WoW Dragonflight Survival Hunter DPS Guide

WoW Dragonflight Survival Hunter DPS Guide

Unleash Your True Potential as a Survival Hunter in Dragonflight 10.1: A Comprehensive DPS Guide

Welcome to Simple Carry meticulously crafted Survival Hunter DPS guide for the thrilling world of World of Warcraft's Dragonflight 10.1. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or just embarking on your journey, this guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel as a Survival Hunter in both challenging raids and intense Mythic+ dungeons. From the very basics to advanced techniques that will maximize your damage per second (DPS), we've got you covered.

Dive into the depths of our guide as we unravel the secrets of playing a Survival Hunter with precision and finesse. We'll walk you through every crucial aspect, providing valuable insights and tips to help you unleash your true potential. Master the art of survival and embark on exhilarating encounters with confidence, knowing that you're armed with the skills required to thrive in Dragonflight 10.1.

In this guide, we will cover a wide array of topics that cater to hunters of all experience levels. Whether you're a novice looking for a solid foundation or an experienced player seeking to refine your skills, we'll start from the very beginning and gradually progress towards advanced techniques.

First, we'll delve into the fundamentals of the Survival Hunter specialization, acquainting you with the unique mechanics and playstyle that define this archetype. Discover the key abilities, talents, and rotations that will form the backbone of your DPS output. Harness the power of your trusty bow or spear, and learn how to strike down your foes with deadly precision.

But that's not all—our guide extends beyond the mere basics. We'll provide you with in-depth strategies tailored specifically for the challenges that await you in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons. Uncover the best approaches for maximizing your DPS in various encounters, adapting to different boss mechanics, and optimizing your utility for the benefit of your team.

Furthermore, we'll discuss gear optimization, enchantments, and consumables that can significantly enhance your performance. Unlock the potential of your equipment and ensure that you're equipped with the ideal arsenal to face the perils of Dragonflight 10.1 head-on.

Lastly, we'll explore the concept of continual improvement. As the game evolves, so too must your knowledge and skills. Stay up to date with the latest changes, patches, and updates that affect the Survival Hunter specialization. Adaptability is key, and we'll provide you with the necessary resources to stay at the forefront of your class.

So, fellow Survival Hunters, prepare to embark on a journey of growth and mastery. By the time you finish reading this guide, you'll possess the tools and understanding to dominate Dragonflight 10.1 as a formidable force to be reckoned with. Sharpen your aim, steady your hand, and let the hunt begin!

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Unleashing the Ferocious Spirit of the Survival Hunter: An In-Depth Exploration of the Melee Mastery

Step into the enthralling world of World of Warcraft's Survival Hunter, a melee specialization that brims with unparalleled mobility and a distinct set of heavily themed abilities. As one of the lesser-played specs in the game, the Survival Hunter stands as a testament to its unique playstyle and the untapped potential that lies within its fierce arsenal. In this comprehensive overview, we will delve deep into the essence of the Survival Hunter, debunking any misconceptions and illuminating the remarkable strengths that set it apart from its counterparts.

Survival Hunters bring a fresh dynamic to the melee landscape, defying the conventional perception of a typical hunter. Embrace the thrill of engaging your adversaries up close and personal, utilizing a combination of precise strikes and primal instincts to overwhelm your foes. Unlike other melee specs, Survival Hunters employ a diverse array of abilities that are meticulously tailored to amplify their survival instincts and ravage their enemies with savage grace.

Unleashing your inner predator, you will discover that survival is not just a matter of endurance, but a thrilling dance of agility and calculated timing. The Survival Hunter's mobility becomes the cornerstone of their playstyle, enabling them to deftly maneuver around the battlefield, swiftly closing the distance to their prey or evading imminent danger. By capitalizing on their speed and cunning, Survival Hunters maintain an unrelenting presence in the midst of combat, seamlessly transitioning between melee strikes and ranged attacks when necessary.

While the Survival Hunter spec may be less prevalent among the player base, it is crucial to note that its scarcity does not stem from any inherent weakness. On the contrary, the Survival Hunter possesses a formidable toolkit that, when wielded with finesse, can rival the most sought-after specs in terms of damage output and versatility. Mastery of this unique specialization grants you the ability to flourish in both solo encounters and cooperative group play, serving as a testament to your adaptability and prowess.

Throughout this comprehensive overview, we will delve into the intricacies of the Survival Hunter's abilities, talents, and rotations, providing you with a profound understanding of their mechanics and how to best leverage them for maximum efficiency. Furthermore, we will explore the dynamic interplay between the Survival Hunter's toolkit and various combat scenarios, whether it be raids, Mythic+ dungeons, or intense PvP encounters. Gain valuable insights into positioning, crowd control, and synergy with your fellow adventurers, as you solidify your role as a vital asset in any group composition.

In addition to mastering the art of combat, we will also discuss the importance of gear optimization and resource management. Uncover the most effective equipment, enchantments, and consumables that will empower you to push the boundaries of your potential as a Survival Hunter. Furthermore, stay attuned to the ever-evolving landscape of World of Warcraft, as we delve into the latest updates, patches, and changes that may influence your approach to the spec.

Now is the time to embrace the untamed power that lies within the Survival Hunter. As you embark on this remarkable journey of discovery and growth, you will find yourself equipped with the knowledge and skill set to overcome any challenge that awaits you. With each calculated strike, you will carve your legend into the annals of Azeroth, etching a testament to the formidable might of the Survival Hunter. Unleash your inner beast, ignite the thrill of the hunt, and claim your rightful place among the elite as a true master of the melee.

Harnessing the Essence of the Survival Hunter: Exploring its Proficiencies and Limitations

Within the realm of World of Warcraft, the Survival Hunter emerges as a force to be reckoned with, armed with a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that define its playstyle. In this comprehensive analysis, we will embark on an immersive journey, dissecting the very core of the Survival Hunter and shedding light on the facets that elevate it to greatness while acknowledging the challenges it faces along the way.


  1. Unleashing Unbridled Damage: The Survival Hunter wields an arsenal that grants them exceptional damage potential in various situations. Whether engaging in single-target encounters or mowing down hordes of enemies with devastating area-of-effect attacks, the Survival Hunter excels in dealing significant damage and leaving their adversaries in awe.

  2. Versatility, the Survival Hunter's Ally: Adaptability is a defining characteristic of the Survival Hunter. With a versatile toolkit at their disposal, they can seamlessly transition between different playstyles without requiring major build changes. This flexibility allows them to tackle diverse challenges, making them a formidable presence in both raid encounters and Mythic+ dungeons.

  3. The Power of Self-Sustain: Survival Hunters possess a distinct advantage in the form of their trusty Ferocity pet, which provides valuable Leech, bolstering their self-sustain capabilities. This inherent survival mechanism allows them to weather the storm and emerge victorious, even in the face of relentless onslaughts.


  1. Fierce Competition for Raid Spots: In the realm of raiding, Survival Hunters face the challenge of competing with other melee specializations that offer stronger utility to the group. While the Survival Hunter's damage output may be exceptional, the allure of alternative melee specs with enhanced support abilities can sometimes overshadow their presence.

  2. Limited Group Utility: Compared to some other classes and specializations, the Survival Hunter lacks robust utility options that can significantly contribute to group success. While they bring substantial damage to the table, their capacity to provide meaningful support to their allies is comparatively limited.

  3. The Weight of Community Perception: The Survival Hunter's unique playstyle and relatively lower popularity have, unfortunately, resulted in a somewhat negative perception within the community. While this perception is not necessarily rooted in the spec's actual performance, it can create additional challenges when seeking group opportunities or engaging in social interactions within the game.

Understanding these strengths and weaknesses enables aspiring Survival Hunters to make informed decisions, tailor their gameplay strategies, and overcome the hurdles that lie ahead. By capitalizing on their remarkable damage potential, maintaining adaptability, and seeking opportunities to showcase their prowess in both solo and group content, Survival Hunters can rise above the limitations and prove their mettle in the world of Azeroth.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the landscape of World of Warcraft is ever-evolving. Balance adjustments, updates, and new content can shift the dynamics of classes and specializations. As a dedicated Survival Hunter, staying informed about the latest changes and developments ensures that you are equipped to adapt and optimize your performance amidst the ever-changing tides of the game.

Embrace the unique strengths of the Survival Hunter, navigate the challenges with resilience, and defy the misconceptions that may cloud their reputation. With the right mindset, unwavering dedication, and a keen understanding of the spec's intricacies, you will rise above and carve your path as a master of the hunt in the vast and captivating world of World of Warcraft.

General Hunter Changes in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

  • Revive Pet Icon Revive Pet now has a 2.5-second cast time, down from 3 seconds. It is also now a Physical spell, meaning it cannot be interrupted or silenced.
  • The healing of the Rejuvenating Wind Icon Rejuvenating Wind Talent has been nerfed by 20%.
  • Roar of Sacrifice Icon Roar of Sacrifice (PvP Talent) is now a choice node talent in the Class Tree, alongside Hunter's Avoidance Icon Hunter's Avoidance.

Survival Hunter in Dragonflight Patch 10.1

  • The Lunge Icon Lunge Talent now also reduces your Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb cooldown by 1 sec per auto-attack.
  • Both of our Vault of the Incarnates Tier Sets have been nerfed; The 2PC now increases Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite/Carve Icon Carve/Butchery Icon Butchery damage by 12%, was 15%.
  • The 4PC now reduces the cost of Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite/Carve Icon Carve/Butchery Icon Butchery by 10, and the their damage by 40%. Was 100% reduction and 50% damage.
  • All damage dealt by you and your Pet has been increased by 8%.
  • The Ruthless Marauder Icon Ruthless Marauder Talent is now a 2-pointer with the same effect as the previous 3-pointer.

Mastering the Foundations of Survival: Unleashing the Versatile Melee Powerhouse

In the vibrant world of World of Warcraft, the Survival Hunter emerges as a force to be reckoned with, embodying the essence of versatility and prowess. With its unique playstyle and formidable abilities, Survival Hunters showcase their unrivaled potential in delivering exceptional uncapped area-of-effect (AoE) damage, as well as maintaining solid single-target damage, all within a straightforward and streamlined build. In this guide, we will delve into the basics of Survival, unraveling the intricacies that make it a melee spec of unparalleled power.

  1. Adaptability: A Key Tenet of Survival Survival Hunters thrive on their adaptability, seamlessly transitioning between encounters with ease. This spec offers unparalleled versatility, capable of adapting to a wide range of challenges without the need for major build adjustments. Whether you're facing a boss in a raid or clearing waves of enemies in Mythic+ dungeons, the Survival Hunter stands ready to excel in every situation.

  2. Uncapped AoE Dominance The true might of a Survival Hunter shines through in their exceptional uncapped AoE damage potential. Engulf your adversaries in a whirlwind of devastation as you unleash a barrage of explosive attacks, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake. With precise positioning and strategic use of your arsenal, you can decimate hordes of foes, solidifying your reputation as a fearsome force on the battlefield.

  3. Steadfast Single-Target Performance While the Survival Hunter's prowess in AoE encounters is unmatched, their single-target damage remains formidable. Armed with a comprehensive toolkit, you can focus your ferocity on a singular foe, delivering precise strikes and exploiting vulnerabilities with relentless efficiency. Maintain your unwavering assault, and witness your enemies succumb to your relentless onslaught.

  4. Streamlined and Accessible Gameplay One of the appealing aspects of the Survival Hunter is its accessibility. The spec boasts an intuitive and easy-to-play build, ensuring that both novice and seasoned players can quickly grasp its mechanics and dive into the action. With a straightforward rotation and a toolkit designed for efficiency, you can focus on honing your skills and maximizing your damage output without unnecessary complexity.

As you embark on your journey as a Survival Hunter, remember that mastery is a gradual process. Constantly refine your understanding of the spec's core mechanics, explore optimal talent choices, and stay abreast of the latest strategies employed by top-tier Survival Hunters. Strive to strike a balance between adaptability and consistency, as you become a formidable presence in any encounter you face.

In conclusion, the Survival Hunter represents the epitome of versatility and untapped potential in the melee domain. Embrace the power at your fingertips, unleash devastating uncapped AoE damage, and maintain solid single-target performance. With dedication, practice, and an unwavering spirit, you have the opportunity to carve your legend as a master of the Survival specialization in the ever-evolving world of World of Warcraft.

Single-Target Talent Builds for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight


AoE Talent Builds for Survival Hunter in Dragonflight


Unleashing the Optimal Potential: Stat Priority for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight

When venturing into the realm of Dragonflight as a Survival Hunter, understanding the intricacies of stat priority is crucial for maximizing your damage output. By aligning your gear choices and enchantments with the appropriate stat emphasis, you can unlock the true potential of your character. In this guide, we will delve into the recommended stat priority for single-target encounters, allowing you to make informed decisions and optimize your performance.

  1. Haste: Swiftly Paving the Path to Success Haste reigns supreme as the primary stat for a Survival Hunter in Dragonflight. This stat directly affects the attack speed of your abilities, allowing you to unleash a flurry of strikes with unrivaled speed. Increased Haste not only enhances your global cooldown reduction but also shortens the cooldowns of key abilities, facilitating a seamless rotation and providing greater control over your sustained damage output. Prioritizing Haste ensures that you can maintain a relentless assault on your enemies, leaving them powerless in the face of your swift strikes.

  2. Critical Strike and Versatility: Precision and Adaptability Following closely behind Haste, Critical Strike and Versatility take their place as the secondary stats to focus on. Critical Strike enhances your chance to critically strike with your attacks, resulting in amplified damage and potential procs of additional effects. This stat increases your burst potential, ensuring that your strikes hit with lethal precision. Similarly, Versatility enhances your overall damage done and reduces the damage taken, providing a well-rounded boost to your survivability and effectiveness in combat. Balancing both Critical Strike and Versatility is key to maintaining a dynamic approach, as they synergize to enhance your overall performance.

  3. Mastery: A Specialization for Single-Target Dominance Mastery takes a somewhat secondary role in the stat priority for single-target encounters, albeit still holding importance for a Survival Hunter. Mastery amplifies the damage dealt by your damage-over-time effects, such as Serpent Sting and Wildfire Bomb. While not as significant as Haste, Critical Strike, or Versatility, Mastery should still be considered to maintain optimal performance, ensuring that your sustained damage remains potent against single targets. However, it's worth noting that Mastery loses its effectiveness in AoE situations, where other stats reign supreme.

By adhering to this stat priority, you can fine-tune your gear selection and enchantments to align with the demands of Dragonflight encounters. Remember to prioritize items with high Haste and Critical Strike values, while ensuring a solid balance with Versatility. Mastery, while not as essential, should still be considered to augment your single-target damage potential.

It's important to note that stat priorities can evolve over time due to balance changes, new content, and the introduction of higher item levels. Stay informed by consulting reputable sources, theorycrafting resources, and engaging with the Survival Hunter community to remain up to date with any shifts in the meta.

Embrace the precision of Critical Strike, the versatility of Versatility, and the swift onslaught of Haste as you navigate the treacherous realm of Dragonflight. With a well-calibrated stat priority, you can unleash the full potential of your Survival Hunter, carving a legendary path as a formidable force in Azeroth.

Beginner Single-Target Rotation

  1. Cast Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram on cooldown.
  2. Cast Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot on cooldown when your target is below 20% health.
  3. Make sure to press Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike on cooldown to generate Focus.
  4. Make sure to press Kill Command Icon Kill Command on cooldown to generate Focus.
  5. Make sure that Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb never reaches 2 charges.
  6. Use Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite to spend Focus.

Beginner AoE Rotation

  1. Cast Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram on cooldown.
  2. Cast Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot on cooldown. Note that it will become castable during your Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault cooldown, even when your target is above 20%!
  3. Make sure to press Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike on cooldown to generate Focus.
  4. Make sure to press Kill Command Icon Kill Command on cooldown to generate Focus.
  5. Use your Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bombs on cooldown. They are the biggest source of your AoE damage!
  6. When you have used your Bombs, use Butchery Icon Butchery to reduce their cooldown!
  7. Use Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite to spend any excess Focus when you cannot cast Butchery.

Mastering the Art of Gear Selection for Survival Hunters

As a Survival Hunter, the gear you choose plays a vital role in optimizing your performance and unleashing your true potential in the ever-challenging world of World of Warcraft. However, the process of selecting the ideal gear can be complex and nuanced, often presenting dilemmas and trade-offs. In this guide, we will explore effective strategies and provide valuable insights to assist you in making informed gear decisions for your Survival Hunter.

  1. Understanding the Importance of Stat Priority: Before diving into gear selection, it's crucial to have a solid understanding of the stat priority for Survival Hunters. As discussed earlier, prioritizing Haste, followed by Critical Strike, Versatility, and Mastery, allows you to maximize your damage output in different scenarios. Keep these priorities in mind when evaluating gear options, ensuring that your choices align with your desired stat emphasis.

  2. Evaluating Item Level vs. Stat Distribution: When faced with the choice between a higher item level piece of gear with less desirable stats and a lower item level item with ideal stats, it's essential to consider the overall impact on your performance. While item level can contribute to increased primary stats and overall itemization, having the correct stat distribution often takes precedence. Aim for gear that aligns with your stat priorities, even if it means sacrificing a few item levels.

  3. Utilizing Tools like Raidbots: To navigate the complexities of gear optimization and minimize guesswork, Raidbots emerges as an invaluable resource. Raidbots allows you to simulate your character, taking into account various factors such as gear, procs, racials, and RNG elements. By utilizing this tool, you can compare different gear options, evaluate potential upgrades, and make data-driven decisions based on accurate simulations tailored to your specific character.

  4. Consideration of Set Bonuses and Trinkets: Set bonuses and trinkets often have unique effects that can significantly impact your gameplay. When assessing gear options, evaluate the potential synergies and bonuses offered by set pieces and trinkets. Determine if the additional benefits outweigh any potential stat disparities, as these effects can amplify your damage output and provide a competitive edge in combat.

  5. Staying Informed and Adapting: The landscape of World of Warcraft is constantly evolving, with balance changes, new content, and updates shaping the game's dynamics. Stay connected with reputable sources, theorycrafting communities, and Survival Hunter resources to remain informed about the latest gear optimizations, recommended itemizations, and emerging strategies. Continuously adapt your gear choices to stay ahead of the curve and maintain optimal performance.

Remember, gear selection is an ongoing process, and there may be situations where the "best" choice isn't always clear-cut. In these instances, rely on tools like Raidbots and simulations to guide your decision-making process. By combining your knowledge of stat priorities, the evaluation of item level versus stat distribution, and leveraging the power of resources, you can equip your Survival Hunter with the gear that aligns perfectly with your desired playstyle and maximizes your damage potential.

Unleash the full potential of your Survival Hunter by meticulously curating your gear, balancing stat priorities, and embracing the tools at your disposal. With a well-equipped character, you will conquer the challenges of Azeroth, leaving a trail of fallen foes in your wake, and etching your legend as a master of the hunt.

Navigating the Realm of Diminishing Returns: Understanding Stat Thresholds for Survival Hunters

As a Survival Hunter, it is crucial to recognize that there are points at which the benefits provided by certain stats begin to diminish. While these thresholds should not be treated as hard caps or breakpoints, they serve as important benchmarks for optimizing your character's performance. In this guide, we will explore the recommended thresholds for critical strike, haste, versatility, and mastery, providing valuable insights to help you navigate the intricacies of stat allocation.

  1. Critical Strike: Aiming for 40% and Beyond Critical strike plays a significant role in enhancing your chances of delivering devastating strikes and triggering additional effects. As a Survival Hunter, aim to attain a critical strike rating of approximately 40% to maximize your burst potential and ensure a consistent stream of critical hits. However, it's important to note that even beyond this threshold, critical strike still offers some benefits, albeit at a reduced rate.

  2. Haste: Striving for the 30% Milestone Haste accelerates the speed at which you unleash your abilities, reducing cooldowns and global cooldowns while increasing your attack speed. For Survival Hunters, reaching a haste rating of around 30% is recommended to maintain a fluid and responsive rotation. Beyond this threshold, the returns on haste become less substantial, though it can still provide incremental improvements to your overall performance.

  3. Versatility: Balancing at 30% for Adaptability Versatility enhances both your damage output and your damage mitigation, making it a valuable stat for Survival Hunters. Striving for a versatility rating of approximately 30% ensures a well-rounded boost to your overall effectiveness in both offense and defense. While versatility continues to provide benefits beyond this threshold, the incremental gains become less significant.

  4. Mastery: The Importance of ~5400 Mastery Rating Mastery amplifies the damage dealt by your damage-over-time effects, such as Serpent Sting and Wildfire Bomb. As a Survival Hunter, reaching a mastery rating of around 5400 is recommended to maintain solid single-target damage output. While mastery remains relevant beyond this point, the returns diminish, especially in AoE situations where other stats become more impactful.

It's important to note that the exact thresholds may vary depending on your current gear, talents, and other factors specific to your character. Continuously evaluate your stat distribution through tools like SimulationCraft and Raidbots to ensure you're optimizing your performance.

Remember, these thresholds serve as guidelines rather than rigid constraints. Your individual playstyle, preferences, and the encounter dynamics may influence the prioritization of stats and the weight you assign to each one. Stay informed, adapt to changes in the game, and continuously fine-tune your stat allocation to unleash the full potential of your Survival Hunter in every battle you face.

Embrace the delicate balance between optimizing your stats and adapting to the ever-changing world of Azeroth. With a keen understanding of diminishing returns, you can strategically allocate your stat points, enhancing your character's capabilities and carving your legend as a master of the hunt.

Delving Deeper into the World of Statistic: Unraveling the Intricacies of Survival Hunter's Attributes

As a Survival Hunter, understanding the nuances of various statistics is paramount to unlocking the full potential of your character's prowess. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the fundamental attributes that shape your effectiveness in combat, shedding light on the importance of agility, mastery, haste, critical strike, and versatility. By comprehending the impact of each stat, you can make informed decisions when it comes to optimizing your gear and maximizing your performance on the battlefield.

  1. Agility: The Cornerstone of your Might Agility stands as the primary attribute for a Survival Hunter, bestowing a multitude of benefits upon your character. It directly influences your attack power, which serves as the foundation for determining the potency of your abilities across the board. Embrace the essence of agility, as it empowers you to deliver devastating strikes, surpassing the limits of your adversaries and solidifying your dominance on the battlefield.

  2. Mastery: Spirit Bond's Profound Influence Mastery plays a pivotal role in shaping the playstyle of a Survival Hunter through the Mastery: Spirit Bond ability. This stat augments the damage output of both you and your faithful companion, your pet, enhancing the potency of your Focus-spending abilities. Furthermore, Mastery: Spirit Bond blesses you and your pet with periodic healing every 5 seconds, offering crucial sustenance during intense encounters. The effectiveness of the damage increase and healing is directly tied to the amount of Mastery you have invested, making it a vital attribute to prioritize in your gear selection.

  3. Haste: Swift as the Wind Haste serves as a catalyst for agility, accelerating both your and your pet's attack speed and Focus regeneration. Additionally, it reduces the global cooldown duration from 1.5 seconds to a minimum of 0.750 seconds, enabling you to execute your abilities with unparalleled speed and precision. Beyond enhancing your swiftness, haste also reduces the cooldown of numerous abilities, including the formidable Kill Command. By embracing haste, you can maintain a relentless assault, unleashing a flurry of strikes that leave your foes reeling in defeat.

  4. Critical Strike: Unleashing Lethal Precision Critical Strike empowers you with an increased chance to critically hit with all your spells and abilities. By capitalizing on critical strikes, you can unleash devastating blows that surpass the confines of normal damage output. Critical strikes carry the potential for enhanced damage, triggering additional effects, and accelerating the demise of your adversaries. Embrace the art of precision, as critical strike chance plays a vital role in amplifying your offensive might.

  5. Versatility: A Balancing Act Versatility presents a multifaceted attribute that influences both your damage and healing capabilities, while simultaneously reducing the damage you sustain. It bolsters all your damage and healing output, ensuring that your strikes land with greater impact, and amplifying the efficacy of your restorative abilities. Additionally, versatility diminishes the damage taken, bolstering your survivability and granting you an edge in combat. By balancing offense and defense, versatility becomes a formidable asset, empowering you to triumph in the face of adversity.

As you embark on your journey as a Survival Hunter, understanding the intricacies of these attributes empowers you to make informed decisions when it comes to gear selection, enchantments, and optimizations. Continuously evaluate your stat priorities based on the demands of the encounters you face, and remain adaptable to the evolving landscape of World of Warcraft. With a keen understanding of these attributes, you will carve your legend as an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of fallen foes in your wake.

Embrace the agility that fuels your strikes, harness the power of mastery to bolster your abilities, embrace the swiftness bestowed by haste, unleash the precision of critical strikes, and find the delicate balance within versatility. With these attributes at your disposal, you will rise as a true master of the hunt, ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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Best Primordial Gemstones for Survival Hunter

Note that we are not completely certain that the double-dipping effect between Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone and Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone is intended. If they nerf this, it could change the recommendation in the future.


  1. Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone
  2. Freezing Ice Stone Icon Freezing Ice Stone
  3. Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone


  1. Prophetic Twilight Stone Icon Prophetic Twilight Stone
  2. Storm Infused Stone Icon Storm Infused Stone
  3. Desirous Blood Stone Icon Desirous Blood Stone

Best Dragonflight Enchants for Survival Hunter

Slot Best Enchantment


Best Flask and Phial for Survival Hunter

The best Flask is a slightly complicated topic.

  • Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Icon Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage is the best DPS for most scenarios, but will occasionally do hefty damage to you after you have taken enough damage. You need around 70% uptime on the Corrupting Rage buff (the beneficial part) in combat for this to beat other Phials, so check your buff uptimes to make sure you meet this requirement. Otherwise, swap to the Phial below.
  • Phial of Tepid Versatility Icon Phial of Tepid Versatility is the best choice when the Iced Phial deals too much damage to be worth it or has too low uptime.
  • Phial of Elemental Chaos Icon Phial of Elemental Chaos does similar DPS to Tepid Versatility but does not have the defensive benefits.
  • Phial of Static Empowerment Icon Phial of Static Empowerment and Phial of Charged Isolation Icon Phial of Charged Isolation are the best on paper but highly dependent on their uptime. You need at least 80% uptime to beat out all other options. This is very rare.

Overall, your best single-target option is Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage Icon Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage as it provides the best DPS in realistic scenarios. Just be aware of the damage penalty and keep some /Phial of Tepid Versatility Icon Phial of Tepid Versatility/Phial of Elemental Chaos Icon Phial of Elemental Chaos on hand.

Best Potion for Survival Hunter

Your potion should be Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power Icon Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power.

Warlock Healthstones and Refreshing Healing Potion Icon Refreshing Healing Potion should be used when at low health.

Best Food for Survival

You should eat the 75 Agility feasts Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak Icon Grand Banquet of the Kalu'ak/Hoard of Draconic Delicacies Icon Hoard of Draconic Delicacies, or the Fated Fortune Cookie Icon Fated Fortune Cookie when available. Otherwise, eat Deviously Deviled Eggs Icon Deviously Deviled Eggs for the same benefit, but at your own expense!

In addition, if you can afford it, you should use Draconic Augment Rune Icon Draconic Augment Runes to increase your primary stat. Since there is a finite amount of the consumable runes available, you should make sure to use them wisely and to stock up on them for when you need them.

Striking a Delicate Balance: Managing Focus as a Survival Hunter

As a skilled Survival Hunter, managing your Focus resource efficiently is essential to optimizing your damage output and maintaining a fluid rotation. With abilities such as Kill Command generating a substantial amount of Focus and Raptor Strike serving as a cost-effective option, it is crucial to strike a delicate balance between never delaying Kill Command and avoiding the wastage of generated Focus. In this guide, we will explore strategies to help you navigate the intricacies of Focus management, ensuring that you make the most of your resources and maximize your damage potential.

  1. Preventing Focus Capping: The first priority in Focus management is to prevent reaching the maximum Focus cap. Capping on Focus not only hampers your ability to generate more Focus but also results in wasted resources. To avoid this, you should incorporate Raptor Strike into your rotation effectively. By utilizing Raptor Strike whenever you are approaching the Focus cap, you can maintain a steady flow of resource expenditure and prevent any loss due to overcapping.

  2. Balancing Kill Command and Raptor Strike: While preventing Focus capping is crucial, it is equally important to prioritize the timely usage of Kill Command. Kill Command serves as a primary ability in your rotation, dealing significant damage and providing various benefits through talents and abilities. Thus, you should ensure that Kill Command is not left off cooldown for extended periods. Balancing the usage of Raptor Strike to prevent Focus capping while prioritizing the timely activation of Kill Command is key to maximizing your Focus generation and spending.

  3. Anticipating Cooldowns and Ability Chains: To optimize your Focus management, it is essential to anticipate cooldowns and ability chains. By understanding the timing of your abilities, you can plan your resource expenditure accordingly. For instance, if you know that a high-damage ability or cooldown is about to become available, you can adjust your Focus spending to ensure maximum efficiency during that window. Additionally, synergistic abilities or talents that provide Focus generation or cost reduction can be utilized strategically to enhance your resource management.

  4. Practice and Adaptation: Effective Focus management comes with practice and familiarity with your rotation. By honing your muscle memory and gaining a deep understanding of your abilities and their resource costs, you can make split-second decisions to avoid Focus capping and optimize your damage output. Continuously assess and adapt your playstyle based on encounters, gear upgrades, and talent choices to refine your Focus management skills and stay at the top of your game.

Remember, Focus management is a dynamic process that requires continuous attention and adjustment. It is normal to encounter situations where perfect optimization may not always be attainable. By practicing and refining your decision-making skills, you will develop an intuitive sense of when to prioritize Raptor Strike to prevent Focus capping and when to unleash the power of Kill Command.

Embrace the delicate dance of Focus management, striking the perfect balance between never delaying Kill Command and efficiently utilizing Raptor Strike. With precise resource management, you will unleash the full potential of your Survival Hunter, ensuring that no Focus goes to waste and maximizing your impact on the battlefield.

Unlocking the Power of Simulation: The Indispensable Tool for Optimizing Your Survival Hunter

In the ever-evolving world of World of Warcraft, the journey to mastering your Survival Hunter's potential is a multifaceted endeavor. As you seek to optimize your gear, talents, and rotations, there is a crucial tool that stands above all else: the power of simulation. Intuitively determining the ideal gear and build for your Survival Hunter is a monumental challenge, as the myriad of variables involved necessitates a data-driven approach. In this guide, we will emphasize the indispensability of simulating your character using tools like Raidbots, illuminating how this process serves as the ultimate authority in your gear selection and optimization.

  1. The Complexity of Optimization: Optimizing your Survival Hunter involves meticulous consideration of various factors, including gear stats, trinkets, talents, and encounter-specific variables. Attempting to manually deduce the optimal configuration in such a complex environment is a monumental task. The sheer number of variables and potential interactions makes it virtually impossible to accurately assess the performance of different gear combinations without the aid of simulations.

  2. Embracing the Power of Raidbots: Raidbots emerges as a game-changing resource, offering the capability to simulate and compare different gear sets, trinkets, talents, and other variables. By utilizing Raidbots, you can generate accurate simulations tailored to your specific character, accounting for racials, gear, procs, and other essential elements. This process empowers you to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that your gear choices are founded on quantifiable evidence rather than intuition alone.

  3. The First and Final Word in Gear Selection: In the pursuit of optimal performance, simulations should be regarded as the definitive guide in determining the gear you wear for any given situation. They provide invaluable insights into how different combinations affect your damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness. Through simulation, you can identify gear upgrades, evaluate stat priorities, and uncover the optimal configuration that allows you to unleash the true potential of your Survival Hunter.

  4. Continual Adaptation and Optimization: It is crucial to recognize that simulations are not a one-time endeavor. As the game evolves with patches, balance adjustments, and new content, your gear choices may need to be reevaluated. Stay engaged with the Survival Hunter community, theorycrafting resources, and reputable sources of information to remain up to date with the latest developments. Continually simulating your character allows you to adapt to changing circumstances, ensuring that your optimization remains current and effective.

Simulating your character using Raidbots is not only a means of validating your gear choices but also an opportunity for growth and refinement. By embracing the power of simulation, you empower yourself with quantifiable data, enabling you to fine-tune your Survival Hunter to reach new heights of performance.

Remember, while simulation provides invaluable insights, it should be complemented by a solid understanding of your class mechanics and gameplay fundamentals. It is the marriage of theorycrafting and practical experience that allows you to truly excel as a Survival Hunter.

Embrace the power of simulation, leverage tools like Raidbots, and embark on a journey of continuous optimization. With each simulation, you will unlock a deeper understanding of your Survival Hunter's potential, refining your gear choices and optimizing your character to become an unstoppable force in the ever-evolving world of World of Warcraft.

Best Survival Hunter Single-Target Rotation in Dragonflight

  1. Use Harpoon Icon Harpoon to close the gap to your target whenever you are far away, as it will do damage and give you Focus. If you can force this to happen without losing relevant melee uptime, it can actually be a rotational button!
  2. Cast Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram on cooldown.
  3. Use Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot to spend Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault procs during Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault. Check the Macros Page for some important, relevant macros for this.
  4. Cast Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb while Shredded Armor Icon Shredded Armor is up, if it is close to reaching 2 charges.
  5. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command to activate your Shredded Armor Icon Shredded Armor 4PC Debuff if your Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb is about to cap on charges
  6. Cast Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite if there is only 1 GCD of Mongoose Fury Icon Mongoose Fury left, to make sure you maximize use of the buff.
  7. Use Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot on cooldown.
  8. Use Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike on cooldown if you are below 60 Focus.
  9. Activate Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault on cooldown.
  10. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command if you are below 70 Focus and Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike is on cooldown or if the 4PC buff Shredded Armor Icon Shredded Armor is not active.
  11. Spam Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite when Shrapnel Bomb Icon Shrapnel Bomb is active, to stack the bleed.
  12. Use Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb on cooldown provided that Shredded Armor Icon Shredded Armor is up.
  13. Spam Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite during Mongoose Fury Icon Mongoose Fury.
  14. Use Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite if you are above 60 Focus or regardless, if you have the 4PC Bonus.
  15. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command if you are below 72 Focus.

Best Single-Target Opener for Survival Hunter

  1. Use Harpoon Icon Harpoon to reach the target, and to activate Terms of Engagement Icon Terms of Engagement.
  2. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command to activate the 4PC Buff.
  3. Use Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram.
  4. Cast Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb to get it off cooldown.
  5. Start your Mongoose Fury Icon Mongoose Fury window with a Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite.
  6. Continue your normal rotation, according to the priority list above.

 Best AoE Rotation for Survival Hunter

The AoE rotation is all about maximizing your Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bombs, and reducing their cooldown with Butchery Icon Butchery which also does heavy damage in its own right. Underneath this, you still want to maintain a strong single-target rotation, especially since your Kill Shot Icon Kill Shots are going to cleave for heavy damage, making them a high priority.

The AoE rotation for a Survival Hunter is based on the following priority system.

  1. Use Harpoon Icon Harpoon to close the gap to your target whenever you are far away, as it will do damage and give you Focus. If you can force this to happen without losing relevant melee uptime, it can actually be a rotational button!
  2. Use Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb if it is about to reach 2 charges. Dump all of your Bombs before entering Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault, and cast Bombs on cooldown during it.
  3. Use Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram on cooldown.
  4. Activate Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault on cooldown
  5. Use Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb on cooldown.
  6. Spam Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite. Use it strategically on targets with over 8 stacks of Latent Poison Icon Latent Poison to spend the stacks generated.
  7. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command if you are below 70 Focus.
  8. Cast Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot on cooldown.
  9. Use Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike on cooldown if you are below 60 Focus.
  10. Use Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite when there is nothing else to do, which is pretty rare!
  11. Use Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike on cooldown if there is absolutely nothing else to do.

Best Dragonflight AoE Opener for Survival Hunter

  1. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command to activate the 4PC Buff.
  2. Use Death Chakram Icon Death Chakram.
  3. Cast Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb.
  4. Cast Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb.
  5. Cast Kill Command Icon Kill Command to refresh the 4PC Buff.
  6. Cast Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault.
  7. Cast Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot
  8. Continue your normal rotation, as defined by the priority above.

A Comprehensive Tier List: Trinkets for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight Season 2

When venturing into the treacherous realm of Dragonflight Season 2, selecting the right trinkets is vital to optimizing your performance as a Survival Hunter. While simulating your own character is still recommended for precise gear choices, we provide you with a tier list showcasing some of the standout trinkets available. Keep in mind that the tier placements are based on general performance and may vary depending on your specific character and playstyle.

7.1. S-Tier:

  • Elementium Pocket Anvil: Acquired from The Amalgamation Chamber in Aberrus. A potent trinket that excels in all scenarios.
  • Ominous Chromatic Essence: A versatile trinket with various buffs, particularly effective when paired with the Bronze Buff for Haste.
  • Dragonfire Bomb Dispenser: Dropped by Zskarn in Aberrus. S-Tier for single-target encounters and B-Tier for area-of-effect (AoE) situations.

7.2. A-Tier:

  • Beacon to the Beyond: Obtained from Scalecommander Sarkareth in Aberrus.
  • Igneous Flowstone: Acquired from Magmorax in Aberrus.
  • Neltharion's Call to Dominance: Works specifically with Coordinated Assault builds.

7.3. B-Tier:

  • Matrix Restabilizer: Dropped from Ragnaros in Firelands. Exclusive to Cataclysm Timewalking events.
  • The Hungerer: Obtained from Majordomo Staghelm in Firelands. Exclusive to Cataclysm Timewalking events.
  • Mark of Dargrul: Dropped from Neltharion's Lair Mythic or above. Considered the best trinket from Mythic+ content.
  • Harlan's Loaded Dice: Acquired from Freehold Mythic or above. Provides solid performance across various scenarios.
  • Erupting Spear Fragment: Obtained from Neltharus Mythic or above.
  • Screaming Black Dragonscale: Dropped by Kazzara in Aberrus.
  • Homeland Raid Horn: Acquired from Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Mythic or above. Offers strong damage output but damages the user as well.

7.4. C-Tier:

  • Globe of Jagged Ice: Dropped from Halls of Infusion Mythic or above.
  • Idol of Pure Decay: Obtained from Brackenhide Hollow Mythic or above.
  • Irideus Fragment: Dropped from Halls of Infusion Mythic or above.
  • Frenzying Signoll Flare: Acquired from Neltharus Mythic or above.

7.5. D-Tier:

  • Naraxas' Spiked Tongue: Obtained from Neltharion's Lair Mythic or above.

Remember that the tier placements are based on general evaluations and may not apply universally. It is recommended to simulate your character using tools like Raidbots to obtain the most accurate and personalized assessment of trinket performance.

As you embark on your adventure in Dragonflight Season 2, use this tier list as a starting point in your trinket selection process. Continuously evaluate your performance, adapt to changes in the meta, and stay informed about new trinkets or adjustments that may impact your gear choices. With the right trinkets at your disposal, you will become an unstoppable force, conquering the challenges that lie ahead in your journey as a Survival Hunter.

Unleashing the Power of Time: Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets

With the return of Cataclysm Timewalking, a treasure trove of powerful trinkets and other items awaits adventurous souls. From the depths of dungeons like the Stonecore, Lost City of the Tol'vir, Throne of the Tides, End Time, Blackrock Caverns, to the fiery realms of the Firelands Raid, these time-locked artifacts hold immense potential. In this guide, we will explore the newly introduced trinkets and their unique abilities, focusing particularly on the Firelands Trinkets that can be upgraded to an impressive Item Level 437. Remember, these exclusive trinkets will only be available during Cataclysm Timewalking, so seize the opportunity while it lasts.

  1. The Stonecore:
  • Amulet of Dull Dreaming: A trinket that grants you a chance to enter a dreamy state, increasing your primary stat for a brief duration.
  • Grace of the Herald: Bestowed upon you by the Earthrager Ptah, this trinket enhances your spellcasting abilities, boosting your intellect temporarily.
  1. Lost City of the Tol'vir:
  • Heart of Solace: Infused with the power of Solace, this trinket grants you a temporary increase in mastery, bolstering your performance.
  1. Throne of the Tides:
  • Bubbliest Brightbrew Charm: Imbued with bubbly energy, this trinket has a chance to create a healing bubble around you when you are struck by an enemy.
  1. End Time:
  • Arrow of Time: This trinket warps the fabric of time, reducing the cooldown of your abilities temporarily, allowing for a more rapid onslaught.
  1. Blackrock Caverns:
  • Veil of Lies: Shrouded in deceit, this trinket grants you a chance to summon a shadowy ally to aid you in battle, dealing damage to your enemies.
  1. Firelands Raid: The Firelands Raid introduces trinkets with the ability to be upgraded to an impressive Item Level 437, providing a significant power boost during the Cataclysm Timewalking event. These trinkets offer unique effects and enhancements to your combat capabilities. Examples include:
  • Matrix Restabilizer: A trinket that harnesses the chaotic energy of the Firelands, granting you increased spell power and periodically causing damage to nearby enemies.
  • The Hungerer: This trinket hungers for the essence of your enemies, periodically increasing your attack power and granting a chance to trigger an additional attack.

Embrace the fleeting opportunity of Cataclysm Timewalking to acquire these remarkable trinkets and other time-locked treasures. They hold the potential to elevate your combat prowess, granting a taste of the power that once shaped Azeroth during the cataclysmic events. Remember to upgrade the Firelands Trinkets to their maximum Item Level of 437, ensuring that you harness their full potential during the event.

With your newfound trinkets in hand, embark on your adventures through the ages, reliving the pivotal moments of Cataclysm. Harness their unique abilities, unleash devastation upon your foes, and etch your name into the annals of history as a hero of Azeroth's past.

Assessing the Worth of Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets

When considering the worth of Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets, it is important to evaluate their competitive viability and their standing in relation to other trinkets available in the current meta. While these trinkets offer viable options, it is worth noting that they may not overthrow the established meta trinkets of the current season. Additionally, they may fall slightly short compared to the best trinkets obtained from Mythic+ dungeons.

  1. Competitive Options: Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets do provide some competitive options for players. They offer decent performance and can serve as reliable choices for Timewalking content or situations where item level scaling is in effect. These trinkets may offer unique effects and enhancements that can contribute positively to your overall performance.

  2. Comparison to Meta Trinkets: It is important to recognize that Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets generally do not surpass the top-tier trinkets currently favored in the meta. While they may come close in terms of effectiveness, they do face a disadvantage in item level, as they cap out at 437. As a result, they may not be able to fully match the power of the best trinkets obtained from other sources.

  3. Consideration of Mythic+ Trinkets: Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets may also fall slightly short when compared to the best trinkets acquired from Mythic+ dungeons. These Mythic+ trinkets often possess unique effects and offer higher item levels, providing a significant advantage over the Timewalking alternatives.

  4. Personal Preference and Farming: Ultimately, the decision to pursue Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets should be based on personal preference and the specific goals you have for your character. If you find the effects of these trinkets appealing or if you enjoy participating in Timewalking events, acquiring them can enhance your gameplay experience. However, if you are primarily focused on maximizing your performance in the current meta or if you already possess top-tier trinkets, the Timewalking trinkets may not be essential.

In conclusion, while Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets offer viable options, they do not necessarily outshine the established meta trinkets or the best trinkets obtained from Mythic+ dungeons. They can provide decent performance and serve as suitable choices for specific scenarios, but they may not be deemed must-have items. Ultimately, the decision to farm for these trinkets should align with your personal preferences and objectives within the game.

Best Cataclysm Timewalking Trinkets for Survival Hunter

The Firelands Trinkets can be upgraded to Item Level 437, while the Dungeon Trinkets are capped at lower Item Levels. We have ranked the Firelands Trinkets above in our Tier List, while the Trinkets listed below cannot compete with the Trinkets above due to their low item level.

Still, here is the ranking for the Cataclysm Dungeon Timewalking Trinkets:

  1. Grace of the Herald Icon Grace of the Herald — Dropped from Corla, Herald of Twilight in Blackrock Caverns. Only available during Cataclysm Timewalking.
  2. Arrow of Time — Dropped from Murozond in End Time. Only available during Cataclysm Timewalking.
  3. Key to the Endless Chamber Icon Key to the Endless Chamber — Dropped from Corborus in The Stonecore. Only available during Cataclysm Timewalking.
  4. Tia's Grace Icon Tia's Grace — Dropped from Siamat in Lost City of the Tol'vir. Only available during Cataclysm Timewalking.

The Pinnacle of Equipment: BiS Gear List for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight Season 2

We present this BiS (Best in Slot) gear list for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight Season 2. However, we must stress that this list is primarily provided for reference and historical purposes. It is important to note that each item on this list assumes you already possess every other item mentioned. We strongly advise against using this list as a sole guide for your gearing or farming decisions. With that in mind, let us delve into the coveted items that make up this BiS list.


  • Ashen Predator's Faceguard: Acquired from Aberrus or the Great Vault, this remarkable headpiece promises exceptional attributes to elevate your performance.


  • Torc of Passed Time: Crafted by skilled Jewelcrafters, this neckpiece offers a range of stat combinations, such as Haste/Crit or Haste/Versatility, tailored to your preferences and playstyle.


  • Flame-Touched Spaulders: Created by expert Leatherworkers, these shoulder pieces provide a solid foundation for your gear set. Enhance their potency by pairing them with either the Toxified Armor Patch (10% Slow) or the Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Embellishment.


  • Voice of the Silent Star: Unleash the power of this back item, obtained from Scalecommander Sarkareth or the Great Vault, as it augments your capabilities and ensures your voice resonates with dominance.


  • Ashen Predator's Sling Vest: This chestpiece, obtained from Zskarn or the Great Vault, envelops you in protective prowess, empowering you to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.


  • Flame-Touched Cuffs: Crafted by Leatherworkers, these wristguards grant you the flexibility to choose stat combinations that align with your desired attributes, such as Haste/Crit or Haste/Versatility.


  • Ashen Predator's Skinners: Acquired from The Forgotten Experiments or the Great Vault, these gloves bestow upon you the tools to expertly extract the essence of your foes, enhancing your combat capabilities.


  • Hydratooth Girdle: Claim this powerful waist adornment from Magmorax or the Great Vault, allowing it to cinch your waist and channel the might of the elements.


  • Ashen Predator's Poleyns: Seize these legguards from Rashok or the Great Vault, reinforcing your lower extremities and providing the stability required for swift, agile movements.


  • Acidic Hailstone Treads: Crafted by skilled Leatherworkers, these boots imbue your steps with a 10% slowing effect, granting you superior control over the battlefield.
  • Flame-Touched Treads: Crafted by Leatherworkers, these boots offer a range of stat combinations, such as Haste/Crit or Haste/Versatility. Enhance their potency by embellishing them with the Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch.


  • Onyx Impostor's Birthright: Emerge victorious and claim this precious ring from Echo of Neltharion or the Great Vault.
  • Signet of Titanic Insight: Crafted by Jewelcrafters, this remarkable ring holds the key to untapped power. It is highly recommended due to its guaranteed Socket, enhancing the potential for additional enhancements.


  • Ominous Chromatic Essence: Attain this formidable trinket from The Forgotten Experiments or the Great Vault. Harness its powers, allowing your attacks to resonate with chromatic energy.
  • Elementium Pocket Anvil: Acquire this remarkable trinket from The Amalgamation Chamber or the Great Vault, harnessing the raw power of an anvil to bolster your assault.


  • Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame: Claim this legendary weapon from Rashok or the Great Vault. Allow it to become an extension of your will, channeling the primal forces of the Elder Flame.

While this BiS gear list presents a compilation of highly sought-after items for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight Season 2, it is crucial to evaluate each item's availability, personal stat preferences, and individual playstyle. Remember, the journey to optimization encompasses much more than simply acquiring BiS gear. Continuously adapt, experiment, and fine-tune your gear choices to achieve the perfect synergy between your abilities, talents, and equipment. May your adventures in Dragonflight Season 2 be filled with triumphant battles and bountiful rewards!

Best Crafted Items for Survival Hunter

There are two types of Embellished Items; Items that have special effects built-in, such as Elemental Lariat Icon Elemental Lariat, and other Rare items with Optional Reagents added, such as Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Icon Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch or Fang Adornments Icon Fang Adornments.

You can wear two Embellished items at a time, and you can combine pre-Embellished items with regular items that have been Embellished with an Optional Reagent.

Below, we rank the best Crafted Items, taking the above into account.

  1. The absolute "best DPS" combo is Acidic Hailstone Treads Icon Acidic Hailstone Treads combined with another Crafted item featuring the Toxified Armor Patch Icon Toxified Armor Patch. However, this combination will permanently slow you by 20%, which is undesirable for competitive content.
  2. By replacing the Toxified Armor Patch Icon Toxified Armor Patch with a Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Icon Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch, you lose approximately 0.5% to 1% DPS, but you will only be permanently slowed by 10% which is more manageable, but still not favored even by top players.
  3. The best option with no slow whatsoever is combining two Crafted items with Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Icon Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch. The effects will double. The effect will do a bit of damage to you, but not generally enough to matter. This combination is another 0.5% - 1% behind the 10% slow combo above. We recommend this for most players.
  4. The Horizon Strider's Swiftness Icon Horizon Strider's Swiftness Set Bonus is optimal for pure AoE, but even Mythic+ does not have pure AoE, and the Raid is very single-target heavy, so we do not generally recommend the 2pc as your first Craft. If you go for it, you would typically want to craft the Gloves and the Belt, but any combination of 2 items in the set will perform close to equally and should be simmed.

It is worth noting that the Toxified Armor Patch Icon Toxified Armor Patch/Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch Icon Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patches do not care about which item they are attached to. Because of this, you will have to make an additional decision about which slot to put this Patch on.

You should avoid the Cloak Slot (because it is taken by Voice of the Silent Star Icon Voice of the Silent Star) and Rings (as they cannot have Armor Patches on them). You should also be wary of crafting Tier Slot Items, unless you know that you can use the set bonus that you need to regardless.

Overall, Bracers, Boots, and Belts are reasonably safe options, but you should sim your own character and take your own situation into account.

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Best Macros for Hunters

Mouseover Interrupt and Focus Mouseover

  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@focus,exists,nodead][]Counter Shot
  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@focus,exists,nodead][]Muzzle
  • #showtooltip
  • /focus [@mouseover,nodead,exists];[@target,exists]

The top macro will interrupt your Focus target if available, or otherwise interrupt your target.

The bottom macro will let you easily Focus target whatever you are holding your mouse over.

Using these two macros together will let you be extremely flexible when it comes to interrupting in Mythic+ and is invaluable for high-end play where missed interrupts are not an option.

Kill Shot Mouseover Macro

  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@mouseover,exists,harm][]Kill Shot
  • /use [@pettarget]Claw
  • /use [@pettarget]Bite
  • /use [@pettarget]Smack

In hectic AoE scenarios such as Mythic+, it is beneficial to get as many Kill Shot Icon Kill Shots off as possible, but it can be difficult to navigate a ton of nameplates to select a target that is below 20% health. Using this macro, you can simply keep your mouse over the nameplate that is sub-20% health and activate it to fire Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot on that target.

If you do not have an appropriate mouseover target, then it will simply use Kill Shot on your current target.

"AutoMisdirection" Macro (Requires WeakAuras)

This macro is extremely convenient. It will automatically use Misdirection Icon Misdirection on the group's Tank if there is one. If you are not in a group, it will use it on your Pet instead. You need to install this Auto Tank Misdirect WeakAura. This is required for the macro to do anything.

  • #showtooltip [known:Interlope] Interlope; #showtooltip [noknown:Interlope] Misdirection
  • /click SmartMisdirect LeftButton 1
  • /click SmartMisdirect LeftButton 0

Trap/Flare Cursor Macros

There have recently been added special macro modifiers that allow you to cast traps or other ground-targetable effects in different ways. To make use of these, simply make a macro that says "/use [@???] Tar Trap" for example, where "@???" can be replaced with:

  • @cursor to place the trap directly where your mouse is when you hit the bind.
  • @player to place the trap directly underneath your character.
  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@cursor]Tar Trap
  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@cursor]Freezing Trap
  • #showtooltip
  • /use [@cursor]Flare

Petattack Macros

It is a good idea to include a command to force your pet to switch to your current important target. We recommend tying this line to abilities like Kill Command Icon Kill Command for Beast Mastery Hunters, Aimed Shot Icon Aimed Shot for Marksmanship Hunters, and Kill Command Icon Kill Command for Survival Hunters, as these are abilities you tend to use on your primary target. For Beast Mastery, it should also be put in a Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot macro, so that you can use your Multi-Shot button to also manage your pet's target, and thus its position to maximize Beast Cleave benefit.

  • #showtooltip Kill Command
  • /petattack
  • /use Kill Command
  • #showtooltip Multi-Shot
  • /petattack
  • /use Multi-Shot
  • #showtooltip Aimed Shot
  • /petattack
  • /use Aimed Shot

Macros for Survival Hunters

Coordinated Assault Macros

When playing with Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault, we want the bonus effect of your Pet's Basic Attack to affect Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot, and not Wildfire Bomb Icon Wildfire Bomb.

To force this behaviour, we use a macro that turns off the autocast on your pet's Basic Attack when you enter Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault.

  • #showtooltip
  • /cast Coordinated Assault
  • /petautocastoff Claw;
  • /petautocastoff Bite;
  • /petautocastoff Smack;

In addition to this, we use a Kill Shot Icon Kill Shot that manually activates your pet's Basic Attack when you press Kill Shot, thereby guaranteeing the buff:

  • #showtooltip kill shot
  • /use [@pettarget]Claw
  • /use [@pettarget]Bite
  • /use [@pettarget]Smack
  • /use [@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead][]Kill Shot

Now, when we leave Coordinated Assault Icon Coordinated Assault, we want to turn our Basic Attack back on.

  • /petautocaston Claw;
  • /petautocaston Bite;
  • /petautocaston smack;

Finally, we recommend using this WeakAura just to remind you that it is time to put your Basic Attack back on.

Focus Kick Macro

  • #showtooltip
  • /stopcasting
  • /stopcasting
  • /cast [@focus,exists,nodead][@mouseover,exists,nodead] [] Counter Shot

Unlocking the Power of Addons: Enhancing Your Survival Hunter in Dragonflight

As a Survival Hunter in the vast realms of Dragonflight, utilizing addons can greatly enhance your gameplay experience and overall performance. Here, we present a selection of highly recommended addons that will assist you in tracking important information, managing encounters, and optimizing your abilities. These addons are widely used and trusted by the community, ensuring a seamless integration into your gameplay.

3.1. Generic Addons for Hunters:

3.1.1. ElvUI: ElvUI stands as a comprehensive replacement for the default User Interface, providing an array of features such as customizable action bars, cooldown timers, and proc displays. This addon is highly regarded within the community and serves as a foundation for an efficient and streamlined interface. Our forum moderator Pandacho has crafted a helpful configuration guide to assist you in getting the most out of ElvUI.

3.1.2. WeakAuras: WeakAuras is an invaluable tool that grants visual effects on your screen, allowing you to effectively track buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. With its extensive customization options, WeakAuras facilitates an intuitive way to monitor important elements of your gameplay. Utilizing this addon will greatly enhance your ability to track procs and optimize your spec. Furthermore, WeakAuras offers versatility and can be utilized for various other purposes.

3.1.3. Boss Mods: Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs: Boss mods are essential addons that provide warnings and guidance for boss abilities, assisting you in handling mechanics effectively. We recommend acquiring one of these addons to enhance your situational awareness and reaction times during encounters. Deadly Boss Mods is widely used and highly popular, providing comprehensive boss encounter support. Alternatively, BigWigs is a reliable alternative for boss mod functionalities.

3.1.4. Details!: Details! Damage Meter is a real-time DPS/HPS meter that offers additional functionalities such as cooldown tracking, buff and debuff monitoring, damage breakdowns by target, and statistical analysis. This addon provides a comprehensive overview of your performance, enabling you to fine-tune your abilities and maximize your output. While it may require slightly more configuration, Details! is regarded as superior in terms of functionality. However, if you prefer a simpler option, Skada remains a viable alternative.

3.1.5. GTFO: GTFO is a lightweight addon that serves as a valuable companion, alerting you when you are standing in harmful effects or committing other avoidable mistakes. It acts as an additional safety net, complementing the notifications provided by your boss mod. This addon is especially useful in fast-paced encounters, ensuring you maintain situational awareness and promptly react to hazardous situations.

By incorporating these addons into your gameplay, you can unlock a wealth of information, streamline your interface, and enhance your overall performance as a Survival Hunter in Dragonflight. Remember to explore the extensive customization options each addon offers, tailoring them to your preferences and playstyle. May your adventures be guided by these invaluable tools as you triumph over the challenges that await in the ever-evolving world of Azeroth.

Finding the Ideal Raiding Companion: Best Pet for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight

As a skilled Survival Hunter delving into the raiding scene of Dragonflight, selecting the right pet to accompany you is crucial for maximizing your effectiveness in combat. In general, Ferocity pets are the preferred choice for raids, as they provide valuable benefits that synergize well with your playstyle.

  1. Ferocity Pets: Ferocity pets offer a significant advantage with their 10% Leech ability, which grants you self-healing whenever you deal damage. While any visually appealing Ferocity pet can be effective in most raid situations, it's worth considering the situational benefits offered by specific pet families.

1.1 Healing Reduction Pets: Pets from the Hyena, Rodent, and Raptor families possess the unique ability to reduce enemy healing. This effect can prove invaluable in niche scenarios where bosses or enemies have self-healing abilities. By utilizing a Healing Reduction pet, you contribute to the group's overall efficiency by mitigating enemy healing and increasing the chances of a successful encounter.

  1. Tenacity Pets: Although Ferocity pets are generally recommended for their long-term self-sustain, there are instances where Tenacity pets can shine. Tenacity pets provide a formidable defensive boost through their ability called Fortitude of the Bear, which grants increased survivability during heavy damage periods in fights. Additionally, Tenacity pets offer a 5% increase to maximum health, further bolstering your durability.

2.1 Tenacity Healing Reduction Pets: If you prefer the defensive capabilities of a Tenacity pet while still benefiting from healing reduction, consider choosing a pet from the Direhorn, Hydra, Lizard, or Riverbeast families. These pets provide both the Tenacity specialization's defensive advantages and the healing reduction effect, ensuring your durability while simultaneously hampering enemy healing.

When selecting the best raiding pet for your Survival Hunter in Dragonflight, consider your preferred playstyle, the encounter's mechanics, and the specific needs of your raid group. Choose a pet that complements your strengths and augments your overall effectiveness. Experiment with different pet families to find the perfect companion that aligns with your personal preferences and the challenges you face in raid encounters.

May your chosen pet prove to be a loyal and powerful ally, enhancing your prowess as a Survival Hunter in the epic battles that await you in the realm of Dragonflight.

Unleashing the Optimal Companion: Best Mythic+ Pet for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight

When venturing into the challenging realms of Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight, selecting the right pet as a Survival Hunter can greatly contribute to the success of your group. Several considerations come into play when determining the best pet for Mythic+ scenarios.

  1. Bloodlust Consideration: The first crucial factor to consider is whether your group requires Bloodlust, a valuable buff that significantly enhances the group's overall damage output. If your group lacks a dedicated Bloodlust provider, you may need to fill this role as a Survival Hunter. In such cases, you are locked into using a Ferocity pet.

  2. Ferocity Pet: Mortal Wounds Healing Reduction: For most Mythic+ purposes, the ideal Ferocity pet choice is one that possesses a healing reduction effect, specifically Mortal Wounds. Pets from the Carrion Bird, Ravager, Scorpid, or Wasp families are excellent options in this regard. These pets excel at applying Mortal Wounds to enemies, effectively reducing their healing capabilities. This proves invaluable as many mobs and bosses in Mythic+ dungeons possess self-healing abilities. By utilizing a Ferocity healing reduction pet as your default choice, you contribute to interrupting and mitigating enemy healing throughout the run.

  3. Tenacity Pet: Damage Reduction: In certain situations, it can be advantageous to have a Tenacity pet prepared for Mythic+ dungeons. Tenacity pets offer damage reduction abilities and can be utilized to taunt mobs during heavy tankbuster mechanics. Their 50% damage reduction on a 1-minute cooldown, coupled with an additional 5% maximum health, allows them to withstand significant hits regularly. By utilizing a Tenacity pet in these situations, you alleviate the strain on your tank and contribute to the overall survivability of the group.

By considering these factors and choosing the appropriate pet for Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight, you contribute to the success and efficiency of your group. Whether utilizing a Ferocity healing reduction pet or a Tenacity pet for damage reduction and taunting, your choice will bolster your group's survivability and help overcome the challenges that await in the Mythic+ dungeons.

May your pet companion prove to be a steadfast ally, enhancing your capabilities as a Survival Hunter as you conquer the trials of Mythic+ dungeons in Dragonflight.

Thriving in the Solitary Wilderness: Best Soloing and Leveling Pet for Survival Hunters in Dragonflight

As a Survival Hunter navigating the vast open-world of Dragonflight, selecting the right pet for solo content and leveling can significantly impact your success and survivability. In these scenarios, Ferocity pets are highly recommended due to their ability to self-heal through Leech. Among the Ferocity pet families, Scalehides stand out as an exceptional choice for tanking purposes and reducing incoming damage.

  1. Ferocity Pet with Self-Healing: Ferocity pets possess the valuable Leech ability, allowing them to heal themselves for a portion of the damage they deal. This self-sustain feature ensures your pet remains healthy during combat encounters, improving your overall survivability. With their ability to quickly recover health, Ferocity pets become steadfast companions, enabling you to conquer solo content with greater ease.

  2. Scalehide Pet for Tanking: Within the Ferocity pet category, Scalehides emerge as an excellent choice for tanking in open-world content. Scalehides possess a unique ability that grants them a 50% reduction in damage taken, significantly enhancing their durability. This damage reduction effect, combined with their overall resilience, makes Scalehides ideal companions for absorbing incoming damage while you focus on dealing damage to your adversaries.

By selecting a Ferocity pet, such as the formidable Scalehide, for soloing and leveling purposes in Dragonflight, you ensure your survival and maintain a steady pace of progress. These loyal companions provide the necessary self-sustain and damage mitigation to tackle challenging encounters and emerge victorious from intense battles.

May your chosen Scalehide companion faithfully endure the trials of the wilderness, bolstering your survival and enabling you to conquer the open-world challenges of Dragonflight with unmatched prowess.

In conclusion, the Survival Hunter DPS Guide for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight offers invaluable insights and strategies to elevate your performance as a Survival Hunter in this exhilarating expansion. It provides comprehensive guidance, from the basics of the spec to advanced raiding and Mythic+ strategies, empowering you to maximize your damage output and contribute effectively to your group.

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