Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Update 7.0 and More

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

During Square Enix's recent 'Letter from the Producer LIVE LXXXI' event, they unveiled significant adjustments to the job system in FFXIV Dawntrail. This update accompanies the raised level cap to 100, introducing new actions across all jobs. While incorporating player feedback, the development team ensured that these changes stayed true to each job's essence and playstyle.

With the addition of new actions, players may find themselves needing to reevaluate and potentially adjust their existing rotations. These alterations aim to enhance gameplay dynamics and provide fresh experiences for players as they progress through the game.

Square Enix's commitment to balancing player input with maintaining the integrity of each job's identity reflects their dedication to providing an engaging and immersive gaming experience in FFXIV Dawntrail. As players delve into the new content and explore the expanded capabilities of their jobs, they can expect both familiar elements and exciting new challenges on their journey to level 100.

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Final Fantasy XIV: New Action Change Settings

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

In Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming update, Square Enix addresses the issue of players running out of space on their hotbars for all their skills. To streamline gameplay and alleviate hotbar clutter, they're introducing a new feature called "Action Change Settings."

This system empowers players to customize their gameplay experience by selectively enabling or disabling the automatic replacement of certain changing actions with their follow-up counterparts upon execution. It's important to note that Action Change Settings will be limited to specific combo actions, rather than being applicable to every action in the game.

By implementing this feature, Square Enix aims to enhance player convenience and flexibility while optimizing the management of skills and abilities during gameplay. Players can look forward to a more streamlined and tailored experience as they navigate the intricacies of combat in Final Fantasy XIV.

Final Fantasy XIV Upcoming Tank Changes

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

In the upcoming update for Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has implemented significant adjustments to common abilities shared among tank jobs in the Dawntrail expansion.

Firstly, abilities such as Rampart and job-exclusive 30% damage reduction skills will receive enhancements as players progress through the 90s level range. These upgrades aim to bolster the defensive capabilities of tanks, ensuring they can better withstand incoming damage during battles.

Additionally, the duration of Reprisal, a crucial defensive skill, will be extended to 15 seconds within the same level range. This extension provides tanks with a longer window of opportunity to mitigate incoming damage and support their party members effectively.

Furthermore, Square Enix has introduced individual changes to specific tank jobs, tailoring their abilities to enhance their unique playstyles and roles within the party. These adjustments signify Square Enix's commitment to refining and balancing the gameplay experience for tank players in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail.


  1. The second and third executions of Atonement will now trigger new actions, each featuring distinct animations. While the input execution remains unchanged, players can expect a fresh visual experience with these updated actions.

  2. A new action, executable after Blade of Valor, will be introduced, expanding the arsenal of tank abilities and potentially altering combat strategies.

  3. Notably, executing Goring Blade will now require the activation of Fight or Flight, adding a tactical element to its usage and encouraging strategic decision-making during battles.


  1. A new action will be introduced, accessible after executing three Fell Cleaves or Decimates consecutively during Inner Release activation. This addition promises to augment the potency of the Warrior's offensive capabilities during intense combat scenarios.

  2. Another new action will be made available following Primal Rend, enriching the Warrior's burst phase with an additional damage skill. This enhancement aims to further empower the Warrior's ability to unleash devastating attacks on their foes.

  3. Similar to the adjustments made for the Paladin, the effects and animation for Inner Chaos will receive updates. These enhancements will not only refresh the visual appeal but also potentially improve the overall performance and feel of the ability during gameplay.

Dark Knight:

  1. Blood Weapon will evolve into Delirium, consolidating inputs during burst damage phases. Delirium will inherit the effects of Blood Weapon, streamlining gameplay and enhancing efficiency during intense combat situations.

  2. A new action will be introduced for use after executing Living Shadow, enriching the Dark Knight's arsenal with additional strategic options. Additionally, adjustments will be made to Living Shadow, ensuring it no longer consumes Black Blood. These changes aim to optimize the Dark Knight's combat flow and resource management, providing a more seamless and rewarding gameplay experience.


  1. A fresh action will be available after executing Fated Circle (via Continuation), expanding combat options and tactics for Gunbreakers.

  2. Expect a new three-step combo accessible after Bloodfest, offering a strategic sequence without the need for cartridges. This addition aims to diversify gameplay and optimize resource management for Gunbreakers.

  3. Adjustments are also in store for Sonic Break's execution. It will now trigger No Mercy, leading seamlessly into Ready to Break. These refinements aim to streamline Gunbreaker gameplay, enhancing both flow and efficiency in combat scenarios.

Upcoming Melee DPS Changes in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

As Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail approaches, significant adjustments have been made to the role abilities of melee DPS classes.

In the 90s level range, players can expect an increase in the healing potency of Second Wind, providing a more potent means of self-sustain during intense encounters.

Similarly, the duration of Feint will be extended to 15 seconds within the same level range, enhancing its utility in mitigating incoming damage.

Furthermore, individual changes have been made to specific Melee DPS classes, tailoring their abilities to refine their unique playstyles and roles within the party. These adjustments aim to enrich the gameplay experience for players as they master their chosen melee DPS class in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail.


  1. The basic combo mechanics will no longer revolve around maintaining buffs or damage over time effects. Instead, executing actions in a specific order will enhance the potency of subsequent actions. This adjustment aims to streamline gameplay while providing opportunities for strategic decision-making.

  2. To support this new mechanic, additional job HUD elements will be implemented, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive experience for players. Moreover, Monks will now be able to accumulate up to ten chakra while Brotherhood is active, preventing chakra overflow and optimizing resource management.

  3. With Six-Sided Star active, a new action will become stronger based on the amount of chakra accumulated. This enhancement offers Monks a powerful tool to leverage their accumulated chakra for devastating attacks, adding depth and versatility to their combat repertoire.


  1. The fifth combo action will transition to Drakesbane, a new non-directional action, simplifying positional requirements for single-target combos. Fang and Claw/Wheeling Thrust will seamlessly transform into Drakesbane, ensuring input execution remains consistent.

  2. Life of the Dragon will be accessible without the need to gather your Dragon Gauge, enabling Dragoons to unleash maximum damage output right from the start of battles.

  3. To streamline gameplay during burst damage phases, certain actions will be either removed or adjusted, optimizing combat efficiency.

  4. Expect a plethora of new animations added to heighten the visual impact of the class, infusing Dragoons with a more dynamic and flashy feel.

  5. Notably, Spine Shatter Dive has been removed, signaling a shift in Dragoon abilities and tactics.


  1. Huton's effect is transitioning to a trait, ensuring it remains consistently active. Huton itself will transform into an AoE attack, bestowing the effect of Hidden.

  2. Actions that typically extend Huton's duration will undergo adjustments to align with these changes, ensuring compatibility with the revised mechanics.

These alterations aim to streamline Ninja gameplay while maintaining the essence of its unique abilities and playstyle.


  1. Tsubame-gaeshi will undergo adjustments to streamline recast management, becoming executable after Meikyo Shisui. This alteration aims to simplify gameplay flow and enhance combat fluidity for Samurai players.

  2. Hakaze, Tenka Goken, and Midare Setsugekka will receive upgrades to new actions, offering enhanced potency and possibly introducing new mechanics to these abilities.

  3. Players can anticipate the introduction of additional actions and traits alongside the expansion of the level cap. These new elements will provide Samurai with expanded tactical options and opportunities for further customization and specialization.


Viper is a high-energy job within Final Fantasy XIV, known for its seamless transition between dual-blade and double-bladed strikes throughout its diverse range of combos and abilities. Despite possessing a comparable number of actions to other jobs, Viper's design aims to minimize the clutter on the hotbar, ensuring a streamlined and efficient gameplay experience.

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Exciting Updates for Physical Ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

In the upcoming changes to Final Fantasy XIV, Square Enix has dedicated efforts to enhance the gameplay experience for Physical Ranged DPS jobs, ensuring they feel more comfortable and rewarding to play.

As part of these improvements:

  1. Second Wind's healing potency will receive a boost, providing greater survivability to players during intense battles as they progress through the 90s level range.

  2. The damage reduction of job-exclusive defensive abilities will be heightened to 15%, further fortifying the defensive capabilities of Physical Ranged DPS jobs.

These adjustments signify Square Enix's commitment to refining and balancing gameplay across all job roles in Final Fantasy XIV. Stay tuned for more details on the changes coming to Physical Ranged DPS jobs as the Dawntrail expansion approaches.


  1. Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and the Wanderer’s Minuet will be transformed into buffs that no longer deal damage. This alteration aims to streamline the Bard's gameplay and shift focus away from maintaining these songs for damage output.

  2. Pitch Perfect will be revamped into an AoE attack, simplifying its use during encounters with multiple enemies. This adjustment enhances the Bard's versatility and effectiveness in group scenarios.

  3. Additionally, Straight Shot Ready and Shadow Bite Ready procs will be merged. Players will have the option to choose whether to utilize the effect for a single target or AoE, providing greater flexibility in combat strategy.

These updates aim to refine the Bard's gameplay experience, offering more strategic choices and enhancing their contribution to group dynamics in Final Fantasy XIV.


  1. Barrel Stabilizer will undergo a transformation. Instead of increasing the Heat Gauge by 50, it will now enable the execution of Hypercharge. This change allows its use when the gauge is at 51 or higher without waste, optimizing resource management for Machinists.

  2. A new trait will be introduced, accumulating charges for Drill. This addition enhances the Machinist's arsenal, providing opportunities for strategic planning and execution during combat.

  3. Upper-tier actions for Heat Blast, Gaus Round, and Ricochet will be implemented. These enhancements aim to bolster the Machinist's offensive capabilities, offering additional options for dealing damage and contributing to the party's success in battles.

These updates reflect Square Enix's commitment to refining and balancing gameplay for Machinists, ensuring an engaging and rewarding experience for players in Final Fantasy XIV.


  1. A new action will be introduced, accessible after executing Flourish. This addition enhances the Dancer's repertoire of abilities, providing new strategic options for maximizing performance in combat.

  2. Another new action will be introduced, consuming Esprit and available after executing Technical Finish. This addition adds depth to the Dancer's gameplay, allowing for the strategic expenditure of accumulated resources for powerful effects.

  3. Additionally, an action will grant the effects of Standard Step without requiring the usual combo steps. This enhancement streamlines the Dancer's rotation, providing more flexibility and efficiency in executing their dances during battle.

These updates reflect Square Enix's dedication to refining and enriching the gameplay experience for Dancers in Final Fantasy XIV.

Exciting Changes for Magical Ranged DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

Prepare for an array of buffs and quality-of-life updates for most Magical Ranged DPS jobs in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail.

  1. Swiftcast's cooldown will be significantly reduced to 40 seconds, offering greater flexibility and responsiveness in casting spells as players progress through the 90s level range.

  2. Addle's duration will be extended to 15 seconds, enhancing its utility as a debuff ability to mitigate enemy damage and support party members during battles.

Stay tuned for further details on the specific changes made to individual Magical Ranged DPS classes as the Dawntrail expansion approaches. These updates promise to elevate the gameplay experience for magical ranged combatants in Final Fantasy XIV.

Black Mage:

  1. Certain aspects of the job will be refined to improve efficiency, such as replenishing MP upon landing ice spells while Umbral Ice is active, rather than gradually over time. This change aims to optimize resource management and enhance the fluidity of casting rotations.

  2. A new action will be introduced, allowing the repositioning of Ley Lines beneath the caster. This addition offers greater control over positioning and optimization of Ley Lines' effects during encounters, enhancing the Black Mage's tactical versatility.

These adjustments reflect Square Enix's commitment to refining and enhancing the Black Mage experience in Final Fantasy XIV, ensuring a more seamless and engaging gameplay experience for players.


  1. Solar Bahamut, a new summon akin to Bahamut and Phoenix, will join the Summoner's arsenal. This powerful new ally promises to bring unique abilities and gameplay dynamics to the Summoner's toolkit.

  2. A new action will be introduced, accessible after executing Searing Light. This addition expands the Summoner's combat options and offers new strategic possibilities in battle.

  3. Developers have mentioned the possibility of removing Resurrection from the Summoner in the future. While this change has not been confirmed, it suggests potential adjustments to the Summoner's support capabilities, emphasizing other aspects of their gameplay.

These updates demonstrate Square Enix's commitment to evolving and refining the Summoner job in Final Fantasy XIV, ensuring an engaging and dynamic experience for players.

Red Mage:

  1. Manafication will undergo a transformation. Rather than increasing Black Mana and White Mana by 50, it will now enable the use of enchanted swordplay actions without cost. This change streamlines resource management for Red Mages, providing more fluid access to their abilities.

  2. The AoE enchanted swordplay combo starting with Enchanted Moulinet will now consume a total of 50 Black Mana and White Mana, aligning it with its single-target counterpart. This adjustment ensures consistency in resource consumption between single-target and AoE rotations, enhancing gameplay balance for Red Mages.


Pictomancer is a unique job in Final Fantasy XIV that harnesses the power of artistry to weave magic on the battlefield. By painting various motifs, Pictomancers can bring their creations to life, unleashing a diverse array of effects. From rendering multiple motifs to execute potent attacks to bestowing buffs upon party members and themselves, Pictomancers are versatile support specialists capable of turning the tide of battle with their artistic mastery.

Exciting Updates for Healers in Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail

Changes to Jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail 7.0 | Simple Carry

Healers in Final Fantasy XIV are set to receive additional tools to bolster their capabilities in combat, with notable changes on the horizon for Astrologian.

  1. Swiftcast's cooldown will see a significant reduction to 40 seconds, providing Healers with more frequent access to instant spells and enhancing their ability to respond swiftly to critical situations.

Stay tuned for further details on the specific changes made to Healer jobs as the Dawntrail expansion approaches. These updates promise to elevate the role of Healers and enhance their effectiveness in supporting their allies on the battlefield.

White Mage:

  1. A new action will be introduced, granting the caster the ability to swiftly move forward. This addition enhances the mobility of White Mages, allowing them to reposition quickly and respond effectively to dynamic combat situations.

  2. Additionally, a new AoE attack will be added, accessible up to three times after activating Presence of Mind. This powerful addition to the White Mage's arsenal enhances their AoE damage capabilities, providing them with a potent tool for dealing with groups of enemies during intense battles.


  1. Seraphism, a new action, will be introduced. This ability transforms the caster's appearance and augments their healing magicks, providing Scholars with a powerful tool to bolster their restorative capabilities and support their allies more effectively.

  2. Additionally, a new AoE attack will be added, usable after activating Chain Stratagem. This ability not only deals damage to multiple targets but also applies a Damage over Time (DoT) effect. This addition enhances Scholars' offensive capabilities, allowing them to contribute more significantly to group combat scenarios.


  1. The card system will undergo a significant change. Instead of random draws, Astrologians will now simultaneously draw cards with offensive, defensive, and curative effects. However, only specific cards will provide a damage buff. This adjustment aims to add strategic depth to Astrologian gameplay, allowing players to plan and adapt their card usage more effectively.

  2. Astrodyne will be removed from the Astrologian's abilities, aligning with the removal of Astrosigns. This streamlining of abilities aims to simplify the Astrologian's toolkit while ensuring a more cohesive and focused gameplay experience.


  1. Eukrasia will undergo an enhancement, empowering Dyskrasia II into Eukrasian Dyskrasia, an AoE attack inflicting damage over time to enemies within range. This augmentation expands Sage's offensive capabilities, offering them a potent tool for dealing with groups of adversaries.

  2. A new party buff will be introduced, granting nearby party members healing whenever the caster casts a spell. This ranged version of Kardia, available for a limited duration, enhances the Sage's supportive role by providing consistent healing support to allies during combat.

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In conclusion, the changes introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail Update 7.0 have revolutionized the gameplay experience for players, offering exciting enhancements to job mechanics and abilities. However, mastering these adjustments can be time-consuming and challenging. That's where Simple Carry's boosting services come in. With our expert assistance, you can effortlessly navigate through the intricacies of the new update, saving valuable time and ensuring a hassle-free journey through Eorzea's ever-evolving landscape. Trust Simple Carry to make your FFXIV experience not only efficient but also immensely enjoyable, allowing you to focus on the thrill of adventure without the burden of tedious grinding.

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