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Path of Exile Challenges Boost

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By buying this service you will get desired League Challenges completion by a professional PoE player. For completing leagues challenges, you get a variety of MTX for character and hideout.


  • 1-3 Days for first 16 challenges
  • 3-9 Days for options above 16 challenges


  • Choose Challenges Options


  • Ophidian Gloves for 6 challenges
  • Ophidian Boots for 12 challenges
  • Ophidian Helmet for 16 challenges
  • Ophidian Body Armor for 20 challenges
  • Ophidian Wings for 24 challenges
  • Ophidian Lord Gloves for 28 challenges
  • Ophidian Lord Boots for 31 challenges
  • Ophidian Lord Helmet for 34 challenges
  • Ophidian Lord Body Armor for 36 challenges


    • At the moment, the product is only available on Sentinel Softcore league