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Path of Exile Labyrinth Boost

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By buying this service you will get The Labyrinth completed by a professional PoE player on desired difficulty. You can tell our customer support what kind of enchant you want, booster will choose it if possible.



  • Choose Boost Type
  • Choose your league
  • Choose difficulty of the Labyrinth


On first completion:

  • Ability to choose an Ascendancy class + 2 skill points (normal difficulty)
  • 2 skill points for every difficulty above normal
  • On repeated completion:
  • Valuable loot from Izaro’s treasures
  • Loot and currency received during the process


  • Account-sharing
  • If you want to choose selfplay option, then for Merciless and Eternal difficulty it is highly desirable for you to have all resistances at 75% and about 3500 hp
  • Labyrinth unlocked