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Retribution Paladin DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.2.7 | Simple Carry


As one of the oldest and most revered classes in Azeroth, the Retribution Paladin continues to captivate World of Warcraft players with its formidable melee DPS capabilities and unparalleled versatility. This comprehensive guide delves into the key aspects of mastering the Retribution Paladin in the Dragonflight 10.2.7 update. We will cover essential topics such as core skills, optimal talent builds, recommended gear, and practical tips for enhancing your performance. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the class, this guide aims to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to excel as a Retribution Paladin. Please also check our new frost mage dps guide!

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Retribution Paladin Overview

Armed with a mighty two-handed weapon and clad in plate armor, the Retribution Paladin stands as a beacon of strength and resilience in World of Warcraft. This specialization excels in generating its primary resource, Holy Power, through foundational abilities such as Crusader Strike and Judgment. These abilities fuel the Retribution Paladin's potent attacks, making it a formidable force in both single-target encounters and AoE situations.

The Retribution Paladin's playstyle is defined by its adaptability and balance. While Holy Power is generated during combat, the Paladin’s mana is gradually replenished over time or through the use of consumables. Mana is vital for casting various spells, including defensive abilities like Divine Protection and healing spells such as Flash of Light, ensuring the Paladin remains a versatile and resilient combatant.

A key feature of the Retribution Paladin is its flexible talent tree, which allows players to tailor their abilities to suit personal preferences and optimize damage output. This adaptability proves invaluable in a variety of combat scenarios, from intense raid battles to the dynamic challenges of Mythic+ dungeons. The Retribution specialization consistently demonstrates its effectiveness and remains a popular choice for players seeking a robust and adaptable melee DPS role.

Retribution Paladin Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Massive Damage at Lower Levels of Progression: Retribution Paladins excel in dealing significant damage at the initial stages of progression, making them highly effective in early game content.
  • Strong Defense: With a range of defensive skills, Retribution Paladins boast impressive survivability, allowing them to withstand substantial damage.
  • Powerful Auras: These Paladins provide valuable buffs and protection to their group through their auras, enhancing overall party performance.
  • Resilience: The ability to heal themselves or an ally with single-target healing spells contributes to their durability and versatility in combat.
  • Good Potential for Raiding and Mythic+ Parties: Their balanced skill set makes them a valuable asset in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons.


  • Damage Decreases at Maximum Level: As progression reaches its peak, the damage output of Retribution Paladins can decline, leading to lower DPS in higher-tier Mythic+ content.
  • Challenging Balance Between Single-Target and AoE Damage: Effectively managing damage output between solo targets and multiple enemies can be difficult, requiring careful skill and talent management.
  • Limited Mobility: Retribution Paladins are not the most mobile class, which can be a disadvantage in encounters requiring quick movement and repositioning.
  • Situational Utility of Basic Abilities: Depending on the choice of weapon, some basic abilities may become less useful or even obsolete.

Paladin Changes in Patch 10.2.7

The Retribution Paladin has not undergone any changes in Patch 10.2.7. It retains its pre-patch characteristics, maintaining its existing balance of abilities and strengths. Players can continue to utilize their current builds and strategies without the need to adapt to new modifications or updates specific to this patch. This stability allows Retribution Paladins to focus on mastering their current playstyle and optimizing their performance in various combat scenarios.

Basics of Retribution Paladin Gameplay

Retribution Paladin gameplay revolves around mastering melee combat and efficiently managing Holy Power points. The core of this specialization is a well-executed rotation, essential for maximizing damage output. Here are the key components to focus on:

  • Melee Range Combat: As a Retribution Paladin, your primary role is to engage enemies in close-quarters combat. Mastery of positioning and movement within melee range is crucial for maintaining consistent damage.

  • Holy Power Management: Holy Power is generated through abilities such as Crusader Strike and Judgment. Efficient generation and spending of Holy Power is fundamental to the Retribution Paladin's gameplay. Holy Power is spent on powerful finishing moves like Templar's Verdict for single-target damage and Divine Storm for AoE damage.

  • Ability Rotation: A seamless rotation of abilities ensures continuous damage output. Understanding the cooldowns and optimal usage order of your skills is vital. Key abilities include Blade of Justice, Crusader Strike, Judgment, and your Holy Power spenders. Maintaining a smooth rotation without gaps in your attack sequence will significantly enhance your DPS.

  • Cooldown Management: Knowing when to use your cooldown abilities, such as Avenging Wrath, is essential for maximizing burst damage during crucial moments in a fight. Timing these cooldowns to align with high-damage phases or critical points in an encounter can make a significant difference.

By mastering these basics, you will ensure effective damage dealing and maintain high performance in both single-target and AoE combat scenarios. Understanding and refining your rotation and cooldown usage will lead to smoother and more impactful gameplay as a Retribution Paladin.


Right from the beginning, Retribution Paladins are equipped with a collection of basic Offensive abilities, serving as their primary sources for dealing damage:

Ability Description Holy Power
Judgment Ranged Holy damage spell Generates 1 Holy Power
Crusader Strike Melee Physical damage spell Generates 1 Holy Power
Templar's Verdict Melee Physical damage spell Consumes 3 Holy Power
Consecration AoE Holy damage spell

Your Defense / Cooldowns from the incoming damage are the following:

Ability Description Cooldown
Divine Protection Incoming damage reduction 1 min
Divine Shield Immunity to incoming damage 5 min

The Utility abilities allow Paladin to achieve extra functionality both in and out of the combat:

Ability Description
Hammer of Justice Stuns the target
Intercession Brings a dead ally back to life in combat
Redemption Brings a dead ally back to life when out of combat
Word of Glory Heals a friendly target
Flash of Light Heals a friendly target
Shield of the Righteous Slams enemies in front of you with your shield (Note: Requires a shield)
Hand of Reckoning Taunts enemies

Basic Passive abilities have a good chance of becoming a source of extra damage depending on your combat situation:

Ability Description
Mastery: Hand of Light Increases Holy damage
Instrument of Retribution When a group member within 40 yards dies, you gain Avenging Wrath
Sense Undead Locates all nearby undead on the minimap


However, if you aim to complete the Awakened raid on Heroic difficulty, having a good build alone is not enough. To avoid unnecessary difficulties and ensure a smooth experience, consider seeking assistance from our professional players. They can provide the expertise and support needed to tackle the challenges of Heroic difficulty, ensuring you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

Retribution Paladin Rotation in Dragonflight 10.2.7

A general tip for Retribution Paladin rotation: always adhere to the priority system and spend your primary resources wisely.

  1. Generating Holy Power:

    • Crusader Strike: Use this ability to generate Holy Power quickly. With two charges, it should be used frequently to maintain a steady generation of Holy Power.
    • Blade of Justice: Another primary generator, Blade of Justice should be used whenever it is off cooldown.
    • Judgment: This ability generates Holy Power and debuffs the target, increasing the damage of your Holy Power spenders.
  2. Spending Holy Power:

    • Templar's Verdict: Use this for single-target damage. It is your primary Holy Power spender for dealing significant damage to a single enemy.
    • Divine Storm: Use this in AoE situations when facing multiple enemies. It effectively spends Holy Power to deal damage to all nearby targets.
  3. Cooldown Management:

    • Avenging Wrath: This is your primary offensive cooldown. Use it during high-damage phases or when a significant burst of damage is needed.
    • Shield of Vengeance: This defensive cooldown absorbs damage and explodes for damage based on the amount absorbed. Use it strategically when expecting heavy incoming damage.
    • Defensive Abilities: Utilize abilities like Divine Protection and Lay on Hands when defensive effectiveness is crucial to survival.
  4. Avoiding Overcap:

    • Make sure to use your Holy Power spenders before reaching the Holy Power cap (usually 5). This prevents waste and ensures you are continuously dealing damage.
  5. Maintaining Buffs and Debuffs:

    • Keep track of buffs like Empyrean Power and Art of War procs. These can provide free or enhanced abilities that should be used immediately for maximum efficiency.
    • Maintain the debuff from Judgment on your target to maximize the damage from your spenders.
  6. Resource Reserve:

    • It's beneficial to have a small reserve of Holy Power to ensure you can unleash additional damage during high-stakes moments in a fight. Balance generating and spending to maintain this flexibility.

By following these guidelines and prioritizing your abilities effectively, you will maximize your damage output and maintain a smooth, continuous rotation in various combat scenarios.

Retribution Paladin Opener

Retribution Paladin Single Target Rotation and Priority

Retribution Paladin Multi Target Rotation and Priority

How to Gear Up as a Retribution Paladin in Dragonflight 10.2.7

A well-thought-out gear setup is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience as a Retribution Paladin. Acquiring Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear in Dragonflight can be challenging but is entirely achievable with the right strategy. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to help you gear up efficiently, saving you time and valuable resources such as Crests and Flightstones.

Best Gear for Retribution Paladin

After leveling up and starting to gather gear, focusing on items with the highest item level will be your priority until you obtain Best-in-Slot (BiS) equipment. Here are the key methods and tips for acquiring the best gear for your Retribution Paladin:

Primary Gear Acquisition Methods:

  1. Awakened Raids:

    • Raid Boss Drops: Target specific bosses known to drop BiS gear pieces.
    • Weekly Raid Lockouts: Make sure to complete raids weekly to maximize your chances of obtaining high-level gear.
    • Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic Difficulties: Progress through different difficulty levels for better gear.
  2. Mythic+ Dungeons:

    • Dungeon Runs: Regularly complete Mythic+ dungeons to obtain gear from end-of-dungeon chests.
    • Weekly Great Vault: Complete multiple Mythic+ runs each week to receive a higher item level reward from the Great Vault.
    • Focus on Higher Keys: Aim to complete higher key levels for better gear rewards.
  3. PvP:

    • Conquest Points: Earn and spend Conquest Points on high-level PvP gear.
    • Arena and Battlegrounds: Participate in ranked PvP activities for gear upgrades.
  4. World Quests and Events:

    • Emissary Rewards: Complete emissary quests for chances at high-level gear.
    • Special Events: Engage in limited-time events that offer unique gear rewards.

Overall Retribution Paladin Best in Slot


If the idea of raiding for several hours each week excites you, Awakened Raids offer a significant portion of desirable items. You can even assemble a complete gear set for future adventures through these raids. However, the availability of gear for each slot is typically limited to 2-3 items, and the gear stats may vary. Gear farming in raids can be time-consuming, so if you want to obtain full gear from the Awakened raids efficiently, consider seeking help from the professionals at Simple-Carry to save time and effort.

Awakened Raid Best in Slot Gear for Retribution Paladin


Gear from Mythic+ dungeons is generally suitable for equipping your Retribution Paladin. Since item level (ilvl) is more important than individual stats during the gearing process, you should replace items with higher ilvl gear as you progress through these dungeons. However, it's important to note that the gear obtained from Mythic+ dungeons may not always match the Overall Best in Slot (BiS) list perfectly.

The items you acquire in Mythic+ dungeons can serve as a solid foundation for creating a more optimized set at the Catalyst. Therefore, we recommend focusing on obtaining high item level gear from Mythic+ dungeons specifically for this purpose.

Mythic+ Best in Slot Gear for Retribution Paladin


Heartfire Sentinel's Authority is the Paladin Tier Set for Dragonflight Season 4:

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Stats for Retribution Paladin in Dragonflight 10.2.7

Gearing your Retribution Paladin effectively requires careful selection of priority stats. The choice of primary and secondary stats significantly impacts your character's performance. Whether you aim to maximize damage, reduce cooldowns, or increase attack speed, understanding which stats to prioritize is essential. Here is an overview of the key stats for a Retribution Paladin:

  • Strength: Your primary stat, increasing overall damage output.
  • Critical Strike: Enhances your chance to land critical hits, boosting damage.
  • Haste: Reduces cooldowns and increases attack speed, contributing to smoother rotations.
  • Mastery: Improves your ability to deal extra Holy damage.
  • Versatility: Increases damage dealt and reduces damage taken, adding both offensive and defensive benefits.

By prioritizing these stats according to your playstyle and goals, you can optimize your Retribution Paladin for the best possible performance.

  • Haste: Reduces the Global Cooldown and the Cooldown of the core rotation abilities like Crusader Strike, Judgment, Blade of Justice, and Hammer of Wrath. Influences the amount of damage you can apply, but not significantly.
  • Critical Strike: Grants you the chance to deal relatively huge amount of extra damage and healing done. Works perfectly with Adjudication and  Heart of the Crusader.  Note that your  Vengeful Wrath talent grants you guaranteed critical strike with Hammer of Wrath, which is a good reason to boost your Critical Strike.
  • Mastery: Paladins get a useful boost to Holy Damage done by Mastery: Hand of Light and thus it increases all of Retribution’s natural damage. It works nicely with trinkets and other sources of damage. However, it doesn’t boost any other sources of Holy damage like racial abilities, etc.
  • Versatility: A valuable stat due to its incoming damage reduction and outcoming damage increase. This stat may seem not too relevant, but you would be wrong assuming this. Higher versatility will surely amplify your combat effectiveness due to lower damage absorption while dealing tons of damage in a combat.
  • Strength: Considered your primary stat, Strength increases damage across all your class spells, abilities, and auto attacks.

Experienced Retribution Paladin players generally adhere to two main stats distribution strategies:

Strength > Haste > Versatility / Critical Strike > Mastery 

This strategy relies on lower cooldowns and higher damage reduction with  Crusading Strikes talent or base  Crusader Strike as your main abilities.

Strength > Versatility > Critical Strike / Haste > Mastery

This one is based on the higher chances of withstanding incoming damage while applying critical damage to your enemies via increased Versatility and Critical Strike. Works perfectly with Templar Strikes talent.


Choosing a talent build, mastering the rotation, and assembling a set or the most powerful gear is not enough to showcase yourself in the best way in a combat situation. Many novice players often forget or do not know about the benefits of consumables in Raids, Mythic+, and common PvE activities.

Below we gathered information about the best consumables, food and gems for Retribution Paladin in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4.


In the current season, Retribution Paladins will find trinkets that contribute to dealing additional damage in both single-target and AoE situations particularly relevant. Depending on your playstyle, you can obtain any of the trinkets listed below:



Upgrade items in the following order:

  1. Weapons: Upgrading your weapon provides the most significant stat boost per upgrade level.
  2. Trinkets: Trinkets often have powerful effects and benefit greatly from increased item level.
  3. High Budget Slots: Once you’ve tackled weapons and trinkets, focus on gear with more inherent stats like chestplates, leggings, and helmets. These provide a bigger stat increase per upgrade compared to items with fewer stats like bracers.

This is a general guideline. Specific items with unique effects might be worth prioritizing even if they don’t fit neatly into these categories. Additionally, you can use a Raid Bundle to upgrade your weapons faster, enhancing your overall effectiveness in combat.


Dragonflight lets you craft powerful gear, even Mythic-quality! Combine crafted pieces with raid and Mythic+ loot. But remember, Sparks of Awakening are limited, so spend them wisely. You get your first one in week 1 of Season 4, then one every other week.

Here’s what to craft first with your Spark of Awakening, aiming for the highest item level possible:

  1. Blue Silken Lining: Aim to craft your highest possible item level gear for two armor slots that can use the Blue Silken Lining embellishment. This is your top priority because these embellishments offer significant benefits.
  2. Weapon:  If you have 2 Sparks, craft the legendary Fyr'alath the Dreamrender. Otherwise, go for the Obsidian Seared Claymore.
  3. Filling the Gaps: Once you have addressed the above, use remaining Sparks to upgrade any remaining low item level gear. Rings are a good option as they automatically have a socket for further customization.


Embellishments are upgrades that grant additional effects alongside the standard stats of your gear.  Here’s a breakdown of the best embellishments to use in Season 4, keeping in mind the two-item cap:

  1. Blue Silken Lining: This embellishment scales exceptionally well with item level, making it the strongest choice for most situations. However, it requires staying above 90% health to maintain its buff. Even with lower uptime, it remains a powerful option. If your health drops frequently, consider alternatives.
  2. Raids: Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch is a solid next choice, offering a strong defensive boost.
  3. Mythic+: Here, you have some flexibility. Both Allied Wristguard of Companionship and Elemental Lariat are excellent alternatives, depending on your needs.

Leveling a Retribution Paladin in Dragonflight 10.2.7

Leveling a Retribution Paladin in Dragonflight is straightforward and doesn’t require any special knowledge or proficiency. The process is primarily focused on clearing packs of mobs. The Retribution Paladin's defensive abilities make it a robust choice for leveling, eliminating the need to respec. Here is a list of recommended abilities to ensure smooth and efficient leveling:

  1. Judgment: To pull enemies from a 30 yards range.
  2. Final Reckoning: To deal Holy damage to all pulled enemies.
  3. Wake of Ashes: To deal Radiant damage to all nearby enemies.
  4. Word of Glory: To heal you after the fight.
  5. Cavalier: To gain mobility and use 2 charges of Divine Steed.
  6. Hand of Reckoning: To taunt additional enemies if you run out of ranged abilities.
  7. Light's Celerity: To allow more efficient healing.
  8. Divine Shield or Lay on Hands: To avoid too much damage from overpulling.

By focusing on these abilities, you can effectively clear mobs and level up your Retribution Paladin without any issues. This approach ensures that you make the most of your class's strengths and maintain a steady leveling pace. Going through Mythic+ dungeons can be challenging, especially at higher key levels. However, with the help of our team, you can run WoW Mythic 10 with ease. Our experienced players will guide you through the toughest encounters, ensuring a smooth and successful dungeon run.

Is Paladin Viable in Dragonflight?

In WoW Dragonflight, the Retribution Paladin is indeed a viable class. Its robust defensive abilities and utility skills not only make it a formidable combatant but also a valuable group member in activities such as Raids and Mythic+ dungeons.

Key Points:

  • Defensive and Utility Skills: Retribution Paladins possess a range of defensive abilities and utility skills that enhance their survivability and support their group. This makes them indispensable in challenging content.

  • Performance in Different Content Levels:

    • Lower-Level Content: Retribution Paladins perform exceptionally well in lower-level content, leveraging their strong damage output and survivability.
    • Max-Level Gameplay: While their DPS may decline at the highest levels compared to S-tier classes, they remain competitive. This is especially true in premade groups where players of similar skill levels collaborate.
  • Gear and Weapons: With top-tier gear and weapons, Retribution Paladins can achieve reliable and impressive performance. Properly optimizing gear is crucial for maximizing their potential.

  • Group Dynamics: The versatility and effectiveness of a Retribution Paladin make them a valuable addition to any group. Their mix of strong combat capabilities and supportive utility turns them into a powerful weapon in experienced hands.

  • Exciting and Challenging Playstyle: Playing as a Retribution Paladin in WoW is both exciting and challenging. Whether you enjoy Raids, Mythic+ Dungeons, or other endgame activities, mastering your strengths, prioritizing the right stats, and refining your rotation will significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Playing as a Retribution Paladin in World of Warcraft offers an exhilarating and challenging experience. This class excels in both offensive and defensive capabilities, making it a versatile choice for a variety of endgame activities. Whether you’re a fan of Raids, Mythic+ Dungeons, or other high-level content, mastering the Retribution Paladin can significantly enhance your gameplay.

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Exciting and Challenging Gameplay

Retribution Paladins are known for their dynamic and engaging playstyle. The combination of powerful melee attacks, defensive cooldowns, and supportive abilities creates a balanced and rewarding experience. Players must adeptly manage their resources, such as Holy Power and cooldowns, to maintain high damage output while ensuring survivability.

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