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Counter Strike 2 FACEIT Wins

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Are you tired of being stuck in the same rank in Counter Strike 2? Do the frustrations of inconsistent teammates and close losses hold you back? Simple Carry's Counter Strike 2 FACEIT wins boosting service is specifically designed to help you overcome these hurdles and elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

Our professional boosters are skilled players who will take on your FACEIT matches, winning games until your desired number of wins is attained. This not only saves you from the hassle and stress of navigating through ranked games with random teammates but also enhances your competitive positioning in FACEIT rankings. Imagine not having to worry about poor team dynamics or skill imbalances anymore!

With Simple Carry by your side, you'll gain the edge in Counter Strike 2 like never before. We offer a wide range of execution and additional options that let you customize your boosting service according to your preferences. Don't settle for less; unlock your full gaming potential with us today.

Enhance your standing on the ESEA platform in Counter Strike 2 with our CS2 ESEA Rank Boost service, meticulously crafted to elevate your skills and secure a higher rank among the competitive players. Trust our expert team to guide you to the pinnacle of your ESEA ranking, ensuring you stand out as a top performer and gain recognition for your exceptional gameplay in Counter Strike 2.

What You'll Get

  • Guaranteed Number of Wins: Obtain the specific number of wins you've requested.
  • High K/D Ratio: Experience an impressive K/D stats boost during the execution of your order.
  • Retain All In-Game Items: Keep all cases, skins, and any other in-game items that drop during the boosting process.

Additional Options

  • Solo Only: Opt for our booster to play solo during the boosting process. This will enhance your stats on various tracking websites.
  • Live Streaming: Keep an eye on your order's progress through live streaming, available as an optional add-on.


  • Counter Strike 2 with Prime Status linked to your Steam account.
  • An active FACEIT account.
  • Calibration should be completed prior to ordering.

How It Works


  • Choose your additional options and place your order for Counter Strike 2 FACEIT wins boosting.
  • We establish a priority queue based on order time and execution speed.
  • Our customer support will reach out to you through live chat or email for any queries.
  • A professional booster will then log into your account and begin the CS2 FACEIT wins boosting process.
  • Once the required ELO or level is attained, we will notify you, or you can watch the completion via live stream.
  • Celebrate your newly enhanced competitive FACEIT ranking!


  • Join our team of boosters to complete your FACEIT level boost.
  • Choose between duo or full lobby options based on your preference and needs.

    Counter Strike 2 FACEIT Wins Boost FAQ

    Q: What if I don't have a FACEIT account?

    A: You need an active FACEIT account to avail this service.

    Q: Is my account safe during the boosting process?

    A: Your account's security is our utmost priority.

    Q: Can I keep all the skins and cases I get during the boosting?

    A: Absolutely! All in-game items that drop are yours to keep.

    Q: What if I want to stop the service midway?

    A: You can contact our customer support for any adjustments.