New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within

New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within | Simple Carry

The War Within introduces a plethora of new Engineering recipes, featuring a standout addition: the craftable mount, Crowd Pummeler 2-30 Crowd Pummeler 2-30. While crafted mounts are a familiar sight in Engineering, the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 Crowd Pummeler 2-30 distinguishes itself with its unique ancient dwarven design and significant cost, making it a notable "gold-sink" for players. This mount is not only compatible with skyriding but also available for purchase on the Auction House.

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Mastering the Recipe for Crowd Pummeler 2-30

New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within | Simple Carry

To acquire the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 recipe, engineers must engage with the new Pilfering and Inventing system introduced in The War Within.

During their adventures in The War Within, engineers will encounter Piles of Rusted Scrap. Additionally, they can salvage leftover engineering parts from various expansions and convert them into Piles of Rusted Scrap using the Pilfer Through Parts ability. These parts can be new from The War Within, such as Gyrating Gears, or from previous expansions, like Silver Contacts. Once an engineer accumulates 25 Piles of Rusted Scrap, they can invent a new prototype every 24 hours. These prototypes can then be disassembled for Hastily Scrawled Notes. Depending on their specializations, engineers might even earn extra Hastily Scrawled Notes through the Inventing process.

For those with extra scrap who don't want to wait for the daily cooldown, there's the option to Scour Through Scrap. This method provides a chance to obtain additional prototypes for disassembly, though it requires a significant amount of scrap, necessitating further salvaging of parts.

New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within | Simple Carry

Once an engineer has gathered 15 Hastily Scrawled Notes, they can combine them into one Comprehensibly Organized Idea. Using this item allows the engineer to select one of three random recipes available, based on their current specializations. With some luck, they might have the opportunity to choose the coveted Crowd Pummeler 2-30 recipe. To streamline your engineering journey in The War Within and efficiently gather the necessary materials, consider utilizing our WoW Profession Boosting Services product page. Our boosting services can help you quickly acquire the Piles of Rusted Scrap and other essential components, making it easier to craft the Crowd Pummeler 2-30.

Obtaining the Materials

To acquire the necessary materials for the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 Crowd Pummeler 2-30, you have two primary options: buying or pilfering.

Buying from a Vendor

New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within | Simple Carry

For those looking to quickly craft the Crowd Pummeler 2-30, the various parts can be purchased from Paxton Bombshell at Opportunity Point in The Ringing Deeps. However, be prepared to spend a substantial amount, as purchasing all the materials at vendor prices will cost you a hefty 3,100,000 gold, a significant investment for many players.

Item Cost Each Amount Need Total Cost
Bountiful Bolts Bountiful Bolts 100 1000 100,000
Assorted Whirlygigs Assorted Whirlygigs 2,500 200 500,000
Blinker Fluid Blinker Fluid 5,000 80 400,000
Cataclysmic Converter Cataclysmic Converter 12,000 50 600,000
Pummel-Proof Plating Pummel-Proof Plating 25,000 20 500,000
Pummel Permit Pummel Permit 1,000,000 (1 Limit) 1 1,000,000


Pilfering for Parts

New Engineering Mount: Crowd Pummeler 2-30 in The War Within | Simple Carry

If you have unlocked the Parts profession trait under the Inventing Engineering Tree, you will have a chance to obtain Pummeler parts when you Pilfer Through Parts. Although these parts are considered rare drops, their rarity and the specific item you choose to scrap will influence the likelihood of them dropping during pilfering.

This method can potentially allow you to obtain the mount for less than the vendor price, though it does rely on RNG. Additionally, these parts are BoE (Bind on Equip), meaning you can sell them on the Auction House to other players. Alternatively, if you prefer to buy parts, you might find them at a lower price on the Auction House compared to the vendor. To expedite your journey and focus on gathering rare materials for crafting, consider using our WoW Leveling Boost product page. Our leveling boost service will help you quickly reach the required level, allowing you to efficiently farm for the Crowd Pummeler 2-30 parts.

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The introduction of the new engineering mount, Crowd Pummeler 2-30, in The War Within offers an exciting opportunity for players to showcase their craftsmanship and ride a unique, ancient dwarven-inspired mount. While acquiring the necessary materials can be a significant investment in both time and resources, Simple Carry's boosting services provide a hassle-free and efficient solution. By utilizing our services, you can purchase the materials you need, saving time and making the entire process enjoyable. Let us handle the grind so you can focus on enjoying your new mount and exploring the adventures that await in The War Within.

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