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Counter Strike 2 ESEA Wins Boost

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Looking to dominate the competitive scene on the ESEA platform in Counter Strike 2? Feel stuck or demotivated due to inconsistent teammates or challenging matches? Simple Carry is here to help with our professional ESEA wins boosting service. Take control of your game and climb the ESEA rankings with unparalleled ease and confidence.

By opting for our ESEA wins boosting service, you're trusting a team of highly skilled boosters to either accompany you or autonomously handle all the hard work, depending on your preference. Achieve your target number of wins without the hassle, and experience a higher level of play that you've always aspired to reach.

With Simple Carry, you're not just acquiring wins; you're making an investment in your gaming future. Rise up the ranks, increase your efficiency, and establish yourself as one of the finest players on the ESEA platform. Make the decision today to break through your limitations and truly excel.

Elevate your Counter Strike 2 skills with personalized guidance and insights through our CS2 Coaching Boost service, where our experienced coaches will work closely with you to refine your gameplay, strategies, and tactics. With their expert guidance and tailored advice, you'll not only see immediate improvements in your performance but also gain the knowledge and skills to excel in Counter Strike 2's competitive landscape.

What You'll Get

  • Achievement of Required Wins: Your desired number of wins will be secured.
  • Impressive K/D Ratio: Expect stellar K/D statistics during your boost.
  • Retain All Dropped Items: Any cases and skins that drop during the boosting process are yours to keep.

Additional Options

  • Solo Only: Opt for our booster to play solo during the boosting process. This will enhance your stats on various tracking websites.
  • Live Streaming: Keep an eye on your order's progress through live streaming, available as an optional add-on.


  • Counter Strike 2 with Prime Status on your Steam account.
  • An active ESEA account.
  • Calibration must be completed prior to the order.

How It Works:

Piloted Boosting:

  1. Select any additional options and place your Counter Strike 2 ESEA wins boosting order.
  2. Our system creates a priority list based on execution speed and when you placed the order.
  3. You'll hear from us via live chat or email—don't hesitate to ask questions.
  4. An expert booster takes over your account and begins the ESEA wins boost.
  5. Upon reaching the requisite ELO or level, we'll notify you or you can watch it via live stream.
  6. Enjoy your boosted ESEA wins!


  1. Team up with our expert boosters to get your wins.
  2. Choose between duo or a full lobby based on your needs.

        Counter Strike 2 ESEA Wins Boost FAQ

        Q: Do I need a Prime Status Steam account for this service?

        A: Yes, a Prime Status for Counter Strike 2 on your Steam account is necessary.

        Q: What happens to items that drop during the boosting process?

        A: All items like cases and skins that drop are yours to keep.

        Q: Can I track my boosting process?

        A: Absolutely! We offer live streaming as an optional feature.

        Q: How quickly will my service be completed?

        A: Depending on your choice between Normal, Express, and Super Express, we aim to complete orders as fast as possible.