with NPC companions, albeit at a slower pace. Additionally, optimizing daily roulettes becomes essential during this phase to expedite progression and escape the leveling "dead zone" swiftly.

FFXIV Levels 60-70:

This phase introduces Heaven on High as a viable option for leveling. DPS players should prioritize this content, considering queue times, and focus on grinding it extensively. Tanks and Healers should adhere to their established method of progression during this range.

FFXIV Levels 70-90:

Entering this stage, leveling becomes notably smoother. The introduction of the Bozjan Southern Front marks the most efficient leveling method for any job above level 71. Additionally, engaging in Pixie Tribal quests proves beneficial, offering substantial experience and rewards.

Keep an eye out for FATEs while adventuring, as they provide supplementary experience gains. Zadnor, a notable field operation, stands out for its significant experience rewards and is highly recommended. While the dungeon strategy remains viable for Tanks and Healers, field operations emerge as a superior source of experience during this phase.


  • Levels 1-15: You’ll want to be doing Hunting Logs

  • Levels 15-50: You should do Palace of The Dead

  • Levels 50-60: The roughest part where Roullete is crucial

  • Levels 60-70: You can do Heaven on High

  • Levels 70-90: You should do Zagnor and The Bozjan Southern Front and do tribal quests

Tanks and Healers

  • Levels 1-15: You’ll want to be doing Hunting Logs

  • Levels 15-50: Spam dungeons as much as possible

  • Levels 50-60: You can keep doing dungeons here

  • Levels 60-70: You can do Heaven on High if you’re tired of dungeons

  • Levels 70-90: You should do Zagnor and The Bozjan Southern Front and do tribal quests

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In conclusion, achieving maximum level in Final Fantasy XIV across all jobs prior to Dawntrail requires strategic planning and efficient execution. With Simple Carry's boosting services, this arduous journey is transformed into a hassle-free and enjoyable experience. By entrusting your leveling needs to Simple Carry, you not only save valuable time but also gain access to expert guidance and assistance. Whether it's navigating through challenging level ranges or optimizing daily roulettes, Simple Carry's expertise ensures swift progression and maximum efficiency. Embrace the adventure with confidence, knowing that Simple Carry is your trusted ally in reaching the pinnacle of FFXIV's leveling journey.

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