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WoW Dragonflight Gear Boost

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Buy the WoW Gear Boost from Simple Carry to equip your character with powerful PvP or PvE gear effortlessly. Break into endgame content at any time without the hassle of time-consuming preparations.

Gearing up in WoW can be an exciting process, but it often takes considerable time, especially if you have multiple characters. Our WoW Character Boost Gear service offers every player the opportunity to equip their main or alt characters quickly. Choose the best fit for your character – either items of 410-441 overall ilvl for PvE or 437-450 overall ilvl for PvP. Or why not have both?

During WoW Gear Boosting, our professional players will collect the most suitable items from the chosen item level range. However, if you desire specific armor pieces, weapons, or trinkets of your choice, simply chat with us via live chat, and we'll be happy to accommodate your preferences.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking world of Azeroth and elevate your character with our Mythic Plus Gear Boost, offering a seamless way to acquire the most potent gear and revel in the thrilling challenges World of Warcraft has to offer. For players with a penchant for meticulously curated gear and formidable PvP confrontations, our Amirdrassil Full Gear Boost and WoW PvP Boost are the epitomes of strategic advancement, enabling you to dominate the battlefield and secure illustrious victories.

What You'll Get

  • For PvE: 440-470 Average Ilvl Upon Completion.
  • For PvP: 476 Average Ilvl Upon Completion. / 489 Average Ilvl Upon Completion.
  • Numerous PvP/PvE-related achievements, if you haven't already obtained them
  • Additional loot and gold during runs


        • An active game subscription.
        • A 70-level character is required for WoW Gear Boost.

        How It Works

        • We prioritize orders based on execution speed and the order placement time.
        • We will contact you via live chat or email to address any questions or inquiries you may have about our WoW services.
        • Our skilled booster will either pilot your character during Mythic+ runs or, if you prefer, you can join our team in self-play.
        • The booster will efficiently complete multiple Mythic+ dungeons or daily PvP farms until your character is fully equipped in each slot.
        • In most cases, the WoW Gear Boost will be completed within three days or less.
        • Once your Dragonflight Gear Boost is successfully completed, we will notify you promptly, and you can enjoy the impressive results of your well-equipped character.
        • As we highly value your feedback, don't forget to rate us on Trustpilot and share your experience.

        WoW Dragonflight Gear Boost FAQ

        Q: What is the fastest way to gear up in Dragonflight?

        A: The quickest way to gear up in Dragonflight is by starting with local quests or participating in special faction events. Progress to Heroic or Mythic+0 dungeons as they become available. For PvP, simply engage in Battlegrounds or Arena matches, earn points, and purchase gear.

        Q: What item level does Dragonflight gear start from?

        A: In high-end PvP and PvE modes, item levels start at 398 ilvl for Mythic +0 and go up to 450 ilvl for Mythic raids and high-rated Arena items. At Simple Carry, you can buy WoW gear boosting services to acquire items within the specific range you desire.


        Q: What if I have more questions or concerns?

        A: We're here to help! Feel free to contact our customer support team through live chat or email, and they will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have.