WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ DPS Rankings

WoW Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ DPS Rankings

Dragonflight Season 2 Mythic+ DPS Rankings: Unveiling the Legendary Performers

Welcome to the Simple Carry Mythic+ DPS Tier List, your comprehensive guide to the second season of Mythic+ dungeons. With the season in full swing, we can now begin to discern the emerging trends and meta within the Mythic+ landscape. It's important to note that while this list provides valuable insights, it should not be the sole determining factor for choosing your preferred class or the composition of your group. Ultimately, the most fulfilling experience comes from selecting a specialization that truly resonates with you and allows you to relish in the joy of the game. So without further ado, let's delve into the rankings and unravel the legendary performers of Dragonflight Season 2!

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Determining the best DPS class requires a thorough understanding of how meta classes are formed. It's important to recognize that each class possesses its own distinct set of features that manifest differently from season to season, owing to the unique rotation of dungeons in each season. In the second season of Dragonflight, players will venture into a total of eight challenging dungeons:

  1. Halls of Infusion
  2. Brackenhide Hollow
  3. Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr
  4. Neltharus
  5. Neltharion's Lair
  6. Freehold
  7. Underrot
  8. Vortex Pinnacle

As the season progresses, certain classes may excel in particular dungeons due to their inherent strengths, such as burst damage, sustained damage, or utility abilities. However, it's important to note that the concept of "the best" DPS class can vary depending on factors like individual player skill, group composition, and personal preference.

Instead of focusing solely on rankings or attempting to pinpoint the definitive best class, it's recommended to explore different DPS classes, understand their playstyles, and identify the one that aligns with your own preferences and strengths. Emphasizing enjoyment and finding a class that resonates with you will ultimately contribute to a more fulfilling Mythic+ experience.

In a significant departure from previous seasons, the second season of Dragonflight introduces a groundbreaking shift by abandoning the traditional seasonal affix. However, this change brings forth three new affixes, each presenting unique challenges for players to overcome:

  1. Afflicted: During combat encounters, Afflicted Souls emerge, seeking assistance from players. These souls come burdened with various afflictions, such as poison, curse, and disease. To prevent dire consequences, players must promptly remove these afflictions or restore the spirit to full health, causing it to vanish. Failing to address these afflictions in a timely manner will result in negative status effects being inflicted upon the players.

  2. Entangling: Within the chaos of combat, entangling vines ensnare unsuspecting players, impeding their movement and potentially leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Players must navigate the battlefield with caution, maneuvering around these entangling obstacles to maintain optimal positioning and avoid becoming easy prey for their adversaries.

  3. Explosive: Although the number of Explosive Orbs that spawn has decreased, their durability has been significantly enhanced. This means that destroying these explosive orbs requires more effort and coordinated execution. Failing to deal with them swiftly and efficiently can lead to devastating consequences for the group.

This shift in affixes introduces a new layer of complexity and strategy to Mythic+ dungeons. It's important to note that not all classes are equally equipped to handle these complications. Some classes may possess abilities and tools that allow them to address the challenges more effectively, while others may struggle to cope with them. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each class in relation to these new affixes will be crucial in planning group compositions and devising successful strategies for overcoming the obstacles that lie ahead.

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When evaluating DPS classes in Mythic+, certain key indicators are taken into account, namely Damage, Utility, and Survivability:

  1. Damage: The ability to deal damage is a primary factor in assessing DPS classes. Different types of damage profiles are considered, including mass AoE (area of effect), burst AoE, single-target, 3-target, and spread-cleave damage. Each class excels in specific areas, and their damage output is crucial in determining their effectiveness in tackling Mythic+ dungeons.

  2. Utility: Classes that possess unique party-wide cooldowns or utility abilities often hold high value. For example, the Shaman's Bloodlust ability significantly enhances the group's performance, making Shamans highly sought after. However, other classes like Mages, Hunters, or Evokers can also provide similar effects to Bloodlust, making them valuable additions to a group. Utility extends beyond just Bloodlust, with each class offering its own special abilities that can influence the outcome of dungeons. For instance, Death Knights' Anti-Magic Zone (AMZ) or Priests' Power Word: Fortitude have their own unique utility contributions. Understanding and utilizing these class-specific utilities can greatly impact the success of the group in the season's dungeons.

  3. Survivability: Classes that possess exceptional survivability, self-sustain capabilities, or immunities hold added significance in the rankings. These traits enhance a class's ability to withstand challenging situations, survive deadly encounters, and contribute to the overall effectiveness of the group. Classes that can stay alive longer and mitigate damage effectively are invaluable assets in Mythic+ dungeons.

  4. Priority-Target and Funnel Damage: Often overlooked in Mythic+, priority-target damage and funnel damage can play a crucial role in expediting dungeon runs when executed correctly. Classes or specializations that excel in dealing high damage to priority targets or efficiently funneling damage onto specific targets can earn additional recognition. This type of damage output can significantly contribute to the overall success and speed of the group's dungeon runs.

Considering these factors collectively allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of DPS classes in Mythic+. It's essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each class, their damage capabilities, utility contributions, survivability, and their potential for priority-target and funnel damage. A well-rounded group composition that takes these factors into account can greatly enhance the group's chances of achieving success in the Mythic+ season.

In this tier list, it is important to note that the rankings are based on the assumption that you have the complete 4-piece tier set equipped at all times. The presence of the tier set can significantly impact the performance and effectiveness of specializations, thus influencing their placement in the rankings. It is crucial to consider this factor as it allows us to anticipate which specializations will excel in the upcoming months before the season reaches its peak.

However, it is essential to understand that if the 4-piece tier set is not taken into account, the rankings can vary drastically. The tier set bonuses often provide significant enhancements to a specialization's abilities, synergies, or damage output. Without the tier set, some specializations may not reach their full potential or may experience a decline in performance compared to others.

By showcasing the rankings based on the assumption of having the 4-piece tier set, this tier list aims to provide valuable insights and guidance for players who are planning their specialization choices in advance. It allows players to make informed decisions and align their goals with the anticipated performance of different specializations as the season progresses.

Unveiling the Mythic+ Season 2 DPS Tier List for Dragonflight: Assessing Class Rankings and Insights

Presenting the Comprehensive DPS Tier List for Season 2 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight! Delve deeper into the rankings to gain a better understanding of why certain classes are positioned higher or lower than anticipated. Our assessment takes various factors into account, including the assumption of having a 4-piece tier set equipped consistently, greatly influencing class performance.

It is essential to recognize that class balance and performance in Mythic+ dungeons can vary over time due to updates and patches. The tier list serves as a valuable guide, but it's always recommended to consult reputable sources, engage with the gaming community, and stay up-to-date with the latest information to make informed decisions.

Keep in mind that individual skill, group composition, affixes, and dungeon mechanics also play pivotal roles in determining success in Mythic+. While the tier list offers valuable insights, choosing a specialization that aligns with your playstyle and brings enjoyment will enhance your overall experience. Embrace the challenge, adapt to the ever-evolving meta, and embark on epic adventures in Season 2 of Mythic+ in Dragonflight!

  1. Shadow Priest (S Tier)
  2. Fire Mage (A Tier)
  3. Balance Druid (A Tier)
  4. Enhancement Shaman (A Tier)
  5. Devastation Evoker (A Tier)
  6. Outlaw Rogue (A Tier)
  7. Retribution Paladin (A Tier)
  8. Feral Druid (A Tier)
  9. Fury Warrior (A Tier)
  10. Demonology Warlock (A Tier)
  11. Destruction Warlock (A Tier)
  12. Elemental Shaman (A Tier)
  13. Subtlety Rogue (A Tier)
  14. Unholy Death Knight (B Tier)
  15. Frost Mage (B Tier)
  16. Windwalker Monk (B Tier)
  17. Havoc Demon Hunter (B Tier)
  18. Arms Warrior (B Tier)
  19. Assassination Rogue (B Tier)
  20. Marksmanship Hunter (B Tier)
  21. Frost Death Knight (B Tier)
  22. Affliction Warlock (C Tier)
  23. Arcane Mage (C Tier)
  24. Survival Hunter (C Tier)
  25. Beast Mastery Hunter (D Tier)

Exploring A Tier DPS Specializations in Mythic+: Noteworthy Specs with Considerable Trade-offs

Shadow Priest 

Shadow Priest currently has some of the highest DPS in the game while having ridiculous utility.  Mass Dispel is nearly mandatory in Halls of Infusion, Uldaman, and very good in Underrot. On  Bursting weeks as well Mass Dispel is utility you very much want. Additionally,  Power Word: Fortitude has strong value,  Vampiric Embrace while it did get nerfed is still good,  Dispersion, and their self healing in general is very powerful.

Shadow Priest's damage, utility and survivability of the spec warrants it to be placed in S-Tier at the moment. Expect to see one in most compositions as they correctly have very few downsides. You also have  Power Infusion, which warrants the spec on its own as one of the top DPS and can Power Infuse people, so you're very happy.

Fire Mage

Fire is a spec that is at the top of A-Tier. Their damage on AOE is some of the highest in the game, and a well played Fire Mage can easily top overall in dungeons. How Fire Mage does damage is the big advantage of this spec as the way that they play Single Target and AOE are virtually identical, utilizing  Combustion on a large primary target. This allows  Ignite to do a lot of the heavy lifting in the AOE department. This spec is also the most likely candidate to bring  Bloodlust to a group.

The upside of Fire Mage is fairly high, but it is pretty much the same as the other 2 mage specs in regards to defensiveness and utility.  Ice Barrier Greater Invisibility Alter Time Mirror Image, and  Ice Block just give mage buttons for every single situation.  Cauterize is an addition that Fire Mages do have.

Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shaman is a spec that has a high amount of upside. For one, it is the best DPS spec that brings  Bloodlust. Enhancement’s Single Target and funnel damage is the strongest in the game and makes them a compelling option generally. When coupled with  Ancestral Guidance, the shortest kick in  Wind Shear Capacitor Totem, and  Thundershock knockup, it's an A-Tier choice.

Enhancement’s big drawback is survivability.  Astral Shift is a very strong cooldown, but on fights that have one shot capabilities whenever Shift would be on CD, then Enhance is very vulnerable. You do have access to  Spirit Wolf, but going Wolf before a big hit feels awful.  Brimming with Life is also good HP wise, but if you ever need to use  Reincarnation you're in an awkward spot.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue is well known for their utility from a time when  Shroud of Concealment was mandatory. Outlaw’s damage is a bit worse than you expect compared to some of the other A-Tier options. However, when you look at all the dungeons, there are not a large number of dungeons that go over Outlaw’s 8 target cap facilitated by  Dancing Steel.

You could write novels on Outlaw’s utility, and combined with their defensiveness is what propels them into A-Tier even through the concerns about their damage.  Feint has always been a ridiculous ability, especially when combined with  Cloak of Shadows and  Evasion Atrophic Poison /  Numbing Poison is also an incredibly strong choice node. Overall, I would not be surprised to see an Outlaw Rogue in most Mythic+ groups.

Balance Druid

Utility wise, Balance Druid is one of the best DPS specs in the game which consistently keeps it high tier due to bringing  Force of Nature Typhoon Ursol's Vortex Incapacitating Roar Solar Beam Remove Corruption. Balance Druid will continue to have strong sustained AOE damage while passable Single Target for M+ scenarios. Additionally, the spec is very tanky versus one shots with  Bear Form Mark of the Wild is arguably the best Raid Buff in M+ as it gives 3% damage to all members + 1.5% DR.

The only real downside for Balance Druid is that they are susceptible to rot damage more so than many other specs. This allows them to die easier than other specs if piloted incorrectly.

Demonology Warlock

In regards to raw DPS output, Demonology is definitely a high tier option with a lot of upside. The big thing in favor of Demonology is obviously their survivability.  Soul Leech Unending Resolve Demon Skin Dark Pact are incredible survival tools. That coupled with the belief that many groups will be playing with at least one Priest for  Power Infusion pushes Demonology to the point where both their damage will be good + their survivability unmatched.

The utility that Demonology provides is okay, but not top tier. They have access to things like  Healthstone Shadowfury Demonic Gateway, and  Soulstone as their primary sources of M+ utility. The upside of this utility is that it is mostly passive things gained and require no playing around, but the downside is that most of it is low impact or not super useful in many situations.

The fact that Demonology has competitive amounts of overall DPS, pretty strong Single Target, and some of the best survivability in the game puts them in a fairly solid spot for a 2nd / 3rd DPS option.

Destruction Warlock

Destruction was the premiere Warlock spec in most instances in Season 1, and we expect that to continue going into Season 2. This is a spec that is projected to dominate in raid, and while it is good in M+, we do not expect it to be S-Tier. This is largely due to pull sizing relative to Destruction's strengths. This spec benefits greatly whenever target counts regularly exceed 8-10+.

Free, Non-DR, stuns from  Blasphemy and  Summon Infernal in conjunction with utility from things like  Curse of Tongues Shadowfury Fear for incorporeal, Imp Dispel, Purge, are all pretty redeeming qualities from Destro. On top of that, the spec is unkillable with  Unending Resolve +  Dark Pact.

Devastation Evoker

Devastation Evoker is an underrated DPS with fairly high upside. They are a potential candidate for bringing  Bloodlust to the dungeon. The overall damage that Devastation Evoker can do, particularly on medium target pulls is very strong. On top of this, their Single Target seems VERY potent.  Mastery: Giantkiller as a reverse execute also allows them to have particularly strong up front damage. The utility that Devastation Evoker brings is also really good with things like  Wing Buffet and  Tail Swipe for displacement. It also has  Oppressing Roar which can extend the duration of CC effects or be used as an AOE enrage dispel for  Raging weeks ,  Zephyr for party damage reduction, and  Cauterizing Flame dispels are all very strong. Ultimately their damage is why they are in A-Tier, and if you see them in raid they are even stronger.

The downside is ultimately its survivability which will likely hold Devastation Evoker back a little bit. Two charges of  Obsidian Scales and decent self sustain are all that Devastation really has. Devastation has risen over the course of the whole expansion, and if the rumors are true about an Evoker legendary Devastation could even be higher.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman damage has improved drastically in M+ coming into 10.1. Their tier set  Shaman Elemental 10.1 Class Set 2pc +  Shaman Elemental 10.1 Class Set 4pc does exceptional things for their AOE to the point where they are one of the top overall DPS performers in dungeons. Their single target is a bit worse than some other potential options, but is not bad by any means.

The survivability is not bad with things such as  Nature's Guardian Astral Shift, and  Earth Elemental, but it isn’t top tier like some of the other S or A-Tier specs. The utility that Elemental Shaman brings is  Bloodlust Thundershock knock ups,  Earthquake knock downs, and  Ancestral Guidance healing. This utility is solid suite, but not top tier either for Mythic+. With the amount of casters that seem like they will be meta,  Wind Shear is also quite valuable from a ranged option.

Feral Druid

Feral Druid’s damage is really good on AOE. They do not require any catering to when setting up pulls and they are not cooldown reliant. They do consistent, high damage on AOE, but are slightly worse than some of the other high A-Tier / S-Tier options. On top of that  Mark of the Wild and  Nature's Vigil are very strong.

The downside of Feral is defensiveness and single target damage. Their Single Target when talented into M+ talents is a bit lower than other options at times. This isn't a silver bullet to make them bad, but it is a downside for sure. In most seasons, you would expect  Survival Instincts Barkskin, and  Predatory Swiftness healing to be enough for 1 spec to have “good survivability.” However, with this season the power creep on survivability and the amount of damage some of these mobs do is very high. The only other real downside is the single target damage of Feral is a bit lower than some other specs. This puts Feral’s survivability a bit lower than a lot of the A-Tier specs, but it is still a very strong M+ spec.

Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin with the most recent 10.0.7 rework seems like it will continue to stay in A-Tier for M+. Ret has some incredibly strong burst on a 1:00 cooldown. This is one of the most highly coveted damage profiles in M+, and their single target has improved dramatically with the 10.0.7 rework. One of the major complaints about Ret in previous tiers was that their survivability was bad, but they now have access to more defensive options with passive nodes such as  Sanctified Plates and  Fading Light.

The utility that Ret provides is fairly solid with things like  Hammer of Justice Blessing of Sacrifice Lay on Hands, and  Blessing of Protection being mianstays. The ability to have multiple externals on a DPS like Sac and Lay on Hands is so nice to play with when piloted well.

Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior’s AOE damage and self healing is incredibly powerful. On top of this, they have some of the stronger AOE burst cooldowns in the game. This could be seen as a curse, as they are also likely to take threat and die. Even with this being the case, Fury seems like they will be the best overall DPS from the melee role. In addition to that their survivability and self healing from things like  Cold Steel, Hot Blood Impending Victory, and  Enraged Regeneration is really good on top of a suite of abilities such as  Rallying Cry Defensive Stance, and  Spell Reflect.

The downside of Fury is the cooldown reliance and a lack of real dungeon utility. Warrior is a class that has ZERO answers to any of the recently added affixes as well, which is something that certainly sucks. On top of that, Fury has very few AOE stops outside of  Intimidating Shout.

Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety remains a great choice for Mythic plus in Season 2! Overall damage and priority damage are both good, and the Rogue utility suite is powerful. Some of the dungeons this season line up really well if you have a Rogue, with the ability to do jobs like starting RP in Freehold and controlling multiple mobs in several pulls of Underrot. At the end of the day they are still a Rogue, so  Shroud of Concealment Gouge Blind Tricks of the Trade, and infinite survivability are all positive qualities that they bring.

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Exploring B Tier DPS Specializations in Mythic+: Noteworthy Specs with Considerable Trade-offs

Within the realm of Mythic+ dungeons, B Tier DPS Specializations exhibit commendable performance but may possess notable drawbacks in terms of damage output, survivability, or utility. While these specs may not shine as brightly as the top-tier options, they can still contribute effectively when paired with other high-performing classes.

It's important to consider the specific strengths and weaknesses of B Tier DPS specs when forming your group composition for Mythic+ endeavors. They may require strategic coordination and support from other classes to maximize their potential and overcome their limitations. By leveraging the strengths of these B Tier options in conjunction with top-tier choices, you can create a balanced and synergistic team capable of tackling the challenges that lie ahead in Mythic+ dungeons.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc is a spec that has fallen off a bit coming into Season 2. With recent buffs to the spec we are a bit more up on Havoc than we might have been previously. At the same point, they are in B-Tier largely due to their damage in Season 2. The new tier set that they received for this season is quite bad, and you know whenever Blizzard has to nerf an old tier set so you play the new one something is wrong.  Chaos Brand is a primary advantage to the Havoc DH damage as this does seem like we are in a heavy caster meta from your DPS specs. With that being the case, you should be able to get more than average Chaos Brand value.

Combining  Blur, the passive damage reductions that DH have from  Will of the Illidari and  Illidari Knowledge, their self healing via  Soul Rending, and  Darkness make Havoc virtually unkillable if played well. The amount of utility they possess is the only real drawback, but it is hardly a drawback. They have 2 AOE disrupts with  Chaos Nova and  Sigil of Misery, so you cannot be too upset playing with them.

Arms Warrior

Arms is a specialization that received a few buffs over the 10.0 / 10.0.5 cycle that pushed them higher into our previous tier list than we initially had them. They also saw some play in very specific compositions that benefited them greatly. Whenever they were put in positions to excel, they definitely could grab it. There are some issues with Arms even over fury such as that they lose effectively 4 talent points in the general talent tree that Fury does not which results in you losing  Bitter Immunity and  Impending Victory. So you lose a decent amount of Survivability and Utility choices to play arms.

The decision making on a  Bladestorm focused build or a  Juggernaut  Execute build does Arms no favors in regards to their AOE vs ST builds that they need to play in dungeons when many specs do not lose as much. Ultimately, I do think this is a solid B-Tier option and can compete in overall DPS with the best if put into a comp that favors them.

Windwalker Monk

This spec is a walking tank with the buttons it has access to.  Touch of Karma Fortifying Brew Dampen Harm, and  Diffuse Magic are all phenomenal defensive buttons and some that Windwalker has access to easily. Many specs are happy to have 2 of these, yet Windwalker has 4. Their utility is also incredible with things like  Leg Sweep and  Ring of Peace being the main winners.

The reason this spec is in B-Tier is largely due to damage. Windwalker is one of the worst Single Target DPS specs in the game by a large margin. Even with recent buffs, the spec is very poor on Single Target. Their AOE damage is still passable, which is typical for Windwalker, but the immense downside of their Single Target is weighing them down heavily. Whenever the best things you can say about somebody's damage is that they have "passable AOE," you know the spec is going to suffer.

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy Death Knight's survivability is very strong, but the way it does damage is too niche to be any higher than B-Tier. It does a large amount of damage on super big pulls, which looks great in an aggressively played Freehold or the MDI. Outside of of these scenarios it is just a mediocre DPS with strong defensive cooldowns. Additionally, it needs you to play around the spec itself for it to really shine. The spec in M+ can also do competitive Single Target if you have access to all of your cooldowns at once.

The utility and survivability of Unholy is one of the primary reasons it is in A-Tier.  Death Grip,  Abomination Limb,  Insidious Chill, and  Anti-Magic Zone are all pretty decent. Their survivability from  Death Strike,  Anti-Magic Shell,  Icebound Fortitude, and  Veteran of the Third War makes them very sturdy.

Frost Mage

Frost Mage’s overall damage is a little bit worse than Fire's but the advantages of Frost tend to be aimed towards their Single Target. Additionally, their damage on low target counts is one of the higher ones in the game. Their utility of a consistent 60% slows on all the mobs via  Frigid Winds is very strong, and allows tanks to kite basically at will.  Dragon's Breath is also a very strong AOE disorient to stop deadly casts. The way they deal damage to priority mobs is also very valuable in Mythic+. It does not make up for the fact that their overall damage is lower, but it is a pretty high redeeming quality of Frost Mage.

The biggest upside of Frost (and mage in general) is the survivability.  Ice Barrier,  Greater Invisibility,  Alter Time,  Mirror Image, and  Ice Block just give mage buttons for every single situation.

Assassination Rogue

Assasination has mediocre overall AOE damage and forces you to never chain pulls due to the power of  Garrote,  Improved Garrote, and  Shrouded Suffocation. Blizzard really wants you to get back into stealth after a pull and for you to drop combat. They can do pretty good Single Target if talented for it, and have very strong utility / defensiveness such as  Feint, Cloak of Shadows,  Evasion in addition to the rogue kit, they also have access to  Iron Wire  Garrote which allows them to silence up to 8 mobs for 6 seconds. This can also be chained together with  Oppressing Roar for a potent combo.
While their damage is not spectacular, the rogue kit itself is just so potent that Assassination finds itself in B-Tier.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter, similar to Survival and Beast Mastery have the “Hunter” problem where their defensives aren't very good. In an expansion where survivability is near as important as the ability to do good DPS, Hunter is severely lacking.  Fortitude of the Bear,  Survival of the Fittest,  Aspect of the Turtle and  Exhilaration at face value do not seem bad, but Hunter has no self sustain and the cooldown on these defensives are very long. On top of this the utility from hunter in general is laughably bad.

Marksmanship does have some of the highest burst AOE in the game. This allows MM to be competitive in overall damage with some more meta specs. Coming into 10.1 MM Single Target damage seems like it will be better than it has been historically in M+. While we don't believe it will be one of the highest overall DPS options, it definitely can be a strong candidtate for a 3rd dps slot.

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight seems like it will be a bit better this tier with the ability to talent into an  Obliteration focused build over a  Breath of Sindragosa centric build. Ultimately though, their damage is not as impressive as some of the other S or A-Tier choices, but can be a solid 3rd DPS option. Additionally, the inability to interact with  Incorporeal or  Afflicted definitely can be a hinderance depending on your composition.

Survivability wise, Frost DK is really good, and the spec has long term potential to be pretty good in Mythic+ if it received damage buffs. As it currently stands, it is slightly behind Unholy in Mythic+ but has a decent amount of upsides. These upsides are  Death Grip,  Abomination Limb,  Blinding Sleet,  Insidious Chill, and  Anti-Magic Zone are all pretty solid. Their survivability from  Death Strike,  Anti-Magic Shell,  Icebound Fortitude, and  Veteran of the Third War makes them very sturdy.

Exploring C Tier DPS Specializations in Mythic+: Challenging Specs with Limitations

Within the realm of Mythic+ dungeons, C Tier DPS Specializations pose significant challenges and are less commonly seen in broader dungeon compositions. These specs often face multiple hurdles, whether it's in terms of survivability, utility, or damage, which can hinder their ability to excel at higher levels of play.

While C Tier specs may struggle to match the performance of higher-ranked options, it's important to note that skilled and dedicated players can still find success with these specializations. However, due to their inherent limitations, they may require extra coordination, support, or complementary class choices to reach their full potential.

It's crucial to assess the specific shortcomings and trade-offs of C Tier DPS specs when considering their inclusion in your group composition for Mythic+ endeavors. While they may face challenges, they can still contribute effectively when utilized strategically and paired with other classes that can compensate for their weaknesses.

Keep in mind that player skill, group dynamics, and adapting to specific dungeon mechanics play vital roles in Mythic+ success. While C Tier DPS specs may present challenges, they can still offer unique gameplay experiences and opportunities for those seeking a distinctive playstyle.

Affliction Warlock

Affliction ultimately is a pretty niche spec. It can do decent Single Target OR decent AOE, but then you end up in a situation where why would you play Affliction whenever you can play Destruction and do things better as Destro. This ultimately suppressess Aff's position in the tier list heavily as being the 3rd best of a class is not a spot that you want to be.

Their survivability and utility is just as strong as their higher tier brothers. The nichness of the spec makes it difficult to consider playing affliction in all dungeons in any serious capacity.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage’s burst damage is some of the highest out of ranged DPS. Defensively, Arcane also is quite powerful with similar defensive qualities as Frost Mage and Fire -  Prismatic Barrier,  Greater Invisibility,  Alter Time,  Mirror Image, and  Ice Block are all super strong.

The big downside of Arcane Mage is the way it does damage. Arcane is very cooldown reliant and forced to hard cast many abilities which makes them struggle heavily in the many dungeons that require intense movement such as Watcher Irideus in Halls of Infusion and Emberon in Uldaman just to name a few. These downsides generally make the Arcane Mage the least desirable Mage specialization for M+ at this current moment. We do expect to see it played in raid, but the potentail downsides in M+ are too high.

Survival Hunter

Survival's strengths are balanced heavily around  Mongoose Bite at this current moment. With Mongoose Bite being one of the best redeeming qualities that Surv has, you have to heavily question their ability to do competitive AOE damage. In a game mode that is AOE damage centric, this is not a quality you hope to have. Coming into 10.1 the tier is significantly better for AOE as it increases your  Wildfire Bomb damage by 10% and also reduces the CD of Wildfire Bomb relative to the amount of Focus you spend. Ultimately the base kit / base damage of Survival on AOE is what holds it back into C in addition to the utility / survivability concerns.

They also have the “Hunter'' problem where their defensives are not very good. In Season 4 of Shadowlands they had a decent amount of Damage Reduction from Conduits, but with those being removed, Survival has a few bad defensive options on a very long cooldown. All of this combined puts you in a position where you have to significantly outplay your peers to be competitive.

In conclusion, understanding the Mythic+ DPS rankings for Dragonflight Season 2 is essential for planning your group composition and maximizing your success in challenging dungeons. While the rankings provide valuable insights into class performance, it's important to remember that individual skill, group dynamics, and personal preference also play significant roles in Mythic+ endeavors.

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